Credit Groups Lobbied Pence For Months Before He Cast Tie-Breaking Vote To Gut Consumer Protections | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Credit Groups Lobbied Pence For Months Before He Cast Tie-Breaking Vote To Gut Consumer Protections


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TYT Contributor David Sirota talks about a tale he broke about Mike Pence's long and also not-so-distant relationship with lobbying associations for the financial and also loaning sectors. He cast the tie-breaking ballot to eliminate a Customer Financial Security Bureau law that allowed customers to group against financial institutions and credit rating agencies to submit class activity suits and restricted these banks from compeling consumers right into mandatory arbitration clauses.

Go to for the full tale.

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  1. Posted by Medeiros Michael, at Reply

    I don’t understand how this is legal

  2. Posted by David Jacquez, at Reply

    Pence is just as bad as trump.

  3. Posted by Bob Nelson, at Reply

    Trump and Pence. Both crooks. Get money out of politics. Save America.

    • Posted by Carlos Danger, at Reply

      That’s why your daddy Cenk is taking 20 million from one of the biggest DNC donor.

    • Posted by First lady Princest Ivanka, at Reply

      Carlos Danger typing bullshit and lies all over the internet again today.

    • Posted by Carlos Danger, at Reply

      lol, you changed your profile pic. I think i should visit TYT more often he he he …

    • Posted by KingLink95, at Reply

      +Carlos Danger
      She changed her profile pic because some Trump supporter impersonated her account. Can’t say I fell sorry for her. lol.

  4. Posted by John Doe, at Reply

    There is also the last line of defence, the consumer, don’t use their services if they don’t have these protections.
    have an active boycott of businesses that have forced arbitration’s in their contracts, businesses that lend money to make a profit go out of business when they don’t lend any money out.

    • Posted by Pete Lind, at Reply

      You gonna give up Visa , Master card , American Express a.s.o and use only cash ?
      You won’t even have debit card so you can’t use ATMs either .

  5. Posted by NeoRipshaft, at Reply

    I see the russian bots are focused on tyt for some reason now, seems like there’s better targets but i guess you guys should be flattered? =/

    This is horrible and all, but as a side note… class action lawsuits are… well specifically for the purpose of justice against large entities… how could it possibly be permissible to have a large entity capable of ever removing access to this? Seems like this kind of thing should already be on the books legally (the legal system, that is), rather than through a congressional measure… but this area obviously isn’t my area of expertise… just seems like something this absurd rarely floats legally… for long…

    • Posted by KingLink95, at Reply

      Communist? lol. No he’s not a communist. He is just a social democrat. He has some views that are too far left for me but he is 1000x better than those arrogant corporate Democrats.

    • Posted by Mark Williams, at Reply

      You’re not doing your job until they start shooting at you.

    • Posted by nexus1g, at Reply

      Well that’s disgusting and foul and gives us all a clear indication of the level of intellect and maturity you possess. I couldn’t care less about the name or affiliation of who does what. If I think the vote is solid, it’s solid. It doesn’t matter who it comes from or how it came about. I pay the NRA to represent me on Capitol Hill. Every time a Republican votes against gun legislation, a bit of my money went to ensure that vote. Even though, a vote toward gun legislation is a clear violation of the Second Amendment, I still have to pay them to abide by the Constitution.

  6. Posted by Jesse Sessions, at Reply

    The swamp just keeps getting more and more foul smelling. I hear its seriously effecting tourism in Washington DC

  7. Posted by Kevin Prasad, at Reply

    Ladies and gentlemen… get ready for the next Great Depression

    • Posted by Jack C, at Reply

      Kevin Prasad If we mess up like that then WW3 is next.

  8. Posted by Nibelhiem86, at Reply

    Ah yes, christians have long loved money lending.

  9. Posted by todshi, at Reply

    The difference betwixt Trump and Pence is that Pence wouldn’t need handlers to keep him from blowing up the world. Otherwise, Pence would make the same disastrous policies that will favor the rich and powerful while destroying the middle class that Trump would make…He’s more experienced but just as shitty…

  10. Posted by Loser, at Reply

    So many evil SOBs in one administration

  11. Posted by slaughterhome, at Reply

    Tyt investigates ftw

  12. Posted by Lea Jones, at Reply

    Well he’s pleasing his base. They all do it. I’m sure Mother approves.

  13. Posted by Chris Call, at Reply

    Pence=Squinty Mcasshole

  14. Posted by Mark F, at Reply

    He’s actually worse than trump!

  15. Posted by Thomas Smith, at Reply

    Ugh…I hate when they actually pass stuff…it’s worse than if they’re clueless, bumbling idiots

  16. Posted by shinypinecone, at Reply

    Banana? BANANA!!! ye ye boii

  17. Posted by Epsilon Beta, at Reply

    We need a law that defines lobbying as bribery and all funds implicated in the criminal act becomes a taxed donation to state communities in education, healthcare, and jobs.

  18. Posted by IonlyRob White420Dealers, at Reply

    What else is new?? Everyone knows these Greedy White politicans are for sale

  19. Posted by Trippy Traveler, at Reply