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Cop Won’t Stop Pointing Gun At Passenger (VIDEO)


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A The golden state Highway Patrol Police officer pulled a couple over for speeding but took his weapon out and directed it at the passenger for 9 mins. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian simplify. Given you by A Troublesome Sequel: Reality To Power

" A video taken throughout a traffic stop in The golden state is attracting dispute over the policeman's choice to maintain his weapon aimed at the passenger for more than 9 minutes.

The stop took place last Wednesday early morning along U.S. Course 101, south of San Jose, after a police officer noticed a cars and truck pass him going 85 mph, inning accordance with the Campbell Police Division.

After stopping the auto for speeding, the police officer asked for the vehicle driver's certificate as well as added documents. The vehicle driver as well as passenger invested several minutes looking for the paperwork prior to the officer walked back to his motorbike to compose a citation, police stated."

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Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by TheZombieoutbreak, at Reply

    Police the police

    • Posted by theparadoc0, at Reply

      Would of thought you could of had a digital licence by now, so would be no need to reach, the less interaction the better

    • Posted by Dancho Stanchev Yordanov, at Reply

      Do you mean Internal affairs?

    • Posted by IAM, at Reply

      theparadoc0. Then “they’d be arresting people fraudulently blaming it on the computer! šŸ¤”

    • Posted by Twilight Gardens presentations, at Reply

      Police the police

  2. Posted by Jace Solomon, at Reply

    Cops are the most cowardly bitches I’ve ever seen.

    • Posted by Supreme Grand Master Azrael, at Reply

      They certainly can be

    • Posted by trueisraelite, at Reply

      They’re Usually the kids picked on in school taking their anger out on the world

    • Posted by Jessie Mathiesen, at Reply

      Supreme Grand Master Azrael show me one that isnt.

  3. Posted by Josh1982, at Reply

    Maybe if he was more respectful, this wouldn’t have happened. I’ve gotten pulled over before and this hasn’t happened to me.

    • Posted by evolver1919, at Reply

      KatchouroBlade Thank you.

    • Posted by Your Dad, at Reply

      Josh1982 So you are one of those morons who say, “How High?” , when asked to Jump.

    • Posted by off-kilter, at Reply

      Respect goes both ways. If the cop has been more respectful then we wouldn’t get pissed off or get killed for the slightest irritation.

    • Posted by Arthur Clark, at Reply

      Josh1982 So in other words, I can kill you for this comment?

  4. Posted by Jace Solomon, at Reply

    Cops are just gang members with badges.

    • Posted by nunchaku101, at Reply

      Cops are run by Freemasons and other pedophiles satanic societies ACAB

    • Posted by Anwar Anwar, at Reply


  5. Posted by drunkenchef24, at Reply

    Trumptard defense of this “if you’ve got nothing to worry about let them put a gun to your face” please defend this, go ahead, I’ll wait.

    • Posted by Night Dark, at Reply

      drunkenchef24 easy as hell for trumptards to defend. The answer is simple, “USA USA USA”

    • Posted by Analogous to Tower 7 : Ameaning, at Reply

      ā€œThe sexual morality that inhibits the will to freedom, as well as those forces that comply with authoritarian interests, derive their energy from repressed sexuality. Now we have a better comprehension of an essential part of the process of the ā€˜repercussion of ideology on the economic basisā€™: sexual inhibition changes the structure of economically suppressed man in such a way that he acts, feels, and thinks contrary to his own material interests.ā€ [The Mass Psychology of Fascism, Wilhelm Reich, 1946, Ch.1]

    • Posted by thewanderandhiscomp, at Reply

      Joshua Opell the man was trying to comply

    • Posted by Ruben Stevens, at Reply

      drunkenchef24 you can defend this the cop was very unjustified to pull his gun as a soldier you only raise your weapon as a show of force once your Force has been identified you lower your weapon so that the person can remain calm cops need to get off the power trip

  6. Posted by tbitm, at Reply

    The very same day a man in a car shot a police officer.

    • Posted by tbitm, at Reply

      athews1976 nice English mate

    • Posted by Vincent Reich, at Reply

      tbitm twice as many? are you incapable of understanding statistics? blacks are a minority. your are far more likely to be shot unarmed as a black man than a white man. yes, that can still mean more white people get shot in total. ugh

    • Posted by Vincent Reich, at Reply

      tbitm what a superb act of deflection and bs

    • Posted by Vincent Reich, at Reply

      tbitm as if you care m8

    • Posted by Vincent Reich, at Reply

      Incomplete6230 I lol’ed. thnx mate

  7. Posted by Optimus Fine, at Reply

    Where I’m from, cops do not point a gun unless: 1) someone’s life is in danger, 2) the cop’s life is in danger, 3) they are ready to kill

    • Posted by Lucid Dreamer, at Reply

      I stood up for the people of usa and the people call me a terrorist never again XD

    • Posted by Boogie Loo, at Reply

      Fdsafa asdf – exactly. Society has become so dumb and ignorant.

