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Colin Kaepernick Is Now Treated Worse Than Wife Beaters


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Colin Kaepernick is now treated worse than wife beaters, drunk chauffeurs, dog fighters and sexual abusers. All for the 'criminal activity' of opposing while black. Let that sink in #America 2017.

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  1. Posted by Adrian Brown, at Reply

    _”…about THAT issue…”_

    You mean our panicky police force?
    Killing UNARMED civilians?
    Especially when they’re no imminent threat?

    Oooooo…you mean the whole not kneeling for a revised, racist, song thing?

    • Posted by UTubeHobby, at Reply

      ^^ I smell a dirty Muslim.

    • Posted by Adrian Brown, at Reply

      +UTubeHobby kill YOURSELF

  2. Posted by CatOfNineTales, at Reply

    Has anyone read the other verses of the Star Spangled Banner? There’s a racist verse — No one should stand for it.

    • Posted by Colby Martin, at Reply

      CatOfNineTales There’s not. Shaun King is not a historian.

    • Posted by CatOfNineTales, at Reply

      What you wrote has nothing to do with what I wrote.

    • Posted by Colby Martin, at Reply

      CatOfNineTales Shaun King wrote the “news” article that said that. He’s not right, and neither are you.

    • Posted by CatOfNineTales, at Reply

      Do you ever do any research? Obviously, you don’t.

  3. Posted by onerpone, at Reply

    Why don’t the Young Turks HIRE this Motherfucker Colin Kaepernick? He is perfect for them

    • Posted by Zintenka Brimem, at Reply

      Except they’re not a football team

    • Posted by tarun1982, at Reply

      onerpone haha.. I agree.. and also Kathy Griffin.. and every other professional victim loser.

  4. Posted by phuk offndy, at Reply


  5. Posted by sylezjusz, at Reply

    He had the right to kneel, people have the right not to hire him. I know it’s beyond something your limited intellectual abilities allow you to grasp, but this is how freedom works.

    • Posted by Nick B, at Reply

      sylezjusz I think the point was that their legal choice to not sign him, for the offense of “raising awareness of police brutality against the black community” is absurd.

      No one said they can’t do it. Pay attention kid.

    • Posted by Clause ofCannabis, at Reply

      I think the point is that you’re trying to guilt trip NFL owners to hire someone who pushes political agendas during his working hours, and that you’re playing the victim card for someone else.

      Go be triggered somewhere else.

  6. Posted by Struggle Gaming, at Reply

    I still refuse to stand for the anthem, because this man gave up millions of dollars for my rights.
    I can at least, continue his fight.

    • Posted by manhunt48, at Reply

      He didn’t give up anything he’s just a crap player, spreading a false narrative. . . The delusions you people spin yourselves are ridiculous.

    • Posted by Max, at Reply

      Yea…you do that because Colin “gave” you your rights. “I remember serving with Colin off the coast of Iraq in 2001.” NEVER said by a American Sailor.

  7. Posted by Kev Fran, at Reply

    Those thumbs down came from whites

    • Posted by Kev Fran, at Reply

      Tony G yes, and shout out to the white cops who keep killing innocent Black people

    • Posted by Max, at Reply

      “Innocent?” All of them?

    • Posted by TheGM, at Reply

      How come it’s only a problem when the innocent person the police killed is black?

    • Posted by Max, at Reply

      I know another Colin who has a whole YouTube channel dedicated just on that subject, of all those “innocent” Black Americans that were “murdered” by police.

  8. Posted by Hazzycakes, at Reply

    Everyone saying it’s “because he sucks at football” didn’t watch the video and doesn’t understand the point being made. He clearly doesn’t suck enough that the giants owner didn’t say he wouldn’t hire him because of his play, but because of fan backlash. *But no fan backlash over the guy who admitted to beating his wife.* This is the entire point of the video and you tried to deflect with some really flimsy horseshit.

    • Posted by Tyrion L, at Reply

      Hazzycakes “no fan backlash”? the guy most certainly faced backlash. i remember it. he is also a asset to the giants though.

  9. Posted by Blackatchaproduction, at Reply

    of course he is. he stood up for black people. and #whitepeople dont like that

    • Posted by manhunt48, at Reply

      Found the racist.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply


    • Posted by Max, at Reply

      Funny how he just started to knee while on his way out. Looked pretty happy how things were during his 1st few years. Only kneeing in the huddle.

  10. Posted by Mae Michelle, at Reply

    thank you Colin for speaking up for the innocents​, no matter what color or creed. wish I could look out for ya like you were doing for us.

    • Posted by Mae Michelle, at Reply

      manhunt48 sure.

    • Posted by Mae Michelle, at Reply

      Big Jay thanks man

    • Posted by Retarded Pterodactyl, at Reply

      +Mae Michelle If you actually spent more time devoted to things like schooling and to have a successful legal business/career you would spend less time focusing on the faults of your people who have the same skin color as you. Maybe one day you’ll even be a role model! Wouldn’t that be something. Today, you talk like a slave!

