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Conservatives Condemn Same Free Speech They LOVED Against Obama Attacks


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Where's the conservative cost-free speech disagreement when it comes to the dreadful Kathy Lion Video? They were all fine with burning/hanging Obama/Clinton absolutely free speech. Share to SUBJECT conservative hypocritical covfefe!

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  1. Posted by Nethr, at Reply

    That photo she took is just terrible. Trump doesn’t have anywhere near that much hair. It is just so inaccurate.

    • Posted by Bmon624, at Reply

      Nethr Honestly, I’m suprised she didn’t hold up two tiny severed hands in her other hand. Might as well have gone all the way.

    • Posted by Nethr, at Reply

      Yea, that was a real missed opportunity.

  2. Posted by East West, at Reply

    Patiently waiting for the trolls

  3. Posted by RedX165, at Reply

    The regressive left is really trying to find a way to defend this horrible event.

    • Posted by RedX165, at Reply

      +FTW ALL DAY How does that make me a neo-Nazi?

    • Posted by Ragnarok Sora, at Reply

      what horrible event.

  4. Posted by unbiased, at Reply


    • Posted by Chef Boy, at Reply

      So what?? That gives the “left” the right (no pun intended) to scoop down to that level??? How does 2 wrongs make a right??? I thought the “left” were the smarter side, the left is just as barbaric and stupid as the right wing. No difference.

    • Posted by Malachi Owens, at Reply

      “How does two wrongs make a right?”

      Have you seen the Republican Party.

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      Trump/Nugent 2020!!

  5. Posted by William Slaughter, at Reply

    hey I’m having a little trouble. can anyone remember what it was that gun shops were giving out with every firearm purchase? it was a really big and popular promotional last year, you know whenever Trump suggested off-the-cuff that some Second Amendment Nutjob should act and stop Hillary?

    oh yeah that’s right gun shops were giving away portraits of Hillary to shoot at.

    okay so now that we’ve proven the pot and the kettle scenario. Where do we go from here? Because we can continue to posture but it’s PATHETIC to continue the pot kettle argument.

    • Posted by Robel the whale, at Reply

      William Slaughter top right corner of the videos thumbnail.

  6. Posted by campy :3, at Reply

    No TYT you idiots. No one in the majority of any major political party was okay with burning/hanging Obama, Clinton, or any president for that matter. If you genuinely think that your so far out of touch with reality it’s mind blowing. Also no one’s attacking free speech here either. You have just as much of a right to criticize hate speech as you are to give hate speech.

    • Posted by Ragnarok Sora, at Reply

      you are a confirm snowflake who got triggered over a Halloween prop.
      FYI Kathy didn’t threaten Trump incase you were going to use that as an argument.

    • Posted by Erika, at Reply

      Ted Nudgent got to have dinner with Trump

  7. Posted by A D, at Reply

    Give me a FUCKEN brake. You republicans would be sooooo nasty to President Obama. With a rope around his neck. He was not born in America. You go Kathy!!!!! you have a right to free speech !!!!!!!!!! We have not lost thay. YETTTTTTT under TRUMP!!!!!!!!

    • Posted by Iceeman1 Zero, at Reply

      TheYoungTurksExposed that is a funny as comment

  8. Posted by PurpleBat, at Reply

    It’s sooo hilarious how triggered all those alt-right morons are. Then again, their hypocrisy also disgusts me to some extent.
    Talking about lynching Obama or raping Hillary Clinton? Freedom of speech, clearly. Photoshopping a severed head of an idiot into a picture, now that’s bad taste… Notice anything?! 🙂

    • Posted by Chef Boy, at Reply

      So kathy griffin actions are justified just because the “right” did the same with Obama??? I guess the left is just as stupid, and intolerant as the right.

    • Posted by PurpleBat, at Reply

      Chef Boy This isn’t a question of justified or unjustified. It’s about the right demonizing art and wanting it censored, while at the same time doing the exact same thing every single day and calling it “muh freedom of speech”.
      The alt-right attacks on Obama and Hillary were much worse, since they were based on race and gender. This one is based on Donny’s political incompetence. Don’t censor political satire, left or right. If the alt-right can’t handle this, its members can go to Turkey, North Korea, or to Trump’s dom in Russia.

  9. Posted by Kenneth Martin: homeless in Houston, at Reply

    she should have said I’ll apologize when conservatives apologize for doing the same to Obama

    • Posted by Matt Foley, at Reply

      Kenneth Martin: homeless in Houston she’s apologizing to save her career. Nothing more.

  10. Posted by Abyss Spectre, at Reply

    True, mainstream conservatives ruined the whole “anti sjw” narrative and turned into something cringworthy where all they do is used washed up insults like “snowflakes”.

    • Posted by Chairman Jenkem Yogurt, at Reply

      TYT uses the terms “snowflakes” and “cuck” as well, if you haven’t noticed.

    • Posted by Malachi Owens, at Reply

      Treat other the way you wanna be treated. Call me a cuck, I will call you a cuck.

  11. Posted by Anthony Kirkwood, at Reply

    republicans are phony. they did this to Obama all the time. they are such hypocritical fucks.