    • Posted by thewanderandhiscomp, at Reply

      DANNY DANIELS you mean cops have Nazi tats?

    • Posted by thewanderandhiscomp, at Reply

      Dean he could have removed the man from the car and cuffed him

    • Posted by bryan james Hamilton, at Reply

      The cop may have believe one, two, or three of these things.

  8. Posted by Elodia Ravenwood, at Reply

    If the guy in the car were black he’d be dead and the cop would either be promoted to a desk job or just suspended before being found not guilty.

    • Posted by google account, at Reply

      Elodia Ravenwood ikr??? I was thinking the guy was an idiot for talking back to a cop! First thing my dad told me when he taught me how to drive had nothing yo do with driving. “When you get pulled over shut up be respectful and do what you’re told” If you are black you cant be yelling like the guy in this video. Period.

    • Posted by WHITE PRIDE, at Reply

      Elodia Ravenwood leave america because we don’t want ppl like you

    • Posted by Some dude, at Reply

      Elodia Ravenwood not true at all…

  9. Posted by Twiistz, at Reply

    Some people are seriously defending a cop who stood over someone, for 9mins, prepared to take your life at any moment?! NO ONE should have that kind of power over you.

    • Posted by MJtheSkeptical, at Reply

      +Twiistz, So basically cops shouldn’t have guns then? Lol you are a moron. Guns keep the cops safe and civilians who would’ve been shot by the criminals with guns, who are numerous and mostly black.

    • Posted by Eye Everything, at Reply

      What makes you assume conservatives are the only people defending the actions of this cop? (i’m not conservative BTW)

    • Posted by Deezy from philly, at Reply

      MJtheSkeptical I think you missed the point. 9 mins is a long time to have a gun pointed at you. By a cop when you are not a a threat. Talking back to a paid public servant is not unlawful. It’s not right but totally legal!! If the stress is too much find a different line work.

  10. Posted by drake man, at Reply

    Cops traded in their white sheets for blue uniforms.

    • Posted by Analogous to Tower 7 : Ameaning, at Reply

      Great words!

    • Posted by MJtheSkeptical, at Reply

      +drake man, STFU and stop committing crimes and you won’t get in trouble by cops. Nothing to do with racist cops, especially since more black cops shoot blacks than white cops. So again, stfu and don’t commit crimes.

    • Posted by Karen, at Reply

      MJtheSkeptical And white people kill more white people than anybody else. That doesn’t negate the fact that the killing of minorities by cops is still disproportionate. It’s clear that you are ignorant of certain aspects of American society, and that’s fine, most people who use your defense aren’t known for being smart. When you defend your opinions you should be aware of what’s going on on both sides, not just your own. I hope that was put into layman’s terms enough for you. Enjoy the rest of your day basking in ignorance!

    • Posted by gatesbrown26, at Reply

      Karen lol, right, and ‘disproportionate’ always means ‘racist’, right? Kinda like the ocean is racist cuz it drowns more Floridians than Nebraskans.

  11. Posted by Taperat, at Reply

    Some people are so desperate to be controlled that they’d rather live in a fascist police state. It’s mind-boggling. If you’re one of those people, don’t you dare talk to the rest of us about freedom.

    • Posted by Boogie Loo, at Reply

      Taperat – that may be true to some extent, but that’s not the root of the problem. These people who justify this can take that position comfortably because they are white and maybe somewhat affluent – they know it will probably never happen to them or their family, friends etc. Perhaps some come from a different demographic but they are most likely someone that is not likely to be harassed by cops. Why should they care about something that doesn’t affect them – this is what they think.

      Conservatives like this are purely motivated by selfishness – selfishness is the core philosophy of the GOP. Liberals on the other hand care about others which is why their cause and vision is so much harder to realize – all left wing voters need to unite and stop the bickering to beat them. Get Trump out so we can start healing. 200 days of Trump has caused unheralded damage to the Union – another 3 years might destroy us.

    • Posted by Twilight Gardens presentations, at Reply

      society or a few powerful people who have the money to direct public education toward sheepishness over ingenuity?

    • Posted by MJtheSkeptical, at Reply

      It’s not fascist at all, you’ve never studied fascism if you think we have that here. You’re a butthurt regressive.

