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Co-Hosts Respond To Charlie Rose Firing


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Gayle King and Norah O'Donnell have actually reacted to the Charlie Rose claims. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, go over. Inform us exactly what you assume in the remark section below. Sign up with TYT:

" Gayle King had slept less compared to 2 hours. Sometimes, Norah O'Donnell appeared on the brink of destroying.
Nonetheless, the "CBS Today" supports were there, sittinged at the glass table where they had actually hosted the show virtually every weekday early morning for the previous 5 years.
A chair for Charlie Rose, their third co-host, was missing.
Rose, obviously, was lacking from Tuesday's edition of the show he had been a part of since its creation: CBS News suspended him soon after The Washington Message published a considerable record describing alleged unwanted sexual advances towards ladies by the 75-year-old broadcaster. The network revealed his shooting Tuesday mid-day, and also PBS as well as Bloomberg quickly did the same." *.

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  1. Posted by Adam Session, at Reply

    Pity TYT doesn’t address JC firing.

    • Posted by TheBiggestPolishGamer, at Reply

      IndependentBank dude what does a random persons ignorance have to do with the dnc 😂

    • Posted by trier2123241243, at Reply

      wackydelly84 they did clarify like 2 times on the live show.

    • Posted by Alonso Valera, at Reply

      trier2123241243 You right they mentioned their inability to comment the the Jordan Chariton absence on the live show which this video clip is based on.

    • Posted by wackydelly84, at Reply

      it might feel like I am splitting hairs here, but the live show is not the same thing. . . I have never watched the live show before, and it is fleeting. they addressed it there instead of making a short clip about it specifically so that most of us would NOT see it. now I just have to trust they have addressed it without seeing them do so, and I think they did it that way for that reason. . . they don’t really want to address it, they just want to pretend they did, so that’s why they did it on the live show, cuz nobody watches it and because it is fleeting.

  2. Posted by Captain Falcon, at Reply

    Conservatives are cucks!

    • Posted by Alexander Mikah, at Reply

      Captain Falcon is a dumbass name

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Libs are having a bad week so you lash out. understandable, Beave.

    • Posted by Shift -Z, at Reply

      and or a racist, sexist bigoted homophobe….wow, if only there was a way to make that all one word…..ahhh to dream

  3. Posted by Shrenk Ogre, at Reply

    We want to see Cenk Uygur’s reaction to Jordon Chariton’s firing for raping a married woman allegations

    • Posted by Kal El, at Reply

      +Shrenk Ogre Jordon admit to having sex with a marry woman.

    • Posted by The Iranian Liberal, at Reply

      +Hal Jordan
      Okj you want facts. Ok here.

      FACT: You are on TYT more obsessively than even the most dedicated troll here to defend Cenk (probably your boss-or your programmer). I was just making witty jokes to that effect.

    • Posted by Name And Address Supplied, at Reply

      The Iranian Liberal…How do you know he’s on here all the time if you’re not? HYPOCRITE….ANOTHER TRUMPTARDIAN TROLL OF EPIC PROPORTIONS LOL….glass ceilings and all that……

    • Posted by Name And Address Supplied, at Reply

      …Oh…and anyone who says FACT in their argument means it’s actually the opposite… should be typing “FAUX”

    • Posted by The Iranian Liberal, at Reply

      “How do you know he’s on here all the time if you’re not? HYPOCRITE”

      Because every time I watch TYT, he is there psoting endless supplies of TYT apologetics. So unless he is stalking me, I doubt we just happen to watch the exact same TYT videos.


      I don’t support Trump dotard.

  4. Posted by Calleihal nwn2, at Reply

    Cenk is willing to talk about other news outlet firing people accused of sexual harassment, but not willing to talk of his own firing of Jordan Chariton. What an hypocrite. Especially when we consider that conservatives are horny fucks where as Jordan is innocent.

    • Posted by Ronin Lord, at Reply

      yes he is

    • Posted by Rata 4U, at Reply

      Calleihal nwn2

      He talks about everyone, stupid russian. Unlike in your country where journalists are murdered for speaking out.

    • Posted by Rata 4U, at Reply


      Thanks Boris – hows the russian weather?

    • Posted by Shade Bleu, at Reply

      Hal Jordan Chaos beats your moral liberal high ground. Who’s your President, bitchhhh

  5. Posted by B K, at Reply

    CBS cakes on more make-up than any other network. Christ, man…

    • Posted by vick3d, at Reply

      Ana looks pretty plastered…

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      They said screw it and just use a trowel now.

