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Corporations Are Using Arbitration To ROB You Dry


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It looks like firms in the USA will quit at absolutely nothing in their mission commercial. One of their most well-known actions is stripping American consumers of their constitutional right to hold firms liable when they exist, cheat, as well as swipe. While it could look like a gross misuse of power, companies have actually been removing American customers of their rights for the last years with binding mediation conditions that they put into their agreements. These agreements remove your right to take legal action against a company, or join a course activity match against a business, and compel you to go before a corporate-friendly mediation panel that will certainly probably policy for the firm.

Mike Papantonio explains how widespread these adjudication conditions have actually come to be and also exactly what you should recognize to secure yourselves from these business goons …

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  1. Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

    “One of the biggest scam” is TYT’s WolfPac ponzi scheme.

    • Posted by Twitchy Hog, at Reply

      Savage-American Imperialist what’s that? Never heard of it.

    • Posted by Egg Head, at Reply

      Das rite homie!

    • Posted by captain bigballs, at Reply

      Savage has a scam in his butthole where more than three black men try to enter at the same time.

  2. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    They are trying to get away with their crimes by making it impossible to sue. Thats capitalism for you. They learned from the Mafia.

    • Posted by WoWFiend2005, at Reply

      Working as intended. This is what the people wanted in office; It has been granted. Hope they’re not trying to retire any time soon….

  3. Posted by D. Hall, at Reply

    *The Pap Attack* break it down for them Pap!

  4. Posted by Jesse Johnson, at Reply

    I love this segment! More More More….

  5. Posted by Vermont Independent-Newsroom, at Reply

    if the corporations that I have dealt with think a digital signature is a real signature they are wrong, a real signature is signed on a piece of paper with a ballpoint blue or black pen not some piece of technology they think can be used to capture a signature. So bring it on suckers!

  6. Posted by Justin Norton, at Reply

    I guess if there is a silver lining, it would be that we won’t have to bail wall street again. And trump supporters still really believe that he cares about the working class. Every republican leader voted yes for this. When will republican voters wake up? Stop voting for these assholes.

  7. Posted by XXVelocityXX, at Reply

    I just subscribed to “Ring of Fire” this guy is featured on. I suggest you do the same.

  8. Posted by Philip Hall, at Reply

    I actually quit a job due to arbitration glad I did they ripped off Hundreds have a nicer job now.

  9. Posted by cattigereyes1, at Reply

    Shotguns are a wonderful equalizer

  10. Posted by Dark Man, at Reply

    TyT uses virtue signaling to take advantage of you

    • Posted by Knekten, at Reply

      Dark Man you’re a sad, pathetic loser

    • Posted by Dave Jam, at Reply

      Wow he really is, he keeps harassing tyt. We should report him.

  11. Posted by jodi houts, at Reply

    So I guess it’s safe now to associate with them there Russians, huh? Lol. Thanks for this, Pappy is great at follow ups on things that don’t make the news anymore. Like DAPL, monsanto, pharmaceuticals and bank fraud.

  12. Posted by Knekten, at Reply

    Every video TYT makes, gets attacked by the loser alt righters and sheep like Trump supporters, 1 min after its posted. Every single video…

    That proves that the alt right conservative anti knowledge and anti facts Trump sheep are the most pathetic, sorry, sad, bunch of subhuman, worthless garbage ever to walk this earth.
    They are a constant burden on mankind, and they are so childish, vile, disgusting and insanly stupid, they are like some society cancer we cant get rid off.

    All of them are dumb as rocks, and thinks being a vile, disgusting troll is a great way to represent their causes and opinions.

    Subhuman trash all of them

    • Posted by Knekten, at Reply

      +J.W “You’re just being hateful. Not all conservatives are alt right or trump supporters. ” i know, thats why i pointed out alt right Trump supporters, the garbage of socitey

    • Posted by Rivaldo Dael, at Reply

      Knekten. This is not a safe space environment. Cenk would not even want that to be the case.

    • Posted by WoWFiend2005, at Reply

      The Alt Reich at work. Just make sure you shoot first. Otherwise, they run you over with a car. Literally.

  13. Posted by Flaming Squirrel, at Reply

    Here’s an idea, pull all your money out of the banks and put it in a Credit Union bank and that will put an end to this bullshit.

  14. Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

    That’s Mike Papantonio. He’s a prominent attorney and former president of the National Trial Lawyers Association. Mandatory arbitration clauses in consumer contracts are a thorn in the side of plaintiff’s attorneys. There is a lot of money at stake. Class actions, frivolous lawsuits, endless litigation, etc. America is the most litigious society on the planet.

  15. Posted by Real UFO Videos, at Reply

    Thank Republicans for this knife in the back. I’ll be cancelling all credit cards.

  16. Posted by Rivaldo Dael, at Reply

    It is all your own doing. You are voting the wrong people into congress and the WH. Deal with it.

  17. Posted by geekedmaxx, at Reply

    They do it in employment contracts to , that’s how alot of companies are able to lie and say you can get paid alot of money 1000-1500 a week , Uber Lyft doordash Postmates etc.. they know people are making less than min wage and employees can’t go to court to sue in a class action

  18. Posted by thegreatpotenza ', at Reply

    Usa is a huge ponzi scheme. Bitcoin rocks!! : )

  19. Posted by gb1701, at Reply

    One of the most egregious uses of this is by doctors. One tried to make me sign one within the new patient paperwork saying I would give up any right to malpractice claims in the event of complications and accept arbitration. When I balked at this, they refused to see me and I went to find other doctor since the question was one of if this guy was competent, why would they have to force patients to sign waivers?