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Cop Murders Unarmed Black Ninth Grader


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… but do not stress. The police will likely never see any real consequences so this kind of thing absolutely won't happen once more! John Iadarola, Michael Tracey, and Michael A. Timber Jr., hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us just what you think in the comment area below.

" Police now say the car bring a black nine was repeling from them when they fired into it, as opposed to them.

At an interview on Monday, Jonathan Haber, the police principal for the Dallas suburb of Balch Springs, Texas, walked back earlier remarks made by the authorities department regarding the murder of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards. The automobile, Haber informed the Associated Press, was "moving forward as the police officers approached," rather than moving backwards to officers.

Edwards, a fresher football gamer at Mesquite Senior high school, was leaving a houseparty over the weekend break when he was fatally fired by police. Accounts of the tale at first varied, with law enforcement officer insisting that Edwards and his friends had actually backed down the driveway "in a hostile way" to them. Lee Merritt, an attorney for Edwards' family, contradicted those cases, telling the Washington Blog post that the car was terminated on without provocation." *.

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Hosts: John Iadarola, Michael Tracey, Michael A. Timber Jr
. Cast: John Iadarola, Michael Tracey, Michael A. Wood Jr.


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  1. Posted by Alexander Heath, at Reply

    I’m so early theres no conservative trolls in the comment section

    Edit: I……I spoke too soon….

    • Posted by John Marks, at Reply

      +Frank Wilson- what the hell is the matter with you?

    • Posted by Rick Hagedorn, at Reply

      Maybe I’m missing something but what does this thread have to do with Jordan.

    • Posted by Tyrion L, at Reply

      Rick Hagedorn Jordan is cool, I would like to see Ana do some investigative journalism.

  2. Posted by marcus x, at Reply

    wow, this is a atrocity. lets see if the courts will provide justice or once again let a killer cop off.

    • Posted by John Dana, at Reply

      marcus x no you see cops aren’t there to protect you. Read the ny ruling. If these assholes keep it up they will lose all their pay and benefits

    • Posted by Dave Orr, at Reply

      So if they lose their benefits and pay, they’ll be just like the people they’re supposed to be protecting, instead of shooting? All the more reason for them to be convicted! It’ll give them some HUMILITY!

    • Posted by Edwin Williams, at Reply

      marcus x You know he aint going to jail Thats No Surprise.

    • Posted by Edwin Williams, at Reply

      Martin Luther King Jr. Yes its been common since before the Rodney King beating Prosecutors dont like to litigate convictions of one their own.

  3. Posted by Steve Martin, at Reply

    Even most cops want their bad co-workers to be held accountable. This is a no-brainer. They are public servants, not a government funded fraternity.

    • Posted by Vans, at Reply

      If that were true there would be a lot more whistleblowers.

      Funny you hear of more police murdering unarmed civilians than of police giving evidence of their co-workers wrongdoings…

    • Posted by Alec Pantoja, at Reply

      thank you

  4. Posted by Hot or Not, at Reply

    Here comes the dislikes by trump supporters who stay online just to dislike a video lol

    • Posted by Melvin Keelen, at Reply

      Hot or Not They would claim it’s fake news.

    • Posted by rencrow, at Reply

      beer is good Then you haven’t seen too many TYT videos yet. The comment sections are infested with white trumptard trolls.

    • Posted by Timefliesbye, at Reply

      rencrow yeah but us black trump trolls are totally fine. Right racist buddy!

  5. Posted by beastalchemist, at Reply

    That cop should be imprisoned.

    • Posted by Eon Flux, at Reply

      beastalchemist only in America can you murder kids and get paid vacations for it.

