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Counsel Investigating Trump For Money Laundering


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If Trump made an unlawful manage the Russians, Robert Mueller wants to discover. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us exactly what you believe in the remark section listed below.

" Along with examining whether or not Donald Trump devoted blockage of justice by shooting previous FBI Director James Comey, unique guidance Robert Mueller is also reportedly checking out "cash laundering by Trump associates," the New York Times records.

The Times record proves a separate bombshell Washington Post short article, published Wednesday, that stated in addition to possible blockage, private investigators are also "searching for any kind of proof of feasible financial criminal offenses among Trump affiliates."

" A previous senior official stated Mr. Mueller's examination was checking out loan laundering by Trump partners," a resource told the Times. "The uncertainty is that any type of teamwork with Russian authorities would certainly more than likely have been performed in exchange for some type of monetary reward, and that there would certainly have been an initiative to hide the rewards, most likely by routing them via overseas banking facilities."" *.

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  1. Posted by FUCKtrump FUCKtrump, at Reply

    trumpsters are you tired of winning yet

    • Posted by ktrez2000, at Reply

      The Trumpsters are not so much interested in winning as they are in hoping their enemies will lose. It is a shame to have to say it but we have degraded to a society not so much interested in improving ourselves and wishing others the best but in pulling the other down in an effort to appear larger in the eyes of others. The latter route is much easier than the working hard and achieving route.

  2. Posted by Nathalia Cadena, at Reply


    • Posted by Nathalia Cadena, at Reply

      Fennec Fox I’m so happy that I am in Colombia .____. shu shu

    • Posted by Fennec Fox, at Reply

      I am in Tunja!
      Lets meet so I can eat your booty.

    • Posted by Nathalia Cadena, at Reply

      Fennec Fox jajaja que mentira! igualmente tengo ya a alguien que se lo “come” ;p

  3. Posted by Davi Jones, at Reply


    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      I guess it’s a case of anything that challenges their bullshit is something ‘they’ hate.

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      SpocksBro – You do realise that you come across as someone lashing out because they have an inferiority complex, thin skin, bruised ego and ignorance.   I’m just pointing it out to you because it’s so obvious to the rest of us.

    • Posted by Peter Menezes, at Reply

      Octonauts !

  4. Posted by jonesy, at Reply

    get that orange monkey out of office

    • Posted by BillPrestin Esquire, at Reply

      he is making buffoons out of all of us mikey , but you have your lamprey lips locked so tight on daddy trumps nut sack that you cannot see,,lol,, right wingers are the group living in a bubble and how does it feel to know you were conned into voting for an idiot? the orange anus played Americas dumber class like Chinese made fiddles , you are dumb but it is ok because the adults will be voted back in and start the repair all over again, what really must pucker your mangina is the FACT that the U.S. does so MUCH better when Dems are in control , this is a verified fact , numbers do not lie, but that simple fact is probably over your simpleton head

    • Posted by BillPrestin Esquire, at Reply

      you just cannot stand that Obama started us down the right path ,,now the wealthy gang of miscreants you ham heads voted in will pillage us dry again ,,,dumb in the morning dumb all day

    • Posted by Mike Crawford, at Reply

      BillPrestin Esquire
      8 Years of Obama and he did do one thing right.. He created more victories for Republicans than ever in history. Now if you could pull Obamas nut sack out of your mouth you would realize that. I’m sure you would cope with life better.

  5. Posted by vkkidz4life, at Reply

    dont think ive ever been this early for a tyt video lol

    hey trump fans, tired of winning yet?

    • Posted by R J, at Reply

      No, love the winnig. How about those special elections….. oh….. sorry.

    • Posted by Sam Burns, at Reply

      It’s hard to be tired of winning when the corporate dems continue to lose elections. Such news probably feels refreshing to Trump supporters.

  6. Posted by tony G, at Reply

    Bought the house for 40 Million, sold it for 100 million = 60% increase. Cenk has some maths skills.

    • Posted by tony G, at Reply

      doug905 so 60 percent increase of 40 million equals 100 million? hahahahaha.

    • Posted by tony G, at Reply

      nosuchthing8 thats why its funny.

    • Posted by David Twigg, at Reply

      tony G funny how a simple joke about a math error blows up into angry name calling like it even matters.

    • Posted by tony G, at Reply

      David Twigg This is serious business david. Life and death situations here.

    • Posted by Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this, at Reply

      Cenk was just going too fast. It happens to everybody 150% of the time. Wait, what?

  7. Posted by EST 1989, at Reply

    Lol… I can’t wait to see what the Trump supporters will say about this.

    • Posted by 91C4NVA, at Reply

      They will say how come no one investigated Obama for that, Hillary did the same thing they will say.

    • Posted by MarcusCism, at Reply

      They’ll say whatever Alex Jones says.

    • Posted by TheComment YouScrolledPassed, at Reply

      EST 1989 bruh… first sexual allegations, next, tax returns, next, russia, next. obstruction of justice, now this????? yeah, we’re still winning if this is your democrat’s last resort

    • Posted by Jane Lin, at Reply

      +TheComment NoOneCaresAbout
      Dude, STOP COPY/PASTING, you useless hack.

  8. Posted by sara, at Reply

    most people still won’t care about this because american’s get dumber every year

    • Posted by RemnantArmy3, at Reply

      sara They won’t care because Americans are as narcissistic and dishonest as he is

  9. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Its not money laundering. Its alternative lending.

    • Posted by Hmoob_Mikah, at Reply

      It’s not money laundering, it’s just a small loan of a million dollars

    • Posted by Steven Chaisson, at Reply

      I like that alternative lending, how about rich and powerful white people lending

    • Posted by Justin Huang, at Reply

      Alternative lending = draining the swamp ???

