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Congressman Accidentally Says He And Trump Jr. Went On A “Peasant Hunt”


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Republican Agent Steve King made the typo of the year this previous weekend when he Tweeted a picture of himself as well as Donald Trump, Jr. on a "PEASANT QUEST." While the Congressman clearly implied "pheasant hunt", that really did not stop the on-line globe from freely buffooning both his objectives as a Congressman to destroy the working class as well as his full cluelessness regarding exactly how spellcheck works. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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  1. Posted by 1BoardwalkAngel Forever, at Reply

    Well, Rep. Steve King who happens to be one of the most abhorrent human beings to ever hold elected office. I don’t know why the people of Iowa keep electing him just based on his pro-dog fighting stance alone nevermind his flagrant rob from the poor and give to the rich mentality or his loud and proud racism. He apparently was clued in to his spelling error and changed Peasant which he had capitalized to Pheasant…

  2. Posted by keriezy, at Reply

    Spell check wouldn’t have caught that.

    • Posted by Svitlo37, at Reply

      keriezy LOL right… How about thesaurus / context check? That’s the thing right, right… Right?

    • Posted by Poochie Collins, at Reply

      MS Word probably would’ve done the green squiggly underline.

  3. Posted by doobeedoobeedooo, at Reply

    Sorry.. downloading simplypiano

  4. Posted by Dark Man, at Reply

    Cenk accidentally sharted when being butt rammed

  5. Posted by Ron fckn Swanson, at Reply

    So they were hunting in Detroit.

  6. Posted by humboldthammer, at Reply

    It’s called the F.A.N. Financially Assimilate the Nothings — some say Annihilate.

  7. Posted by Lmwpitt, at Reply

    I’m a progressive, but this is a really weak story that comes across as propaganda. Stick to the facts, the facts are on our side ffs.

  8. Posted by Ace Diamonds, at Reply

    Hey guys, you know how in the future when we’re saying “remember when steve king tweeted something really stupid”? This is that time.

  9. Posted by Peter Edwards, at Reply

    Trickle down economics: Somebody tweeted that’s what you get when you give all the Halloween candy in the neighborhood to one kid and expect it to “trickle down” to all the other kids.

  10. Posted by The Super Psycho Killer, at Reply

    Killing people sounds about right

  11. Posted by kristabella222, at Reply

    Yep, a peasant hunt is an appropriate metaphor for Republican policies.

    • Posted by excessmaterial, at Reply

      kristabella222 Especially the latest tax plan.

      (Like any of their tax plans are ever not for millionaires/billionaires anyway)

  12. Posted by Lindsay Flowers, at Reply

    What kinda of peasant? Is it still Transgender season? Or has the trade unionists hunt started?

  13. Posted by BETTERWORLD SGT0589, at Reply

    Get this Let them Eat Cake Motherfucker Out!! You know they Hate Poor People with a Passion and Look at them at less than Dogs!

  14. Posted by Cosmic Blob, at Reply

    If you’re looking for a news Network to rake over the coals for over reacting go back to Fox poor Humorless panic driven Trumper defenders. The real panic will come when you realize your grand kids are putting sunscreen on every single day, and that now everyone wears masks to go outside, and your old favorite childhood Forrest is now awash with chemicals. Of course that’s just conjecture because with your boy Trump using his Diplomatic prowess we’ll probably be wiped out in the Nuclear war with everyone! Eventually they may just bomb Twitter! I hope I didn’t misspell anything! :O

  15. Posted by die infidels die infidels HOLO hoaxes cow's PISS, at Reply

    bombing triggers and ramming happy led terrorists org again hilarious. win win too.

  16. Posted by Jim Morgan, at Reply

    I can see Don Jr and his lackeys chasing a hobo through the woods! “I’ll get him, make Pa so proud!”

  17. Posted by Mikes Free, at Reply

    It’s so sad that working folks vote for this vile liar. Voting for Trump is truly voting to be poorer for everybody but the richest. How stupid are people?????

  18. Posted by The Real Kisht, at Reply

    You’re an idiot.

  19. Posted by SuperCosmicChaos, at Reply

    none issue there are better story’s than this.