    • Posted by Neil Silverstone, at Reply

      No, it happens elsewhere also… only at about 1/1000th of the frequency if that much. In Canada we’ve had a grand total of ONE murder of an unarmed teenager in the past.. uhh… 20 years or more. And that was after a prolonged physical fight on the ground in the darkness of a park where the cop was outnumbered. The real problem is American cops are pussies. At least four of them pulled their guns on me and my girlfriend at the time over unpaid rent when we were 17 LOL… what a bunch of lost little fools. I never went back into that cesspool and never will.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @Neil: The problem begins with the fact that most cops are the dimwitted bullies from high school who weren’t qualified to do anything else. They give them a badge and a gun and near immunity supported by the Brotherhood. It gets worse from there.

    • Posted by Dillon Jackson, at Reply

      Why imprisoned? Should be killed the same way.

  6. Posted by TheSycaman, at Reply

    Pathetic. The cop should face criminal charges.

    • Posted by Priest Apostate, at Reply

      “He probably will. Please don’t riot and injure innocent people”

      Wow – how tone-deaf, and simultaneously prejudicial.

    • Posted by David Lee, at Reply

      +Nick Kulessza it’s very few a lot of these new cops have head problems either they have been beaten up in school or they are 1 of those call of duty guys that’s really messed up in the head

    • Posted by David Lee, at Reply

      +Nick Kulessza it’s very few a lot of these new cops have head problems either they have been beaten up in school or they are 1 of those call of duty guys that’s really messed up in the head

  7. Posted by TokenBlackman7, at Reply

    That poor police officer… That black kid drive *right* in front of the cop’s bullet! Don’t people know that being a police officer is “scary”? * sarcasm *

    • Posted by tarun1982, at Reply

      you think being a police officer is easy?…

    • Posted by Uncensored Truth, at Reply

      +tarun1982 Your argument is stupid; it is a deflection from the cop murdering a child, then falsifying the truth to support it!

    • Posted by Mike Lopez, at Reply

      It’s not easy, but neither is being a firefighter and running in to blazing buildings and not knowing if you will live to see your family ever again. But that’s a sacrifice firefighters make, cops don’t adhere to the part of their job of protecting and serving and sacrifice- and by cops I mean the trigger happy ones- they think of putting themselves as a first priority before that of the public. The ‘I was scared for my life’ excuse is just that, a lot of these guys overreact and escalate situations because they want to get home to their families and in the process taken a family member away from someone else. But of course, those cop wives and cop families are first priority, we should worry about their feelings all the time, not when one of their loved ones kills someone by escalating a situation.

    • Posted by chaacbze, at Reply

      TokenBlackman7 So what happens when a cop causes me to “fear for my life”? Are Americans allowed to defend themselves? Do we need a citizens protection force to protect us from Police murderers?

  8. Posted by LIBERALGUNSMOKER, at Reply

    Police keep lying why do people trust them?

    • Posted by missourigreen051, at Reply

      response to LIBERALGUNSMOKER Correction, it’s mainly white people that trust them.

    • Posted by ブロンディブラック, at Reply

      missourigreen051 This. Yet no matter what cops do to black people, people get ANGRY at black people for not trusting cops! FFS No empathy, all deflection, strawman arguments, and nonsense. They couldn’t care less unless it happens to them or people that look like them.

  9. Posted by Sam Geee, at Reply


    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Yes, there are thousands of people dying around the country from violence. It’s still MUCH worse for our country when the people we put officially in charge of controlling the violence are committing it.

    • Posted by Frank Dayton, at Reply

      +Malik Jones No, unarmed doesnt mean “not worthy of being shot”. But it does mean that there needs to be even greater justification for shooting someone! Let’s say there was a gun in the glove compartment, or even on this kid himself, that still doesnt justify shooting him. As long as he didn’t have it in his hand, or was threatening the cop with it, he wouldn’t be
      “Worthy” of being shot.

    • Posted by xele fonte, at Reply

      United States of unarmed shootings? There is no rhythm to that pun. Just terrible pun if it isn’t a pun.

    • Posted by ApolloX44, at Reply

      @Malik Jones Cops have batons, pepper spray, tasers and bullet proof vests. There is no excuse for them killing an unarmed person. You are an idiot.

