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Corporate Media Is Just As Dangerous As Fake News Sites


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While the danger posed by fake news sites like Breitbart is very real, so too is the danger posed by corporate-controlled news entities. They are the ones who pushed the Iraq lies, the Y2K fears, and the countless panic-inducing stories about diseases that only infected a handful of Americans. The Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this. SUBSCRIBE to Ring Of Fire: 

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  1. Posted by Hakasedess, at Reply

    But TYT’s news are 100% lifted from corporate news outlets…

    • Posted by Douglas Quaid, at Reply

      “WE WERE AGAINST SAUDI ARABIA YOU DUMBASS!!!” – Chunk The Brown Buffalo

  2. Posted by fAMOSS DAMOSS, at Reply

    proove that PIZZAGATE is fake then….

    • Posted by Dustin Charles, at Reply

      I could debunk Dan Seaman faster if you could post some quotes or points
      you believe are evidence.

    • Posted by Potato Masher, at Reply

      “On Dec. 4, Edgar M. Welch, a 28-year-old from North Carolina, arrived at
      Comet with a military-style rifle and a handgun. The police said he fired
      the rifle inside the pizzeria, hurting no one, and surrendered after
      finding no evidence to support claims of child slaves being held there.”

      done… you guys are just a bunch of fucktards

    • Posted by Patterns of Dis|Order, at Reply

      That’s not how the burden of proof works.

    • Posted by Anonymous Person, at Reply

      +Patterns of Dis|Order The burden of proof is on the paedophiles who have
      painting of children chained to a wall and pictures of little girls taped
      to a table.

  3. Posted by Pepe J. Miller, at Reply

    TYT is a part of corporate FAKE NEWS.
    Pizza gate is real and all Fake news agents are covering it up.

    • Posted by Dustin Charles, at Reply

      Is cheese slang for heroin? Is pasta slang for cocaine paste? Try inserting
      those words into the “pizzagate” stories. It’s a theory. Why should
      corporate media report on how half of Americans will believe anything?

  4. Posted by Chaud Poivron, at Reply

    TYT isn’t really much news. Mostly they give bias opinions on news. Sure
    they have one or two reporters in the field. DAPL is about the only thing I
    would give them much credit for. Otherwise they are just opinionated bias
    talking heads. Then they turn around and embrace a Hillary win. Hillary was
    everything they told us was wrong when they supported Bernie. I know Trump
    was worse to them regardless of them saying Trump was left of Hillary. They
    crack me up. Especially the two emotional wrecks, Cenk and Ana. Try to
    watch it as humor, and not take them serious.
    Their biggest investor is Buddy Roemer. His family has been indicted for
    federal racketeering and fraud with none other then the infamous head of
    the La Costra Nostra crime family, Carlos Marcello’s. See, you can’t really
    buy into their BS that they are a news channel. Real News, goes out and
    covers the real news, they don’t sit around with scripts to express their
    intolerance to things in the news. Maybe 3 percent of what they do is
    actually able to fit in the box called News.
    We use to have real news, I don’t see much of it anywhere to tell the
    truth. They are just opinionated talking heads everywhere now.

    • Posted by liquidminds, at Reply

      There is no such thing as unbiased news. What people usually refer to as
      “unbiased news”, should be called “news I agree with”.
      It’s called Affirmation Bias. Look it up.

    • Posted by Chaud Poivron, at Reply

      Sure today that is what it is. It wasn’t like that when I grew up. The
      three Networks all pretty much reported the news without bias. Opinions
      were left for the last couple of minutes and were Labeled as Opinions. But
      even then there was not a lot of difference. There were no schemes of
      division in the News then. The News use to be on the people’s side. Now
      they are on Wall Streets side.

  5. Posted by Subhash S, at Reply

    CNN lie all the time..I don’t know how ppl take it.

    • Posted by Potato Masher, at Reply

      so does Trump lol

    • Posted by liquidminds, at Reply

      I was wondering about that.. Are they going to prohibit all news in all
      forms? I mean you cannot trust the internet. Corporate media is biased.
      Newspapers are either dead or biased… Nothing out there anymore.

