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Confidence is Key: Fails of the Week (December 2016) || FailArmy


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Original Links:
Skier Faceplants Snow
Biker Falls After Attempting Jump
Horse Doesn't Jump over Obstacle
Guy Tries to Chuck Christmas Tree Across Street
Guy Tries to Spun and Juggle
Bartender Knocks Over Alcoholic Tower
Guy Falls On Top of High Bar
Semi Truck Drives Down Road On Fire
Mom Falls into Kiddie Pool
Dog Steals Sled
Double Flip Off Ramp Ends With Fall
Wife Shows Husband Magic Trick with Water Bottle
Guy Falls after Climbing on Desk
Guy Flips Over on Lawnmower
Mountain Biker Crashes After Jump
Mom Falls off Swegway
Dog Interrupts Snap Chat
Drunk Friend Jumps off Roof
Salmon Ladder Fail
Construction Worker Falls With Collapsed Roof
Guy Drops Computer into Water
Car Crash at Intersection
Snowboarder Tries to Slide Across Water
Mattress Gymnast Breaks Bed
BMX Rider Fails Trick and Slams Head in Bowl
Team Pulls Submerged Car out of Frozen Lake
Kid Lands on Hockey Goal
Boy Accidentally Jumps Off Trampoline
Security Guard Does Tricks at the Park
Guy Tries to Ride ATV Up Hill and Flips Over
Snowboarder Falls During Ramp Attempt
Chef Drops Potatoes on Street
Car Rolls Into Lake
Skateboarders Fly off Road
Snowboarder Falls Over Tree
Car vs. Pallet
Snowboarder Slides Down Hill With Fire Surrounding Him
Drone Crashes Into Window
Dog Humps Girl Sledding
Twin Girls Get Packaged Food for Christmas

Confidence is Key: Fails of the Week (December 2016)

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  1. Posted by FMSAddict112, at Reply

    how do these videos get so popular in seconds? like this has only been up
    for a minute…

    • Posted by Nikolai Nelson, at Reply

      I know right lol

    • Posted by Blue Blue, at Reply

      cause we have no life and seeing other people fail and in pain causes
      enjoyment to the human race

    • Posted by Flowey The flower, at Reply


    • Posted by A Table, at Reply

      FMSAddict112 it’s funny and maybe he has 11,000,000 subs

    • Posted by disc, at Reply

      FMSAddict112 somamny people are amused by other peoples pain and
      embarrassment. But it is quite funny 😂

  2. Posted by xxxPOMPAxxx, at Reply


    • Posted by Eragon439, at Reply

      Pozdro od Ghost Ridera xD

    • Posted by Janci Vianci, at Reply


    • Posted by Marcin Marek, at Reply

      xxxPOMPAxxx pozdro 😀

    • Posted by MrZiomekk, at Reply

      Po co ogień tam? prawdziwy ghost rider kurwa

    • Posted by Timon, at Reply


  3. Posted by Mark “MarkMark12321” M, at Reply

    Some of my faith in humanity was restored when they all helped him pick his
    potatoes up!

    • Posted by The Chaotic Phoenixx, at Reply

      Im pretty sure they were lemons

    • Posted by grabir01, at Reply

      Looked like bread rolls to me.

    • Posted by Dan Goodbad, at Reply

      when i dropped my balls no one helped pick them up 🙁

    • Posted by Oscar Azgriel, at Reply

      I lost my faith in humanity when I realized he fell on purpose

  4. Posted by n0peable, at Reply

    how do they open that window?
    and why is it that small?

    • Posted by Brandon Berrey Art, at Reply

      It’s a ventilation window for a raquetball court

    • Posted by Luca Morgenstern, at Reply

      looks like it’s remote controlled, there’s a wire in the corner. but no
      idea where the motor is, probably hidden in the hinges or something

    • Posted by TJGermany, at Reply

      There are also two inventions called stick and hook. If you combine them
      you can open a window from quite a distance!

    • Posted by TheSilentWay, at Reply

      And how did they open it XD it’s like 5 meters high

    • Posted by TJGermany, at Reply

      +TheSilentWay WITH A STICK!!!

  5. Posted by Oneill Winchester, at Reply

    4:25 Everyone helping him. pick up the fruits made me really happy for some

    • Posted by Jupiteriano •, at Reply

      Or maybe she got scared for some reason.

    • Posted by Jupiteriano •, at Reply

      Ok, why are you talking to yourself tho?

    • Posted by Jupiteriano •, at Reply

      That would be Nahodakk sir

  6. Posted by J Mouch, at Reply

    Starving kids in Africa would have been thrilled to get a can of Raviolis
    for Christmas.

    • Posted by jgpmac, at Reply

      The Notorious Artorias Take a fucking joke mate. ffs

    • Posted by Dadycoool, at Reply

      Interesting take on the standard “Starving kids in Africa” joke.

