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Coding Battle Of The Sexes: Who Is Better?


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That's much better at coding: Men or females? Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, as well as Kim Horcher the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us exactly what you believe in the comment section listed below.

" The most recent step in the recurring conversation regarding the gender space in tech began Tuesday when Google announced that it had actually discharged designer James Damore for "bolstering gender stereotypes" in an interior memorandum concerning the firm's business society. In reviewing the lack of sex diversity in technology, Damore had blogged about intended organic differences between men and women, and exactly how those distinctions "may describe why we don't see equal depiction of females in tech as well as management."

However, in fact, a number of the very first computer system programmers and also programmers were ladies, clarifies Nathan Ensmenger, a teacher and professional on the background of computing at Indiana University and also author of The Computer Boys Take control of: Computer systems, Programmers, and the Politics of Technical Proficiency.

For example, in a recent paper, he cites the first created guidebook on computer system programming, released in 1947. The guide described exactly how "planners" would certainly think about the problems they desired the computer to resolve, while "programmers" would equate those concepts "right into a kind that the computer might recognize." The job of coding was "low-status, greatly invisible, and also for that reason generally performed by women."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Kim Horcher

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Kim Horcher


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  1. Posted by The Chosen One, at Reply

    If I had a dollar for every gender there was I would only have one dollar, because females are property according to Islam.

    • Posted by eboomer84, at Reply

      +The Chosen One – You mean if you had a dollar for every brain cell you have?

    • Posted by phantasmo9998, at Reply

      The Chosen One Gender is a social construct until a women needs to use her gender to get something.

    • Posted by Kekistani Propaganda minister, at Reply

      The Chosen One That’s so islamophobic in islam women are sex toys not property you stupid racist

  2. Posted by HeresyTalk, at Reply

    Progressives: Look at the Fox News viewers who don’t believe in evolution!

    Also Progressives: Evolutionary Psychology is a myth created by capitalistic, patriarchal white supremacy!

    • Posted by Kenan Schwoebel, at Reply

      George Burchmore he’s talking about progressives. Not everything has to be very specific to the video

    • Posted by Porkchop Periwinkle, at Reply

      Sad you don’t understand the difference.

    • Posted by TCN8202, at Reply

      This was your random comment of a sexist, creationist troll attempting to show off their edumacation …

  3. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Sadly Trump supporters lower the average IQ of men. Not all of us are stupid.

    • Posted by OnePercent, at Reply

      But IQ isn’t real and IQ is simply related to old white men who made IQ tests unfair to Africans :^)

    • Posted by JustenM16, at Reply

      OnePercent Whatever you say mud

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      Only a professional “real news” organization like TYT would heart an obviously biased and divisive comment

    • Posted by Craig Halpin, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond i agree…. Every time I see a trump supporter talking some idotic liberal looses their mind and drops about 15 IQ points.

  4. Posted by C.E. Parks, at Reply

    It’s odd that we don’t see this fight over construction jobs and similar. Just nice cushy jobs.

    • Posted by Juan Garcia, at Reply

      if you think programming is a cush job, you are a fool

    • Posted by TCN8202, at Reply

      That ‘s because what you think of as “construction jobs” are actually a bunch of tasks waiting to be mechanized.
      The reason why they’re not yet mechanized is because the act like a drainage system of excess dumb testosterone.

    • Posted by John Torres, at Reply

      I find it hilarious that tyt liked this comment

  5. Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

    Ugh! That voice! Hitting the downvote, now.

    • Posted by Vote 4Freedom, at Reply

      Smashed it as hard as I could, sister.

  6. Posted by Marcos Caballero, at Reply

    I´m teaching to code to kids at primary school, girls work great as boys. I just get them motivated to make something awesome, and they all respond with enthusiasm and imagination.

    The divide is about thos who like to code and those who are not that interested, gender is not important.

    • Posted by bloodraighna, at Reply

      Marcos Caballero – YAY! A reasonable, rational comment!

