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Corporate Democrat Joe Donnelly Backs Neil Gorsuch


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Progressives are coming for your Senate seat, Joe. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us exactly what you assume in the comment section below.

" Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) claims he will certainly elect to confirm federal appeals court judge Neil Gorsuch, becoming the third Autonomous legislator to back Head of state Donald Trump's nominee to the High court.

" After meeting with Court Gorsuch, conducting a comprehensive evaluation of his record, as well as carefully following his hearing prior to the Senate Judiciary Board, I think that he is a certified jurist who will certainly base his decisions on his understanding of the legislation and is well-respected amongst his peers," Donnelly said in a declaration released on Sunday.

The moderate Autonomous senator stated he was "deeply dissatisfied" at how Republicans refused to take into consideration Merrick Garland, Head of state Barack Obama's nominee to the high court, yet that as a senator, he might "only elect on the nominee that pertains to the Senate floor."

Donnelly likewise said he sustained preserving a 60-vote threshold for High court candidates." *.

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  1. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    Always a sell out in every bunch!

    • Posted by havocmaster69, at Reply

      How you like being on this white mans website? And on a White mans device? That white man is every where you go. Your home your work the food you buy. The clothes you wear. Cant escape him.

    • Posted by havocmaster69, at Reply

      And your a piece of liberal feces. Yeah for you and TYT.

    • Posted by Sean Ryan, at Reply

      havocmaster69 kys

    • Posted by Rip Sumrall, at Reply

      Jamie Cox there are 4 of them… Bennet , Donnely, Heitcamp , Manchin on the Gorsux issue and many more on real progressive issues.

  2. Posted by Szriko, at Reply

    That’s terrible. Neil Gorsuch denies the armenien genocide..

    Wait, that wasn’t Gorsuch? That was Cenk Uygur? Ohhhh…

    • Posted by slothkingn1, at Reply

      All the time, every day 😉

    • Posted by Szriko, at Reply

      +Melanoma Trump
      You said, explicitly, that someone commenting on one of these videos was a “disgusting tranny wearing ivanka’s line”. You one hundred percent did such a thing. You’re a liar, and it’s really sad. The fact is, despite ‘claiming’ to be a ‘progressive liberal’, you’re just a conservative. It’s clear that for all your bravado and constant blathering on TYT videos, you’re very much against trans people and their rights. Even just now, you implied I belong in a mental hospital for being trans.

      The first one is an actual comment, but the second two are extrapolation based on how this troll thinks it doesn’t matter that people deny a genocide. The specific comment would be… Very hard to find, given this person makes roughly 200 comments a day on TYT videos alone.

    • Posted by Astrobrant2, at Reply

      Okay, you have confirmed my suspicion. In the tradition of conspiracy theorists, woo-woos, right-wing media, and Trump fans, you made up anything you felt like and figured it would fly.

      You stated that she wrote, “trannies should be killed”, but when challenged you quoted what she actually wrote: “”disgusting tranny wearing Ivanka’s line”. And in that same comment you claimed that your earlier reference to her comment was “an actual comment”. No, what you attributed to her was not an “actual comment”. It was a bald-faced lie. I’m not surprised.

      If you think “trannies should be killed” is an accurate representation of “disgusting tranny wearing Ivanka’s line”, then one can only imagine what you consider an “extrapolation” to be.

  3. Posted by Nicholas Raynes, at Reply

    He is up for reelection in 2018. Primary him!!!!

    • Posted by Wolf, at Reply

      Elections have consequences. You guys lost the senate in 2014 and stayed majority republican again in 2016 and lost the presidency. Now you guys will make things even worse by forcing the republicans to go nuclear when a very very conservative judge gets nominated next time maybe named Ted Cruz.

    • Posted by sharper68, at Reply

      +Wolf  So? we already have a republican in his seat.   The fact is progressive ideas are popular and establishment dems are not, there is no reason to support this guy. We lost because the party listened to advice like yours and put up an establishment pro corporate democrat in the name of being “centrist”,  those guys all have to go and the days of putting up GOP light candidates as dems has to end.

    • Posted by Wolf, at Reply

      sharper68 You will learn when a guy like Ted Cruz replaces either Kennedy or Ginsburg because you guys lost sight of the long game.

    • Posted by Wolf, at Reply

      Snakeye808 Your socialism/communism is not popular that you have to use the word progressive to hide it.

    • Posted by sharper68, at Reply

      +Wolf  It is not a matter of if they do that but when as the dems are not even trying to appeal to a large segment of the base.   It is how they are paid losers and keep the spectrum pointed to the right.   If it was not this time they put some insane clown in charge it would be the next.   As long as there is no option between right and right light the right will always win as there will be little enthusiasm from the left for the option.  This was especially true this cycle after being dismissed and ignored by the candidate chosen to represent them. (As it turns out with exposed chicanery which did not help)  Clinton pushed the bubble too far and promised no change against a guy who actually appealed to his base no matter how repulsively he did that.  She excited no one and many I know who voted for her were actually voting against trump.  That has to end. 

      Obama won with a large segment of the population because people thought he was progressive, even if they did not understand the term.  He excited an element of the base that simply stayed home this time.  He was popular with them because they expected change from him.  Obama did not win by pretending to be republican light but an actual champion of the people.  We all know the truth of that deception now but if we are talking about what gets people to the polls this is it.   They (the donors) have been driving the GOP further and further right into insane previously unimaginable territory and it pulls the dems to the right as well,  against public opinion. 