      But since wiki-leaks so far hasn’t been wrong, maybe wiki-leaks can become
      the new official news-source of the US. Just to make sure the news are
      important and correct 😉

  6. Posted by rhn94, at Reply

    More false equivalency from you morons, you think Alex Jones is just as bad
    as MSNBC? Try to be honest with yourselves.

  7. Posted by Angel Samael (angel of death), at Reply

    And then you have Fox news which is both.

    • Posted by Jasper Staton, at Reply


  8. Posted by Survival Guy, at Reply

    This is the liberal version of an alex jones rant. I’ve drank the
    progressive cool aid and although I agree with the premise of this video
    you cant shift the entire burden of things like the iraq war onto the
    media. And why bring up Afghanistan? turns out it was a al Qaeda stong hold
    which was destroyed (albit they just moved to Pakistan).

    • Posted by Survival Guy, at Reply

      RichOrElse so? the goverment and international community are also at fault.
      The American people need to share some of that burden to. Pakistan has had
      nukes for a long time, same place that bin laden was hiding out, but
      where’s the public outcry to invade them?

    • Posted by RichOrElse, at Reply

      There shouldn’t be an outcry. Russia has nukes too, every country should
      have nukes.

    • Posted by Survival Guy, at Reply

      RichOrElse you’re completely right there shouldn’t be just like the
      american people shouldn’t have accepted invading iraq even if there was
      WMDs. the news shouldn’t perpetuate it and the government shouldn’t be so

    • Posted by RichOrElse, at Reply

      +Survival Guy that’s because according to amercans, america is exceptional
      or was exceptional, it needs to be great again.

  9. Posted by scotaloo7 7g7, at Reply

    Fake news like TYT. Claiming that Russia hacked the elections with no proof
    and misleading people with BLM statistics that don’t tell the whole story.
    Murder increased by 10% in 2015. So yes, fake news has a death toll and
    it’s *your fault*.

    • Posted by Azphreal, at Reply

      It was the CIA who said that Russia was involved so reporting it IS news.

    • Posted by NaziGOPBallmer, at Reply

      *”Fake news like TYT.”*

      Yeah right says the idiot taking that video out of context. Blame the
      assbag in the mirror.

    • Posted by MyNameIs Nunya, at Reply


    • Posted by scotaloo7 7g7, at Reply

      +Azphreal And plenty of *people from the CIA disagree with that*. People
      from the FBI said that Hillary tried to bribe them yet TYT claimed it
      wasn’t true because some people from the FBI claimed the opposite. double

    • Posted by scotaloo7 7g7, at Reply

      +NaziGOPBallmer How is that taking it out of context. Everyone from the
      left is claiming that right now.

  10. Posted by Eric Anderson, at Reply

    Fake news about “fake news”.

    • Posted by Patterns of Dis|Order, at Reply

      No substance here.

    • Posted by Greg S, at Reply

      Yet you still came here. Why?

    • Posted by Patterns of Dis|Order, at Reply

      To save you the time to do it, of course. That’s just the kind of nice
      person I am. 😉

  11. Posted by Beastly Hax, at Reply

    “Only tells half the story”, that’s funny for TYT to say.

    • Posted by MyNameIs Nunya, at Reply


    • Posted by hopposai787, at Reply

      mynameis nunya triggered much are you? marked, marked, marked,marked,
      mrked, mrkd, mrd, a robot winding down is all you are.

  12. Posted by sky forever, at Reply

    corporate media and fake news is fake ?! is there even any information left
    to find that’s truthful

    • Posted by Mr. GoodKat, at Reply

      sky forever not on this channel they are part of the disinformation that is

    • Posted by sky forever, at Reply

      Mr. GoodKat anywhere on earth ?. do I have to resort to rt simply cuz I’m
      that desperate?!

    • Posted by Mr. GoodKat, at Reply

      sky forever you may have to at least they try report some actual news. It’s
      a shame when Americans have to get our news from the Russians because of
      scum like this buffalo..#losercenk

  13. Posted by Liberals thats that shit i dont like bang bang, at Reply

    how is pizza gate fake where is the proof that its debunked

    • Posted by k3v1n47, at Reply

      Why is anyone debunking something that has no evidence to support it? Why
      don’t you debunk this assertion:
      *”Leprechauns are real.”*

    • Posted by SurvivorVeteran1, at Reply

      Where is the proof that it exists? You cannot possibly be this ignorant,
      can you?