    • Posted by Ulfric Stormcloak, at Reply


  6. Posted by Shrenk Ogre, at Reply

    Wow how Cenk’s narrative changes depending on the accused such a cowardly hypocrite Chunk Uygur

    • Posted by Shrenk Ogre, at Reply

      strawman and ad hom attacks typical of progressive rapists like hal

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      ^Moron talks about ‘ad hom attacks’, and then accuses me of being a rapist. LOL. Moron. YOU are the one that talked about raping women. Not me.

    • Posted by LegendLength, at Reply

      Hal we understand it’s hard to accept TYT’s rape culture being out in the open now. Have a drink buddy and unwind.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      How the hell does TYT have a ‘rape culture’ when they fired Jordan almost immediately? If TYT actually had a rape culture, then they would have protected Jordan, like your beloved Fox News did for Ailes and O’Reilly.

  7. Posted by John Hill, at Reply

    When y’all going talk about firing Jordan ?

    • Posted by Edgar Nieblas, at Reply

      John Hill who knows, will just have to wait and find out more about all this, but I thought it was funny when I heard it.

    • Posted by BearLionMan, at Reply

      Fill me in guys, what happened

    • Posted by Osman Cardona, at Reply

      BearLionMan Jordan was fired by TYT after what appeared to be a smear campaign of sexual assault allegations against him. Jordan said TYT was gonna do an investigation but they never did and just fired him.

    • Posted by BearLionMan, at Reply

      hmm ironic.

  8. Posted by AlkamistStar, at Reply

    What about the reaction to Jordan Chariton? He vehemently denies the allegation against him and I’m willing to believe him unless otherwise proven.

    • Posted by JB JG, at Reply

      TyT is probably in the middle of a lawsuit with Jordan.

    • Posted by R. McBride, at Reply

      @Dead-Owl I really don’t care who the guy is. Never heard of him. From what I can see the trolls mainly consist of one guy who is busy making multiple accounts to push his weird agenda.

    • Posted by Alonso Valera, at Reply

      acrophobe There are also people from his website supporting Jordan and denying the allegations of sexism and misconduct. People will always take sides in conflicts.

    • Posted by Alonso Valera, at Reply

      JB JG TYT assured Jordan that they would have a third party investigation of the allegations presumably interviewing the witnesses that were present and review the evidence. However TYT didn’t hire anyone to investigate the incident and instead used Jordans side website project as justification for termination as a breach of contract. TYT just wanted to get rid of the problem in the quickest and cheapest way possible due to the current environment surrounding this issue in the media. There is substantial evidence that casts doubt on the rape allegations which if brought to court could lead to a judgment in Jordans favor, however even if the sex was consensual Jordans behavior was clearly unprofessional, eg hot tubing and having a three way with employees or co-workers demonstrates bad judgment. Whether such bad judgement warrants termination is up to each person evaluating the facts to decide. TYT decided it was. My problem with TYT is that they are silent as to their decision making process and that they did not conduct a proper investigation before firing Jordan. In this environment we should believe the women making accusations and investigate claims, belief does not require blindly taking punitive action.

    • Posted by Alonso Valera, at Reply

      JB JG Apparently TYT terminate Jordan Chariton under the pretext that his side job website presented a conflict of interest and violated a term in his employment contract not for moral turpitude (sexual misconduct) according to some reporting, so a lawsuit might be hard to win for Jordan.

  9. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    Charlie rose maybe the preditor, but who are his enablers? Across the industry rather a Hollywood or the media….. the enablers are just as guilty in my opinion as a preditors themselves !

    • Posted by Egg Head, at Reply

      Predator Jamie. It’s the third time I see you make that mistake.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Does that include Hillary?

    • Posted by The Movie Dealers, at Reply

      Donald J. Trump is his enabler.

  10. Posted by Lord X _, at Reply

    Yo! Every fuckn man alive, and dead could all be next.

    • Posted by ANGRY BUFFALO, at Reply

      Only if you’re guilty.

  11. Posted by IndependentBank, at Reply

    Guys, please check out the Jordan Chariton situation!!! TYT IS RAPE CULTURE!

    • Posted by Pierre Faust, at Reply

      Your mother gave birth to you because she is living in the rapeculture called USA. Otherwise a dumb, ugly imbecile like you would be aborted.

    • Posted by MRostendway, at Reply

      Jeremy O’Dwyer But thats the thing tho.. If we actually lived in a rape culture we shouldnt be seeing honest men having their lives destroyed over proven false rape allegation.
      In an actual raoeculture like saudi arabia the woman making the accusation gets punished.. Thats literally the opposite of what is happening here.

