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Cop Smashes Woman’s Face Into Pavement (VIDEO)


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The guy recording believes police brutality is a barrel of laughs. Ana Kasparian and also John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Tell us what you believe in the comment area listed below.

" Authorities in Colorado say they are checking out an extreme video that reveals a law enforcement agent slamming a female university student to the ground.

" There will be an internal testimonial of the policeman's actions from the perspective of policy and treatment," Fort Collins police Chief John Hutto stated in a Sunday press release.

The video was shot Thursday as well as distributed on social media sites over the weekend break. It shows a Ft Collins law enforcement agent order a lady by the arm outside a nightclub and also toss her face-first to the sidewalk …

Police identified the woman as Michaella Surat, 22. The Coloradoan reports she's a junior at Colorado State University.

Hutto claimed it's ahead of time to tell whether the officer's activities were abusive.

" Seldom in use of force scenarios is there contract from all the celebrations involved about the suitability, effectiveness, or necessity of its use," he stated.

While the nine-second cellphone video clip catches the minute the officer throws Surat to the ground, it does not show exactly what occurred in the seconds prior to. "*.

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  1. Posted by pitster110, at Reply

    Maybe if her parents taught her to obey the law this wouldn’t of happened…sound familiar white people ???

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      pitster110 That’s actually true. If you know this kind of crap happens to a certain percentage of those arrested, don’t get arrested.

    • Posted by Cleaver2396, at Reply

      pitster110 it sounds very familiar and I agree. It’s just too bad that we have to say that about black people more often than white people. lol

    • Posted by Haowei Li, at Reply

      What do you mean by obey the law? Since when is police the law? Constitution is the law, all the amendments are laws. Police were never law, that’s what police think of themselves that’s what’s wrong with all the cops these days.

    • Posted by Avooz1, at Reply

      pitster110 Correct.

  2. Posted by Giovanni Naranjo, at Reply

    This is wrong that women did not deserve it!

    • Posted by Rebecca Compton, at Reply

      In the video, she was backing away from him. He was in no present danger, and even if she had slapped him, no one’s going to kill someone with a slap. A girl gets pissed at you at a bar and slaps you in the face. She’s not trying to kill you, she wants you to leave her alone. If you’re so afraid of everything that you have to slam someone half your size into the pavement over a slap or being spat at, you don’t deserve a gun or badge. Go hide in your home if you’re that threatened.

  3. Posted by Gary Turbo, at Reply

    Trump supporters getting a boner off of this

    • Posted by Gary Turbo, at Reply

      Dont come preaching to mw anout hypocrisy

    • Posted by Gary Turbo, at Reply

      Like how Trump Supporters screaming at the critics of that Pepsi comercial and whe you did the same thing with the Budweiser commercial

    • Posted by Spookrockcity, at Reply

      Didn’t care about either commercial. Too busy laughing at the tears of liberals who still can’t accept the fact their ideology got tossed in the trash forever.

      That is why your cuck propagandists have to run fake stories like these.

      So you can feel comforted.

      You lost the ideology war.

    • Posted by Spookrockcity, at Reply

      Hell, if liberals believed in anything they said, half of them would be in Canada right now.

      They all pussied out though because at the end of the day, they believe in nothing.

      This election was undeniable proof of that.

  4. Posted by s_xoxo, at Reply

    Can’t handle a 115 pound woman in heels without slamming her face into the floor. That cop is trained well and super fit for the job…😩😂

    • Posted by theoneandonlyroelle, at Reply

      Still not seeing resisting arrest, still not seeing justification for the violent take down.

    • Posted by Spookrockcity, at Reply

      She wouldn’t have fallen face first if she wasn’t resisting arrest.

      When you push your momentum into someone and they pull a judo toss, this is what it looks like. You fly face first into the pavement.

      look at her legs before the toss. She was clearly putting her body weight into that officer and that is why she landed face first.

      Maybe get your eyes checked so you can actually see things.

    • Posted by s_xoxo, at Reply

      Spookrockcity “she was clearly putting her body weight into that officer” wtf? Hahahahaha you can see she’s trying to GET away and he’s grabbing her bringing her closer. Boot licker.

