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Congressman Keith Ellison Interview with Cenk Uygur on The Young Turks


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Cenk Uygur holds a meeting with Congressman Keith Ellison, Democratics from Minnesota. Rep Ellison talks about the importance of grassroots initiatives and also the DNC. Inform us exactly what you assume in the remark area below.

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  1. Posted by Joe T, at Reply

    Between Ellison and Perez, the DNC is doomed to fail

    • Posted by Joe T, at Reply

      The fact that the DNC isn’t pushing for Medicare for All is disgusting. Surprised that Ellison even mentioned that he likes that idea. Guarantee that Perez won’t publicly advocate for it or appear on TYT himself. Not much difference between him and DWS, sadly.

    • Posted by MaoTseFunkadelic, at Reply

      Ellison being deployed to TYT by the DNC to help repair their image is not something that should restore your confidence.

      His talking up Tom Perez was evidence enough for me that this was PR. Like nearly everything about the DNC.

    • Posted by cqtaylor, at Reply

      +MaoTseFunkadelic So your rationale is that you should never talk and have discussions with those you disagree with. Totally sounds mature. :-

  2. Posted by John Doe, at Reply

    his opening statement…..proof positive that the two party system……failure….sad.

    Go Bernie…. Independent!!!

    • Posted by Vishank Jain-Sharma, at Reply

      John Doe why? He’s not the problem, Perez and those bastards are. That’s why Obama meddled to shut Ellison out.

    • Posted by John Doe, at Reply

      Vishank Jain-Sharma it’s really hard to change course of a raging flooded river……nothing wrong with progressives leaving.that sends the real message.

  3. Posted by ReVoltAgefilms, at Reply

    RESIST! Resist the Democratic party! #DemExit #DraftBernie

    • Posted by Cheydinal, at Reply

      ReVoltAgefilms What you think about Justice Democrats?

    • Posted by ReVoltAgefilms, at Reply

      Cheydinal I’m not a fan. The democrats have consistently shown that they don’t stand for their people, they stand with their donor class. I want my representatives to represent me, not a corporation. I simply can’t forget what happened in the primaries and what is continuing to happen. The DNC doesn’t want progressives in the party, but yet they want our votes.

    • Posted by Cheydinal, at Reply

      ReVoltAgefilms If a Justice Democrat won his primary, would you vote for him over the Republican, or not vote? Because no matter the D label, JDs don’t take corporate or billionaire money, so you know they will actually fight for the people.

    • Posted by ReVoltAgefilms, at Reply

      Cheydinal I’m voting for a progressive Democrat in my District so I don’t have that problem.

  4. Posted by IFREEDOMI, at Reply

    The DNCs plan is same as the old one…. give us all lip service, placate us with platitudes, and continue to get corporate money. The DNC Establishment is nothing more than Controlled Opposition.

    • Posted by Matthew Savoy, at Reply

      so switch parties…stop bitching about what democrats are doing

      ohh thats right u know the GOP doesnt give a damn about u ……

      DNC is your best option

    • Posted by Eric Isaac, at Reply


      DNC 2018: This Time with Ground Game

      I can’t wait for the PR videos where they show politicians talkin with the common folk. Should make for some very special awkward moments.

  5. Posted by Jeff Peck, at Reply

    Until that D party is clear: TOTALLY CLEAR: universal healthcare, college tuition, public election financing, and etc… they get NOTHING from me

    • Posted by Cheydinal, at Reply

      Jeff Peck What you think about Justice Democrats? They do stand for all that

    • Posted by Jeff Peck, at Reply

      Until Clintonism and people like Pelosi and Schumer are removed working with the D party is futile, worse its a distraction. Is this going to be painful. Yes.

  6. Posted by Matthew P., at Reply

    So Cenk says the Christian doctrine of Armageddon is a dangerous belief. But the fact of the matter is, Christians aren’t acting on that belief. We can fight that belief on the intellectual front in debate. Muslims however are actually killing innocent people right now. Does Cenk not think that extra measures should be taken when extra violence is coming from one group? Why should we treat the Christians the same when they’re not killing anyone, and Muslims are? “Muslims are killing people? Quick! Let’s examine the Buddhists before we examine Islam, because fairness!” What absolute nonsense. Yes we need to combat all dangerous ideologies. That doesn’t mean we combat them all equally as if they’re equally dangerous. Some are more dangerous than others, and those need more attention. No one is dying from the doctrine of Armageddon, so we don’t need to give it the same attention as we do to Jihad.

    • Posted by Karlos Jeffers, at Reply

      Johnny the Boy I’m not a Christian but the stoning of people IS in the bible more than one occasion. I remember a story (maybe in Numbers) of a man who was stoned to death for gathering sticks on the sabbath day (bet they didn’t teach u that one in Sunday School!)

    • Posted by gatesbrown26, at Reply

      Karlos Jeffers believe he said the ‘New Testament’, Karlos.

