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Cosby To Begin ‘Get Away With Rape Tour’


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Expense Cosby is going on a trip to discuss preventing rape claims. Kim Horcher, Ben Mankiewicz, as well as Mark Thompson, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Tell us just what you think in the comment section below.

" Less compared to a week after a mistrial was declared in Expense Cosby's criminal instance for the 2004 sexual offense of Andrea Constand, the star shamelessly is preparing yourself to go on the roadway to show people how you can prevent being accuseded of sex criminal offenses.

" We have actually obtained hundreds of telephone calls from civic organizations and churches that intend to hear Mr. Cosby speak at city center regarding the problem of criminal justice, how the bargain he was provided was eliminated and also the Willie Horton design advertisement that obtained the present D.A. in workplace as well as after Mr. Cosby," Cosby's spokesman Andrew Wyatt informed Deadline today, validating comments he and also fellow flack Ebonee Benson made on Alabama local TV previously Thursday (see video clip listed below). "These organizations fear for boys and women today; this is larger compared to Costs Cosby," Wyatt added.

" We have just begun talks today, but Birmingham is going to be among the cities, perhaps Chicago and also Detroit, lots of locations," Wyatt said of the scenic tour that begins in July, which can come as the Montgomery Region Area Attorney's workplace remains to move forward with a prepared brand-new trial by the end of the year. Wyatt had no talk about inquiries regarding the suitability or optics of such a scenic tour by Cosby, who would need to sign up as a sex offender amongst his penalties if found guilty in a new test."

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Hosts: Kim Horcher, Ben Mankiewicz, Mark Thompson

Cast: Kim Horcher, Ben Mankiewicz, Mark Thompson


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  1. Posted by mostliberal, at Reply


    • Posted by ItsThatKidGreg, at Reply

      mostliberal you do realize that even if he had gone to jail, he’d most likely be put in protective custody, AWAY from other inmates right?

    • Posted by Black Hippy, at Reply

      mostliberal you realize this man is bill Cosby they would make jokes but my guy he is bill Cosby he was a dad too people with out dads. them niggas wouldnt want too harm a man who helped in the civil rights movement. long story short if he went too jail he would’ve been fine

    • Posted by RT, at Reply

      mostliberal They wouldn’t have the courtesy of drugging him first

  2. Posted by John Smash, at Reply

    Will BLM protest this?

    • Posted by Coach JG, at Reply

      John Smash nope he mainly rapes white women.

    • Posted by One Voice, at Reply

      John Smash dumbest comment on this video

    • Posted by darealJazwon, at Reply

      The right’s reaction to mass shootings was to buy more guns. By the way, which right wing supporting website did you get your facts from. According to, the research that was used was misinterpreted. Especially since they didn’t specify what type of crimes these people committed. Get your facts straight and check your sources.

  3. Posted by Darylifill Ifill, at Reply

    What you see is white Supremacy because if it wasn’t where is the venom for Charlie Sheen and Bill O’Reilly

    • Posted by RockdownPlus, at Reply

      Dustin Zilbauer Because in a system of white supremacy black men are held to be guilty until proven innocent.

  4. Posted by beastalchemist, at Reply

    That’s like Tomi Lahren trying to teach journalism.

    • Posted by katra, at Reply

      see you on future TYT vids!

    • Posted by Xpuppetman07X, at Reply

      Or like liberal cucks trying to lose their virginity…

    • Posted by Almaeiz Alhàkim, at Reply

      beastalchemist Tomi Lahren is insufferable that’s all I wanted to say

    • Posted by KingStannis Baratheon, at Reply

      Xpuppetman07X lol triggered cuckservative spotted

    • Posted by APlatinumOrange, at Reply

      Alasdair Jewitt But they aren’t heard from at all, all they show are the hosts. TYT has devolved from a show I enjoyed into a Liberal Pandering Talk Show

  5. Posted by left leaning libertarian, at Reply

    Bill Cosby did nothing wrong.

    • Posted by left leaning libertarian, at Reply

      I can’t believe I have the top comment. this is the first time I have ever had the top comment but it probably won’t last long, sadly.

    • Posted by Stradavarious Jay, at Reply

      left leaning libertarian exactly

    • Posted by KELLSONIC, at Reply

      Umm ya, well guess what Cosby was accused in the past in I think either 2005 or 2006, and Cosby *himself* has admitted to making those kind of drinks that can make women “tired” and many of those women that accused him are some what well know models and actresses. In fact if I recall Lou Ferrignos wife has a Bill Cosby story as well on how he attempted to rape her and Model Janice Dickinson in 2006 said “Bill is a very bad man” on Howard Stern. As for why they didn’t come out sooner considering the time and who Bill Cosby is they felt they would have just been blow off as lairs and not taken seriously. Most rape victims do not come forward that is a fact. Is it really so hard to believe that over 50 women wouldn’t be brave enough to come forward and accuse a very famous and at one time liked celebrity? The Jury did not “feel the same way” It was a mistral do you know what a mistral is? I Mistral is were they couldn’t decide on anything because one or two assholes in the jury wouldn’t agree with the rest. Also can you please retake your political compass I call Bullshit on you being left or libertarian.

