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Congressman Shows Townhall He Doesn’t Know How Insurance Works


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Rep. Rod Blum does not understand why he needs to spend for maternity care. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, show how one citizen coached him. Tell us just what you assume in the remark section below.

" In between rounds of jeering that disrupted his every sentence, Rep. Rod Blum (R-Iowa) took a little greater than 2 mins to describe just what else he wants to alter about the Obama-era health-care legislation now that he has chosen the GOP's partial repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

" Do away with several of these crazy laws that Obamacare puts in," Blum recommended at an Iowa town hall meeting Monday, "such as a 62-year-old man needing to have pregnancy insurance." The crowd shouted all the louder.

The event in a Dubuque secondary school health club took place for more than an hour like that: mad questions, political explanations, boos from the bleachers.

Barbara Rank, a retired special education instructor, did not stand up from her seat like many of her next-door neighbors did. "I did not have a concern to ask," she informed The Washington Article. Yet the following day, on her morning stroll past a blvd of government-maintained flowers, Ranking recognized she had a reaction to Blum. She composed it down in 96 words and also sent it to her neighborhood newspaper– and ever since, more than 100,000 people have actually used a fair review."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Dude’s a conservative from Bumfuck Iowa. What did you expect?

    • Posted by tofuwizard, at Reply

      We’ve historically been a pretty progressive state, at least more balanced, but our governor (your new Chinese ambassador) along with the Koch Bros. have done a lot to change that in the last decade. Thankfully he’s on the way out, and we do still have progressive voices here. Hopefully Kim Weaver can dethrone Steve King this time around.

    • Posted by Robert Jenkins, at Reply

      I would suggest that he knows exactly how absurd his argument is and that he was banking on his constituents being from “bumfuck, Iowa”. you can’t really blame the guy because he’s probably been spouting bullshit equally ridiculous for years and it’s only now that he’s run into a brick wall

    • Posted by Rob Bruce, at Reply

      “Dude’s” only there because of redistricting.

  2. Posted by Cadillac Kadafi N Kayla, at Reply

    Now the hicks are upset because they vote against they’re own intrest

    • Posted by Gabriel Winter, at Reply

      We should stop paying to feed lard to fat people.
      Fat people should be deporked back to their fatland.
      They are eating all our lard!!!

    • Posted by Damian Cairns, at Reply


    • Posted by Soul Brake ASMR, at Reply

      Dolan Turmp you think “redneck” is a race? Wrong. Sad!

  3. Posted by Mr. Sauceman X Backup Account, at Reply

    Trumptards just voted for trump to get back at Liberals. They don’t even agree with anything he’s done. It’s just “libtards” “fake news” “Tears” etc. these people are the epitome of what a fuckwit is. Never seen anything like it before

    • Posted by mozbius, at Reply

      Not sure if they are liberals.. If they are obviously they swallowed the Trump koolaid 100%…. that makes them TRUMPTARDS.

    • Posted by Richard Hunter, at Reply

      Maybe some ‘classical liberals’ voted for Trump. That I can believe.

    • Posted by Dienekes, at Reply

      Ped Xing _”What’s your point?”_ — My point is that before this election, most people didn’t even understand what “neo-liberalism” is. Another point is that 1/2 of Trump’s campaign was on LIBERAL values. He actually talked about PROGRESSIVE actions (grants, it was mixed in with all this right-wing, idiocy, but still). Hillary DIDN’T have a Progressive platform. Her entire platform was “you should vote for me because look how bad he is!” She didn’t embrace ANY of Bernie’s platform until the very end when she realized her presidency wasn’t a slam-dunk, and then only grudgingly.

      Stop blaming the voters because they refused to vote for the Wicked Witch of Wallstreet.

    • Posted by Malcolm Mills, at Reply

      Mr. Sauceman X Backup Account the man is an idiot, who the hell voted for the pillock

  4. Posted by PaddyCollector, at Reply

    WHY does my insurance company make me pay every month when I’m not even sick!!???

    • Posted by Rocco Luciano, at Reply

      PaddyCollector because im sick lol 😂

    • Posted by The12Fly, at Reply

      because in the eventual circumstance when YOU get Cancer –> it’s your contribution AND someone else’s contribution to insurance that pays for your treatments.

    • Posted by Manly Men, at Reply

      PaddyCollector it’s a legalized scam that’s why

    • Posted by Pennie Collins, at Reply

      PaddyCollector My mother who was very healthy and hard working until she turned 84, was diagnosed with leukemia, out of the blue. The only symptom she ever experienced was severe fatigue. In her six days of hospital, home and hospice care, she racked up nearly $15,000 in medical expenses. Two days of hospitalization and tests and her savings were wiped out. I’m so grateful for her Medicare insurance! Thank you to every single employed, tax paying individual who contributed money for her care! Please don’t begrudge those dollars you must pool for health care insurance. My mother never did. Eighty years of payments. She never earned more than $25,000 a year and was employed until she was 83. I hope you see the lesson here.

