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Corporate Democrats Want Their Own CPAC


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Netroots Country is as well dynamic for today's corporate/establishment Democrats, so they're starting their very own thing: The Ideas Meeting. Extra like the negative concepts conference amirite? Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us just what you think in the comment area below.

" Rather than CPAC, it'll be the Concepts Seminar. As opposed to happening at National Harbor, it'll be in the major area at the St. Regis Hotel, a couple of blocks from the White Home. As opposed to featuring Head of state Donald Trump, it'll be the very first real livestocks telephone call of the Democrats nosing around 2020 presidential runs.

As well as it'll be the Facility for American Development' biggest action yet to develop itself as both the nexus of the Democratic Celebration's future– as well as a player attempting to shape exactly what that future will be.

They're modeling the occasion roughly on the Traditional Political Activity Seminar, the American Traditionalist Union's annual event that's become a prime quit for Republican leaders, and that notably offered Donald Trump his first significant political platform as he was getting in the battle royal.

" So much of our time today is engaged, and rightfully so, in combating Trump. On any kind of offered day, he provides one affront to progressive worths after an additional," said CAP Head of state Neera Tanden. "It's clearly critical that we offer a positive choice of just how we're mosting likely to resolve the nation's difficulties."

Democratic Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Cory Booker of New Jacket, Kamala Harris of The golden state, Chris Murphy of Connecticut and also Kirsten Gillibrand of New York; Montana Gov. Steve Bullock; as well as L.a Mayor Eric Garcetti are all confirmed to participate in, and more are expected to be contributed to the occasion, set up for Could 16." *.

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  1. Posted by cuck, at Reply

    say it nice and loud, THE YOUNG CUCKS

    • Posted by Colin C., at Reply

      +Jeremy Beck Using key words like “cuck” and “libtard”, is a sign to others, that they are part of the same tribe.

    • Posted by Rocket_Raichu985, at Reply

      cuck derives from Steve Bannon’s favorite book where people who don’t kill immigrants are called cucks. I love being called a cuck, it means I am not a serial killer. And TYT aren’t serial killers, so you are right.

    • Posted by Jeremy Beck, at Reply

      I’m pretty sure it’s also a term used in porn to describe a man who likes being dominated by women, hence why male feminists always get called cucks.

    • Posted by Rocket_Raichu985, at Reply

      eh, im sure some new insult will form when we find the alt right’s fetish. Oh wait that don’t have sex.

  2. Posted by COMRADE DONALD TRUMP, at Reply

    *Who’s tired of all this winning?*

    • Posted by Paulo Mendes, at Reply

      COMRADE DONALD TRUMP the rich and the hillbillies (you) are tired…

    • Posted by shankoff1, at Reply

      ‘Make Russia Great Again!’

    • Posted by Donald J. Trump, at Reply


  3. Posted by BuyTheTicket TakeTheRide, at Reply

    *yo republicucks…*

    Read more

    • Posted by cuck, at Reply

      Get cucked

    • Posted by Mr. Raleigh D., at Reply


    • Posted by Hobbes Tiger, at Reply

      You mean, *CuckServatives*, don’t you?

    • Posted by Adrian Myers, at Reply

      Yo libtard

    • Posted by Mr. Raleigh D., at Reply

      Yo Adrian Brodey!

  4. Posted by Kinoko, at Reply

    Not every Democrat has to be progressive.

    • Posted by the op kingdom, at Reply

      Kinoko… Nope. They call them Moderate Republicans.

    • Posted by Kinoko, at Reply

      +the op kingdom​​ What does your use of “nope” mean? Are you disagreeing with my comment and suggesting all Democrats are progressive? I am genuinely confused.

    • Posted by Louiee, at Reply

      lol if you’re a democrat and your not a progressive, then simply change your party affiliation to a republican. We will began to purge all democrats that aren’t progressives. out with the spineless corporate sluts.

    • Posted by Kinoko, at Reply

      +Louiee Your comment is a painful oversimplification of what causes a person to lean left or right and, thus, decide their political party.

  5. Posted by Reggie Lee, at Reply

    @canadian trump supporter
    Apparently for your hero, communism > conservatism

    • Posted by Canadian Trump Supporter, at Reply

      Oh you mean low energy Justin? He’ll be out of govt by next election. No worries. #MCGA will come.

    • Posted by Sean Monguso, at Reply

      Change your name to Canadian cuck racist

  6. Posted by Oni itedj, at Reply

    it’s because tyt wasn’t invited. i don’t blame them.

