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Conservatives Want Professors Targeted


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It seems conservative college students also need safe spaces. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola hosts, of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“A new website that accuses nearly 200 college professors of advancing “leftist propaganda in the classroom” and discriminating against conservative students has been criticized as a threat to academic freedom.

The site, Professor Watchlist, which first appeared Nov. 21, says it names those instructors who “advance a radical agenda in lecture halls.”

“We aim to post professors who have records of targeting students for their viewpoints, forcing students to adopt a certain perspective, and/or abuse or harm students in any way for standing up for their beliefs,” wrote Matt Lamb, an organizer of the site.

The Professor Watchlist is a project of Turning Point USA, a nonprofit organization that says its mission is to educate students about “true free market values.” Charlie Kirk, its founder and executive director, wrote in a blog post that “it’s no secret that some of America’s college professors are totally out of line” and that it was time to expose them.”

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Cast: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola


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  1. Posted by Joseph K, at Reply

    Trumptards are killing it with the dislikes, guess on weekends they aren’t
    spending all day at the unemployment office.

    • Posted by Andy Dominguez, at Reply

      Fighting for 15 an hour so liberals can work at McDonalds forever.

    • Posted by Joseph K, at Reply

      +Spoder Man yup, I would, there’s more than enough trumpites here to

    • Posted by lee ward, at Reply

      +Vernon Greene right that’s what i was thinking lol

  2. Posted by Gabriel DeJoseph, at Reply

    Right wing social justice warriors

    • Posted by 1bgrant, at Reply

      Right wing and social justice = oxymoronic.

    • Posted by Mr. Kizer, at Reply

      Gabriel DeJoseph
      You know the KKK think they’re social justice warriors

    • Posted by Ryan Sommercorn ryan1996, at Reply

      Gabriel DeJoseph social injustice warriors*

    • Posted by Marcianus Valerius, at Reply

      The SJWs projecting their own behavior onto the right. Friendly reminder
      that SJW grew out of the left-wing. No amount of projection or deflection
      will change that fact. Now get triggered, you pathetic cucks.

  3. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Facts have a well known liberal bias thats why conservatives want to
    destroy education.

    • Posted by ChillNyeTheBroGuy, at Reply

      +R Yokoe​ So how can we come to the claim that abortion is ok and should be
      perfectly legal? If something fits the scientific criteria of being human,
      what makes it right to kill it? Science helps us decide when something is
      morally right or wrong. It’s not purely society and/or culture.

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

      +Little Big Thought the snot that comes out of my nose isnt a human being
      either. It doesn’t have a functioning brain or organs,

    • Posted by sferrin2, at Reply

      “The designation of anything as being ‘human’ is a social construct.”

      ROFL!!! Wow. This from the imbecilic left who likes to tell everybody how
      smart they are. Ask one of your classmates, who’s working on a REAL degree
      (if you know any-I doubt they have time for your bullshit) to explain the
      concept of “DNA” to you.

    • Posted by Little Big Thought, at Reply

      liberals r the dummies trying to destroy education. u mindless losers cant
      even tell the difference between a man and a woman, because liberal
      universities r such a joke.

  4. Posted by Matt, at Reply

    I love it when people (read ultra conservatives) complain that a vast
    majority of college professors are liberal. So the super educated are
    liberal, and you disagree with most of their beliefs. How do they not see
    the irony in that?

    • Posted by stefers08, at Reply

      Simran Simran Well said!

    • Posted by Joe Love, at Reply

      Matt Uhh.. no.. Their argument is that the majority of colleges are Liberal
      and BECAUSE of that they are not getting a REAL education LOL 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by Simran Simran, at Reply

      +Azamat Bagatov Haha! Thanks but no. Still a student. Not a Marxist. That’s
      too simplistic. Read as much as possible. That’s the only way. If you start
      ascribing to one thing you become blind to the flaws in that. That’s what I
      believe anyway. There are many writers I respect. Does not believe I agree
      with all of them.
      Also, I’ve met many Marxist professors, they’re pretty down to earth and
      ready to have a conversation.

  5. Posted by Jolly Cocks, at Reply

    The right wing hates free speech and free exchange of ideas.

    • Posted by R Yokoe, at Reply

      +Mark Clemmens How? They invited Sam Harris over for a debate, no? An
      authoritarian, intolerant channel won’t even engage in conversation.

    • Posted by R Yokoe, at Reply

      +Mark Clemmens It seems like you’re confusing disagreement with censorship
      to the point that, if a media channel disagrees with your own views, you
      view the channel as an authoritarian space.

    • Posted by Tamsin Holmstrom, at Reply

      I think there are too many labels. Our politicians have succeeded in having
      us fight among ourselves, calling each other “leftist” and “right wing”
      “cuck” and “snowflake”, while they don’t actually do anything to fix any
      problems. And each side says the same thing about the other. I don’t even
      always agree with the way TYT frames their stories, but I do like that they
      have been critical of both major parties.