    • Posted by Karlos Jeffers, at Reply

      gatesbrown26 yes you are correct I apologise I thought all the bible was relevant to Christians….see the thing is about atheists is they reject all of the bible, where as moderate Christians will cherry pick the “nice sounding” scriptures from the bible and reject the other parts which refer to such things as homophobia, women’s rights, slavery etc unless you’re extreme Christian in which case the bible is literal

    • Posted by Johnny the Boy, at Reply

      gatesbrown26 notice how all those regressive Islam apologists who are so insistent that Christians do as much killing in the name of Christianity as Muslims do in the name of Islam just disappear like cockroaches into the woodwork when you throw facts and numbers at them?

  7. Posted by Storie Grubb, at Reply

    man, Cenks just can’t win with some of you TYT trolls, can he?

    • Posted by spoder man hates TYT, at Reply

      He’s a genocidal muslim, so no.

    • Posted by MoppyPuppy, at Reply

      Trolls? Its his loyal audience that’s railing against him here.
      Oh right, _”troll”_ is just anyone who dissents.


    • Posted by jarjon76, at Reply

      I love it when people get TRIGGERED by Cenk.

  8. Posted by Illmatic699, at Reply

    the dnc is reallllllllly tryna reach out to progressives

    • Posted by maxkiki, at Reply

      Let me tell ya!

  9. Posted by Redwan Aman, at Reply

    No Jenks this time

    • Posted by Abrahem Lincologne, at Reply

      Kenk. Senk. Jenks.

  10. Posted by Jermain Jones, at Reply

    Is it just me or did this come off as a softball interview?

    • Posted by Tyler Nations, at Reply

      Jermain Totally softball interview. The DNC still has the same jokers running it. If Bernie, Tulsi Gabbard or Nina Turner runs, I’ll vote for them. I don’t trust this guy or the rest of the Dem party.

    • Posted by Durodes Duvo, at Reply

      Ofcourse it is.

    • Posted by Annie Today, at Reply

      cenk wants ACCESS….. he wants to build tyt…..that means he is now compromising the facts…..tyt has become too big to fail.

    • Posted by Coyote Bongwater, at Reply

      Yeah… to be fair, Ellison used to be an up-and-coming guy who spoke like a near-progressive and challenged the established conservative policy of the DNC. A lot of people were happy to see someone like him running for chair, hoping he could turn the tide. His original strategy prioritized the people over donors miles more than the other candidates. He also had a decently populist domestic policy. That’s about it, though, and he’s been towing the party line in the months since he lost. I didn’t even know he was still relevant.

  11. Posted by M N, at Reply

    As Jimmy Dore says: Democrats know how to speak the Progressive language, but in the end they always vote for their donors and screw the working class. I don’t buy Ellison’s weak-sauce initiative. I’m with Jimmy Dore that we need a third party in order to ever realize true change and policies that benefit the 99%.

    • Posted by M N, at Reply

      This is straight from the Draft Bernie Org website.

      “The Case for Starting Fresh

      Despite monumental efforts to bring people into the Democratic Party, party affiliation is near historic lows and the number of independents is far larger than either major party. Incredibly, the Democratic Party is less popular than Trump and the Republican Party.

      Polls show that the majority of Americans are not satisfied with the establishment parties and they’re calling for a major third party.

      At a time when Americans are leaving the establishment parties, we shouldn’t be swimming against the progressive populist current in a fruitless attempt to reform the corporate party that created this mess. The people are leading the way to an independent alternative. What if instead of struggling against the current, we swam with them?

      It’s time to reunite the voting groups that Sen. Bernie Sanders brought together during the presidential primary, groups that are practically begging to be assembled into a permanent working class party. Sanders’ campaign already built the coalition, all we have to do is give it a name.”

    • Posted by someperson111, at Reply

      Jimmy Dore is a bigot, are you sure that’s the scum you wish to follow?

    • Posted by someperson111, at Reply

      What are you waiting for? Go start your own party dumbass

    • Posted by M N, at Reply

      example of that would be nice

    • Posted by M N, at Reply

      Thats what Draft Bernie is…
      dumbass lol
      if u have no reason or logic then name call

  12. Posted by Green Party of Santa Clara County CA, at Reply

    Hey Keith Ellison, where is the money coming from for your “grass roots” campaign? How can you call it grass roots if you are using corporate money? Oxymoron!

    • Posted by BOB TV, at Reply


    • Posted by Aton Hakim Karriem Shabazz-Bey, at Reply

      To be fair, over 80% of the money for his campaign comes from individual donors.

    • Posted by Green Party of Santa Clara County CA, at Reply

      Yes, but he said the DNC is funding the “Grass Roots” campaign and they are not financed by clean money.