  11. Posted by John Adderley, at Reply

    Why is it worse to kneel during the national anthem than it is to beat your wife/girlfriend, get involved in a murder, drink and drive and cause someone to lose their life, etc? It’s not a liberal/conservative position or issue and realistically, he has more upside than most backups in the league. I respect people like John Mara that tell it like it is and don’t hide behind false narratives when the obvious conclusion is blatant.

    • Posted by krillin876, at Reply

      False Narrative? Do you thing the letter they are getting are fake??? Where do you think the money comes from to pay the players???Fairy Dust??

    • Posted by John Adderley, at Reply

      That’s true. Still, he is basically the most famous face to do so as of late and people usually don’t say “F*** this guy” and other things about him being a “thug” and anything related if it’s about his football skills. My thing is that people are free to feel the way they feel, but they can at least be honest about their reasoning. For some people, it’s his QB skillset; for others, it’s not about his QB skillset.

    • Posted by John Adderley, at Reply

      krllin876 The letters are real. I’m talking about the people that express how their feelings are about his diminished skillset when in reality (for some), it’s about the racial attention he brought up. John Mara didn’t mention his football skillset as the reasoning for his explanation; he said that it was due to the reaction from the fans as being the strongest (paraphrasing) he had ever seen. Fans can feel the way they want…I just don’t see the point in not being honest with their reasoning since not everyone dislikes him for sports-related reasons considering how clean his personal record is otherwise (unless there is something I overlooked).

  12. Posted by Armenian Genocide Denier, at Reply

    Are you not going to talk about the attack in the UK?

    • Posted by Ameri Wryter, at Reply

      yeah wait the video is coming

    • Posted by ShihSnTz, at Reply

      There’s a delay between their live show and what goes on YouTube, you know this.

  13. Posted by DarthCipient, at Reply

    White America has a religious worship of the military and the police. It’s common in fascist nations.

    • Posted by D Banks, at Reply

      John Flannigan false

    • Posted by Robert Bates, at Reply

      John Flannigan is that a fact or your just making up bullshit

    • Posted by Kat Sam, at Reply

      Black soldiers died for your freedom too, you racist

    • Posted by D Banks, at Reply

      Robert Bates making it up. FBI statistics show the #s are almost proportional the blacc # is about 3% higher

    • Posted by rnstl68, at Reply

      They elected a fascist, racist leader.

  14. Posted by Steve Bannon, at Reply

    to our poor uneducated or blind faithful followers you are not going to like this but i must make a confession, i sometimes dabble in the dark arts and Colin Kaepernick just looks like a tasty treat doesn’t he ? some white nationalists all though we hate to admit it we do LOVE ourselves some BBC but don’t get us wrong we are in no way cucks trust me i know.

    • Posted by Connor RB, at Reply

      Steve Bannon sounds like a Freudian slip

    • Posted by Blue Mosquitoes, at Reply

      best looking guy at the liquor store Steve Bannon

  15. Posted by Benjamin Roberts, at Reply

    Am I going crazy here, where the hell is the London Attack coverage TYT????

    • Posted by Legless Centipede, at Reply

      They are waiting to confirm that the long bearded man from Pakistan with the fake Jihadist suicide vest shouting “This is for Allah” was a Muslim.

    • Posted by Benjamin Roberts, at Reply

      +Legless Centipede it could be republicans undercover just trying to stoke hatred, like Antifa, remember??

    • Posted by rsuriyop, at Reply

      I come to TYT to hear about stories that AREN’T often talked about in the news, if at all. Otherwise I’d just be watching CNN all of the time. If you’re not already caught up on the London Attack by now then that’s on you. TYT is not a mainstream news outlet.

    • Posted by Benjamin Roberts, at Reply

      +rsuriyop but they report on any news story that fits their agenda, whether its on CNN or not, so why the double standard now?

  16. Posted by tetsubo57, at Reply

    A whole lot of sports fans just don’t give a crap if someone beats women. They seem to care more about a piece of cloth than a human being.

  17. Posted by Nevvon Dennis, at Reply

    If Tupac, Muhammad, Malcolm, Martin, and Bob Marley were still alive, they would be proud.

    • Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

      Nevvon Dennis they’d all be arrested for drug related crimes rather

    • Posted by Nevvon Dennis, at Reply

      Probably, because Amerikkka don’t want black people to be woke, so they try to do something to the leaders.

  18. Posted by Anonymous Killer Destroyer, at Reply

    I’m British btw, but why does Tommy lauren and Fox News and those lot hate PC snowflakes but act like snowflakes them selves when someone merely kneels at an national anthem…….

    • Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

      Anonymous Killer Destroyer he is facing the consequences of not loving the country.

  19. Posted by Nero Cloud, at Reply

    SJW BLM terrorist Doesn’t Sell

    • Posted by JDAWG88, at Reply

      Nero Cloud neither does your white racist terrorism

    • Posted by Nero Cloud, at Reply

      martin luther king jr was stupid we need to go back to the way it should have been whites stay with white blacks with blacks and then we can all be happy again cause racist will be over thats what this world in the US wants blacks are saying it and so are whites