    • Posted by Alonso Valera, at Reply

      MRostendway Very true TYT is actually the opposite of rape culture. Jordan was terminated without a third party investigation using a pretext that his non-TYT journalist website presented a conflict of interest and violated his employment contract. In rape cultures employers and governments circle the wagons around and protect the accused whether they are innocent or guilty, employers disparage the accusers and try to cover up or rationalize the misconduct. In this case TYT did none of the things that rape culture demands and instead overreacted by firing Jordan without a comprehensive investigation.

    • Posted by Jeremy O'Dwyer, at Reply

      MRostendway I appreciate the tone of your comment as even the idea of ‘western’ rape culture can be enough to make people defensive and often angry and abusive.

      If you do want to have a further discussion of rape culture, and what that term alludes to, if be open to that.

      All I’d ask is that, as a starting point, would you mind informing me of what you mean when you mention rape culture.

      What is your personal definition of the term ‘rape culture?’

    • Posted by MRostendway, at Reply

      Jeremy O’Dwyer When i say raoe culture i use the definition feminists tends to use in my experience which is a culture where rape is condoned and or excused.
      In our culture raoe is a heinous crime and even being accused of it can literally destroy your entire life as a man. This does not happen in actual rape cultures.

  12. Posted by Shrenk Ogre, at Reply

    How do you keep a progressive from raping?

    Hide the goats!

    • Posted by Jason Niffen, at Reply

      Dude dont even bring up goats I’m getting flustered.

    • Posted by Chijioke Onuoha, at Reply

      Shrenk Ogre U gotta be the biggest troll on YouTube..

    • Posted by postmodern loser, at Reply

      I don’t get it

    • Posted by David Vonderhaar, at Reply

      Shrenk Ogre lol Muslims are gross.

    • Posted by Extreme RWDS, at Reply

      Shrenk Ogre Like a mudslime LOL!

  13. Posted by Mya Mi, at Reply

    i think they need to talk about jordan. he’s now suing tyt. there was an orgy involved.

    • Posted by Second Take, at Reply

      Jordan has a side company and that side company is where the allegations allegedly took place just like with Charlie Rose. Has nothing to do with TYT.

    • Posted by Mya Mi, at Reply

      +Walter Anderson *what!?* a you reading from a chapter out of the gospel of tyt? the ansnwer is *no* because they themselves expect every public entity to make a formal and immediate statement whenever a serious untoward against a staff member is made. in this case, the issue is compounded because jordan literally ‘cucked’ some poor guy. cenk has horrible character judgement, case in point jordan cheritan, dave rubin, michael tracey, etc.

    • Posted by Mya Mi, at Reply

      *untoward allegation

    • Posted by Mya Mi, at Reply

      +Northern Beaches Same day surf *he says “i’m suing tyt” on twitter. see for yourself.*

    • Posted by Alonso Valera, at Reply

      Mya Mi Saying you are going to sue in civil court and actually filing a summons and complaint in court are different things. Jordan likely intends to sue but his attorney may advise against a lawsuit if the case would be moot. According to Jordan he was fired for violating a term in his employment contract based on his side venture website not for the sexual harassment violation. It might be harder to sue for wrongful termination due to the contract defense. Although I think the contract defense was merely used to legally cover TYT and was their way of firing Jordan without hiring a third party investigator. TYT just wanted to get rid of the problem regardless of guilt or innocence, since sexual harassment has become a hot button issue lately.

  14. Posted by stefers08, at Reply

    Damn the trolls are out in full force today *sigh

    • Posted by Daniel Land, at Reply

      So many keyboard Cowards!

    • Posted by wackydelly84, at Reply

      calling out hypocrisy on a network that prides itself on combatting rape when they internally are the opposite of that is not trolling. . . . . I dunno what you think trolling is. . . . but what is happening on this thread is the best use of a youtube commentary that I have ever seen. . . . this is exactly how youtube comments are able to be productive. . . . this youtube page that we call tyt keeps pumping out one video after another of unsubstantiated sexual harassment claims on the right. . . . . do I need to finish my point? . . . . you know what hypocrisy is. . . . so why are you arguing like you don’t?

    • Posted by Coach JG, at Reply

      stefers08 it’s not trolling, TYT not covering the Jordan Charition story is dishonest

    • Posted by Alonso Valera, at Reply

      Coach JG Any lawyer would advise a company to remain silent during an investigation or pending litigation. Roy Moore is not being sued and no investigation was started by the Alabama GOP into the allegations so comment is appropriate. Almost all the allegations against Roy Moore are barred by statute in both criminal and civil court due to the 40 year delay in reporting the alleged misconduct.

  15. Posted by Peter Chen, at Reply

    Not addressing the Jordan Chariton firing more directly is hurting TYT especially when they keep making videos about sexual harassment allegations. A lot of long-time subscribers are wondering what’s going on, and how this will affect their own future engagements with TYT. It’s time to clear the air.