  10. Posted by JUSTMISH 2U, at Reply

    If they can’t shoot and kill blacks and Hispanics they throw them in our modern day prison system of slavery and make them work for .10 an hour. Take their voter rights away and make them felons for life. I hate these motherfuckers so much.

    • Posted by John Marks, at Reply

      +BosoxnationI972- It is a verifiable fact that George Zimmerman has a long history of violence and threats of physical harm to others- as well as incidents of pulling a gun on people when he shouldn’t. Do you not know his history outside of the Trayvon Martin incident?

    • Posted by Naz Idoura, at Reply

      JUSTMISH 2U The greatest comment ever made

    • Posted by JUSTMISH 2U, at Reply

      +Naz Idoura Just my observation. 👍. Thanks.

    • Posted by enlightened child, at Reply

      It’s not so much the “training.” It’s much more their racial bigotry and negative preconceived ideas about black people. We have to STOP hiding behind “TRAINING” excuse and just call it for what it is. These racists cops HATE BLACK PEOPLE. And they’re not afraid to murder them, because they know the justice system and the White American public will support them.
      I’m sick of the false excuses …it’s time to call a spade a spade!

  11. Posted by Jaboon :P, at Reply

    Here come the mouth breathing Trump supporters who are more outraged over the title having the word ‘Black” than an innocent and harmless black kid getting murdered by a trigger happy piggy

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @K ” try to squash so-called fascists by force which actually makes them fascists.”
      1. No, it doesn’t. Violence isn’t right, but you’re still wrong.
      2. Your argument is akin to calling people bigots for not liking racists.

    • Posted by Burger king Aka king of america, at Reply

      SO truee

    • Posted by K, at Reply

      Jim is the man The ignorant, cowardly and criminal actions of Antifa say I’m right.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      As long as ANTIFA = ANARCHISTS =/= LIBERALS, I would agree with you. But I’m fairly sure that isn’t your suggestion.

  12. Posted by Cangel Tibon, at Reply

    The most shocking thing here is they haven’t circulated a photo of him in a jersey or hoodie looking “thug like”.

    • Posted by Fred Pine, at Reply

      No +Name and Address Witheld – I am not your father. Sorry!

    • Posted by Fred Pine, at Reply

      Okay, wimps or pansies would have been a better choice of words.

  13. Posted by Humpty Dumpty, at Reply

    Conservatives are disgusting people, instead of feeling bad for the child they start talking about things not even related to the topic.

    • Posted by Donald Gant, at Reply

      Where indeed?

    • Posted by tarun1982, at Reply

      what does this have to do with conservatives.

    • Posted by Mike Lopez, at Reply

      ‘I haven’t seen a single Trump supporter in the comments’, read the ‘dindu nuffin’ comments and the ‘we wuz kangz and shiet’ comments to dispprove that.

    • Posted by pl0x1337PwnEpix, at Reply

      Mike Lopez Compared to the number of comments from liberals, they’re practically aren’t there. You would have to seek them out.

  14. Posted by Marcus Woodard, at Reply

    So… Where’s the 40 year sentence for this fucker!?

    • Posted by Carl Woodard, at Reply

      Marcus Woodard I hope so too

    • Posted by Aesithair Runekafi, at Reply

      40 years? He’s Dead!

    • Posted by IgnarHusky420 Cannabis Sessions, at Reply

      Marcus Woodard You mean Death Penalty? Death by Lethal Injection. Have this sick disgusting animal suffering upon death is humane for his crime. No more mercy

  15. Posted by Anthony Rock, at Reply

    amazing these cops get paid vacation for killing an unarmed child after lying about what happened in the 1st place! exactly why all cops should be forced to wear body cameras #rockthevote2020 & subscribe!