    • Posted by Tamsin Holmstrom, at Reply

      I would say this argument could be used when an issue of gun violence
      happens. One group immediately comes out to say how “Guns are not the
      problem” and the other side comes out and says “Guns are the problem”.
      Nothing gets solved because it’s important to stick to political ideology.
      It’s more important that we all argue over whether specific guns should be
      referred to as “assault weapons” or not. Again, I blame the leaders of both
      political parties for being more tied to ideology than working together to
      admit there is a problem and work on solutions.

  6. Posted by Zeke m, at Reply

    conservatism is a mental illness, lack of empathy

    • Posted by Colby Martin, at Reply

      +Nature Boy It was a joke.

    • Posted by Colby Martin, at Reply

      +Philip Boardman These things are kind of finicky, so try uninstalling and
      then reinstalling. Then, make sure you don’t close out.

    • Posted by Philip Boardman, at Reply

      +estiv – of the 25 points that the National German Workers Party (Nazi
      party) was founded on (1920), about 1/3 indexed their obsession with race,
      and most of the rest reflected their leftist economic policies. Despite
      this, modern leftist will insist that the Nazis were right wing. In the
      mind of a leftist, the right is defined as being the bad guys, even though
      the Nazis racial realism and tribalism is more closely related to today’s

    • Posted by Michael, at Reply

      It kinda proves the point that conservatives lack empathy when the first
      comment is “Kill yourself”.

    • Posted by Philip Boardman, at Reply

      +Michael – That was the first comment said to me, by a leftist, on this
      video. I’m only the OP of only one comment. You can look at it for yourself.

  7. Posted by MaoTseFunkadelic, at Reply

    Conservatives need a safe space to protect them from education

    • Posted by estiv, at Reply

      Freedom of speech & professors using there considerable seniority to bully
      students under them – these are TWO completely different subjects. TyT
      conflates these two subjects, and you accepted it un-questioningly!

      Nobody is asking for a safe space, professors are routinely abusing there
      power and need to feel the long arm of the law. You and I know thats what
      is coming next too …

    • Posted by MaoTseFunkadelic, at Reply

      +estiv “Freedom of speech” does not dictate that all views need to be heard
      in a classroom. Universities, and courses, are not mandatory. If you don’t
      like it, leave.

      Rather, you want to limit free speech by imposing your viewpoint on

    • Posted by Vernon Greene, at Reply

      + estiv = Copy and paste troll.

  8. Posted by k z, at Reply

    To be honest regressive liberals are against “academic freedom” in some
    cases too.

    • Posted by Konstantin Krastev, at Reply

      Some liberals might be wrong, but even those who are wrong most of the time
      are doing it for decent reasons. There are two genders the favorite
      republican topic, but those liberals that say there aren’t two genders
      generally do it, because they want people to be free and not oppressed by
      society or their own insecurity. On the other hand, republicans keep the
      two gender position which is the correct one, but they do it because they
      hate people who want to be different, which is worse.

    • Posted by Andy Dominguez, at Reply

      Liberals: Gender is a social construct
      Liberals: Transgenders are born that way
      Conservatives: How can you be born in the wrong social construct?
      Just one example of liberals teaching bullshit.

    • Posted by Konstantin Krastev, at Reply

      +Andy Dominguez Conservatives: I want you to be something that you don’t
      want to be, just so you can hate life as much as I do. And spread the same
      religious dogma GRRRr

    • Posted by Vernon Greene, at Reply

      ^ ^ Copy and paste troll.

  9. Posted by Jt Thomas, at Reply

    Conservatives striving to make the country as dumb as they are

    • Posted by Andy Dominguez, at Reply

      Liberals: Gender is a social construct
      Liberals: Transgenders are born that way
      Conservatives: How can you be born in the wrong social construct?
      Just one example of liberals teaching bullshit.

    • Posted by C Wilson, at Reply

      Like the time that conservative chick told me that I didn’t need to use a
      condom before we had sex. Boy was your mom dumb.

  10. Posted by Laci Green's Titts, at Reply

    Well at least TYT has realized safe spaces are stupid.

    That’s a step.

    • Posted by Gouky, at Reply

      +Andy Dominguez This!!! I somehow don’t see any conservative voices. TYT is
      a bubble

    • Posted by wishcraft4u2, at Reply

      +Andy Dominguez They regularly discuss the “counterarguments” as they are
      proposed by people opposing their views. So what is your problem exactly

    • Posted by Andy Dominguez, at Reply

      +wishcraft4u2 Even Fox has on liberals to discuss their views. That’s my

    • Posted by Gouky, at Reply

      +wishcraft4u2 If they are pro diversity, where are conservative on TYT?
      They are hypocrites and liars

    • Posted by wishcraft4u2, at Reply

      +Gouky What’s the problem if they do discuss the counterarguments? I
      haven’t seen a counterargument that they haven’t expressly discussed.
      Telling yourself this isnt so doesnt make it go away.

