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Corporate Media Will Say Anything To Delegitimize The Progressive Movement


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Jordan Chariton and Jimmy Dore go over the media commercial complex as well as Jordan's brand-new book, "Company Disadvantage Job: Exactly how The Mainstream Media Aids The Oligarchy."

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  1. Posted by Ken Bones, at Reply

    You know you’re early when you beat the tyt hatewatchers
    Ps: we love you for all the views you give our favorite network

    • Posted by The angry teamster, at Reply

      APlatinumOrange when you can put a legible sentenced together, than speak. Until then, take your word salad elsewhere.

    • Posted by The angry teamster, at Reply

      Ray Fire you don’t understand, us Liberals don’t like the travel ban and apparently neither does the Supreme Court. Have a nice day!

  2. Posted by Sarge Scum, at Reply

    f the trolls

    • Posted by TrollHunterExtraordinaire' #PurgeAllTrolls, at Reply

      There are too many of them.

    • Posted by G Washington, at Reply

      Damn patriotic Americans…

    • Posted by left leaning libertarian, at Reply

      Sarge Scum OH, please f me. f me hard.

  3. Posted by sylezjusz, at Reply

    You’re a regressive movement though.

    • Posted by Shade Bleu, at Reply


    • Posted by Justin-Timothy Frater, at Reply

      0000 0000 What positive social change has Trump achieved which isn’t for rich white men?

  4. Posted by Black Film Guild, at Reply

    LOL…. 3.3 million subs now! those extra 300k are the trolls who comment on each video.

    • Posted by Football-Pundit, at Reply

      Ivan Enfinger Can u share a link to the video where Cenk denies the Armenian Genocide, i saw a video where Ana screams “I dont deny the Armenian Genocide” and pretty much had a meltdown….White Ppl “ended” slavery gee thanks for finally realizing after 3-4 hunderd yrs that u cannot treat fellow human beings as Slaves and by also saying this u r disrespecting all those black men who died trying to fight slavery. u really shud be ashamed…Also Blacks still face a lot of racism, discrimination, hate even today do u deny that.

      Also, majority of Brazilians in 1800’s and 1900’s were Portuguese, Spanish and Italian immigrants who were the ruling party and black slave owners so ur statement about Brazil is ignorant and False. U r comparing 2017 Brazil with 1900 Brazil, LoL.. Btw even in 2006 Whites were the majority race in Brazil so how can u call it a “Brown” Country?? Lol

    • Posted by Football-Pundit, at Reply

      dub2459 Response time has nothing to do with being a Troll or not, the examples i sent earlier r trolls and TYT comment section is full of them.

    • Posted by Black Film Guild, at Reply

      Football-Pundit there is no video. it does not exist. I think there was a paper he wrote that the killing did not constitute a genocide. Most people who are upset never even read the article. if you are going to be mad at the guy for his opinion at least read it, and then come to your own conclusions.

    • Posted by Football-Pundit, at Reply

      Black Film Guild Makes sense, i could not find any such video and these ppl who r calling Cenk a genocide denier may not even know abt this article and just saw some Troll saying it and jumped on the bandwagon..If some1 else can find that video pls share

    • Posted by Black Film Guild, at Reply

      Exactly, you hit it on the head! Notice how when you asked for teh video everyone is quiet…haha

  5. Posted by Anthony Rock, at Reply

    malcolm x “If you’re not careful the media will have you hating the oppressed and loving those who do the oppressing.”

    • Posted by matt reeves, at Reply

      Hey that is offensive Goebbels was at least talented

  6. Posted by KubusSc7, at Reply

    And TYT would say anything to attack Trump. How is it different?

    • Posted by FemScout main, at Reply

      InfectedByEli because sometimes the “news” they bring is misleading in nature

    • Posted by GreenGretel, at Reply

      +Benjamin Roberts. _”The news doesn’t have a perspective.”_ Imagine being over 12 and actually believing this?

    • Posted by InfectedByEli, at Reply

      FemScout, but that wasn’t Benjamin’s point at all. He was claiming that you can either bring news, OR comment in it, not both. Which is bullshit. The point you raise is a whole other discussion.

  7. Posted by liedetector101, at Reply

    Progressive is the new name for racist fascists.

    • Posted by liedetector101, at Reply

      Jessman9000 you see what I’m talking about, now you and I are trolls to be dismissed according to TYT fans.

  8. Posted by Zizu Zai, at Reply

    What happened to my wigga, Talcum-X?

  9. Posted by Affliction66 6, at Reply

    Sjws and race baiting is what are killing progressives

    • Posted by Ronin Dave, at Reply

      no corporate democrats and their bought-off media are killing progressives – people that actually have money and influence

    • Posted by Affliction66 6, at Reply

      Ronin Dave no you need to leave your echo chamber

    • Posted by aaronpolitical, at Reply

      Not actual progressives, alt-right bigot. Only the fake ones.

  10. Posted by Olivier Callec, at Reply

    ” Hi kids, do you like having a home ? Well, Bernie Sanders wants to remove you from your houses and give them away. Also, he wants to send your parents to labour camps and enroll you in his red army. “

    • Posted by Jessman9000, at Reply

      “- yours trully, a normal jackass”

    • Posted by Jane KasumiCZ, at Reply

      Olivier Callec Wait, are you saying Sanders is Stalin oooorrr…

  11. Posted by Progressive Logic, at Reply

    Probably because the “progressive” movement is loopy and unrealistic. People look at what’s happening to Europe and what’s been happening in Venezuela and they want no part of socialism. The only people voting for the “progressive” movement are the recipient class, but unfortunately for them, there are more people who actually work and pay taxes who don’t want to pay 50% or more of what the EARN and give it to deadbeat leaches so they can stay in college for 10 years smoking pot and studying how black people talk. It isn’t the corporate media that’s dumping the progressive movement, it’s the democrat party bosses. They ran progressive candidate Barry Obama and after his election the democrats lost lost and LOST. They fully understand that it isn’t a viable option. TYT and their teeny bopper audience, not so much.