  5. Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

    Sue the f! out of the cop. That’ll teach him to place more emphasis on *protect*. Not expecting a positive result.

    • Posted by Burger king Aka king of america, at Reply

      yEAH BRUu

    • Posted by avin r, at Reply

      +TheMusesOrg problem with that is they get to make up laws as they go. So what then defines a crime? Whatever the terrorist cop says is a crime.

  6. Posted by Brandon Jackson, at Reply

    I warned white people about hero worshiping cops and making them a special class of citizens with those “bluelivesmatter” bills and what not. When you allow police misconduct to go unquestioned in one community it will eventually spread to all communities.

    • Posted by JD Tremblay, at Reply

      Parvati1981 Exactly, people think it’s funny or give cops the benefit of the doubt like ; she probably deserved it… Well let’s look at the facts, we know she wasn’t being physically threatening or even difficult if we watch the video so there goes that argument… What most likely happened was that she was verbally abusive towards the cop, who let’s face it are the biggest snowflake cowards of us all, and he could not keep his cool. Lock this fucker up and throw away the key.

    • Posted by Spookrockcity, at Reply

      Women want to be treated equal until they want special treatment.

      Nothing will happen to that cop because the woman was resisting and obstructing.

      Welcome to Earth.

    • Posted by danielbernard13, at Reply

      Don´t feel bad. I warned black people about plenty of bad things that came true. You are not alone in a world where nobody cares.

    • Posted by Durodes Duvo, at Reply

      … two things can be true at once- she *resisted arrest*, which is an offense AND the cop was also overzealous. Two people can be wrong in a dispute.

  7. Posted by THESocialJusticeWarrior, at Reply

    America is a low security prison and the COPS are our wardens and they are just garbagemen with guns.

    • Posted by Blue Mosquitoes, at Reply

      Garbagemen with guns is better than bullies with a badge, honestly.

    • Posted by KAWAII OBAMA, at Reply

      THESocialJusticeWarrior yeah, i will never visit america. kinda sad actually because there are many aspects i love about america.

    • Posted by Hitchhiking Vagabond, at Reply

      That makes people like you the filthiest of the garbage

  8. Posted by THESocialJusticeWarrior, at Reply

    If she were black the Trumpies would be saying that TYT is race baiting by posting this. They are actually posting, “Too bad she isn’t black!”

    • Posted by Leila Békélé, at Reply

      If she were black , she would be dead .

    • Posted by larry bird, at Reply

      THESocialJusticeWarrior I haven’t seen any comments saying stuff like that.

    • Posted by 04mzwach, at Reply

      larry bird it’s a troll account and somehow it gets thumbs up because there are real SJWs out there..

  9. Posted by timespacedub, at Reply

    He took his sexual frustration and years of bottled up anger out on this girl. The dude laughing sums up many idiotic people who lack any compassion

    • Posted by Hitchhiking Vagabond, at Reply

      Equal rights means equal lefts, women will get manhandled same was as a man when busted.

    • Posted by RockAneurysm, at Reply

      Hitchhiking Vagabond – People would be equally outraged if this happened to a 100 pound man. And the term “people” excludes misogynistic, Trump-loving trolls like yourself.

    • Posted by Mending Wall, at Reply

      Hitchhiking Vagabond Did you see the video TyT posted of the man that was manhandled on the plane? They dont only defend women

  10. Posted by Scott Jobe, at Reply

    That cop definitely beats his wife or girlfriend.

    • Posted by moismyname, at Reply

      I like to imagine he’s in a normal, non-violent relationship, but his significant other sees this video and leaves him.

    • Posted by Hitchhiking Vagabond, at Reply

      She deserved it. People would not have been cheering and laughing in the background if she was innocent. Blue lives matter, XD

    • Posted by pfreddyp, at Reply

      Blue lives ain’t worth a plug nickel.

