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Corporate Democrats Purge Bernie Backers From DNC


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The DNC is no less corrupt today than it was two years back. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Inform us exactly what you think in the remark section listed below. Sign up with TYT:

" A shakeup is underway at the Democratic National Board as several key longtime officials have shed their blog posts, revealing a still-raw break in the celebration and firing up temper amongst those in its dynamic wing who see revenge for their opposition to DNC Chairman Tom Perez.
The ousters come in advance of the DNC's first conference, in Las Vegas, Nevada, given that Perez took over as chairman with a pledge this year to unify a celebration that had ended up being terribly divided during the ruthless Bernie Sanders-Hillary Clinton 2016 primary race.

Grievances began immediately after celebration authorities saw a checklist of Perez's consultations to DNC boards and his roster of 75 "at-large" participants, who are picked by the chair." *.

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  1. Posted by Nelson Mendez, at Reply

    Look man your progressives are going nowhere. So what your going to do. Back Trump. Get with the program.

  2. Posted by Anthony Swope, at Reply

    Green Party is dedicated to accepting $0 corporate dollars!

  3. Posted by JRLM, at Reply

    Yeah this is why im done with the party

  4. Posted by Dax Jacobson, at Reply

    Practice your surprised looks now for when Trump & Republicans wins in 2018 & 2020, for many reasons but not limited to the many people who STILL refuse to support corporate Dems.

  5. Posted by Juan-Carlos Ocasio, at Reply

    Invite them to join the ‘Just-Dems’

  6. Posted by Who Isreal, at Reply

    I blame Bernie for losing to Hillary 🤔

  7. Posted by semitar6, at Reply

    The DNC is every bit of corrupt as the Republican Party…. the only difference between the two parties is the quickness in which they get on their knees for their corporate sugar daddies. The DNC does not deserve progressive support anymore. Bernie, please give us a progressive, strong, third party before you lose all ability to do so. The Dems no longer deserve your trust…if you have any left for them.

  8. Posted by Gabe Lippincott, at Reply

    i’m always confused if you don’t agree with the dnc and you are always right and they are always wrong, and they don’t push the people you want to support and bernie world is your utopia why not start the progressive party, if your so strong then the dnc would either bow down to the progressives or move on and you would win and be proven right, that is to simple for you to figure out, most democrats that i know don’t agree with the progressive formant and the progressives i know don’t agree with the democrats so split and compete and win if your right and they are wrong you’ll win then you won’t have to complain about the dnc, am i wrong you already have wolfpak and you support progressive primaries so grow so balls and leave

  9. Posted by Ben Hendricks, at Reply

    Can we be done with the DNC now??

  10. Posted by MuleFool42, at Reply

    This is why after the DNC f*cked Bernie and then Clinton lost to a complete moron, that I de-registered as a Democrat. I don’t care about the Dems any more. I thought that they weren’t corrupt like the GOP – I’m so disappointed. I’m now one of the many newly minted Independents and will never again donate to the DNC.

    Screw them. They don’t deserve us voters. Neither does the GOP, so who can represent the people any more, and not rich donors?

  11. Posted by CTRTITVT, at Reply

    Unless the people come out with a very ingenious plan I believe that The US is doomed for a long time! 🙁

  12. Posted by Rhythmicons, at Reply

    I need to know what Bernie Sanders is going to do before I give him money. 3rd party or nothing.

  13. Posted by kestrel archer, at Reply

    Even Cenk use coded word of mocking SJW here when he call out DNC for hiding behind diversity… even he said that. That’s saying something

  14. Posted by Learned Hand, at Reply

    Apparently progressives _no longer have a choice,_ *we have to dump the Dems* and create a new party. To be honest, i was originally against that idea, but they are giving us no choice. Shame…

  15. Posted by juli grlee, at Reply

    The DNC is now accelerating the primary rigging of all upcoming primaries.

  16. Posted by Jay Millz, at Reply

    Nice, they are calling the Draft Bernie bluff. How are they going to win without progressives in 2018 & 2020? LMFAO!!! They’ll rather hand the GOP the presidency than to unite with progressives.

  17. Posted by BlazingInferno, at Reply

    When you are more focused on keeping the status quo instead of fighting for the people, you are the problem.

    Being a democrat isn’t going to help you unless their policies actually do anything

  18. Posted by george boole, at Reply

    Tweedle-Dem and Tweedle-Repiglican, BLM must turn political and unite with the Greens and Socialist parties.

  19. Posted by qqq uiop, at Reply

    I’ll vote for a Justice Dem but I’m too angry at this despicable party to want to reform it from the inside. I hate both parties- I’m an Independent voter, but I’d join a Labor Party. The Democratic Party WANTS to be the new Republican Party, and republicans? Steve Bannon knows what to do with them… we on the left better organize our own labor party before the right picks off potential voters.