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Cop Set Free After ASSAULTING Teenage Girl, What If This Was YOUR Child?!


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Obviously in North Carolina polices escape attacking teen girls, what happens if this was your youngster? Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, review cops brutality in America. Inform us what you assume in the comment section listed below.

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" Bad guy charges ought to not be sought against a former resource police officer that body knocked a 15-year-old female pupil as he aimed to break up a fight at a North Carolina school, a grand jury has made a decision.

After an 8-second video clip of what took place went viral online, the Rolesville Police Division positioned Officer Ruben De Los Santos on administrative leave pending an investigation. The pupil, Jasmine Darwin, told CNN associate WRAL that she was in shock after the event." *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by Yugioh12, at Reply

    Daily reminder that George Zimmerman was Mexican and not white!!

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

      I thought you cucks said Mexican isn’t a race? Bwhahahah

    • Posted by Devastating Reverend Tom, at Reply

      Yugioh12 Zimmerman was half Peruvian
      half Jew

    • Posted by vick3d, at Reply

      Reverend Tom, so not White at all.

    • Posted by Devastating Reverend Tom, at Reply

      vick3d I guess not, and I meant ‘is’ not ‘was’.

  2. Posted by Justin Stewart, at Reply

    The amount of openly racist in the US really is astonishing, evidence which is clearly shown in comments of this video.

    • Posted by Kim Cho, at Reply

      +Justin Stewart This comment section is precisely why Albert Einstein stated, “Racism is a disease of white people.” Over FOUR CENTURIES of white America has confirmed this and white people in TYT’s comment section continue to confirm this on all of TYT’s videos. It’s as if racism and the concept of white people being morally superior is natural to them. Like they have racist Tourette’s and can’t help but be racist, beyond their own psychological control.

    • Posted by Kim Cho, at Reply

      +Rob Robberson Your intellect is failing you. It’s not “anti-white sentiment”; it’s “anti-evil sentiment”. And unfortunately, within the past four hundred years in America, the one race that continues to commit and defend pure evil upon every single other race is white. Don’t expect minorities to coddle you while being complicate with white America’s racist bullshit.

    • Posted by playgrrrr, at Reply

      @Melvin’s Channel Either that or they enroll for policing duty or become attorney general.

    • Posted by Jason Reyes, at Reply

      Justin Stewart they aren’t openly racist. the have the privilege and power of anonymity. they wouldn’t talk like this in public around actual people of color.

    • Posted by Rob Robberson, at Reply

      Kim Cho Yeah you’re being racist.

  3. Posted by Casey Ryan, at Reply

    I’m white and I’ll say this, the USA is a White Supremacist Terrorist Organization. It makes Nazi Germany look like the Teletubbies.

    • Posted by davidgomez79, at Reply

      How progressive of you Futurism

    • Posted by acceptjesusorburn, at Reply

      Cool when do the gas chambers open for business?

    • Posted by David S, at Reply

      Casey Ryan – Rubber-stamp Troll gets up-voted for same comment in every TYT video comment section.

  4. Posted by Melvin's Channel, at Reply

    If that lil girl was white, that cop would’ve been executed.

    • Posted by Aaron Humphreys, at Reply

      As someone that grew up in a 98.8% white rural county in Indiana, I can assure you that white trash cause fights frequently.

      The county of my childhood overwhelmingly voted for Trump. I wonder what the connection is.

    • Posted by sammydrumm, at Reply

      Let me tell you I have been gang jumped 3 times no arrested yet it’s been 2 years and when I was attacked I was almost killed. I identified some guys and my police did nothing. I have tried to get on the news and I was told if I was a different race they would take my story. This world is so messed up.

    • Posted by A visitor, at Reply

      Wrong, no one would have cared one bit if the girl was white. Don’t you know anything? Blacks are NEVER violent towards whites and the ONLY people who are violent to others are racist straight white Christian men. Gosh, dont you know anything?

  5. Posted by Ms. Garcia, at Reply

    If it was my daughter, that mfker would take out his trash one evening and wake up from a coma 6 months later if at all!