  7. Posted by Erlend Holmen, at Reply

    4:05 Arnold Schwarzenegger much hahahahha

    • Posted by Erlend Holmen, at Reply

      Am dead 💀

    • Posted by futebolcapixabatv, at Reply

      he is dumb

    • Posted by Gadgetbig, at Reply

      Speed Clicks he’s telling himself he’s dead now

  8. Posted by Levi O'Dell, at Reply

    Can you reply. Just kidding I don’t think you reply sorry.

    • Posted by Washik Solldas, at Reply

      +Donari who defines a “good question”?

    • Posted by Donari, at Reply

      +Washik Solldas
      smart people

    • Posted by Washik Solldas, at Reply

      +Donari who defines “smart people” ?

    • Posted by Donari, at Reply

      smart people +Washik Solldas

  9. Posted by Cesar The Salad, at Reply

    Yes dear idiots, please keep trying your hoverboards for the first time on
    hard floors. Thanks.

    • Posted by Posides, at Reply

      Where else do you fucking try them?

    • Posted by Cesar The Salad, at Reply

      +Posides On a carpet. Or on a lawn. Or, fall down and break your face on
      hard concrete, whatever.

  10. Posted by Ball is LIfe, at Reply

    I didn’t even watch the video, but I bet there’s gonna be a
    and some drunk russian/ polish idiot fail. Let’s see…

    • Posted by Kazik Palec, at Reply

      or maybe some drunk murican idiot fail instead?

    • Posted by Laura Sanchez, at Reply

      You probably already watched it and then just names the topics, fucking con

    • Posted by futebolcapixabatv, at Reply

      you mean FAT drunk murican idiot ?

    • Posted by Kazik Palec, at Reply

      +futebolcapixabatv oh yeah, forgot about FAT

    • Posted by Kratos, at Reply

      Stop being so damn defensive palec. One mention of a dirty pole and you
      soil your pants in anger. You simply can’t look past the fact that russians
      and poles are mentally challanged people.

  11. Posted by Molten Science, at Reply

    i was thinking about doing a vid of molten salt vs dry ice who would find
    that interesting?

    • Posted by Django Gaming, at Reply

      sounds interesting

    • Posted by Wyfin56, at Reply

      Django Gaming yes

    • Posted by Matias Sandoval, at Reply

      Molten Science not me

    • Posted by Taniwha B, at Reply

      Do it!

    • Posted by Skele Booty, at Reply

      Molten Science what would be really interesting was if you didn’t try
      promoting yourself on other channels

  12. Posted by RBAirsoft, at Reply

    2:52 – A Dell, rolling in the deep

    • Posted by Brian Nguyen, at Reply

      RBAirsoft 😂

    • Posted by Kosti Myllymaa, at Reply

      They were Swedish, it was right for them! 😂

    • Posted by Elias Söderberg, at Reply

      Kosti Myllymaa what?

    • Posted by Freaking Ypliq, at Reply

      Elias Söderberg He’s Finnish. That’s what they think about Swedes.

    • Posted by Elias Söderberg, at Reply

      Oh, thought he was swedish cuz’ I’m swedish😅

  13. Posted by Mourin NL, at Reply

    One time I was watching fail army and drinking.milk I spit it all over my

    • Posted by mr alsome23 (mr alsome23), at Reply

      Ben Goldberg shut up kid..

  14. Posted by Layzák, at Reply

    Failarmy is best

    • Posted by Matias Sandoval, at Reply

      the best*

      sorry for being a grammar nazzi

    • Posted by ShishkaBerry, at Reply


      sorry not sorry

  15. Posted by Whoozerdaddy, at Reply

    2:23 *What* is up with that frigging dog???

    • Posted by Corwin Drummond, at Reply

      Whoozerdaddy yeah I was wondering that too. That dog went at her hardcore.

    • Posted by Whoozerdaddy, at Reply

      Like a chimpanzee after her face!

    • Posted by Jupiteriano •, at Reply

      That dog is psycho af

    • Posted by metallicak5, at Reply

      Whoozerdaddy animals, especially dogs can detect when a woman is having her
      period and knowing she’s fertile tend to be “active” on women. That’s why
      animals on most of the fail videos hump women like crazy XD

    • Posted by chada75, at Reply

      Whoozerdaddy Being a good dog.

  16. Posted by New Message (Unread), at Reply

    Wow.. the spam folder is so full today.

    • Posted by EvilMcSheep, at Reply

      can i haz new message plz?

    • Posted by Danny Sweeney, at Reply

      please can I have a new message?

    • Posted by Arman Alzhan, at Reply

      Danny Sweeney no

    • Posted by Dadycoool, at Reply

      I like you.

  17. Posted by Charla Tan, at Reply

    last one not funny

    • Posted by Coco Peanuts, at Reply

      Charla Tan

      Your life is not funny

  18. Posted by ReeGreen, at Reply

    Step1: Highlight the numbers
    Step2: Ctrl and F
    Step3: Put 9 in
    Step4: Enjoy 🙂

    • Posted by ButchDeLoria, at Reply

      gay tbh

    • Posted by Dreijon, at Reply

      wut is it?

    • Posted by chada75, at Reply

      ReeGreen No.

  19. Posted by Pan Hasiok, at Reply

    0:55 Polska KU*WA :D