    • Posted by HammerheadGuitar, at Reply

      one Kxng They should make a video saying that Jordan got fired for allegations of sexual assault or misconduct and wether they believe the allegations or not.

    • Posted by Fanatism, at Reply

      Hammer, you should realize as stated above us that it’s because this time they’re directly involved, which those other times they were not.

    • Posted by trier2123241243, at Reply

      HammerheadGuitar because they don’t get sued when it dosnt affect them.

    • Posted by Pierre Faust, at Reply

      +Right Whitey Cracker I`m not a troll and i’m really troubled by this decision. It’s really disappointing how this decision is not communicated with the members. Their was no offical statement that they fired him. That’s unprofessional. I get that they can’t explain why they fired him but not to inform the audience about this is unprofessional. I’m from germany so i don’t know anything about the employment law in the US but i think it’s favourable to corporations. 🙂 So i really despise how quick they fired him and if he is right and they don’t apologize i might cancel. In germany they employers have way more rights than i think the workers in the US. I know that we have 20 days of vacation per law and other advantages like maternity leave, paid sick leave etc.

    • Posted by Laura Moore, at Reply

      What happened?

  16. Posted by Maurice Jones, at Reply

    What the hell is a pedestrian interview? It is comments like this that push me away from TYT. I was a huge fan but these are the same type of attitudes that make people move away from Conservative Media who are dismissive of others who do not do things the way they do.

    I loved Charle Rose’s interviews so am I a fan of “pedestrian” work that I suppose you mean is not biting and informative? Like I said I have been a huge fan so I have seen your work and it is not better than Charlie Rose’s, IMO. Should I dismiss TYT as a legitimate interviewer because I don’t think they do it better than Charlie Rose? Of course I should not. That would be presumptive of me.

    Their reporter, (Jordan Chariton), is going through some similar accusations but is fighting it and has presented their side as being innocent of this.

    I am fine with TYT believing they do great work but to dismiss the work others do is unsettling to me, as if they are somehow better at TYT. What if I dismissed them as a serious news network because they allow cursing?

    • Posted by shinobi lb, at Reply

      you know how Chunk is..he thinks he is the king of media with his little youtube channel

    • Posted by saquille Ahem, at Reply

      Maurice Jones hello my niggah .
      Doo yoo lika white gurls ,?

    • Posted by Canaan, at Reply

      Maurice Jones I want to see someone do an equestrian interview. that’s when the whole interview takes place on horseback. I’ve never seen it done before there’s no way he can call it pedestrian.

  17. Posted by Joe Terzio, at Reply

    TYT, here’s some free advice that you should take. You really need to address the Jordan Chariton situation. Even if you can’t talk about it for legal reasons, then you say that he’s been fired, why he was fired, and that you can’t talk about it further right now. You’r credibility on these sexual harassment and assault stories is severely diminished by your refusal to address that you had one of these guys in your own family.

    • Posted by Pete The Pict, at Reply

      Joe Terzio Well as its been addressed in the live show, and seems to be a matter for the company why would they make a clip out of it? People get fired every day man…

    • Posted by Eugenia Geneva, at Reply

      Joe Terzio yeah cenk is always pushing the whole…. “We answer to our members, not corporate sponsors…” so it’s time he acts like it and at the very least bring it up, let everyone know they are dealing with it and will update people when they can and once they get to the bottom of it. At the very least they owe us something, even a mention of it’s existence!

  18. Posted by Pondok Indah 12310, at Reply

    Who’s next? John Oliver?

    • Posted by Ralph Bernhard, at Reply

      Pondok Indah 12310 Alex Jones?

    • Posted by Pondok Indah 12310, at Reply

      Ralph Bernhard he’d probably say in his defense it was a pig-gorilla-woman so it doesn’t count lmao!

  19. Posted by PurplePassion, at Reply

    This thing called “white privileged” doesn’t seem so nice now. All races have some claims that will surface I’m sure. However, a lot of the very high profile white men are coming under fire. They felt they had the privilege to violate people. Yet the world watched and judged Bill Cosby on his scandal and no one said anything. Now it shows Cosby wasn’t the only one doing this, and ppl knew it then and said nothing. This is only the beginning of the take down of many.
    But why is the POTUS allowed to keep his job when he was saying and doing some of the same things?

    • Posted by Richard Soto, at Reply

      PurplePassion because they think that we should be greatful for them! These are animals and they should be put behind bars and try to defend themselves in prison!

    • Posted by bloodsoldierZ, at Reply

      White women allowed them to get away with it. They’re enablers.