    • Posted by Azza Azza, at Reply

      Where is a proof lol ?

  14. Posted by MsFalseface, at Reply

    well if they ever crack down on fake news, i imagine TYT will be one of the
    first to go, nobody go over the top quite like Cenk does LOL

    • Posted by Popeye's chicken, at Reply

      MsFalseface when has tyt done fake news?

  15. Posted by Colin C., at Reply

    Of course people who have been demonizing shitty Hillary Clinton for more
    than a year, would believe in something like this bogus “Pizzagate”
    scandal. They believe it because they so badly WANT to believe it. It
    distracts them from all of Trump’s broken campaign promises.

    • Posted by Myra Tanguma, at Reply

      +SteveM that’s not how it works…not In this case.. Please educate
      yourself. America cant handle anymore uneducated trolls.

    • Posted by SteveM, at Reply


    • Posted by SteveM, at Reply

      Please enlighten me on what you’re trying to convey oh educated one.

    • Posted by Myra Tanguma, at Reply

      I think youre doing a great job of doing that for me. Sometimes you need a
      visual to prove the point

    • Posted by SteveM, at Reply


  16. Posted by Andrew Wells, at Reply

    TYT kept accusing Brexit voters of being racist and anti-immigration. That
    lie creates division, and devalues the meaning of the word.

    • Posted by James Jamesbond, at Reply

      Andrew Wells Insularity is the the death of collaborative world peace. The
      world is an increasingly tinnier place everyday.

    • Posted by Andrew Wells, at Reply

      +myheartspits​​ Just look at the Official leave campaign not only was its
      leader, herself an immigrant but look at the arguments they made.

      Daniel Hannan spoke in more debates than anyone else, he never brought up
      immigration. The legendary Tony Benn (the greatest ever labour MP) opposed
      the EU his entire carrier. Jenny Jones (the only Green in the House of
      Lords) opposed the EU for 40 years. As did Babra Castle, Peter Shore,
      Dennis Healy and so many other people. None of them were hostile to

      I shouldn’t have to prove Brexiteers aren’t racist based on anecdotal
      evidence. Racism is a foul thing to accuse someone of and TYT should have
      to grace to withdraw their comment. Just look at the campaign Vote Leave
      fought. It was brilliant and that’s why they won.

    • Posted by myheartspits, at Reply

      Fair enough. I admit that all I have is anecdotal evidence. I see that a
      lot of Brexiteers had reasons not at all racist. And by the way, I also
      believe that most Trump supporters are not racists. One of Hillary’s
      biggest mistakes was the ‘deplorables’ comment. These issues really are
      much more complicated than is often claimed or argued. I know for a fact
      there is a huge anti-immigration, nationalist movement gaining ground
      across the world. As such, I would have a hard time believing that Brexit
      had nothing to do with immigration, though I’m willing to believe that it
      wasn’t the biggest reason.

    • Posted by Andrew Wells, at Reply

      +myheartspits Thanks, I agree that controlling our borders was an issue
      some people were concerned about. Particularly Nigel Farage (but he wasn’t
      part of the Official campaign, they refused to associate with him and
      didn’t give him a platform).

      But of course not most, for example the BBC did a poll two weeks after the
      vote which showed only 21 per cent of leave voters thought Brexit would
      bring down immigration.

  17. Posted by Kathy Hershey, at Reply

    And you FURTHER the fake news story by saying that he “shot up” the pizza
    place. One round was fired. Yes, he did indeed shoot his weapon. Once. Not
    exactly “shooting up” a place. Stop reporting fake news please.

    • Posted by Vaderoid, at Reply

      DOlz OK kid.

  18. Posted by Vanity, at Reply

    One of the issues that needs to be addressed in this country is the overt
    bias that goes into media in general. It’s gone beyond simply having a left
    or right perspective. The media has helped to create these ideological
    bubbles that people sea themselves inside of.

  19. Posted by Lawless Rebelblood, at Reply

    If only ten to 20% of us are left who can stand up to them then?

  20. Posted by Roy Kliffen, at Reply

    Didn’t the Spanish-American war start on instigation of William Randolph
    Hearst? …. so, what’s new?