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Company Gives Non-Smokers A Break


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One business is offering non-smokers the settlement they deserve. Cenk Uygur and also Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us just what you think in the remark section below. Join TYT:

" A Japanese company is approving its non-smoking personnel an added 6 days of holiday a year to make up for the moment off smokers take for cigarette breaks.

Advertising and marketing firm Piala Inc introduced the brand-new paid leave allocation in September after non-smokers whined they were working more than their coworkers who smoked.

Hirotaka Matsushima, a spokesperson for the business, informed The Telegraph: "Among our non-smoking staff placed a message in the firm recommendation box earlier in the year stating that cigarette smoking breaks were creating troubles."

Complying with the tip, the firm's CEO Takao Asuka decided to provide non-smoking staff members extra pause to compensate, Mr Matsushima added.

The matter has actually been taken seriously by the Tokyo-based company which is supposedly based on the 29th flooring of an office block– making any kind of cigarette break last at least 15 mins, inning accordance with personnel.

Mr Asuka really hopes the system will certainly create an incentive for the business's team to give up smoking cigarettes."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Balance, at Reply

    ******cover down on the planned EMP Nov/4-17*****

  2. Posted by Elijah Logan, at Reply

    Smokers at this firm should buy juuls and nicorette for their work days

  3. Posted by Josh Dugger, at Reply

    Wow, paid leave? Nice incentive to quit.

  4. Posted by Murat Öner, at Reply

    6 days of paid time off isn’t really gonna help a long time smoker to quit. You need better motivation to quit something like nicotine addiction. Ana’s perspective is a from a non-smoker’s view so she has no idea.

  5. Posted by Aluzky, at Reply

    Anahit you moron, you would get stressed out and grumpy (like you are most of the time) because of adict6ion withdrawal. You would work worse without smoking for a couple of months assuming you get over the addiction.

  6. Posted by Matt Stiles, at Reply

    Alex Jones is Bill Hicks

  7. Posted by TheJam1192, at Reply

    Yeah Ana it’s so easy to just quit.

    • Posted by El Paco Machin, at Reply

      Anon YMouse yep, I’ve known lots of people who have done just that. Especially when you have children

    • Posted by TheJam1192, at Reply

      Scott Johnston wtf are you talking about?

    • Posted by rose novel, at Reply

      TheJam1192 it may not be easy to quit but it is always possible. Saying it’s not easy to quit isn’t the same thing as saying they cannot quit. This gives them more reason to try.

    • Posted by TheJam1192, at Reply

      rose novel so in other words you, and some others, missed my point entirely that Ana was talking as if it’s like “Oh I’ll just quit today.” (problem solved) When, like other physical addictions, it can be very hard for some people quit.

  8. Posted by Line Walker Productions, at Reply

    I’ve been saying this for years – it’s a #1 talking point for non-smokers, that smokers have too many breaks. My logic has always been, well, everyone should take a break – if you don’t smoke, that doesn’t mean you can’t sit for 10 minutes. If the company you work for allows you to go for smoke breaks, then they shouldn’t have a problem if a non-smoker goes for a sit break. There’s really no difference between the two, except one person is smoking. Therefore, if the solution is to give non-smokers 6 days off a year? That’s amazing. Let them have their days, and let smokers have their smokes. Both parties win, and the employers have happier employees.

  9. Posted by El Paco Machin, at Reply

    Well that’s nice.

  10. Posted by Sean Kinnear, at Reply

    I had his issue in my shop in the Corps… Smoking Marines would take between 2-6 10-15 minute smoke breaks through the course of a 10-hour workday, while non-smokers only got lunch. So we instituted a 30-minute break policy… Marines would get 30 minutes of break time a day (not including lunch; that was an hour, anyway), divided as they chose, whether or not they smoked. Problem solved.

    • Posted by MiSsToX1c, at Reply

      when i was stationed at camp pendelton, we didnt have to worry about people taking too long of smoke breaks, because, one desert tortoise would pretty much shut down the entire base, so smoking break wasnt that big of a concern for people who worked near the airfields or vehicle bays

  11. Posted by Mike Rotella, at Reply

    I quit smoking and I didn’t realize how much time I was not working until I quit smoking.

  12. Posted by Toan Ho, at Reply

    I thought they had smoking rooms in Japan

  13. Posted by James Reno, at Reply

    troll comment of the day = That two lesbian couple in the background live happily ever after from the evils of male toxic masculinity. the end.

  14. Posted by BALL JAR, at Reply

    The “affordable healthcare act” at it’s full implementation would have allowed the government to examine every aspect of your life as related to healthcare and your ability to pay…….. The government would be able to confiscate your bank account to pay for your smoker’s cancer even if you had paid your “Obama care” insurance premiums ……… liberal democrat progressive policy in action………

  15. Posted by Celestial Galaxy, at Reply

    What are we to do yard work and chores?

  16. Posted by The Great Gawain, at Reply

    So… Cenk, you think the smokers aren’t also wasting time online AS WELL as wasting time smoking? Come on fool. Don’t play that card.

  17. Posted by Chason Wright, at Reply

    Can ALL buisness do this? That seriously agrivates the whole scheduling, but then the American government deals with RANDOM DRUGS negatively, but they also want to feel better. How?

  18. Posted by darkness88ew, at Reply

    My brother started smoking because of this. Smokers could take breaks to smoke outside, but non-smokers weren’t allowed to take these additional breaks. He lied and said he started smoking, but he would have to “pretend” to smoke. This slowly led to more and more smoking just for the breaks, which led to an actual addiction that had developed even after he quit.