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Cop Suing Black Lives Matter


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A police officer is filing a claim against the leaders of the Black Lives Issue activity. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, explain if he has a situation. Inform us what you think in the comment area listed below.

"( CNN) A wounded officer's suit submitted in federal court in Louisiana alleges Black Lives Matter and numerous of its leaders are responsible for last year's ambush on law enforcement in Baton Rouge.

The July 17, 2016, assault by shooter Gavin Long declared the lives of two law enforcement agents and a constable's deputy and also injured two deputies and an officer.

Lawyers for one of the wounded police officers filed the issue Friday in US District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana against different arms of the Black Lives Issue movement as well as leaders including DeRay Mckesson as well as Johnetta Elzie.

The grievance declares Black Lives Matter and its leaders are in charge of the capturing since they "provoked the violence against cops in retaliation for the death (sic) of black men fired by authorities," and also "did nothing to put off the recurring physical violence and also injury to police."

" Actually, they warranted the physical violence as essential to the activity and also battle," the problem states."

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  1. Posted by steal threaded, at Reply

    if he can sue blm then we can sue fox news

    • Posted by brucelee fan, at Reply

      David Todd not being blind cause of white privilege makes me ignorant? cool man

    • Posted by brucelee fan, at Reply

      heres a free lesson on louisiana where those cops were shot

  2. Posted by vaughn, at Reply

    That is ridiculous. The police just proved why the Black Lives Matters movement is necessary

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      blm is the same as isis and kkk

    • Posted by Blackmachismoo, at Reply

      freedombase no prove it?

  3. Posted by King Kaiden, at Reply

    So the cops are fighting free speech now? the republicans should be pissed but they will obviously love this cause it’s against blacks this time

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      yes it was

    • Posted by Hecatedevotee2009, at Reply

      freedombase See above post, no it wasn’t.

  4. Posted by Rob Cranston, at Reply

    TYT supported the people who were suing Trump because he incited violence by saying “get him out of here!” but it’s ok for a group to walk down the street and chant “what do we want? Dead cops!” Makes sense 🤦‍♂️

    • Posted by Isaac Azminov, at Reply

      Hal Jordan – Black Lives organizer Yusra Kohali on twitter “Allah give the strength to not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today. Plz plz plz”

      BLM marchers “Pigs in a blanket, fry em up like bacon”
      “What do we want,? DEAD COPS, when do we want em? NOW!”

      What’s the most violent thing Trump said?

      I don’t know if you’re a liar or just stupid, Hal.

  5. Posted by Ricardo, at Reply

    Makes sense. Police kill blacks, then get out free, blacks form an organization to address the issue, psycho kills cops, cops sues BLM because Fox News says they’re a terrorist organization.

    • Posted by Nicole Llih, at Reply

      ollehkacb that’s bull, you are overreacting

    • Posted by Jonathan, at Reply

      Mathew Coe
      I think the problem is people such as yourself don’t understand the differences, thus confuse the two. This isn’t at all like Milo yelling to killing someone or kill blacks. Because Black lives matters(The head members or people who started the organization) never once a single time said anything like this. The heads always argue against violence and have made multiple statements against it.
      However if you are arguing there are people who are PART of black lives matter that call for violence(That just means someone that calls themselves a member), that has no bearing on the organization. That is like saying a racist who wants to kill blacks supports milo, thus Milo must be held accountable for the racist.

      This is the logic you are using, again learn the difference and gain some critical thinking skills.


  6. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Exposing police brutality on cameras really triggers these cops. They will do anything to hide from the light.

    • Posted by Iwan, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond KEKISTANI LIVES MATTER. You are a disgusting bigoted kekophobe. Praise KEK

  7. Posted by Lara Croft, at Reply

    About time, BLM And the KKK deserve to dissolved and all their members deserved to be charged with terrorism.

    • Posted by peroo, at Reply

      +Joe Smith

      Nope, blacks have killed way more blacks than cops have.
      And BLM has gotten cops killed in the past few years.

  8. Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

    Someone should sue TYT

    • Posted by Dan Pantz, at Reply

      Someone should delete their account. *cough spooder cough the cuck cough *

  9. Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

    *Cop rightfully sues terrorist organization, fat buffalo cries

    • Posted by Beautiful News Boy, at Reply

      Big gov luvin cuck

    • Posted by mistahshade, at Reply

      Are the cops going to sue the US Marine corp for training the shooter?

  10. Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

    The cop has no legal basis. This is equivalent of blaming all whites for the crimes of white slaveowners.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Armando Gallegos
      You lack the intellect to grasp what he was trying to say.

    • Posted by Armando Gallegos, at Reply

      Hal Jerkoff – no, I understand completely, he tried to compare Black Lives Matter, an organization, to ALL ”white people’ . Sorry you are so slow, Hal.

    • Posted by robert ramirez, at Reply

      Thomas MacKelly lol regressives haven’t let slavery go!

  11. Posted by Jocelyn Savage, at Reply

    Cops treat everyone like they’re criminals. 😔😒

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Mathew Coe
      That’s not true. Blacks are 6 times more likely to be killed by the police than whites. Whites are just killed more, via raw numbers, simply by virtue of there being way more whites than blacks.

  12. Posted by DefeatGlobalism, at Reply

    Liberals incite violence and anarchy in retaliation to a mythical racist police state. Why are they surprised now that people are trying to sue them? Also Cenks thinks it’s ok to threaten and bully private citizens over a meme.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Your Alex Jones fantasies are real, but the Police State is fake? Kill yourself.