    • Posted by Sol Invictus, at Reply

      +dimoned123 “hey there sweetie I know you like rocket science but daddy is just here to tell you that you just can’t do it because you’re a girl, here become a nurse instead” -The average parent in 2017 CE

    • Posted by sdrawkcabgnipytmi, at Reply

      Light And Shadow
      Actually, I suspect that natural interest in the subject is the very mechanism (or one of several) that biology uses to make one gender (on average) better at something than the other.

    • Posted by Mr. Clean, at Reply

      kind of pointless if employers are just going to outsource those jobs to India or give the ones in the country to foreign Indian h1b labor.

  7. Posted by duhsmersh, at Reply

    If women were better or equal they would get the jobs without mandatory requirement of gender quotas

    • Posted by Porkchop Periwinkle, at Reply

      Not true. Douchebags, such yourself, would not give them a chance.

    • Posted by Ricky Spanish, at Reply

      +Jorge Valadas Iran, Mexico, Italy, Latvia, etc.

    • Posted by Collin Grimes, at Reply

      Obviously you didn’t understand the video. People hire who they know

    • Posted by TCN8202, at Reply

      … or if neanderthal snowflakes like yourself would quit churning out bugs and sexist remarks we would have a lot better tech and a much more enjoyable workplace. As a man working in tech I see a lot of dilettante work and dumb nonchalance from my male colleagues – nothing comparable from the few female colleagues. I you want to talk about people doing a poor job, let’s talk about tech companies recruiters…

  8. Posted by Devil Samurai, at Reply

    OG Snowflakes in the building
    The right does not get to say the left are the only Snowflakes because the dislikes/comments speak for them self’s.
    And do any of you guys watch the whole video

    • Posted by Alecto, at Reply

      I watched the a 30 minute interview with the engineer yesterday, read his report, read an opposing agenda report, then ofcourse listened to what TYT had to say. I can certainly say that TYT sidestepped so far I thought they were going to fall into the Pacific Ocean. Is it possible that the audience is policing hypocrisy?

    • Posted by sdrawkcabgnipytmi, at Reply

      “Everyone who disagrees with me is a right wing snowflake!” -Devil Samurai

      Maybe some of us don’t like the taste of crap? Could that be it? Nah.. we’re snowflakes for sure.

  9. Posted by 78213oswaldo, at Reply

    when kim talks, i feel uncomfortable.

    • Posted by Ororo Munroe, at Reply

      IizUname ewww

    • Posted by Rob Robberson, at Reply

      Fleck Cute? She always looks like she’s been up all night playing some pokemon game or something.

    • Posted by Jedidine, at Reply

      Me too, and she always looks disheveled.

  10. Posted by freshmaker0088, at Reply

    I dont like the science therefore pseusoscience. So lets put psychology in the same field as climate deniers

    • Posted by Delightful Gentleman, at Reply

      “climate deniers” LOL
      you don’t even have proof for your bullshit claims

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Are you a natural climate cycle science denier? Sure sounds like it.

  11. Posted by David Espinoza, at Reply

    He wasn’t saying that the women who ALREADY are in tech are BAD. He was trying to explain why there aren’t MORE women in tech…you IDIOTS.

    • Posted by ollehkacb, at Reply

      billy mott oh that part was erased before the guy published the memo. But some of us can read thoughts and we know he was thinking it.

    • Posted by Jakob Cranium, at Reply

      spot on, this should be top comment

    • Posted by playgrrrr, at Reply

      David Espinoza He wasn’t trying to explain anything. What he was trying to do is sideline actual explanations, and rationalize his own sexist identitarianism.

    • Posted by David Lee, at Reply

      playgrrrr Shhh. The grown ups are talking.

  12. Posted by WeeabooMatt, at Reply

    By far way more Men code and the best people at coding are men. Sorry if it hurts your feelings.

