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Cop Pulls Gun On Biker (VIDEO)


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An Investigator pulled a weapon on a bicycle rider in the center of the road. Cenk Uygur and also John Iadarola, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

" The King Co. Sheriff suspended an expert detective after watching a helmet-cam video that appeared to reveal one of his investigatives directing a weapon and also grabbing a motorcyclist during a misdemeanor web traffic quit.

Alex Randall, the motorcyclist who published the video clip on YouTube as well as Reddit, says the plain-clothed investigator approached him walking while directing a gun, and also he says the investigative did not identify himself, or show his badge.

In the video, Randall claims he stops at a red light at NE 145th Street and also Fifth Avenue NE, as well as the investigator is seen on Randall's helmet webcam directing the gun while asking, "Exactly how you doing?" The detective told Randall he was owning his bike carelessly, putting individuals in danger, Randall claimed.

" I transformed and looked, as well as he exists with a weapon," Randall stated. "I was absolutely not really prepared for somebody to be standing right next to me on the road like that."

An additional driver sent out KIRO-7's Gary Horcher a video appearing to reveal a reverse angle, with Randall with his hands up while the weapon was pointed at him.

" It was hands up, don't shoot," Randall said. "That's all I might consider for the initial 30 secs, was just do not obtain fired!"

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola


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  1. Posted by QapNPoo, at Reply

    When the guy put his gun away that is where the biker should have pulled his and put that dangerous animal down. period. protect yourselves.

  2. Posted by Aaron Wantuck, at Reply

    If he felt the need to approach him. He should have done it with his badge, not a gun.

  3. Posted by MikeNitro94, at Reply

    Why is he hiding his gun from the public? Murder on his mind?

  4. Posted by Tangy Zangy, at Reply

    People if you have brain cells you would understand why the cop did what he did. I used my brain to think critically and what would cause someone to pull out a weapon. The detective wasn’t on duty that’s very important because you can see he wasn’t wearing a bullet proof vest! That means he was approaching the scene with extreme caution. The detective had a reasonable/perceivable breach of safety so he decided to stop the vehicle. The detective had gun discipline and his finger wasn’t on the trigger. as soon he determines the scene is safe and under control he lowers his weapon you can see this as soon as he is able to see the wallet and then ID. Honestly this was more dangerous for the police officer than the civilian because he didn’t have the equipment to determine the speed, didn’t have the safety gear, didn’t have a radio in his car for back up. If the guy on the motor cycle was a criminal and he was being stopped he could have easily killed the detective because he wasn’t wearing any armor.

    I have stated facts that I have seen in the video and didn’t give an opinion on who was right and wrong. If you are wanting to comment please use full words and logic behind your reasoning. That way I can respect your opinion instead of considering it as copy and paste.

  5. Posted by Sacred Grooves, at Reply

    makes me want a body cam for myself… damn!

  6. Posted by Yiṣḥāq David, at Reply

    I would think I was being robbed at first. I probably would of just hit gas and got shot to death.

  7. Posted by Gil Mattila, at Reply

    Was the cop charged?

  8. Posted by qB Hawk, at Reply

    Happens to blacks all the time so what else is new except this was a white guy.

  9. Posted by Annie P, at Reply

    Is that even how you hold a gun? He’s just resting it on his fat…

  10. Posted by pillarofdawn, at Reply

    Cop isn’t on duty and pulls a gun on someone? Guy deserves jail time

  11. Posted by Jay busa, at Reply

    Okay first of all gun safety training 101 never point a weapon at something that you do not intend to destroy. So pointing your gun at someone to intimidate them is just plain stupid because you never know what could happen there could be an accidental discharge easily. I’m pretty sure if you point a gun at a police officer he will shoot his pants so why is it that police officers can point guns at regular citizens…power corrupt people

  12. Posted by Philip Douglas, at Reply

    I was wonder where John was. Looks like he was trying to tame his beard for all of this time…and lost.

  13. Posted by FastDamone, at Reply

    If the biker was black or brown? dead.

  14. Posted by Deborah Mendoza, at Reply

    Would this be state OR federal level case? Why?? Because if it’s federal, idiot orange 🍊 man can pardon, if state he can’t. IOM empowering cops, this shyt is INSANE

  15. Posted by Agent Orange, at Reply

    We need more officers like this stand up gentleman, I can’t stand entitled douchebags on their crotch rockets!

  16. Posted by Jrsydvl, at Reply

    This cop wanted to shoot someone

  17. Posted by → to the knee, at Reply

    And what, the cop was going to shoot him in the back if he tried to take off? What a pathetic excuse for an officer.

  18. Posted by K3nsiko, at Reply

    I’m not gonna be sad when something similar like the Dallas pig shooting happens again. Bad cops, judges unwilling to prosecute them and police unions PROTECTING bad cops brought it on themselves.

  19. Posted by 818ification, at Reply

    trump supporter thinks he’s untouchable.