    • Posted by left leaning libertarian, at Reply

      KELLSONIC yes I find it very hard to believe that 53 women waited years to say anything about it.

      I am actually a social liberal and you have been trolled. have a nice day.

  6. Posted by hueykhalidX, at Reply

    BS!!! This is nothing more than PROPAGANDA to demonize an INNOCENT BLACK MAN!!!

    • Posted by Ryan Nurmi, at Reply

      One Voice and oj was innocent

    • Posted by Hakasedess, at Reply

      Sup Tariq?

    • Posted by narutodssunny, at Reply

      How, even Cosby said he drug them.

  7. Posted by denveroutlaws06, at Reply

    This is like OJ going around the country telling people how to get away with murder

    • Posted by Chris Spencer, at Reply

      denveroutlaws06 you white people still cant accept you lost

    • Posted by RiotforPeacePlz, at Reply

      IDK Glen Edwards was with OJs wife a few days be4 hand so….

  8. Posted by RedNiNo Fioz, at Reply

    She destroyed her credibility by calling him multiple times & changing her story.

    • Posted by Daylight Comes, at Reply

      Enriquillo Cosby didn’t admit to drugging women, he admitted to sharing drugs with them. There’s a difference. Nowhere did he admit to forcing or tricking women into taking drugs.

    • Posted by DISCO-INFERNO-70, at Reply

      Cosby destroyed HIS credibility the moment he ADMITTED to drugging women for sex.
      This is all from official court depositions.
      Funny how credibility and doubt are only valid for the person YOU want to defend.

    • Posted by Sprax, at Reply

      Sharing drugs, isn’t drugging people. I’m not saying that he didn’t spike them, not completely sure, however it is widely known but older dudes that quaaludes and cocaine were the party & sex drugs of choice at the time.

  9. Posted by The Independent Canadian, at Reply

    its hilarious to read the comments… also mildly disturbing…. so many rape apologists…


    • Posted by Moving Froward, at Reply

      The Independent Canadian how can we be apologists for something that didn’t happen?

      Are you seriously that ignorant to not know why a rich person might settle for something they aren’t guilty for?

    • Posted by Moving Froward, at Reply

      Hazzycakes no he didn’t

    • Posted by Xpuppetman07X, at Reply

      Notice most of his defenders are blacks. Typical…

    • Posted by NARKISDUDE, at Reply

      Exactly, just like Michael Jackson

    • Posted by 42 Tribes, at Reply

      You settle so you wont loose at the wims of a jury. Guilty or innocent you could always win or loose.

  10. Posted by David Harrison, at Reply

    How to avoid being accused of sexual assault:

    Step 1: Don’t drug and rape several women for 40 years

    • Posted by John Flannigan, at Reply

      Angela Santiago , right, because 40 women accusing an innocent man of rape happens all the time lol. happens to all famous men, right? lol

    • Posted by Oppolulia, at Reply

      John Flannigan No but rape claims have happened to have ruined ALOT of famous men’s careers like Michael Jackson

    • Posted by Exposing the Emperor, at Reply

      How to be accused of rape?

      Have a bunch of white women scream rape!

    • Posted by SpeakDahTruth, at Reply

      David Harrison which he didn’t

    • Posted by llewylnmoss, at Reply

      Brainwashed idiot

  11. Posted by Pallas AnitaSarkeesian, at Reply

    Bill Cosby >>> Donald Trump

    • Posted by Vigilant Stoner, at Reply

      Pallas AnitaSarkeesian this is what’s wrong with America. You’re literally saying A rapist is better than someone who disagrees with you on politics.

    • Posted by Peter Yang, at Reply

      people are dumb, just nuke the entire earth.

  12. Posted by Telace Johnson, at Reply

    why do people keep say Cosby raped these women…when they been caught lying…and there’s no evidence he did anything…. (#innocent until #PROVEN guilty)

    • Posted by Megan Schmidt, at Reply

      Rape claims are serious. I’d hate to see anyone convicted if they didn’t do it. I don’t know enough about this case to form an opinion on it. I do know years back, before I met my now husband, he was accused of rape. He slept with some girl that had a fiance and couldn’t keep her legs closed. When her fiance found out, she cried ” rape ” in a poor attempt at saving her relationship Thankfully, her friend knew what happened, told the truth and then that girl changed her story after the truth came out and the friend pressured her to do the right thing. That’s horrifying when a woman can cry rape or abuse on an innocent person and it can ruin their lives. Of course rape happens to both genders and it needs to be dealt with in a harsh way when someone violates your body, but sadly there are people who make up false claims to get back at a spouse, personal reasons, money, etc. I’m not suggesting this happened in this case, I don’t know enough about it to make an informed opinion. I truly hope these women wouldn’t lie about such a serious thing. If anyone is caught making up rape charges, they should be charged criminally. It makes true rape victim’s not want to come forward and can damage a mans life permanently being labeled a rapist when he’s not.