  5. Posted by John Summers, at Reply

    Insurance is essentially like taxes. I don’t want my tax money making bombs but I have no say in it. That’s just how it is.

    • Posted by Blackworld official, at Reply

      John Summers Does that mean any consequences of the bomb won’t affect you because you have no say in it? Bad comparison. if someone uses my tax money to bomb a fishing village in the middle east, my ignorance isn’t an excuse, I’m responsible for it also.

    • Posted by larsthegunslinger, at Reply

      Blackworld official when the person breaks the law to bomb that fishing village than yes, ignorance is an excuse

    • Posted by TheMargin, at Reply

      John Summers yep yep and sadly our money IS being used to purposely murder civilians, every dollar, all 4BN a year that we GIFT to Israel is used to directly attack and harass The Palestinians :/

    • Posted by Pennie Collins, at Reply

      John Summers Hear, hear!

  6. Posted by Malachi Owens, at Reply

    Well too be fair, females can pay for your prostate exams cause you’ll need one when you republicans shove this healthcare bill up your asses. Exactly where it came from.

    • Posted by John Nycto, at Reply

      I think they also pay for boner pills.

    • Posted by Gabriel Winter, at Reply

      We should stop paying to feed lard to fat people.
      Fat people should be deporked back to their fatland.
      They are eating all our lard!!!

    • Posted by Teethgrinder 83, at Reply

      Gabriel Winter send the chubby women to me-I’m game for that

    • Posted by drunkenchef24, at Reply

      Teethgrinder 83 can I apply for a visa to your beautiful chubby woman country???

  7. Posted by MrLalasd, at Reply

    You should disable the likes and comments for the first 10 – 30 minutes. It will get rid of some of the trolls. (Maybe?)

    • Posted by Matthew Morvillo, at Reply

      why would you want to get rid of the trolls? they help the channel immensely

    • Posted by mistymorning195, at Reply

      MrLalasd – I often think what YouTube could do is to change the comment function so that only those who have watched a video in its entirety (or at least 80%) can comment; that way it would make people either view what they’re about to comment on first, or shut the hell up.

  8. Posted by colby rasmussen, at Reply

    “Why would a man have to pay for maternity leave?”
    “I’m pro life.”
    “Kids shouldn’t be on their parent health insurance past 18.”
    Every conservatard ever.

    • Posted by Maria Vera, at Reply

      Last Guy Minn, because they’re anti-sex and want to punish women for having consensual sex.

    • Posted by Philip Hall, at Reply

      you should also put how they cut publican funding to help those children and let them die suffering in poverty where their parents get destroyed because they may have picked up a dubie or disrespected a cop in the wrong mood

  9. Posted by Gary Turbo, at Reply

    Why do I have to pay for a wall that dont affect me

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Because government.

    • Posted by Robert X., at Reply

      Trollop 7 No, because idiot Trump supporters. A fence and border patrol would suffice.

    • Posted by Pat Connolly, at Reply

      But Mexico is going to pay for it. Right? That’s what Trump told us.

    • Posted by Gabriel Cook, at Reply

      Pat Connolly

      Why can’t Mexico pay for our health care??

  10. Posted by Matthew Morvillo, at Reply

    why is it so hard to understand the concept of insurance? when it comes to homeowner and auto, no problems… as soon as its a human life, they play dumb and “dont understand”.

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      “Show me a private healthcare system that even comes close to the
      cost-effectiveness and efficiency of a public healthcare system.”

      The US system is on par with the rest of the world. It just has many barriers created by the federal government holding it back.

      ” That’s why it’s important to put your healthcare finance system under democratic control,”

      So the government now controls you.

    • Posted by Matthew Morvillo, at Reply

      on par with the rest of the world by which metric? our cost per capita is the highest, and our quality of care is literally ranked last in the developed modern world (life expectancy, infant mortality rate, %of population covered)…

    • Posted by anti-establishment, at Reply

      America’s healthcare system is ranked towards the bottom of efficiency among developed nations.

    • Posted by realCevra, at Reply

      *as soon as its a human life, they play dumb and “dont understand”* the wonders of redneck home schooling

    • Posted by realCevra, at Reply

      *The US system is on par with the rest of the world.* it’s not, it’s about twice as costly and much below average in quality, it’s just the most private business healthcare system there is, even under the aca.

      the private healthcare business even got that idiotic, it sold policies that cannot be considered health insurance by any standards, instead of capping the cost (that’s what a risk insurance does), they capped the pay out, which is hilariously stupid

  11. Posted by xxtoronto xo, at Reply

    In Canada everyone(for the most part) pays for everyone’s healthcare through taxes, its amazing.

    • Posted by Shadow_AquilaX, at Reply

      @Fox Doe, I’m literally tearing up right now. It’s thanks to people like you that I didn’t have to lose my leg and my hand or even my life after a serious accident. Thank you my Canadian fellows, I too am happy and proud of helping you when you need it.