    • Posted by Anthony Rock, at Reply

      Leedark3 I agree with you that’s exactly why I said that there need to be rules implemented where if it’s found somebody has messed around with a body camera or turned it off they need to be fired immediately. we also need independent review boards that can make independent determinations about these types of situations

    • Posted by progKansas, at Reply


    • Posted by Anthony Rock, at Reply

      Memorandom agreed 100%

  16. Posted by AlmostSober, at Reply

    “underage drinking and noise…. Make sure you take a rifle with you” dear America, your police aren’t there to protect you

    • Posted by Ian Hardin, at Reply

      Yeah, the initial complaint was noise. Just noise. Teenagers being loud is hardly a justification for lethal force. If a cop brings a rifle, he’s not going home without firing it.

    • Posted by Jadamiun Johnson, at Reply

      Martin Luther King Jr. You really need to change your name and picture. I’ve been reading some of your comments and you’re quite the opposite of what MLK was.

    • Posted by Mike Lopez, at Reply

      Seriously this guy with the Martin Luther King picture is a cop apologist and a racist. I’ve read numerous comments of his and its obvious this guy’s your typical conservative who loves to try and coopt MLK for their own devious agenda.

    • Posted by Jadamiun Johnson, at Reply

      +Mike Lopez It’s sad really.

  17. Posted by Clorox bleach, at Reply

    they shoot him in the head with a rifle WTF there hunting ppl now

    • Posted by The Re Tro Nerds, at Reply

      Yep open season on black people in amerikkka

    • Posted by Marshalette Wise, M.Ed., at Reply

      Clorox bleach yea black people, specifically males… the younger the better it seems

    • Posted by rencrow, at Reply

      Whiteys need to hunt.

    • Posted by DarkEpyon123, at Reply

      Clorox bleach cops and 2nd amendment fenatic regular citizens have been hunting black kids for years. a lot of times, they end up making money off the killing of black kids: George Zimmerman and the cop that shot Tamir rice is one example. they both set up “legal fund” donation accounts and acquired hundreds of thousands of dollars

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

      If you’re trying to make yourself white, Clorox probably isn’t the best idea.

  18. Posted by WestCoast Ridah, at Reply

    i bet they sprinkle some crack on him and called it a day !!!

    • Posted by Quadir Mayo, at Reply

      WestCoast Ridah Dave Chappelle reference in “Killing Them Softly”.

    • Posted by xxX_p0nutSlayer42069_Xxx, at Reply

      WestCoast Ridah He started with that little joke on the comedy central show.

    • Posted by Justin M, at Reply

      Why waste the crack? He’s already dead and they don’t care. The cop will get off, even after seemingly lying in his report. And it will be business as usual. I wonder….is there any other job on the planet where you can kill someone and ONLY get fired? Excluding the military, I don’t think so.

  19. Posted by sixstanger00, at Reply

    If you kill a unarmed cop = life in prison or death sentence

    If a cop kills unarmed you = suspended from duty, possibly fired

    • Posted by Richard Johnson, at Reply

      plus promoted.

    • Posted by Josefsson9013, at Reply

      I think you can shoot a cop in self defence (would not recommend it)

      (i) A person is justified in using reasonable force against a public servant if the person reasonably believes the force is necessary to:
      (1) protect the person or a third person from what the person reasonably believes to be the imminent use of unlawful force;
      (2) prevent or terminate the public servant’s unlawful entry of or attack on the person’s dwelling, curtilage, or occupied motor vehicle; or
      (3) prevent or terminate the public servant’s unlawful trespass on or criminal interference with property lawfully in the person’s possession, lawfully in possession of a member of the person’s immediate family, or belonging to a person whose property the person has authority to protect

    • Posted by Anthony Rock, at Reply

      sixstanger00 unless the cop is black and the child is white.

    • Posted by Michael Echeverria, at Reply

      +sixstanger00 This is sadly true, this double standard shouldn’t exist!

    • Posted by Brandon Jones, at Reply

      sixstanger00 cop pleaded guilty i believe