  12. Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

    lolz liberals actually think they can say and do anything without consequence. hilarious

    • Posted by Malachi Owens, at Reply


    • Posted by GotDRAMAbringit, at Reply

      Chunk Oooger Lol, so does the right.

  13. Posted by only half bad 333, at Reply

    8 years of anti Obama vs. one comedian…
    Yup. She sooooo much worst!

    • Posted by Matt Foley, at Reply

      only half bad 333 I love sweet tooth

  14. Posted by Jimi James, at Reply

    Right Wing Snow Flakes. Cry Babies. piss Off!

  15. Posted by Joe Mitchell, at Reply

    Lots of Republicans giving TYT more views than the liberals… Just look at the comments.

    • Posted by kevin hayden, at Reply

      No celebrity did this for Obama it not hypocrisy. The right were
      complete assholes to Obama but no one famous/infamous endorse this kind
      of behavior.

    • Posted by FTW ALL DAY, at Reply

      +Scalpking47 PDA? Go jerk off your buddies elsewhere, ain’t nobody trying to see that s***

    • Posted by FTW ALL DAY, at Reply

      +kevin hayden Ted Nugent get your facts straight.

  16. Posted by CrazySeanDX, at Reply

    What she did was wrong and just plain awful, but you gotta admit. There’s a LOT of hypocrisy from most Republicans about this. Moreso than usual.

    • Posted by Done Lostme, at Reply

      Not really, it is just turnabout is fair play, there is a disturbing trend to use their own SJW/Regressive tactics against them! Look at all they SJW/Regressive types on this channel that are now using Snowflake, Triggered, Cuck…………etc! Imitation is not always the most sincere form of flattery!

    • Posted by CrazySeanDX, at Reply

      Or, maybe you’re just hypocrites incapable of realizing it.

  17. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    I HATE all this bigotry from both sides!!! but they were worse with Obama to be honest! at least you have tons of Democrats or those on the left condemning what Kathy did, but how many Republicans were condemning what happened to Obama?

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      +Guillermo Martinez see, you just proved my point to the tee! I’m a believer myself and it’s pretentious and self righteous so called “believers” like yourself that is the epitome as to why soooo many people hate us/believers! I would NEVER wish hell on anyone!

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Jamie Cox Believe it or not, this one has me on the fence. On one hand I do agree that it did go too far, but on the other I don’t think it went far enough. I actually feel like the cloned politicians from Futurama.

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      +OutlawRebel117 Lol, i too thought it crossed the line! But 2 wrongs don’t make a right!

    • Posted by Done Lostme, at Reply

      Jamie Cox – How many conservative/republicans do you know? The treatment Obama received was no different than what Bush or Clinton received, and it was at the grassroots idiot level! It was during the Bush Administration that celebrities started playing the game and it was not on the Republican side! And in May of 2016 Obama was still blaming the Bush Administration for this or that and that was 7 and 1/2 years into his presidency! People got investigated by the Department of Justice for hate crimes for posing Obama next to an outhouse that said Presidential Library on it in Nebraska, a Rodeo Clown also for wearing an Obama mask, the same routine he had done for years with all Presidents! Commentator’s on major news networks called Bush a Nazi, Obama by contrast got the softest time of any President from the media!

  18. Posted by John Salazar, at Reply

    Why is it people are always surprised by Republican Hypocrisy?

    • Posted by kevin hayden, at Reply

      No celebrity did this for Obama it not hypocrisy. The right were complete assholes to Obama but no one famous/infamous endorse this kind of behavior.

    • Posted by Zoë Terry, at Reply

      kevin hayden you should go delete all your troll comments, he has Ted Nugent right in the video.

    • Posted by John Salazar, at Reply

      I hate disparaging people but what about Bill O’reilly, Sean Hannity, Ted Nugent, Sarah Palin and the countless others? They all said and endorsed terrible things. Perhaps you did not see them as you were too busy watching Fox News but that does not mean that they did not happen.

      Heck, they showed you pictures of the things the right did and you still have the nerve to post your idiotic comment.

      You people are disgusting. Deplorables is too nice a term to describe you.

  19. Posted by Julie Ake, at Reply

    It is time for Trump impeachment marches Trump has got to go!

    • Posted by Harry Lord, at Reply

      march on, have fun! 🙂

    • Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

      did facebook and tv tell you to be outraged? got to listen to that tv that is what anti establishment people do LOL

  20. Posted by Marie Lemieux, at Reply

    Right-wing tears are delicious

    • Posted by ®dyW¡nΣkõm§, at Reply

      Marie Lemieux why are Trumphards fixated on bodily fluids.. if it isn’t conspiracies about satanic blood drinking rituals it’s drinking tears.. #Projecting?

    • Posted by Ser Frazier, at Reply

      Marie Lemieux In this situation progressives are crying though. Where is the right winger getting fired in this situation?

    • Posted by Marie Lemieux, at Reply

      Somebody who spoke out against a right-wing politician was fired due to the outrage, but it’s not the right wingers who are crying? lmao

    • Posted by Ser Frazier, at Reply

      +Marie Lemieux No. Kathy Griffin is the one shredding tears.

    • Posted by Troop Number, at Reply

      Marie Lemieux Why would right wingers be crying when Kathy held a press conference crying that “He broke me”, referring to Trump