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Conservative Land Owners Fight Texas Pipeline


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TYT Politics Reporter Jordan Chariton reported from a Texas landowner's ranch–one of many landowners whose private land has been seized by the government via eminent domain for the Trans-Pecos Pipeline, going from Texas into Mexico.

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  1. Posted by Woody Brewer, at Reply

    from what I seem to be hearing is that these people prospering from oil are

    • Posted by Woody Brewer, at Reply

      hoodiewoman louisiana sure is sad…isn’t it!!!

    • Posted by William Merzlak, at Reply

      This happened during WWII. U.S companies helped Nazi Germany even during
      the heat of the war. And it was well known. Amazing how our leaders can
      just turn a blind eye. But have been for over 80 years.

    • Posted by ferretmath, at Reply

      Yes, please…let’s go with that!!

  2. Posted by William Merzlak, at Reply

    I’m curious. What if you built something, Something simple like a wall. I
    know, but this isn’t related to Trump. This is an actual wall built on
    you’re own land. The pipeline company cannot destroy private property. So
    they would be forced to go around the wall. Bypassing you’re land.

    • Posted by Jet Jenkins, at Reply

      You realize oil companies have to get agreements in writing to build a
      pipeline through private property right? Are you leftists really this
      stupid? LOL

    • Posted by William Merzlak, at Reply

      Thanks for the input guys!

    • Posted by William Merzlak, at Reply

      +Jet Jenkins That’s what I originally thought but after these two latest
      pipelines I wasn’t sure if there was an exception or not. So I was kind of
      curious what the actual protection from this kind of behavior was.

  3. Posted by slippyC73, at Reply

    how is this legal that they seize if it is not part of the government or
    represented some how by the government?

    Can someone explain this to me?

    • Posted by raven3moon, at Reply

      Generally, it does, but that doesn’t mean that the gov’t can’t sell the
      land to businesses on the sly, or lease it to them for $1 for 99 years.
      it’s been done before.

    • Posted by slippyC73, at Reply

      +raven3moon It infuriates me that things work this way. I know that doesn’t
      change anything.

      I just don’t know how to change it. Well, I do know ways to change it. I
      just don’t know if I could live with myself…

    • Posted by raven3moon, at Reply

      There’s always ways to do things without making yourself dirty…it just
      takes creative, unconventional thinking.

    • Posted by ferretmath, at Reply

      This happened near me. Eminent domain for a freaking office building
      complex right in the path of migration for over 23 species of birds (but,
      hey – they promised us a park!!!). Over 10 years later and that office
      building has never been more than 50% occupied. And the park – a
      blacktopped walking path…disgraceful.

    • Posted by phanatic215, at Reply

      slippyC73 it’s legal when you pay a politician to bury it deep inside
      another bill. They don’t read the bills, they are signed on party lines.

  4. Posted by Snow Anaya (NeoWaste), at Reply

    Yep the vast amount of sand, tumbleweeds and mesquite for the eye to see. I
    couldn’t hear which ranch he’s on sounded like down in the Big Bend. 4I
    live in West Texas and hardly hear about this.. I’m in Odessa the days I
    catch the local news there no talk of it I don’t get the paper so I don’t
    know if it says something.

    I only heard of this once last year. I thought it was about ” considering ”
    the pipeline.

    • Posted by Chris Fent, at Reply

      That’s why I watch TYT. They’ll do stories that you won’t hear about, or
      you’ll get extremely limited coverage. You wouldn’t believe the amount of
      people that didn’t know about the DAPL.

    • Posted by ferretmath, at Reply

      Chris Fent -Same. I would watch TYT’s reports on the pipeline then read
      articles about it on traditional media sites…the misinformation and oack
      of knowledge was glaring. BBC was the only news outlet to even touch on the
      things TYT had been reporting – and only after thousands of our veterans
      decided to descend on Standing Rock. Jordan made a HUGE difference

    • Posted by Aron Willington, at Reply

      I’m an Aussie and I know of Odessa because of Friday Night Lights

  5. Posted by vox bosh, at Reply

    Bro thats not how you salut.

    • Posted by Donald Trump, at Reply

      vox bosh thats what she said.

    • Posted by Temp Temp, at Reply

      vox bosh salute*

  6. Posted by Juib Morrowind, at Reply

    So eminent domain can be used for private corporations?

  7. Posted by Μέλ Μέλ., at Reply

    no reimbursement for that land huh…considering they’re being sued.

    • Posted by sdkeller72, at Reply

      What’s worse – they still have to pay taxes on the land the oil companies
      steal from them.

    • Posted by BlueUncia, at Reply

      sdkeller72 – Wow, really? Words are failing me right now.

  8. Posted by Ginip Ginab, at Reply

    ill be there with guns, trip wires and a dildo..get the lube and wait for

    • Posted by Dee S, at Reply

      It really should be given to them without lube and sideways and with

  9. Posted by Pirwzy, at Reply

    dig it up, blame bigfoot

    • Posted by KingStannis Baratheon, at Reply

      Pirwzy lol

  10. Posted by njintau, at Reply

    How much do you want to bet the lamestream media will cover this more than
    they did(n’t) with DaPL?

  11. Posted by Nick Warner, at Reply

    the Gummint takin land from white christians! Now there will be outrage!

  12. Posted by peter watkins, at Reply

    Jordan, I love you…. but don’t salute. You obviously don’t know how to,
    and you look ridiculous. I’m not an officer, and even if I was, I don’t
    need your sniper checks.

  13. Posted by GrandPrince, at Reply

    People in Texas have a right to use firearms in order to protect their own
    property, so there is no need for government’s intervention in this case.

  14. Posted by poponachtschnecke, at Reply

    I love Jordan!

  15. Posted by izovire, at Reply

    My dad is super conservative and he ‘was’ balls deep for the pipelines,
    until I explained to him it’s taking driver’s jobs away…

  16. Posted by Kenshin Himura, at Reply

    this pipeline will never get built.

  17. Posted by thesweatleaf, at Reply

    Hey Jordan, you cold? Haha TX is cold today.

  18. Posted by Mirquella Santos, at Reply

    They deserve what they got just like people in Oklahoma deserve their
    little earthquakes. They voted for it didn’t they. PS: I only feel sorry
    for the children.

  19. Posted by Garrett Monson, at Reply

    Key words: Land Owner

  20. Posted by Op-Position Politics, at Reply

    maybe ETP will start wars in places that don’t want pipelines