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Congress Made It Easier For Big Banks To Steal From You


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Republicans just made it harder for you to take legal action against financial institutions. Cenk Uygur as well as John Iadarola, the hosts of The Young Turks, give you the information. Tell us exactly what you think in the comment area listed below. Join TYT:

" In the last hours of Tuesday evening, the Us senate voted to nullify a rule that would certainly've allowed consumers of financial institutions, credit-card firms, and also various other banks to join together in class-action suits if they felt they would certainly been wronged. The regulation– which was introduced in July by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), but was not yet essentially– would certainly have avoided banks from forcing customers with lawful complaints to solve them from court with the business's legal representatives, in a process called adjudication.

After a split choice in the Senate, the making a decision ballot on Tuesday night was cast by Vice President Mike Pence. All Republican Senators, save for Lindsey Graham as well as John Kennedy, chose the abolition.

In the past, reps of as well as powerbrokers for the financial sector have actually argued that settlement is better for both firms as well as consumers, due to the fact that class-action claims could be taxing and costly. Their debate is that as companies battle large claims, the sources they 'd should do that might increase expenses for customers in the future."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola


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  1. Posted by cne08, at Reply

    Congress doesn’t care about regular Americans.

    • Posted by Stephen Mystery, at Reply

      Not a single person in the house or senate cares about you.

  2. Posted by Molly, at Reply

    Two words: credit unions.

  3. Posted by barbiquearea, at Reply

    In capitalist America banks rob you.

  4. Posted by STAUNCH NZ, at Reply

    1. Tax cuts suck
    2. Police suck
    3. Cassidy Healthcare sucks
    4. Republicans suck
    5. Trump sucks
    6. Fox news suck
    7. Hannity sucks….this is America

    • Posted by Randy H, at Reply

      8. Bill O’Reilly sucks 😂

    • Posted by STAUNCH NZ, at Reply


  5. Posted by Mathew Beck, at Reply

    Class warfare and the wealthy have been despicably kicking the 99% down for years.

  6. Posted by Jazzie Red, at Reply

    I’m going to pull my money out of my big bank, and go to a Local Credit Union.

    • Posted by TheUltimateBeing01, at Reply

      Jazzie Red Credit Unions rip you off too. Don’t be fooled.

    • Posted by Osman Cardona, at Reply

      TheUltimateBeing01 so bitcoin is the way to go lol ?

    • Posted by Devonzell Pernell, at Reply

      Osman Cardona What’s Bitcoin?

    • Posted by Osman Cardona, at Reply

      Devonzell Pernell its cryto currency. Exiat soley on the internet

    • Posted by Kevin Michael, at Reply

      Jazzie Red Thats a smart move, and best way to help your local economy.

  7. Posted by President Trump, at Reply

    In capitalist America, bank robs you!

    • Posted by Daft Leaf, at Reply

      President Trump


    • Posted by Critical Defense, at Reply

      Oh Mr President my head is spinning from too much winning… can u stop winning a little bit please?

  8. Posted by TheUltimateBeing01, at Reply

    This country is a giant scam and lie. No wonder a conman like Trump became President. He fits right in.

  9. Posted by Bert Nijhof, at Reply

    Time to re-introduce the Guillotine for the upper class.

  10. Posted by B-rizz, at Reply

    Time for a “French Revolution” in murikkka ? Off with their heads !!!

    • Posted by AG, at Reply

      Bernie is too nice though. We need a Robespierre type that’s willing to chop off some heads! Bring back the guillotine! HAHA

    • Posted by The Real Deal, at Reply

      AG – True.

    • Posted by B-rizz, at Reply

      AG – OUI OUI LOL ! Bern has the political movement behind him, if he would just dump his stooopid notion of trying to “reform” the dumocucks. Donnie dump is already in the process of tearing apart the republitards, if Bern starts a new party or joins the Greens, the corporate dums R finished as well !! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS !!!

    • Posted by B-rizz, at Reply

      The Real Deal – Yer 100% right, but that’s 1 of 2 things that needs to happen. The other is, as a society, humans the world over have to stop completely worshiping $$$$ & stop revering the rich, cuz there’s only a finite amount of resources on the planet, this system based on perpetual growth is just gonna ensure the endless wars we’re witnessing in the 21st century will continue & escalate as the resources become more & more scarce (especially fresh water)

  11. Posted by eatmorenachos, at Reply

    Trump isn’t draining the swamp—-he’s adding a cesspool.

  12. Posted by DISCO-INFERNO-70, at Reply

    This is what happens in a society that worships capitalism above all else.

  13. Posted by Anthony Harden, at Reply

    Everyone take your money out of the banks and money to a credit union. They are totally different!!

  14. Posted by Cesar Bravo, at Reply

    This is class warfare

  15. Posted by Pete The Pict, at Reply

    34 people seem pretty happy to be screwed …

  16. Posted by The Real Deal, at Reply

    We’re a few decades overdue for a revolution and it might be too late but it’s time to force all these corrupt, greedy motherfuckers out of office, take money out of politics and put middle class Americans in power to represent the working and middle class. Enough is enough.

    • Posted by Red Pill prime, at Reply

      The Real Deal Chump changes and crumps lawsuits

  17. Posted by Nerd Life Gaming, at Reply

    It’s easy to be “the law and order president” when you get rid of the laws and ignore the disorder. Plenty of time to play golf.

  18. Posted by Ichenmeis, at Reply

    Every single Democrat voted against this. Remember that next time someone says “Both sides are the same!”

    • Posted by Dara Marc Sasmaz, at Reply

      @Ichenmeis Would be different if they would be in power under Clinton. That’s very likely.