    • Posted by dra6o0n, at Reply

      Russia has been doing money laundering for YEARS, and I mean DECADES.
      How else would they be able to fund their military for a long time even when they are squeezing as much money out of their own people from taxation!

      Other than money laundering, another method for Russia to make money is selling arms, and their favorite clients are the middle eastern nations that hates each other’s guts, and would love to have the ‘top’ armament of the month to ‘trump’ their opponents… Of course Russia won’t sell nukes to them, or they bring NATO’s attention to Russia themselves.

    • Posted by Kari F, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond 😂😂😂 Why so sad and tired looking, Pepe? Too much covfefe yesterday?

  10. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    TYT bring another fact based commentary designed to educate the public. Cenk is our Thomas Paine. We are witnessing another American revolution. One of information and knowledge.

    • Posted by Cant Touch ABCD 303, at Reply

      Mike Crawford , and i hope you can fight like a man when you’re face to face with a gang of fus with bigger guns and or your bullets run out, and you need knuckle up.

    • Posted by President Donald Trump, at Reply

      I love the sarcasm in your comment.
      Funny how people don’t get it.

    • Posted by Jitka Soliman, at Reply

      Jeri Kourkoumelis Just watch some documentaries like “Trump’s dubious friends” on You Tube and double check what you saw on Google. Then decide what is right and wrong

  11. Posted by JackgarPrime, at Reply

    A billionaire real estate mogul based out of New York? I’d be shocked if he hasn’t laundered money.

    • Posted by iceberg265, at Reply

      He’s not a billionaire.

    • Posted by President Donald Trump, at Reply

      +iceberg265 Yes he is. Forbes has him over 4 billion. Dumbass.
      Actually, he’s worth more than that, closer to 10 billion in terms of assets and real estate.

    • Posted by Washif Ali, at Reply

      President Donald Trump yeah!! of course he is.. by MONEY LAUNDERING 😒

  12. Posted by Michael Granja, at Reply

    trump dip shits will say its fake news 😂😂 even though its true

    • Posted by ranger1000, at Reply

      like how “russia hacked the election” LOL

    • Posted by TheComment YouScrolledPassed, at Reply

      ranger1000 you sure shut him up

  13. Posted by dangerouslytalented, at Reply

    Of course he launders money. That is why he owned casinos. Casinos are the easiest way to launder thousands of dollars in cash all at once.

    • Posted by peacefulheart, at Reply

      dangerouslytalented. And somehow he still managed to bankrupt the

    • Posted by MarcusCism, at Reply

      He didn’t bankrupt the casino; the money went to the mob.

    • Posted by bancoran, at Reply

      MarcusCism Because that’s the ONE group of creditors Trump can’t afford to stiff…else he gets fitted for a pair of concrete swimfins. Still, without the mob, he would have bankrupted it anyway with his shitty business practices.

  14. Posted by Kev Fran, at Reply

    Fallow the money and Trumps mouth

  15. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Trump’s outfit is soon going to be the same color as his skin.

    • Posted by Brock Warner, at Reply

      Same As Poop 💩

    • Posted by luvslagos, at Reply

      Hal Jordan – I hope so. Legally, he should have been imprisoned for at least three things by now, but that idiot seems to slip through our legal system like an eel dipped in Crisco. 🐍

    • Posted by President Donald Trump, at Reply

      That’s original. Did it take you awhile to come up with that one?

  16. Posted by Camille Montano, at Reply

    I hope Trump likes the orange jumpsuit that Mueller’s getting him for Christmas.

    • Posted by Max Mustermann, at Reply

      Camille Montano .. Orange is the New Black 🙂

    • Posted by C M, at Reply

      Camille Montano at least it will match his face… and hair

    • Posted by DeadPooh, at Reply

      Hopefully he gets to open that present a little sooner.

  17. Posted by Methos Films, at Reply

    in canada we are doing a criminal investigation on trump at his toronto hotel. 850 million for money laundering. the statute of limitations is 10 years i believe. they can jail him after him being president.

    • Posted by Rahul And His Planet, at Reply

      well hopefully Canada does because the US wont jail criminals no matter what. They cant even jail trump for rape let alone money laundering.

    • Posted by Bender Rodriguez, at Reply

      If he last four years or even eight years he’ll end up like Bush and not being able to travel outside of the US. If he’s impeached I’m sure Paul Ryan will drive him to Canada lol

    • Posted by Lynne Gill, at Reply

      Be still my beating heart! Bring it on!

    • Posted by Peter Menezes, at Reply


  18. Posted by Caspian Ray, at Reply

    the house didn’t go up 60 percent it went up 150%. get the criminals. get Trump and all the criminals.

    • Posted by Chris Teel, at Reply


  19. Posted by zorroboricua brujo, at Reply

    Trump is going down faster than the titanic, 🤣🤣🤣

    • Posted by Samuel Hornet Wolf, at Reply

      9TheMajor *_ It’s not over until the Fat Lady sings !*

    • Posted by 9TheMajor, at Reply

      Rosie O’Donnell hates Trump. She won’t sing for him.

    • Posted by Milo Catnip, at Reply

      9TheMajor Yes. The band is playing… “Send in the Clowns.” On kazoo, mind you… 😂

    • Posted by TheComment YouScrolledPassed, at Reply

      zorroboricua brujo bruh… first sexual allegations, next, tax returns, next, russia, next. obstruction of justice, now this????? yeah, we’re still winning if this is your democrat’s last resort