    • Posted by sdrawkcabgnipytmi, at Reply

      Ronin Dave
      “the mythical racist police state kills 1000+ people a year and largely is not accountable for it even the ones that it was clear that they overreact.”
      There certainly is an issue with police training and accountability, but 1000+ people includes all races and only a small fraction of those are unjustified. The disproportional rate of black deaths can be at least in part explained by the fact that blacks also commit a disproportionate amount of crime (not because they’re thy’re black, but because of various scocio-economic factors).

  13. Posted by The Moral Crusader, at Reply

    Reminder that Gavin Long was also a TYT fan and TYT DMCAed his video to get it taken down so no one would find out.

  14. Posted by The Moral Crusader, at Reply

    Reminder that the ideological guru of BLM was convicted cop killer Assata Shakur. Bring that up anytime someone says that BLM is a peaceful movement.

    • Posted by Abram Carroll, at Reply

      When cops are killed, it is always self defense. The cop had a gun and thus it was self defense.
      It’s what the cops say when the roles are reversed.

    • Posted by gerard bain, at Reply

      @freedombase I hope that was your attempt at trolling; because if you really believe the foolishness I am responding to you are really an ignorant person.

  15. Posted by Wes Brice, at Reply

    So incredibly fake and dishonest every story is garbage

    • Posted by Joe Smith, at Reply

      Yet you keep clicking and giving TYT views.

  16. Posted by Left Wing Watch, at Reply

    When TYT and BLM promote the narrative that white cops en masse are hunting down black kids for sport, that inherently promotes violence against police. Cenk knows this because he uses the same argument whenever someone argues that Muslims are a uniquely violent terror threat. He just doesn’t care if someone goes out and kills police because he sees them as oppressors. That’s what makes him such a nefarious charlatan.

    • Posted by Beautiful News Boy, at Reply

      Badge-lickers love them some big gov’ment 😉

    • Posted by PhedelCastro, at Reply

      Beautiful News Boy local police are big government?

    • Posted by Beautiful News Boy, at Reply

      Gotcha. Only local, organic, GMO-free boots on your neck. Noted

  17. Posted by YTY, at Reply

    “”What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!”.

    -Black lives matter

    • Posted by Jonathan, at Reply

      Siwicke Tablet
      Theres a single video that shows protestors chanting that and it wasn’t even in relation to BLM. Even if it was, it was a single chant, a single march.

    • Posted by Jonathan, at Reply

      slasher 4433
      *Actually more cops are killed by blacks than vice versa.*
      Well in quantity, actually only 64 police died in 2016, over 200 African Americans died in 2016. However in proportion, there are far more African Americans than police.

      *And that stunt BLM pulled in Dallas is proof evidence for it.*
      This is a fallacy, you are extrapolating a single member to an entire organization or population. The shooter the night of the shooting openly said he hated BLM and police alike. The logic you are using is this
      A white person is a terrorist in crime A –> If a person is white, then they must be a terrorist
      Lets assume he was a BLM member
      A BLM member is a terrorist in crime A –> A a person is a BLM member, then they must be a terrorist.
      Literally the same logic
       The single member shooting has no bearing on the organization, especially since they never promoted violence in any way, shape or form. And I mean the head members, not someone who calls themselves a member. At that point, everyone will be responsible for someone else’s crime.

      *BLM and ANTIFA are domestic terrorist organizations*
      I don’t think you know what that is. That means they promote violence or attacks against police. The organization openly states do not attack people nor condoles violence. Again don’t like a chant or a person saying “Kill X!”, that isn’t the actual head members. Essentially if you find a republican that says kill black people, by your logic, all Republicans support this.

      *I stand with the NRA.*
      Alright, but that really holds no water to any of the conversation.

      Yet again, everything was a fallacy or openly incorrect.

  18. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    TYT brings another fact based commentary to a truth starved audience. These are the kind of stories that save people’s lives.

    • Posted by John X, at Reply


    • Posted by Jack Walters, at Reply


  19. Posted by David Gutowski, at Reply

    “Plz Allah give me strength to not cuss/*kill* these men and white folks out here today. plz plz plz”
    – Tweeted 9 Feb 2016 by Yusra, the founder of BLM Toronto

    • Posted by Armando Gallegos, at Reply

      AK47 LCOB – yeah, the ‘religion of peace’! THEY are all about ‘killing for peace’.

    • Posted by Beautiful News Boy, at Reply

      You triggered, bro?
      Or just care about censorship when it’s some cuck like Milo?

  20. Posted by pitster110, at Reply

    Distrust between blacks communities and police date as far back to the early 1900’s and blacks have been marching,protesting and rioting aganst police brutality since the 1950s. So BLM could disappear tomorrow and it would not quell the the distrust between police and blacks. As long as police continue to get off scott free for shooting unarmed blacks, riots and protest will continue as they have for 60 years and new black power movements will be created. Is there any evidence to connect of the Baton Rouge shooter to BLM anyway ???

    • Posted by pitster110, at Reply

      If the citizen is unarmed while the cop has a gun,baton and tazer he is notin danger. The problem with your argument is that the ” I was in fear of my life” excuse is being used for any and every case, even when the suspect was unarmed or even when the suspect was running in the direct OPPOSITE direction of the plice officer. If white people dontget upset when a white person was unjustly murderd by a police officer that is their problem…so i dont see how you see that as a virtue for black people to follow. Blacks are not going to appologize and be silent when a government official who is paid to uphold the law unjustly shoots someone.

    • Posted by pitster110, at Reply

      Benjamin Roberts Just because long liked TYT doesn’t mean he was inspired by “anti police rhetoric” That’s not proof at all. And Blum protesting police brutality isn’t “anti police” brhetoric either. Just because long was black doesn’t by default make him a blm member. Like I said in my comment,any disdain that blacks have towards cops didn’t come from BLM it came from 100 years of police abuse.