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Corporate Insider Whistleblowers Are Saving Democracy


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There's no question that whistleblowers like Edward Snowden have aided to inform the general public, however there are other types of whistleblowers who deserve our appreciation– as well as those are the people that are blowing the whistle on company scams against the government. Yearly, the Department of Justice recoups billions of bucks from companies that have dedicated fraud versus the government. America's Legal representative Mike Papantonio discusses individuals who have actually aided to subject the corruption of our own federal government. Discover more here:

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  1. Posted by Kent Deal, at Reply

    Let it all unravel…

    • Posted by Paul Berevoescu, at Reply


    • Posted by Kent Deal, at Reply

      Paul Berevoescu, your a moron…

  2. Posted by luckynumber 457, at Reply

    Don’t forget James O’Keefe!

  3. Posted by studio 2020, at Reply

    This is great info. Thanks. I didn’t know this. But try to keep it off you know who’s desk.

  4. Posted by only smellz, at Reply

    this guys a sleazy lawyer and all his videos are paid ads for his ambulance chasing law firm. Shows the intelligence of the typical TYT fan that they don’t know they’re watching commercials.

    • Posted by Darlene Troise, at Reply

      only smellz womp womp womp

    • Posted by only smellz, at Reply

      wow darlene you come with your own theme song. Fits you perfectly, genius.

    • Posted by Bayou Goop, at Reply

      only smellz
      you’re too lazy & incompetent to do the research yourself. if it’s not trump or fox, your brain short circuits.

    • Posted by Aaron Rodarte, at Reply

      How about you debate the topic instead of the person. The argument stands on its own no matter who says it.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      only smellz = Propaganda agent

  5. Posted by Holly84, at Reply

    TYT spreads fake news and should be sued.

    • Posted by Microsoft Word Technical Support, at Reply

      Holly84 Well, you spread herpes and should be tested. No one’s perfect.

    • Posted by Olivia Andersen, at Reply

      If you could sue someone for spreading fake news than we’d all have to agree on what’s real

    • Posted by Joe Annroy, at Reply

      Anna Kasparian : F*CK THIS F*CKIN F*CK

  6. Posted by Deacon Verter, at Reply

    Thanks for the legal lesson, Pap.

  7. Posted by TheSpielberger, at Reply

    *THE TRUMP DECEPTION*  It was Trump’s neocon operatives in the deep state that hacked the 2016 election, then when it was found out, they blamed the Russians for it knowing that it would lead to nowhere. Trump recently dissolved the PACEI… Watch the documentary Hacking Democracy… The 2016 election was indeed hacked, but not by the Russians. It was the neocon controlled deep state, which selected Trump to be its wartime figurehead leader.

  8. Posted by Microsoft Word Technical Support, at Reply


  9. Posted by Joe Annroy, at Reply

    weren’t TYT liberal snowflakes who supported criminals like Obummer and Killary? and now they finally post anti globalist material. what’s going on?

    • Posted by Spring Time, at Reply

      Wow, you people talk about Obama more than black people do. He is probably laying on the beach somewhere.

    • Posted by Done Lostme, at Reply

      On this subject talking Obama is spot on, his administration prosecuted more whistle blowers than all other administrations combined. Even the ACLU was out raged over the actions of President Affirmative Action!

  10. Posted by We Are Legion, at Reply

    It would have been nice if TYT had talked to me when I blew the whistle on corruption & fraud at a major federal contractor. Even with repeat requests, & FOIA Records, TYT ignored it. Even though it involved Tom Perez. They continue to ignore.

  11. Posted by The Big Picture, at Reply

    Oh Oh, guess what legislation the Repugs will tell the Donald puppet to go after next.

  12. Posted by Travis Rogers, at Reply


  13. Posted by Travis Rogers, at Reply

    *Protip: Don’t go to work for a corporation. Go to work to destroy the stranglehold all corporations have on our government and populace. No better corporations than bankrupt ones*

  14. Posted by Edmund Burke, at Reply

    Halliburton Iraq war.

  15. Posted by Crimson Halo, at Reply

    Please change this segment. The title cards, backgrounds, and outfits always feel just a bit *too* Saul Goodman.

  16. Posted by Chris Topher, at Reply

    Fake news

  17. Posted by Harvey Cotton, at Reply

    Re-upload? This feels… familiar.

    • Posted by Ethnic Shitposter, at Reply

      I never seen it.

  18. Posted by Simon 's, at Reply

    Blow that whistle, didn’t a contractor in recently times send faulty equipment to our soldiers and didn’t contractor steal money in Iraq, that has never been recovered.

  19. Posted by Sloppy Crotch, at Reply

    He looks like the voice of forensic files although they have never shown what he looks like on the show

    • Posted by Airborne Gibbon, at Reply

      Hahaha totally.