  11. Posted by d00m92, at Reply

    Can I get an ETA on that civil war you’re working on, USA? The rest of the
    world has some money to put up for that liberal vs conservative grudge

    Better do it quick though, given than conservatives are old fucks waiting
    for the sweet embrace of death and that millenials are overwhelmingly
    liberal, there won’t be many left to fight anymore.

    • Posted by Snape “Severus” WorstNightmare, at Reply

      d00m92 just as they grow up to be conservatives. lol. People don’t keep the
      same beliefs as the get old.

    • Posted by d00m92, at Reply

      +Stonar Logic Just because they don’t like guns doesn’t mean they won’t use
      them. Especially since you degenerates made them so easily accessible.

      Also, that’s kind of the beauty of those wonderful killing sticks you
      glorify. That you have enough of them, that whichever side has more people,
      wins, since both sides can have plenty of guns to go around. And, as you’ve
      seen in the election, you’re not exactly a majority, and it will get worse.

      Regardless, younger generations turning against the older, is going to suck
      for you, no matter how “white and working man” you are. You either end up
      killing your young and destroy your country (the reverse is not true
      because the young can replace the old, you can’t get younger and work all
      your living breath), or you end up dead. ENJOY!

  12. Posted by CardSearcher911, at Reply

    So another case of Conservatives being hypocritical assholes. Got it.

    • Posted by CardSearcher911, at Reply

      In what regards, you’re not exactly wrong.

    • Posted by Otto Von Skidmark, at Reply

      +CardSearcher911 He is wrong.

    • Posted by Jeromy Hollingsworth, at Reply

      +Otto Von Skidmark did you just call yourself wrong? I think they were
      asking for an example.

    • Posted by Otto Von Skidmark, at Reply

      +Jeromy Hollingsworth I’m not a conservative.

  13. Posted by The Progressive Voice, at Reply

    Greetings all, I am 16 years old and I am aspiring to become a news
    reporter/political commentator here on YouTube! I am very hopeful that you
    guys will be kind and generous enough to give my channel a look and tell me
    what you guys think! Thanks so much guys!

    • Posted by Otto Von Skidmark, at Reply

      +1bgrant I suggest you do the same

    • Posted by 1bgrant, at Reply

      I would suggests going to your local library and start looking at
      introductory philosophy text books. Philosophy teaches you the skills to
      present well-reasoned arguments that are not based on emotions or opinion.
      It will also help you to find flaws in others’ reasoning. It will help you
      provide clarity to your arguments and mitigate your arguments being based
      on irrational justifications.

      Books, yes books, I would recommend:
      Baggini and Fosl, The Philosopher’s Toolkit, 2004.
      Bowell and Kemp, Critical Thinking: A Concise Guide, 2010.
      Warburton, Philosophy: The Basics (5th Revised Edition), 2012.

    • Posted by 1bgrant, at Reply

      I already have.

    • Posted by Bertha Lovejoy, at Reply

      aspire towards a real job

  14. Posted by Radwulf Eboraci, at Reply

    Death of truth and science. Right wingers and fascists don’t like people
    who THINK, they want sheeple who will bow to their authority. Your founding
    fathers are turning in their graves.

    • Posted by Injustice, at Reply

      Radwulf Eboraci yeah all those thinking liberals rioting who can barely
      sting a sentence together..

    • Posted by Konstantin Krastev, at Reply

      Aren’t the liberals spineless? How can they be violent rioters if they are
      in need of safe spaces.

    • Posted by awksya f., at Reply

      +Konstantin Krastev Lol, you clearly haven’t seen the thousands of
      triggered Trump trolls in these comment sections. You must be new.

    • Posted by Konstantin Krastev, at Reply

      +awksya f. They aren’t troll at least most of them. They are just retards.

  15. Posted by Jean Falco, at Reply


  16. Posted by curldivgrad, at Reply

    whats next? Conservatives banned liberal speakers to campus?

    • Posted by Somi La, at Reply

      Irony.I love it

  17. Posted by catwalk33, at Reply

    *they also want to out gay and trans students. so they can pick on them and
    bully them and make their lives hell. talk about a witch hunt. these people
    belong in jail*

    • Posted by Ryan Cox, at Reply

      catwalk33 where? where is your source?

    • Posted by catwalk33, at Reply

      its all over google.

  18. Posted by Evirthewarrior, at Reply

    Progressives ban, no platform, or petition to fire a conservative, no one
    bats an eye, now that someone else does, it is the worst thing ever.

  19. Posted by A visitor, at Reply

    Lefts are saying “fascist” to Trump supporters while they’re the ones that
    are violating the most basic fundamentals of the US constitution. Pathetic.