    • Posted by BIG BEAR, at Reply

      Get back to your trailer, nobody likes hicks

    • Posted by BIG BEAR, at Reply

      Ms garcia. Agree he should get killed

    • Posted by Ms. Garcia, at Reply

      +kickedyourgrapes….I’m not even Mexican but sure, I’ll make you a taco, Papi. ‘Question is, are you stupid enough to eat it?

  6. Posted by Hyden Royce, at Reply

    The c*nt bodyslammed that child bc he doesn’t believe black lives matter.

    • Posted by Dennis Lee, at Reply

      Black lives don`t matter, educate.

    • Posted by Sam Woodward, at Reply

      Dennis Lee Ah stupid people, I do like it when you advertise who you are makes it easier.

  7. Posted by Chris Wave, at Reply

    Hmm, I wonder if she was white…

    • Posted by Corey Haynes, at Reply


    • Posted by Sam Woodward, at Reply

      CREvothegreater so in places with just whites there should be no crime right? Dumbass

    • Posted by Only Runescape, at Reply

      Sam Woodward there would be like 80% less crime

    • Posted by Sam Woodward, at Reply

      Only Runescape and this number is based on your years of research into largely white countries and they’re lower crime rates? I must be wrong. Kappa

    • Posted by Corey Haynes, at Reply

      Sam Woodward no one said that…

  8. Posted by Purple Monkey, at Reply

    If the girl was white the North Carolina jurors would have said GUILTY

    • Posted by Pauline Amrasa, at Reply

      Making such a comment is stupid. There are white 15 year olds who do stupid things every day but are not body slammed. Making the assertion that white parents are better parents is, also not true. People are just people who sometimes make bad decisions. Study show that most paedophiles are white men and I am sure they were recipients of your so called adequate parenting. Think about that.

    • Posted by Tiger Chu, at Reply

      Yeah, a great example would be that “cash me outside how bout dat” girl.

    • Posted by bill spiva, at Reply

      She wasn’t trying to break up the fight.  #blackliesmatter

    • Posted by 11, at Reply

      bill spiva and how would you know that? #youdontknowshit

    • Posted by Aaron Humphreys, at Reply

      Utter delusion, Kerri. As someone that came from a 98.8% white community, I can assure you that white children fight at school.

      It’s clear that you’re nothing more than a racist with such an idiotic statement.

      Of course, you wouldn’t be brave enough to hold this view outside the internet, because you’d get your teeth slapped down your throat.

  9. Posted by mewabe4, at Reply

    It takes a real man to body slam a 100 lbs girl (sarcasm).

    • Posted by mewabe4, at Reply

      Ben Rob: Seems like I hit a nerve…how many young girls did you body slam in your days? How many are you fantasizing about body slamming?

    • Posted by Benjamin Roberts, at Reply

      +mewabe4 erm I guess a few? Why?

    • Posted by Lord Apex, at Reply

      Whatever happened to equality?

  10. Posted by LarsUlrichIsMe, at Reply

    I dont even care if the chick instigated and fully started the fight.

    Thats not how you treat a suspect, especially a 15 year old female.

    • Posted by Tereso Flores, at Reply

      Jacob Dunn that wasnt on the video do share a link where it shows her stomping on the other girl.

    • Posted by Matthew DavisGoode, at Reply

      Exactly, I can’t wrap my head around the fact people will justify and got to hell and back make hypothetical excuses for a “trained” officers. Common sense doesn’t exist here anymore

    • Posted by Tereso Flores, at Reply

      LarsUlrichIsMe and no if what the previous person posted is true im sorry she deserved to get slammed especially if she wouldnt move away from it, but not enough information yet to be calling things out.

    • Posted by LarsUlrichIsMe, at Reply

      ‘if what the previous person posted is true im sorry she deserved to get slammed’

      Possibly, but not from a police officer.