    • Posted by nikada vise, at Reply

      says the weeaboo….hahhahhhaaa….no seriously kill yourself….no woman/man wants to bang you and you know it…might as well remove yourself from the human gene pool and kill yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Posted by bex evans, at Reply

    Ana has a rather large chip on her shoulder methinks. How many other women on news channels or networks get to be one of the main presenters in their early twenties?

    • Posted by Osman Cardona, at Reply

      bex evans Well Tomi Lauren ans Lauren Southern were doing pretty well online,but uea diff times

    • Posted by Khaleesi, at Reply

      bex evans How many men do? What is your problem?

    • Posted by David Dominguez, at Reply

      Ana complains about everything related to TYT. She doesn’t get paid enough, Cenk is sexist, she hates being famous. I used to like her, but she’s a real head ache these days.

    • Posted by Titus Orelius, at Reply

      Ana is an entitled, sheltered, arrogant white girl in California. What did you expect?

  14. Posted by Amano Murakumo, at Reply

    coding for a living is not something you want, trust me

    • Posted by SupremeMystique, at Reply

      why? were you a programmer?

    • Posted by Zazz30, at Reply

      Still beats every other job I’ve had.

  15. Posted by MrRobotoToo, at Reply

    So many non sequiturs in the comments section. The question is: Are women inherently less capable than men at coding? The study cited in the video proves that they’re actually somewhat more capable than men. End of discussion.

    • Posted by Adam Sanders, at Reply

      I’m not disputing the results, but as Cenk himself said, one study NEVER proves anything.

    • Posted by &one, at Reply

      Those are two different arguments. Please listen, LISTEN. It’s enfuriating to see you “debunk” something that wasn’t presented as an argument. The dude at Google concedes that there IS discrimination and we should look at ways to reduce it. The argument you are debunking is that EVERY woman is worse at coding than EVERY man. Nobody in the world thinks that ALL women are slower than ALL men, but when you look at the average times in running competitions, it’s not sexist to accept or merely observe that the men’s average running speed is faster! Curves are overlapping on every single dimension. There is not one personality trait in which this is not the case. The fact that men are on average higher or lower in some traits can help explain some differences in outcome in very large populations in specific fields. All that experiment did was compare the average time of the top 100 female runners to the average time of the top 2000 male runners (because of the number of male coders vs female coders in GitHub), which is not the pertinent comparison.

    • Posted by Thabiso Mhlaba, at Reply

      +MrRobotoToo I don’t think you can really jump to that conclusion. We’ve seen things like how self-selecting minorities, in certain fields create uneven distribution when it comes to skill. So women are discriminated against (or at the very least feel they are discriminated against) so the baseline level of motivation to continue in the field would be much higher than it would be for men, so they self select more highly motivated and skillful individuals. So a greater proportion of them will be better simply because they feel much more pressure to be perfect.

      If there was an even distribution of gender, I think you’d find the skill levels even out quite a bit.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      No. The “study” proves nothing.

  16. Posted by awesomeness hub, at Reply

    What a bullshit channel

    • Posted by SteveMHN, at Reply


  17. Posted by Oasis S., at Reply

    The triggering of men is pretty hilarious right now. TYT cites a study and men are outraged that women are beating men in one study. Men being a bunch of snowflakes is all I see.

    • Posted by MinimalHans, at Reply

      Go build a civilization and then get back to me.

    • Posted by MoppyPuppy, at Reply

      The issue is actually that this entire video is rebutting an argument no one made.
      Ana just yesterday condemned the MSM for spinning the memo into hyper simplistic terms, and yet here we are refuting the argument of _”women can’t code”_ which is *nowhere* in that memo.

    • Posted by Jim Bohn, at Reply

      And entirely false. A woman taught me how to code.

    • Posted by MoppyPuppy, at Reply

      Jim… c’mon man.

    • Posted by Not Tired of Winning, at Reply

      lol, Women at Google were the ones so triggered by the memo that they had to take the day off to collect their emotions.