    • Posted by Jay ThColonel, at Reply

      And some people (like yourself) can’t wait to control other peoples freedoms. Typical socialist totalitarian thinking.

    • Posted by Twilight Gardens presentations, at Reply

      Jay ThColonel let us not generalize. The only true way foreword as one is to make allies of your foes. Find a way to do that and maybe we will get more done than thrown barbs. I’m guilty of the same, but let’s at least try tone better than we have found ourselves of recent. America… “let’s do this”

  12. Posted by Sir Isaac Mormont, at Reply

    This is another huge difference between conservatives and liberals.

    Liberals question power’s status and its justification

    Conservatives bow down their heads and accept power’s legitimacy without questions.

    • Posted by Joshua d'Estoville, at Reply

      Works the other way around too if that is the case… but don’t let *that* bother you.

    • Posted by Stay Beautiful x, at Reply

      no conservative bows down their head to nobody but that’s what you liberals do to the musilms

    • Posted by RichL123, at Reply

      Sir Isaac Mormont kinda contradictory. Conservatives value their rights while some liberals couldnā€™t care less when they are infringed.

    • Posted by 0isay, at Reply

      +Sir Isaac IKR. I’m baffled libertarians would consider conservatives their allies.

  13. Posted by Casey Ryan, at Reply

    I’m white and I’ll say this, the United States of America is a White Supremacist Terrorist Organization. They make Nazi Germany look like Teletubbies.

    • Posted by JFK, at Reply

      And you’re not? LOL…

    • Posted by Nuttin Burger, at Reply


    • Posted by Serge Rivers, at Reply

      lol teletubbies

    • Posted by Gary Slaughter, at Reply

      50043211 what about the millions of dead Africans.

  14. Posted by Richard Williams, at Reply

    He talks to the cop using profanity and still lives to see another day, Castille follows directions and is civil and gets murdered?? Like WTF

    • Posted by Richard Williams, at Reply

      Benji Yeah AFTER the pig told him to show his permit?? Did you not see and more importantly HEAR the video Nimrod!

    • Posted by Joshua d'Estoville, at Reply

      Both parties in the wrong, plain and simple.

    • Posted by Davante Johnson, at Reply

      Joshua d’Estoville not really. There was no reason to pull a gun. The only one in the wrong is the cop

    • Posted by ocky88, at Reply

      The fact that you are even mentioning badĀ language is the saddest thing ever.

    • Posted by gatesbrown26, at Reply

      Richard Williams im curious, we see in the video that the officer repeatedly tells Castille ‘don’t reach for it”. What exactly do you think he was reaching for?

  15. Posted by Nik Saunders, at Reply

    What was the cop’s endgame? Like…. just stand there holding his pistol until…. something happens?

    • Posted by Kai-Zer Alcadias, at Reply

      yep lol…free kill

    • Posted by MJtheSkeptical, at Reply

      Making sure criminals don’t pull guns on them and they’re ready to drop the criminals.

  16. Posted by Marlon Frazier, at Reply

    What people aren’t noticing is when he specifically asked the cop “why are you still pointing the gun at me ” the officer couldn’t give a actually answer . He just stammered and said “well you tried to reach ” yea for his registration..that you asked him to get .

    • Posted by Sue N, at Reply

      Reminds me so much of Philando’s case. So sad.

    • Posted by Ganny Gannon, at Reply

      The guy had a tattoo on his hand so who knows how crazy he is…
      sorry… couldn’t resist pretending to be a trumpanzee.

    • Posted by Smarks ruined wrestling, at Reply

      Marlon Frazier I love how the cop avoids the question

  17. Posted by Bestoftherest, at Reply

    As a cop, you should never pull out your gun unless you are ready to use it. It is called a power trip. You give a person who doesn’t understand how power and authority works and it is like a high.

    • Posted by Sparky Fire, at Reply

      supersean3 who cares if your registration gets stolen. It’s not like it’s the title to the car or anything.

      Either way its enough reason for him to feel concerned

    • Posted by supersean3, at Reply

      Turk 1 please show me any evidence of them being “gang related” please i want to know how your vast knowledge of boot licking led you to know that….

    • Posted by Twilight Gardens presentations, at Reply

      supersean3 it’s messed up you call him an idiot because he doesn’t see sneaky ways to hide illicit drugs and weapons from police in his car. I think you might be one of the ones that cop is worried about… am I on the cops side now? Dude… you suck

    • Posted by Sparky Fire, at Reply

      supersean3 and you know there is no need to attack people. You are entitled to your opinion but not to insult people. I will be reporting you