    • Posted by Matthew DavisGoode, at Reply

      Jacob Dunn I’m still waiting on that link man. I want to see what warranted a 15 y/o girl to be body slammed by a police officer. Bc she had to have hurt him to exert that much force

  11. Posted by TheLast Spartan, at Reply

    I’m 18, i should have that guys job. There are a MILLION different ways you could handle the problem, get between them and block them, grab one of them and pull her away from the fight, I feel like we hire idiots for these jobs

    • Posted by Chris Hakala, at Reply

      mud cat The Jimmy Dore show keeps bringing up that at least one police department (I think Baltimore) refuses to hire cops with a college degree, or an IQ above a certain level.

  12. Posted by Christopher Weibel, at Reply

    don’t police realize when they treat us (the people) like the enemy they become the enemy of the people.

    • Posted by Christopher Weibel, at Reply

      +Troy Goldberg Thank you Troy. This has been my experience as well. Guilty until proven innocent. So apparently we do live under Napoleonic law.

  13. Posted by Poopmagoop Poopmagoop, at Reply

    Really hope someone bodyslams that cop with their car

    • Posted by asdg199, at Reply

      that probably wont happen someone will just shoot up a bunch of cops again like the lasr time tyt uploaded another anti police video and they will have to beg youtube to shut down the shooter’s channelmso they cant get sued again.

    • Posted by Charlton Blake, at Reply

      Poopmagoop Poopmagoop yeah cuz more violence is the answer…

  14. Posted by lola bigcups, at Reply

    If this little girl was rich that cop would’ve been charged. Not to mention the girl was trying to break up the fight.

    • Posted by gutsyization, at Reply

      this is probably true , the guy did go overboard , but really dont think he deserved charges , he resigned so it’s win win in my book. Actions create reactions have to be somewhat responsible at one point, they were fighting was heat of the moment reaction.

  15. Posted by RasakBlood, at Reply

    If you can not restrain yourself from body slamning a student then you are not fit to be a cop. Simple as that.

    • Posted by Biggsy DaBoss, at Reply

      Maybe you are concerned why I’m trying to force someone to think in a nuanced manner.

      Let’s look another recent use of force. This case in relation to Nazi Punching. I object on punching people based only on their beliefs. I can however understand that there is an argument to be made, that ideals that require violence to meet their needs, might require initiating force first. That there is a case for preemptive self defence. I don’t agree, but I can understand the argument.

      Now many of the left first started with accepting the use of violence against Nazis. Which then quickly included anyone one with strong right wing beliefs, then anyone with any right wing beliefs, then people who merely disagreed with the far left.

      So I find it necessary to force a more exact and nuanced view. Question views that don’t allow for nuance.

    • Posted by Alexander Heath, at Reply

      Biggsy DaBoss. You can restrain someone without body slamming them.

    • Posted by Biggsy DaBoss, at Reply

      +Alexander Heath
      Sometimes you can not. Circumstances vary.

    • Posted by Alexander Heath, at Reply

      +Biggsy DaBoss Yeah. This was not one of those times.

    • Posted by Biggsy DaBoss, at Reply

      +Alexander Heath
      Didn’t say it was. In fact I’ve been pretty clear on that fact.

  16. Posted by Khyleal Winston, at Reply

    We’d go to jail for less. They’d call it abuse. If your a cop it’s ok to out right abuse children it seems

    • Posted by Khyleal Winston, at Reply

      +Ms. Gem1n183 not in this day and age my friend. Shooting is the preferred method now.

    • Posted by Matumbo Mbata, at Reply

      first world problems

    • Posted by Hazzycakes, at Reply

      @Matumbo Mbata: No, police brutality is an all-world problem.

    • Posted by Matumbo Mbata, at Reply

      @Hazzycakes I am from africa ,, this was a takedown from a police officer against a person who resisted Police orders in africa police (brutality) looks waaay different your so lucky living in the US and bullshit your own police i could never understand

  17. Posted by Chubby Chibi, at Reply

    Despite the rest of the top comments, I actually agree with TYT. Their is no reason to body slam a tiny girl into the floor.