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Crack That Whip: Throwback Fails (July 2017)


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It's Thursday, to make sure that indicates we have actually adoringly put together a compilation of timeless fails. We have an awesome wakeboarding fall short, a kayaking trip failed, as well as a lot more! See it rapidly before your manager notices you typically aren't working! Be sure to submit your video clips to


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Video clips:
Ski jumper
Double Brothers Throw Cousin
Guy On Diving Board
Pelican Chases Male at Filling station
Hang Glider Thinks He Might Fly
Poultry Playings around Putting on Blue Pants
Man Consumes Sand
Guy off Dirt Bike while Being Towed
Bride-to-be Tosses Bouquet into Water Fountain
Goose As well as Pedestrians
Waiter in Kitchen area
Kid Rips Shorts Leaping over Pedestrian Sign
Paddle Board Show Off into Water
Sailing boat Wing
Passerby Witnesses Auto Case
Hen Runs Around Putting on Blue Trousers
Son Obtains Father with Baseball
Llama Spits on Vacationer's Face
Cat Places Paw on Owner's Mouth
Individual Obtains Directly Cabinet Doing Football Tricks
Woman Tips on Sibling's Face
Men Attempt to Off Roadway in Jeep
Skateboarder right into Sidewalk
Teacher Dives from Window
Auto mechanic Does not Know How you can Discharge Automobile
Guy Does Backflip In Restaurant as well as Lands On His Face
Paddler out of Watercraft
Grain in Individual's Face
Girl Falls on Face while Post Dance
Male Struck by Pack of Hot Dogs
Security personnel Drives Car with Boot
Chipmunk Bites Lady
Person on Bike Loses Control on Bridge
Pals Race Towards Prize
Individual Wearing Water Jetpack right into Sea
Male Breaks Ax Chopping Timber
Man Ridicules Goose and also Obtains Chased
Canoe Tips Over During Household Competitors
Fish Draws Angler's Pole out of Hand
Golf Club Breaks after Trickshot Attempt
Little Woman Can not Claim "Place".
Child into Concrete.
Man Off Spinning Disc.
Guy Cracks Whip Inside your home.
Individual Falls Via Trampoline.
Dancing Butcher Disrupted by Message Guy.
Youngster Attempts to Jump on Top of Dumpster.
Teenager Trips off Pier and into Water.
Mountain Cyclist Eats Dust.
Longboarder Declining.
Wakeboarder Plunges Head First Into the Water.
Gymnast Into Mat.
Canine Encounters Sledding Guy.
Papa off Water Slide.
Guy Slides into Swimming pool.
Pit Crew Participant Falls.
Kid Slowly Decreases Water Slide.
Man on Bike Consumes Mud.
Tennis Sphere Into Camera.
Little Kid Unintentionally Vows at Her Moms and dads.
Woman out of Watercraft.
Male Strongly Pulled into Water.
Dirt Bicycle rider Wheezes after Being Shaken off Vehicle.
Bike from Drone.
Titan Waves Accident into Rocks at the Coastline.
The Incorrect Means to Waterski.
Presenting Swinger Drops.
Man Turns off Swing.
Guy Attempts Rope Swing.

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    no one cares if you’re first…

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      Nour Zagmout THIRD!

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      You’re girlfriend does… 😂

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      Dude Labowskee
      nope, i don’t have 1.

  2. Posted by ItzLazy, at Reply

    What did the librarian say to the student?

    Read More

    • Posted by Seb Franco, at Reply

      ItzLazy to

    • Posted by RapidTvFilms !, at Reply

      ItzLazy you stole that form somebody saw it before

    • Posted by Finlay Ball, at Reply

      ItzLazy aw

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    Im a Sheep


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      Früstücksflocke beep beep?

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    I just want one like. That’s all I wish for to make my parents proud,

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      Lian Theriault People can’t count

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      Lian Theriault What kind of degenerate parents do you have that become proud that you get a like on a comment?

  5. Posted by Kyle Fay, at Reply

    I don’t wants get lost in the comment section pls help Fail Army!!!

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      let me drag you down. You won’t feel a thing.

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      Im hanging on to you! Please, pin his comment failarmy! I dont wanna die!

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      Kyle Fay save us!!