    • Posted by mittleshmertz, at Reply

      and kicks his dog

  11. Posted by cmbsoldja, at Reply

    Lawd….. even small white girls are getting beat up by the police, lol. Trump has emboldened all bad actors…

    • Posted by Jose Larios III, at Reply

      cmbsoldja my poor white women :*(

    • Posted by jack bran, at Reply

      Police abuse was going strong even under Obama.

    • Posted by 04mzwach, at Reply

      cmbsoldja blame trump? idiots..

    • Posted by MotorYardtraphik, at Reply

      04mzwach well whites say cops aren’t to blame so who’s to blame Jesus?

  12. Posted by Radwulf Eboraci, at Reply

    Violence is the last resort of the INCOMPETENT. Dickless woman hater – LAWSUIT time.
    Doesn’t have all the context…180lb cop, 98lb drunk woman. This is Lions 3 – Christians 0

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

      Sometimes they need 5 cops to take down 1 guy.

    • Posted by Radwulf Eboraci, at Reply

      Can’t help useless donut eaters.

  13. Posted by Bruce Deal, at Reply

    It’s always fun until it’s a white person.

    • Posted by Olivia Andersen, at Reply

      Bruce Deal
      Sad, but true

    • Posted by Sir Isaac Mormont, at Reply

      Bruce Deal I wouldn’t say fun but it’s enlightening 😏

    • Posted by TheTaconator123, at Reply

      It’s never fun. No matter the race. Some cops deserved to be fired not all of them.

  14. Posted by FlightX101, at Reply

    I’m sorry but if you need to use that much force to take down a 125 pound young woman….you shouldn’t be a cop

    • Posted by Spookrockcity, at Reply

      Don’t want equal treatment? Don’t preach for equal treatment.

      Amazing 8 years of watching liberals cry like complete little bitches EVERY DAY

    • Posted by Spookrockcity, at Reply


      Crying at me isn’t a response.

    • Posted by jufulu, at Reply

      @Spookrockcity Hunh?

  15. Posted by C Wilson, at Reply

    Had the girl just given that cop a Pespi, all of this could’ve been avoided.

    • Posted by greenjelly01, at Reply

      I hope at least NOW the people who got enraged at “SJW”s for the Pepsi backlash get the point.

    • Posted by Eli Empire, at Reply

      C Wilson true

  16. Posted by Save the USA, at Reply

    She was 100 lbs soaken wet, what the could she have done to deserve that………

    • Posted by TheMusesOrg, at Reply

      Why did she even need to to be slammed at all? Don’t cops have a duty of care to make sure the people they are detaining don’t get hurt? I thought that was their job!?

      People die from falling and bumping their heads all the time, and that’s without the extra force of being slammed. That cop threw her with tremendous force onto a hard surface. If he wasn’t wearing a uniform that would be attempted murder.

    • Posted by Blue★, at Reply

      You could die from tripping and hitting your head on a table.

  17. Posted by DrChin Strap, at Reply

    Cattle, they treat us like cattle.

    • Posted by Humanless God, at Reply

      DrChin Strap go Vegan

  18. Posted by Jennifer Grove, at Reply

    I posted this in a group on FB and the majority of them defended the cop.

    • Posted by Jeff Colmyer, at Reply

      Jennifer Grove because most people are cowards.

    • Posted by Reyes I., at Reply

      That’s sick. Who can defend such thing? You need new friends/group

    • Posted by Spookrockcity, at Reply

      All the liberals crying about the police would be dead within 24 hours if the police force didn’t exist.

      So glad you cowards lost all political power this year.

      You cry for equality until you receive it, then you cry about something else.

      Crying isn’t something to be proud of.

      Did you pussies really think you had the power to change anything for the better. LMFAO

  19. Posted by Tony Stark, at Reply

    Her boyfriend should’ve remembered the name and badge number of that cop, so a few months later when everything is cooled off, he can stalk the cop until he is off duty and alone in the night, knock him out with a baseball bat from behind then break his spine permanently. You beat my girlfriend, I paralyze you for life.

    • Posted by Sarah Sullivin, at Reply

      jesus thats messed up… but also kinda sweet