    • Posted by Farah Farah, at Reply

      Oni itedj lol he is only outraged because he wasn’t invited

  7. Posted by Supreme, at Reply

    Could someone go and pull the fire alarm so the sprinklers go off?

    • Posted by James Eslick, at Reply

      Sprinklers go off on Muslim Cenk fake news.

  8. Posted by Petros Poulos, at Reply

    Just a reminder that literally nothing else matters without the planet. Confronting climate change needs to be at the forefront for any political leader. js

    • Posted by evan brown, at Reply

      Petros Poulos instead of only paying attention to the evidence that climate change is real do some research of what it will take to improve it all. Unless you have trillions of dollars and force everyone to change how they live that’s a losing battle

    • Posted by evan brown, at Reply

      Petros Poulos spend your time trying to save our forests and endangered animals

  9. Posted by Richard Atkinson, at Reply

    They invited Warren because they know she’s a fake progressive, just like they are.

  10. Posted by Ivan Enfinger, at Reply

    It’s time for the DNC to split. Please Cenk make this happen. I mean if you are so unhappy with them, why not create your own third party? You are always on here claiming the majority of the nation is with you. So please split so the GOP can run this country for the next 40 years.

    • Posted by vick3d, at Reply

      The GOP is controlled by few actively involved billionaires like the Koch Brothers and the Mercer family. Outside of Soros the boogeyman, that kind of involvement is absent on the left. Funny that this is actually again related to left wing internationalism vs conservative nationalism. The Kochs want America transformed how they want, while the world’s richest man, Bill Gates, is a liberal but who pays attention mostly to the third world rather than his own country.

  11. Posted by sullyFL, at Reply

    Can we put Jordan up against Pelosi?

  12. Posted by Kevin Carter, at Reply

    what is the progressive cpac conference called i missed it when cenk said it.

    • Posted by the op kingdom, at Reply

      Kevin Carter… Net Roots Nation.

  13. Posted by Hellmouth024, at Reply

    Establishment will hate Elizabeth Warren in 4 years just like they hated Bernie Sanders. They love themselves some Corey Booker though. Elizabeth Warren would be horrible for their big bank donors and that’s all they seem to care about so I have no doubt that they will tip the scale against her in 4 years for sure. So then you have your little wall street corporatist Corey Booker as your nominee which gets people like Nancy Pelosi excited but doesn’t get any of us excited because if Booker is the nominee, we lose again in 4 years it’s that simple and we simply can’t afford to have 8 years of a republican controlled White House because they will destroy the country by then

    • Posted by MRostendway, at Reply

      Nahh they LOVE Warren.
      She is the perfect politician for them. She talks a big talk which us why naive progressives like her. But she is hack for corporatists, which is why she didnt support bernie nor did she support he supposed people at the DAPL.

    • Posted by Alex, at Reply

      youre an idiot

  14. Posted by Jay Harris, at Reply

    Neolibs are NOT going to change! The real question is, are Progressives gonna show the guts & break from the corrupt Democratic Party.

    • Posted by Harmony Alexandria, at Reply

      What is the fabric of America? GIve podunk trash social mobility? Why in the name of sanity would I want to prerserve *that*. Kick the redneck, then shatter it’s face when it’s down. Born working class trash, die trash. Don’t like it? Suicide is always an option.

    • Posted by WikeddTung, at Reply

      “Socialists are not progressives, they are radicals who look to destroy the very fabric of America,”
      Of course, because people just wake up in the morning and say “Gee, I think I’ll destroy the very fabric of America today. Let me at that fabric!” LOL, jackass.
      Btw, WHAT s the “fabric of America” anyway? Cotton?

    • Posted by Benito Mussolini, at Reply


    • Posted by Benito Mussolini, at Reply

      “Socialists aren’t Progressives” True “They want to destroy the fabric of America” No, No, No. We want the workers to own the means of production. In this system a business is owned, runed, & managed by the workers as a collective. We also want to nationalize stuff like banks and Internet Service Providers.

    • Posted by Jay Harris, at Reply

      Then make sure you reject your social security/medicare and I hope you didn’t accept going to public schools.

  15. Posted by Adam Briceland, at Reply

    if all this stuff happened under Hilary she would’ve been fired by now

  16. Posted by mikedaflexta, at Reply

    Cenk, I don’t always agree with you, but you have my respect. That goes for the rest of the staff at TYT. You guys are really opening eyes, and the subscriber count shows it.

  17. Posted by Brendan Nicholas, at Reply

    with a name like “Ideas Conference” it’s sure to be an event chock full of creativity