    • Posted by Sparrow, at Reply

      Megan Schmidt smartest comment on here

    • Posted by Megan Schmidt, at Reply

      +Sparrow I appreciate that. Thank you!0 🙂

    • Posted by MrNodebate, at Reply

      Although I probably have a different opinion on Cosby (and whether or not he did it), you’re absolutely right. It’s a very tricky subject which should be handled with absolute professionalism (which, at the time, it isn’t). I guess we have to wait and see…

    • Posted by MrNodebate, at Reply

      PS: But what I can say with certainty is that Bill Cosby *did* rape something, and that is: *my childhood* – with that abomination called *”The Cosby Show”*! Never again have I seen a lamer sitcom, but it always had the best time slots on TV!
      So when I first heard the news, I was like: “I knew there was something wrong with this guy”… that’s maybe why I’m a little biased here (wouldn’t make it to the jury, I guess *lol*) 😉

  13. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    same hypocrites on here condemning Bill Cosby as guilty are the same hypocrites that supported the cop that killied philando Castile! they were both innocent according to the law, but we all know damn well that cop murdered that man!

    • Posted by E.D. E., at Reply

      Dumdum-I feel exactly the same.

    • Posted by Jaerdin Spader, at Reply

      Jamie Cox Cosby wasn’t acquitted. meaning, they did not make a decision of guilty or non-guilty but 10 out of the 12 jurors said guilty.

    • Posted by Mason Hollander, at Reply

      Jaerdin Spader Actually, that’s false. Another juror said they 7-5 not 10-2. Stop reading fake news.

    • Posted by Jaerdin Spader, at Reply

      Mason Hollander one juror said 7-5 and another said 10-2. both anonymously. either way, most said guilty.

    • Posted by lanite85, at Reply

      +Mason Hollander. It isn’t false mate, one juror says they were 10-2 in favor of guilt while another juror says they were locked 7-5. Both claims were made and now it boils down to who you believe.

  14. Posted by Tania Haldar, at Reply

    According to this comment section, tyt cant do anything right. If they believe Bill Cosby is guilty of raping several women, they are accused of being racist and white supremacists. When they defend victims like Philando Castile, that is “black privilege”? People hate based on inconsistencies and hypocrisy.

    • Posted by dumb idiot, at Reply

      Tania Haldar
      maybe it’s because these are different groups of people complaining lol

    • Posted by Tania Haldar, at Reply

      dumb idiot sometimes… but then there are just tyt trolls who dont have a clear base for their arguments

    • Posted by English3Muffin, at Reply

      TYT comment section is cancer

  15. Posted by Casey Ryan, at Reply

    Let it go. Bill Cosby won. He conquered you.

    • Posted by BV DO, at Reply

      Once it was not guilty Cosby Won and the DA lost. The DA failed to prove the case against him. Plain and simple.

    • Posted by 6dazey9, at Reply

      Won? Omg there are no winners in this case.

    • Posted by BV DO, at Reply

      That’s how the law works. You are innocent until proven guilty. So Cosby is innocent since the prosecution failed to prove him guilty. I hope that clears it up for you.

    • Posted by ネガル, at Reply

      No he is innocent because the justice system think that regular people should decide whether someone is guity or not instead of judges

    • Posted by ekhaat, at Reply

      There is no winner. Sad story either way.

  16. Posted by N.W.A., at Reply

    Anyone who believe a white women when they say they’ve been raped by a black man need their head examined. White women come out the womb falsely accusing black men of rape. It’s just what they do. Always have. Always will.

    • Posted by N.W.A., at Reply

      Already addressed in the thread, genius.

    • Posted by Morgan Jess, at Reply

      wow….seriously wtf did I just read?

    • Posted by TheComment YouScrolledPassed, at Reply

      Morgan Jess that if you don’t speak up about rape, youre a coward, that if you think a human being is untouchable to the law, you’re stupid, AND if you let stupid and coward actions allow the statute of limitations to come in, then you don’t deserve to put the man behind bars, period.

  17. Posted by Joe Parrigen, at Reply

    Cosby is innocent, get over it.

    • Posted by Rayn Wolfsbane, at Reply

      If he’s innocent why wasn’t there a not guilty verdict?

    • Posted by chaisy a, at Reply

      because they are bitter that they couldn’t “nail” him.

  18. Posted by dapunisher1000, at Reply

    IF white people can believe and pull a rape charge on Cosby after 40-50 years off of some woman’s complaint …. why can’t they pull a murder charge for Emmitt Till after the white woman who caused his death admitting she lied? #whtiehypocrisy

    • Posted by 42 Tribes, at Reply

      They changed the local statute of limitations law to charge Cosby. Opened sealed documents to charge Cosby, presented a case that was worse than he said she said and when they failed to convict him they released the names of the jurors.
      How long ago was Trump’s rape allegations?

    • Posted by run away pacman!, at Reply


  19. Posted by Pasta Pasta, at Reply

    Bill Cosby is innocent. He’s legacy was destroyed forever though. 😢

    • Posted by bro guy, at Reply

      Pasta Pasta dudes a serial rapist….but you know all about that stuff

    • Posted by NARKISDUDE, at Reply

      Sure, 30 women just happen to pass out near him.
      biased idiot.