      It is inevitable at some point people will just stop voting for the “lessor” evil while getting the status quo and give up on the system entirely.   Now this is terrible as they allow the trumps to happen, but this should be expected.  I would not be surprised if this is exactly what the powers that buy our elections want as it plays into their hands tied in with campaigns of against “voter suppression”.  Under the Hillary/Donald choice they knew they would win with Hillary anyway and if trump ended up winning because Hillary was their shill and people hate that,  bonus.  

      Bottom line, we need to break this strangle hold on our system or we will never have people that represent us.

  4. Posted by Darksider, at Reply

    Cenk cannot handle that he and Justice democrats are a joke. Sad!

    • Posted by Presence, at Reply

      Not as big a joke as your *Mom* around the neighborhood, Darksider.

    • Posted by Darksider, at Reply

      +Melanoma Trump And here is the paid TyT bot. The fact that TyT has to pay fake accounts to defend themselves is truly pathetic.

    • Posted by tate past, at Reply

      Did the Nazis at Breibart tell you to come here

    • Posted by Martin Collmer, at Reply


  5. Posted by Jacob Hansen, at Reply

    There’s corporate democrats and then there’s genocide denying buffalocrats.

    • Posted by Pedophile, at Reply

      Where are you from today Jacob? Uganda?

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Time for you to change your fake photo that was called out from google image last year, Trump trash.

    • Posted by John Myers, at Reply

      What a silent coward of a troll

  6. Posted by Nathan Baker, at Reply

    Putin’s trolls are out in full force today in the TYT comments.

    • Posted by Yak T.Ripper, at Reply

      Nathan Baker means they’re on the right track is all. The really pathetic part is they all read the same script and NEVER talk about the issue in the video. They’re way too stupid to actually speak politics.

  7. Posted by Mach SCGA, at Reply


    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      MAGA – Morons Are Governing America.

    • Posted by green fish and ham, at Reply

      Mach SCGA american flag…..if you keep yourself from being openminded and analyze trump’s actions vs his words…’ll wake up to a russian flag.

  8. Posted by David Myers, at Reply

    There is no opposition party. The Dems have backed republican ideology for years. All it takes is a donor approaching these sellouts and they will flip, disgusting. They are handing the Trump administration the white house for 8 years.

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      ‘4’ or less years.

    • Posted by DarkEpyon123, at Reply

      Melanoma Trump it’s 4 years because of trump’s own actions. it can be 8 years if these sell out democrats are left in charge.

  9. Posted by Marco D, at Reply

    Joe Donnelly is another weak Dem to primary. Get rid of them all.

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Hey #LoserDonald guy 🙂

    • Posted by Marco D, at Reply

      Haha. From loser Donald to big Don. lol

    • Posted by Vanessthebest, at Reply

      😀 😀 x

  10. Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

    So any democrat that gives Trump support in any way is a corporate democrat? This is why the left lost, they refused to work with anyone. Man the next 8 years are going to be great.

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Your obese hero will be having a heart attack by then judging by the way he is eating his way through the White
      House kitchen #BLOATUS

  11. Posted by mmike10720, at Reply

    Why are so many trolls subbed to TYT.
    I also subscribe to conservative channels in order to hear a we’ll stated opposing view point so I can keep an open mind
    But just subbing to troll or even just subbing to spam the same untrue comments every video
    What’s the point, honestly. Why bother?

    • Posted by Rip Sumrall, at Reply

      +mmike “hear a well stated opposing view point so I can keep an open mind” If you ever hear one please share.

    • Posted by LBJ S, at Reply

      mmike10720 what conservative channels do you listen to, I’m trying to find a decent one?

    • Posted by Rob Robberson, at Reply

      mmike10720 I don’t see many troll comments, I do see a lot of critical comments, sometimes in harsh words.

      In fact, I see more comments about trolls than actual troll comments. What you see as troll comments are often comments by disgruntled longtime followers.

    • Posted by Catastrophic Broccoli, at Reply

      +Rob Roberson Read through a little more. I am getting tired of seeing “The Young Turds”, “Bacon Grease”, and “Chunk Ogre!” comments….some trolls post that stuff on almost every single video. My block list must be about 1000 accounts long by now.

  12. Posted by havocmaster69, at Reply

    Who cares Dems are done.

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      You misspelled ‘Conservacunts’.

    • Posted by havocmaster69, at Reply

      Let me try again. LOSER DEMFUCKS get it right that time? Dump?

  13. Posted by Majoofi, at Reply

    With Democrats like these, who needs Democrats.

  14. Posted by RecordCollector101, at Reply

    Better a weak corporate Dem than a Republican: and trust me, if progressives defeat any of them in primaries, they will most definitely lose to Republicans

    • Posted by the op kingdom, at Reply

      RecordCollector101… Guess the Dems better throw their weight behind the Progressives, huh?

  15. Posted by Grand Wonder, at Reply

    Let’s primary him out, along with that other fake Democrat Joe Manchin, out of office in 2018!

  16. Posted by Theodore Nicklas, at Reply

    2018….get these leeches out of CONgress