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Congressman: ‘Nobody Dies’ From Lack Of Healthcare


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Rep. Raúl R. Labrador is a company lapdog that cares about his contributors' pocketbooks more than his citizens' lives. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you believe in the remark section listed below.

" A traditional Republican congressman from Idaho is attracting criticism for his action to a town-hall guest's problems regarding exactly how his celebration's health-care bill would affect Medicaid recipients.

" You are mandating people on Medicaid to accept dying," the lady said.

" That line is so indefensible," claimed Rep. Raúl R. Labrador, a participant of the prominent Residence Freedom Caucus. "Nobody dies since they don't have accessibility to healthcare."

The boos instantaneously sank him out.

The town hall meeting happened at Lewis-Clark State University in Lewiston, Idaho, a day after Labrador and 216 various other Republicans in your home narrowly passed the American Health Care Act, which would certainly overhaul the nation's health-care system." *.

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  1. Posted by Spunky1991, at Reply

    We should take this scumbags government healthcare away and see how he likes it.

    • Posted by jerkfacebg, at Reply

      Or we could pull a Mussolini.

    • Posted by Magellanic SpaceClouds, at Reply

      Someone make a petition!

    • Posted by Bobbi Morgan, at Reply

      I’d sign it

    • Posted by Break Down From Maximum Height, at Reply

      don’t remove health care. Just don’t write a corrupt bill that is all There are more side than just HEALTH CARe/NO HEALTH CAREe. There are details that aid the rich. Duh.

  2. Posted by AlienPoppaHead, at Reply

    Going to McDonald’s,

    Anyone want anything?

    • Posted by Adam Doukkali Thomson, at Reply

      AlienPoppaHead 20 boxes of 20 chick nuggets

    • Posted by ultrashade, at Reply

      ok me

    • Posted by Jimmy Gross, at Reply

      I want a Big Mac

    • Posted by jb hann, at Reply

      AlienPoppaHead …if you’re anywhere near this Republican politician, please run him over on your way to McD

  3. Posted by Al Capwned, at Reply

    Nobody dies if they stop breathing. Doh!

    • Posted by Burger king Aka king of america, at Reply

      Lol man

  4. Posted by Magnumanxl, at Reply

    Nobody dies when they drink bleach, that’s just an government conspiracy – Alex Jones

    • Posted by Benedikt A., at Reply

      The sad thing is there are people that literally believe that… Seriously. look up “Miracle Mineral Supplement”.

    • Posted by Burger king Aka king of america, at Reply

      Damn man

    • Posted by Pam Gifford, at Reply

      Magnumanxl amanda todd says differently

    • Posted by Michael Smith, at Reply

      +Benedikt A. I had to look that up because I never heard of that. Wow, some scam artists are willing to risk the health of their marks for a couple of bucks. Not sure which is worse, the scammer or the sucker that continually believes obvious BS claims.

    • Posted by Man the Dude, at Reply

      Benedikt A. – “Bleach is an oxidizer and we need oxygen to live” – Some cretin.

  5. Posted by phoenixrising7777, at Reply

    Can’t imagine why people think republicans don’t care about people’s healthcare….🙄🙄🙄🙄. How’s the MAGA going, trump supporters? #WeToldYouSo #Conned

    • Posted by Piriathy, at Reply

      +Martin Luther King Jr. Kill yourself, troll.

  6. Posted by knightofdreamz, at Reply

    The American people need to be done with this bullshit and we have to physically remove these people from office and put them right in a jail cell. If they cant represent the public in the least, then they need to be gone. Our system needs a shake up and these people need to be reminded who they represent and it needs to be done by any means.

    • Posted by DeadlyDanDaMan, at Reply

      That’s EXACTLY what Trump said he would do. He was gonna “DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!” Except I see more alligators than ever before now….the Repub voters got played like fiddles….but it’s their own fault, we tried to warn them…

    • Posted by Brian Rowland, at Reply

      knightofdreamz , I agree, removed by any means necessary.

    • Posted by Mythology Squirrel, at Reply

      They will never go to jail or see justice. But one can vote them out.

    • Posted by jb hann, at Reply

      Mythology Squirrel …or find these scumbags in the crosshairs.

  7. Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

    Raúl Labrador needs to be put down.

    • Posted by nature giver, at Reply

      OutlawRebel117 He just needs to change his mentally on healthcare.

    • Posted by ___, at Reply

      OutlawRebel117 Yep.

    • Posted by Ryan McDowell, at Reply

      nature giver His mentality is focused on his wallet.

  8. Posted by Donald J. Trump, at Reply

    Nobody dies from lack of water or air either.

    • Posted by itchy scratchy, at Reply

      Donald J. Trump tell that to flint Michigan residents…

    • Posted by SgtSixkilla, at Reply

      +North Sea Brent His hands are too small. That’s why Ivanka has to relieve him.

    • Posted by Ultima64, at Reply

      Donald J. Trump yeah just ask David Clarke about that. Oh wait…

    • Posted by V Ling, at Reply

      Donald J. Trump
      Key word “access” nobody dies without access to healthcare….lol

  9. Posted by Richard Hunter, at Reply

    Don’t compare this Labrador to man’s best friend. Republicans are man’s worst enemy.