    • Posted by Supreme, at Reply

      +Negative Nub – As someone who lived in Venezuela and still has relatives there, I know first hand that the Venezuelan economy was dependent on oil exports. As the price of oil plummeted a while back, their economy went into a free fall. Venezuela’s problems come from back economic management that is independent of its social leanings.

    • Posted by Catastrophic Broccoli, at Reply

      +Negative Nub Ah here we have conservative “logic” at its finest. We look at two countries, both socialist. One is doing great, the other is doing terribly. Your conclusion: SOCIALISM IS THE CAUSE OF THE ONE DOING TERRIBLY! But…how? That doesn’t make any sense. There must be other factors otherwise there would be NO socialist countries doing well but there clearly are. And yet…you still believe it.

      Thank you for providing further evidence for my theory that conservatives are completely incapable of rational thought.

    • Posted by Supreme, at Reply

      +Catastrophic Broccoli – LMFAO! And yet they think that they are being logical. They can’t see to see how these ideas in their heads were given to them by people who have something to loose if more socialism in brought to the US.

  12. Posted by Scott Meegan, at Reply

    Bernie is a wrinkled old communist prune…

    • Posted by Jessman9000, at Reply

      Get a grip, get a hobby, read a book, and get a life.

    • Posted by Metal Jacket, at Reply

      Jessman9000 Great advice! Both you and the Young Turds should take it some time!

  13. Posted by Whytebio, at Reply

    TYT: “The corporate media will say anything to smear the progressive moment! They’re bought and paid for liars with their own agenda….except for the Trump/Russia stuff, that’s totally true, and totally not just sensationalism to get ratings and the DNC off the hook for the shitty candidate they ran!”

    • Posted by Whytebio, at Reply

      What’s that go to do with Trump? 6 months of bitching from the left wing, the media and the intelligence services (minus the FBI) and still not a shred of evidence linking Trump to Russia. Even Comey, who had every reason to be vindictive, said there wasn’t an investigation into him because of no evidence.

      The more you know.

    • Posted by Professional Pussy Petter, at Reply

      Whytebio Do you know what an investigation is?

      Also if the NSA & CIA is in complete synergy about the russian connection that means there really is something there. Not to mention 4 members of his cabinet are on the record having secret meeting with the Russian. With the latest being his own son… When there’s smoke there’s fire & right now the smoke is choking the entire country.

      Also again upvoting your own comment real classy move.

    • Posted by Whytebio, at Reply

      Yes, you don’t seem to. You’re equating idea’s of Russia hacking election booths to Trump being in league with them. You can’t separate these two ideas, even though one has scant evidence supporting it and the other has absolutely none.

      And you’re going to believe these people? The same agencies who all said that Iraq had WMD’s which we based an invasion and geographic destabilization off of and which later turned out to be completely fabricated? Get outta here.

  14. Posted by North Sea Brent, at Reply

    Imagine what trump supporters would say if Bernie sanders had won the democrat nomination and then turned up at the DNC convention with five kids to three different women.

    • Posted by Novusod, at Reply

      Many Trump supporters would have flipped to Bernie Sanders if he was the nominee. Bernie would have won in a landslide.

      Trump also had three wives and children from each of those marriages.
      – Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump (children of the first marriage to Ivana Trump)
      – Tiffany Trump (child of second marriage to Marla Maples)
      – Barron Trump (child of third marriage to Melania Trump)

  15. Posted by Kanyarat Baker, at Reply

    TYT actually thinks there is still a “Progressive Movement”. LOL. It’s outlets like TYT that helped put Trump in the WH. You need to be able to work with others you may disagree with instead of scoff and call them “phobic” this and “phobic” that. The “progressive” intolerance and label machine killed their own ideals.

    • Posted by Peroxide, at Reply

      Kanyarat Baker And I suppose the Republicans are tolerant and want to work with Democrats?

    • Posted by Kanyarat Baker, at Reply

      That’s the TYT kool-aide thinking. It’s not Republican -v- Democrats. You think the Republican establishment even likes Trump? Hell no. The disenfranchised that got him elected came from both sides and a lot of independents too. The Dems need to change. Not double-down like Trump does.

    • Posted by Peroxide, at Reply

      Kanyarat Baker So, you say it’s not a partisan issue, and yet, it seems you regard Conservatives to be in the right and everyone else to be wrong. Everyone must change, including trump, who must learn to stop making anyone who opposes him his enemies without actually engaging them in a constructive manner.

  16. Posted by Rickest of Ricks, at Reply

    His Name Is Seth Rich.

  17. Posted by Hamish Gaffaney, at Reply

    are jimmy and Jordan the strongest of the young Turksđź‘Ť

  18. Posted by brandon neal, at Reply

    Jordan once you’re done with this book if you release a hard bound complete version I’ll pay for that. I’m sure others will too.

  19. Posted by M A, at Reply

    Obama bullshit hope….Amen to that!

  20. Posted by Andy Fruth, at Reply

    Why are the TYT haters trying to abolish free speech?