    • Posted by BOB TV, at Reply

      that is his personal campaign and just because he says it do not mean i should take his word he still take lobby money

    • Posted by Aton Hakim Karriem Shabazz-Bey, at Reply

      You brought up his grass roots campaign specifically. I wouldn’t take his word for it, but dude you can just Google where he gets his money from. It’s not that hard

  13. Posted by Whosoever, at Reply

    Any REAL progressive would be foolish to trust Ellison

    • Posted by john kennedy, at Reply

      Nobody does. He jumped ship

    • Posted by Aisha Abdikarim, at Reply

      Whosoever He’s trying to fight and not quiting progressive issues. He’s not a dictator

  14. Posted by AntiFOX, at Reply

    “career politician”… that’s all I can say about Ellison

    • Posted by Mr. Invisable, at Reply

      AntiFOX how about a mooslim in sheep’s clothing?

    • Posted by shurednichso, at Reply

      You mean a neoliberal Democrat in muslims clothing?
      Oh sorry, did i stop you from being an identity politics bitchboy?

  15. Posted by BOB TV, at Reply

    All of this work is a mirage when you have closed primaries ,super delegates and delegates. and a control voting process and the ability to add,subtract,closed or move around the polling place and of course change the rules at the conventions at any moment. Nice try Cenk and Kieth. This is your problem

    • Posted by Aisha Abdikarim, at Reply

      Ellison is progressive and was for Bernie.

    • Posted by BOB TV, at Reply

      Aisha Abdikarim but at the end voted for a corporate politician Clinton over a real progressive Stein.Progressives support Progressives no matter what

    • Posted by Satanic Satanist, at Reply

      I am literally a socialist and I didn’t vote for socialist party, why? Because I’m realistic in my expectations. Would you say I’m not a real progressive? Would you say I’m not a real socialist since none of the candidates I support are actually socialist, including Bernie who is more of a social democrat in my opinion, he’s on a fine line, I support who ever I think is going to be best for the country and obviously in a situation like last election, we had 2 choices(.technically more but realistically 2), Hillary or Trump, as much as I dislike Hillary, I voted for her, we lost, but that’s the DNC and Hillary’s fault not mine, like I said if we want to fix the DNC we are gonna need people like Keith and Ro Khana who are already on the inside.

  16. Posted by Noel A, at Reply

    Such a Little League interview. Softball after softball.

    • Posted by MrShanester117, at Reply

      Noel A
      Why? No false accusations? No trap questions?
      This ain’t Fox News man

    • Posted by Noel A, at Reply

      So you’re basically OK with him just making an appearance being asked nothing of substance?

    • Posted by David, at Reply

      What substance was missing for you?

  17. Posted by mrx00666, at Reply

    be on the winning team??? this team has been losing because of their calls to make you running back… in his terms…. There is no winning team so long as these “coaches” keep making stupid calls.

    • Posted by Tomasina Covell, at Reply


    • Posted by Christopher Coll, at Reply

      mrx00666 true but if he weren’t on the team, then there won’t be this much progress

  18. Posted by Tomasina Covell, at Reply

    Keith is classic double-speak, this has let me down.

    • Posted by Fatina Fondren, at Reply


    • Posted by Aisha Abdikarim, at Reply

      Tomasina Covell he’s one of the most consistent. He’s genuine.

    • Posted by Kabuto Yakushi, at Reply

      That means you haven’t watched the video. He clearly stated he is for primary incumbants and he called the democrats who take corporate money the issue. He also stated he’s for Medicare for all.

  19. Posted by MrShanester117, at Reply

    It’s funny to me how republicans can act tough and say Dems need a safe space etc.
    Yet they are scared to death of Muslim people.
    A Muslim walks into a room and a democrat says “hello” and all the republicans are melting and trying to find a safe space!

    • Posted by MrShanester117, at Reply

      left leaning libertarian
      I haven’t bumped into any

    • Posted by left leaning libertarian, at Reply

      John Salazar wait, when did being white, become an ideology or religion? race has nothing to do with terrorism. and who is this American​ Taliban you bring up.

    • Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

      we don’t need muslims in our lands….you losers keep complaining how broke you are but want to keep flooding these lands with more people to compete with….

    • Posted by Futt Bucker, at Reply

      Because democrats are cucks that are happy to surrender to the enemy.

  20. Posted by Aaron Heidlebaugh, at Reply

    Sounds like a snake to me. I just can’t trust the guy. Wish Cenk would have laid into him a bit.

    • Posted by MrWeezy312, at Reply

      Aaron Heidlebaugh i hear you wish he had too but attacking one of the few progressives in congress probably wasn’t what Cenk wanted

    • Posted by Aaron Heidlebaugh, at Reply

      I get the strategy, you’re right.. but it really leaves me wanting more answers on topics not touched. Oh well, can’t expect it all, eh?

    • Posted by A Google User, at Reply

      Aaron Heidlebaugh I agree Cenk seemed to be soft balling Keith here, disappointed 😐😧😓😫