    • Posted by J Steel, at Reply

      Nor were Labradors bred to be lap-dogs: Raúl should change his name to Chihuahau and buy a muzzle at the same time. What a jerk-off

    • Posted by Brian Rowland, at Reply

      The only reason Government doesn’t function is because Republicans damage any program and then point at it and say, ” look that Government Program doesn’t work.”

    • Posted by Pam Miner, at Reply

      You should say which poster you are referring to. IDK which one this is directed toward so it looses it’s punch by not saying.

    • Posted by Pam Miner, at Reply

      OOPS! I just did that too. The above post I did was to Guillermo Sanchez. I don’t know who His post is referring to, there are a lot of people with comments.
      I feel humbled by making the exact same mistake. Everyone needs to take an extra step to clarify.
      I thought the if you reply to someone, it would say who you are replying to but seems not.

  10. Posted by salvatornado, at Reply

    yes, and guns don’t kill people

    • Posted by wwh1321, at Reply

      I don’t think a bullet can fire itself. If it could, that would be mighty impressive.

    • Posted by Nerd Strangler, at Reply

      The funny thing is republicans say its not a gun problem, its a mental health problem. And what better way to solve it than kicking the mentally ill off their meds and giving them easy access to firearms. What could go wrong…

    • Posted by comochinganconesto, at Reply

      Nerd Strangler That’s a great point dude!

  11. Posted by edward hickey, at Reply

    Cancer is just a myth, if you don’t believe in it can’t hurt you. I should know my dad had cancer three times and 4 operations for it, starting when he was 66, but he was 79 when it finally got him and he had universal healthcare. I’m sure Trumpcare will be great once its repealed & replaced in 4 years, just no one get cancer in the upcoming years haha

    • Posted by sean mcdonald, at Reply

      edward hickey lol, I love you sarcasm

    • Posted by WobblyBits_X, at Reply

      It’s a Chinese hoax. Bigly.

  12. Posted by C Wilson, at Reply

    No one dies from being thrown out of an airplane, its the landing that kills you. On that note, we should throw Labrador out of an airplane.

    • Posted by adam perkins, at Reply

      Yeah, like saying guns don’t kill people, bullets do kill people though

    • Posted by PinkPonyOfPrey, at Reply

      Yeah, so let’s ban bullets and everybody can keep their guns. It’s a win-win!!! 😀

    • Posted by Johan Mahoney-Berg, at Reply

      +Pinkponyof prey Chis rock got it right when he said if the bullets cost $5000 each people will think twice before opening fire

    • Posted by BenjerminGaye, at Reply

      Depending on how high the plane is you can actually freeze to death before hitting the floor.

  13. Posted by Michael Sonn, at Reply

    Did Republicans not see Breaking Bad where the guy with stage 4 cancer had to sell meth to afford the health care bills?

    • Posted by devilmikey00, at Reply

      lol ya. That was the most suspenseful 1 minute in TV history.

    • Posted by TheScholar74, at Reply

      Michael Sonn The only tv they think is real is Walker Texas Ranger, 24, and The Flintstones.

    • Posted by Markus Westermann, at Reply

      Hi didn´t have to sell meth, he had rich friends offering him money.

  14. Posted by jarjon76, at Reply

    The GOP is anti-American and full of traitors.

    • Posted by jarjon76, at Reply

      Eric Taylor I can call then anything I wish because of this thing called free speech. You are not the authority on what I can/can’t say nor do you know why I hate the GOP. Idiot (I can call you that too.)

    • Posted by Eric Taylor, at Reply

      as i’m not part of the gov’t trying to censor you, “free speech” doesn’t apply. however, to be fair, I meant that you can’t call them anti-American/traitorous accurately. but, yeah, you’re free to be as wrong as you wish — knock yourself out.

  15. Posted by Frost Organa, at Reply

    Healthcare is also preventative maintenance, just like you take your car in for regular check ups and oil changes.

    Labrador is a reprehensible human being and it’s OBVIOUS people die from lack of healthcare.

    • Posted by Dave Rhoden, at Reply

      Perfect analogy to explain the importance of health care to the ignorant. Well said.

  16. Posted by Juanita Meier, at Reply

    Let’s make sure this guy is gone in 2018. Vote him out, he’s a simple-minded imbecille, who should never have heathcare again !

    • Posted by Jeff Ketcham, at Reply

      He won’t lose…far too many mormons and other right wing nut jobs in Idaho. He got nearly 70% of the vote last November.

    • Posted by Ryan Isbelle, at Reply

      Jeff Ketcham Bernie crushed Hillary in Idaho. You think a populist candidate like Bernie couldn’t flip Idaho? Bernie was polling ahead of Trump in Utah in March ’16 by 11 points. They haven’t voted Dem. for 50 years.

    • Posted by Jeff Ketcham, at Reply

      Ryan Isbelle Yeah I was there and had to wait in line for 2.5 hours just to vote for Bernie. So basically you think because the few registered Democrats in the state voted for Bernie a progressive can win a state wide general election? Bernie got 18,000 caucus votes. Labrador got over 200,000 votes last election. No, I am not very confident he will lose his seat. Call me a pessimist, I just don’t see it happening as much as I would like it to.