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Conservatives celebrate America, land of 1,000 #LiberalDanceMoves


And the State Department Shuffle. RT ‏@jggrimm #LiberalDanceMoves The Benghazi Sidestep

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) February 25, 2013

Mission accomplished! The ostensible purpose of Michelle Obama’s appearance with Jimmy Fallon to demonstrate the “Evolution of Mom Dancing” was to promote the first lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign. If the video got at least one person to dance, it was worth it, right? Lucky for us, that one person was Michelle Malkin, who showed us “The Evolution of Liberal Dance” (that’s a YouTube video, not a college major, by the way).

#LiberalDanceMovesThe Solyndra Spiral

— The Morning Spew (@TheMorningSpew) February 25, 2013

She Bangs #LiberalDanceMoves

— S.M (@redsteeze) February 25, 2013

If nobody’s chimed in with “the hustle” I’ll be very disappointed in all of you. #LiberalDanceMoves

— EdwardMKE (@EdwardMKE) February 25, 2013

.@michellemalkin @jggrimm don’t forget the “Obama overreach” #LiberalDanceMoves

— Right Scoop (@trscoop) February 25, 2013

#liberaldancemoves Can’t touch that (cutting any budget)!

— Delta Bravo Kilo (@DeTroyes1) February 25, 2013

#LiberalDanceMovesLock Step

— ★♥ Harriet Baldwin(@HarrietBaldwin) February 25, 2013

#LiberalDanceMoves Cha-Cha-Chavez

— Bryan Ridenour (@youthpastorbry) February 25, 2013

@michellemalkin #liberaldancemoves Twisting the facts away

— Mike McNally (@notoserfdom) February 25, 2013

#LiberalDanceMoves the Chicken Little Dance.You throw your hands in the air and yell it’s the Republicans fault.

— 912ProjectBuffalo (@912ProjBUFFALO) February 25, 2013

#LiberalDanceMoves Race Card Rhumba

— Wonderlander (@kfcochran) February 25, 2013

#LiberalDanceMoves Land Of A Thousand Excuses.

— Bill Hutto (@BillHutto1) February 25, 2013

#LiberalDanceMoves The Mike Bloomberg inspected Salt Free Mashed Potato

— Hand of Doom (@djwolf76) February 25, 2013

#LiberalDanceMovesThe Crazy Tingle

— The Morning Spew (@TheMorningSpew) February 25, 2013

We could have danced all night … but we have jobs and have to be up early. That shouldn’t stop you, though: keep ‘em coming!

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