    • Posted by Dan mesnard, at Reply

      As an American I watched the smokescreen occur in real time. As Bernie pointed out, with single payer healthcare indeed everyones taxes would increase. However your insurance payment would go away. Our media outlets definitely glossed over and even buried this fact, so many Americans think we as a nation can’t afford a system like Canadas. In reality, in most cases your tax increase would be less than your insurance payment.

    • Posted by Kevin C, at Reply

      It’s because you have people WITH healthcare insurance, sneering and scoffing at everyone who doesn’t. The upper management types. I’ve heard it over dinner’s in an all inclusive resort. I was so disgusted I had to stop drinking with them. Fortunately there were more Americans that were way more cultured and decent. Mind you, I’ve worked with the type right here in jolly ole’ Canada too,so it’s not just an American thing.

  12. Posted by HaoSci, at Reply

    But seriously, I don’t want to pay for politicians that I don’t support.

    • Posted by waterandafter, at Reply

      well, we can all claim so many dependents that no income tax will be taken from our check.
      We will have to save the money and pay at the end of the year, but through the year the gubment won’t have any money to function.

    • Posted by Dan mesnard, at Reply

      We should claim Congress as dependents on our taxes since we all pay for THEIR healthcare!

  13. Posted by Emilio Aguirre, at Reply

    Republicans are selfish people. I thought Jesus was selfless?

    • Posted by Paul Trieglaff, at Reply

      Kanoyin Falayi
      Over 15 accepted (and differing) holy books which have been reinterpreted uncountable times across many languages, 41,000+ sects each with varying dogma and leaders that never meet outside their own bubble.
      How could an observer ever know what a true xian is?

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Selfish is having other people foot the lion’s share of the costs for your healthcare. Spaded It

    • Posted by Kang5030, at Reply

      Republican Jesus is a violent Germanic conqueror, not the forgiving guy from Palestine. They’ve created their own religion to suit their desire to harm others.

  14. Posted by Frost Organa, at Reply

    How come these assholes *never* complain about (or try to change) vehicle insurance? It’s the same basic principle except one is for your body and it’s well being and one is for your vehicle and it’s well being.

    • Posted by Emeril Lagassi, at Reply

      whyamimrpink78 But they still take federal money and follow federal guidelines. Funny no conservative or libertarian ever says this.

    • Posted by Troy Sims, at Reply

      whyamimrpink78 that not what I was talking about. please paid attention

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      Troy, that is what you are talking about. Please pay attention.

    • Posted by Melanie Jecker, at Reply

      not in every state…

  15. Posted by David Harrison, at Reply

    Were you born? Then you benefited from maternity care. Now pay up!

    • Posted by littlemissdimples88, at Reply

      David Harrison lol true

    • Posted by greenjelly01, at Reply

      Sweet and simple even a Trumptard can understand it!

  16. Posted by hellcat1988, at Reply

    Has nobody sat these republican idiots down and explained to them that JUST LIKE WITH CAR INSURANCE, the people who don’t actually need it at the time still have to pay in to cover everyone so the company can afford to cover them when they DO need it?

    • Posted by Francisco Leonardo, at Reply

      Yeah and just like car insurance people with pre existing conditions shouldn’t get healthcare

    • Posted by hellcat1988, at Reply

      And why is that? With car insurance, you’re going to have people who pay less because they haven’t had accidents and don’t drive unsafe, much like you have differing rates for people who smoke and live risky lifestyles in health insurance. Just like with car insurance though, those who do have risks should be able to have it so they aren’t bankrupted just because something happens if it’s not their fault.

      If you have a smoker and a non smoker who both get shot, why is it that the non smoker should be the only one to get treatment; or at least help with the cost of treatment?

    • Posted by Kevin C, at Reply

      We need way more politicians out there, so the pool is too big for 1 guy with his hand in every industry can’t just steam roll the political scene because he’s a “provider” aka a despot.

    • Posted by Kevin C, at Reply

      Your profile is cringe-worthy… lol…It’s a youtube channel….and you’re mocking it with your profile name…lmao…child,where has your mother been?

  17. Posted by John David, at Reply

    The problem is C-A-P-I-T-A-L-I-S-M….Why is everyone so terrified to call it out?

    • Posted by Kevin C, at Reply

      Not afraid. Just watch a wallstreet bro come out of no where to tell you you’re a cucktard and then you’ll understand that it isn’t so much as being afraid of it as it is people grinding out the data right now to prove it.
      The proof is coming. It’s already available, it’s digesting the data so that laymen can understand that’s holding back society aka everyone needs to learn up. As it stand, anti-capitalism is counter-intuitive. Why? because it’s interpreted as “personal capitalism”…and who doesn’t want to capitalize on situations that will make you financially comfortable and give you the ego boost maintain status quo. The animal side of us sees the bright side in capitalism. The Humanity side is maintained now by that comfort.

  18. Posted by gregory burczyk, at Reply

    the healthy pay for the sick..thats how it stays affordable

  19. Posted by Jessica Laso, at Reply

    What if the 62 year old man had grandkids? would he still feel this way?

  20. Posted by Gustav, at Reply

    So basically you have to explain to right-wingers how society works.