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      Save us fail army

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    I like cookies

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      I like trains

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      I like turtles

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      I like big butts and I cannot lie…

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    Wo sind die Deutschen??👍👍👍

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      razar Razar ich bin französische aber ich spreche ein wenig deutsch (ich weiß nicht, ob mein Satz richtig ist…) 😀

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    Fail army why haven’t you done a face reveal you have 12 Million subscribers

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      They have… go on FailArmyU

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      prolifegaming 12 it’s not one person

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      they did tho

  9. Posted by Click My ProfilePic To Be Happy, at Reply

    biggest fail is my name

    • Posted by J., at Reply

      so he is correct. because it is failing to do so!

    • Posted by TOBiLON, at Reply

      Mind = Blown

    • Posted by Gabriel Engelbrctsen, at Reply

      What is you name;)

  10. Posted by Crafty Dude, at Reply

    Who are you

    1 fat guy with weiners
    2. Teacher who jumped outside
    3 fat guy on boat
    4 car on water
    5 guy in thumb nail
    6 feeling wood chopper guy
    7 soccer tricks to get you to the hospital
    8 sneezing llama
    9 base nall dad
    0 chicken with pants

    The last digit of your like
    Is who you are

    example 21= is no. 1
    24= 4

    • Posted by imawhale, at Reply

      Crafty Dude how sad are you to like your own comment and then comment saying what you got lmfao

    • Posted by FunkyFakeCat, at Reply

      Im your dad

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      Crafty Dude 0 or 8

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    Last digit of your like is what you are:

    1- 🐶 Dog

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    7-🐮 Cow

    8-🐻 Bear

    9-🦊 Fox

    0-🐭 Mouse

    Comment down what you are!!!

    • Posted by Wild Gaming, at Reply

      I was a Fox! Yay! Fox is my spirit animal!

    • Posted by Matthew Takes The L, at Reply

      well mine sure wasn’t wrong. im a fucking cow.

    • Posted by Jonathan Cruz, at Reply

      Dr4g0nL0rd 69 furry

    • Posted by Ruze, at Reply

      I’m a cat, meow

  12. Posted by Gaming Bro, at Reply

    Can u do The Floor is lava Fails

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      Gaming Bro YES! YES! YES!

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      Muffin Man Thxs

  13. Posted by Jethro Taylor, at Reply

    *Police*: Where do you live?
    *Me*: With my parents
    *Police*: Where do your parents live?
    *Me*: With me
    *Police*: Where do you all live?
    *Me*: Together
    *Police*: Where is your house?
    *Me*: Next to my neighbours house
    *Police*: Where is your neighbours house?
    *Me*: If I tell you, you won’t believe me…
    *Police*:Tell me
    *Me*: Next to my house

    • Posted by Jayson Saenz, at Reply

      Jethro Taylor house

    • Posted by Gio The Burrito, at Reply

      Jethro Taylor unoriginal prick

    • Posted by JonesBrothersProductions, at Reply

      Police: But what city do you live in little boy?
      Jethro Taylor: In your mom’s vag.

    • Posted by FidiX, at Reply

      Typical ctrl c ctrl v

    • Posted by Cameron Hagon, at Reply

      JonesBrothersProductions Worst fucking joke.

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      Kumpel K
      Ale brzmi dosadnie, a nie jak jakieś “fakju” *iks dee*.

    • Posted by kacper duch, at Reply

      Kumpel K po usłyszeniu tej kurwy od razu zacząłem szukać komentarza Polaka, nie zawiodłem się xP

  15. Posted by comandosespeciales, at Reply

    Come on man, why would you censor curse words if they are the entire point of the clip? Either don’t censor them or don’t include that one, because it’s fucking ridiculous.

    • Posted by Aurora, at Reply

      Because they try to keep it more family friendly

    • Posted by jimbolino, at Reply

      Censorship is always wrong, but censoring a child for not being able to pronounce a word is just pathetic.

  16. Posted by Ur still fat, at Reply

    “Crack that Whip!” *white male in the thumbnail* I can already see all the hate

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      Ur still fat Why?

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    like – good luck for 24 days
    sub – good luck for 24 years

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      2Twelve TV like – nothing

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      Prove it.

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      2Twelve TV ignore – 24 chicken nuggets.

      lel, it worked!

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    Who else has tried the bike and tow approach? 2:45