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Crying Nazi Smacked Down By Judge


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White nationalist, Chris Cantwell (Also Known As The Sobbing Nazi), has actually been refuted bail by a judge. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us exactly what you think in the remark section listed below.

" A judge has refuted bail to Christopher Cantwell, a neo-Nazi who got internet infamy after video of him sobbing concerning Charlottesville went viral.

Inning accordance with local information outlets WMUR-TV and also NBC29, Cantwell is being held without bail after his very first court hearing Thursday early morning.

Cantwell is facing charges for pepper splashing a counter-protester on the school of the College of Virginia. The white nationalist from Keene, New Hampshire had actually asserted he made use of the pepper spray in self-defense.

Cantwell is encountering two matters of the prohibited use tear gas or various other gases as well as one matter of destructive physical injury with a "caustic substance," explosive or fire– all felonies.

He turned himself in to a cops division in Lynchburg, Virginia on Wednesday. Cantwell is being held at Albemarle County Regional Prison."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Neo Nazis are always the biggest crybabies.

    • Posted by TrumpaTouille, at Reply

      The real Ben Shaprio is a snowflake, crybaby, liar, and fraud – what kind of loser would choose his name and avatar to post with in support of him?

    • Posted by Emmueye MUI, at Reply

      +TrumpaTouille (TrumpaTouille) Ben is fine with Bannon-Trump “gas chamber” ‘n ethnic cleansing jokes as long as they don’t fall on “his type of Jew”. Hence the red- brown terrorist alliance. I hope feds take note.

    • Posted by Little Johnny, at Reply

      not true, Hal, you cry like a baby when you get owned on TYT comments.

    • Posted by Laid to Rest, at Reply

      Along with TYT trolls 😀

    • Posted by Bernie Slanders, at Reply

      I don’t care.

  2. Posted by Jackson Winkelson, at Reply

    Now let’s see if he’s as tough as when he drops the soap.

    • Posted by The Worm, at Reply

      Meanwhile, while TYT regressives obsess about boogeyman ‘Nazis’ (more than 30 videos in a week and a half), their Muslim pets are wreaking havoc in their usual fashion around the world.

      2017.08.25 (Afghanistan)
      At least fourteen worshippers are slaughtered during a Sunni suicide attack on a Shiite mosque during prayers.

      2017.08.25 (Myanmar)
      Muslim ‘insurgents’ stage pre-dawn raids on security posts, killing eleven members.

      2017.08.23 (Pakistan)
      Two radicals murder a local preacher over a religious disagreement.

      2017.08.23 (Libya)
      Fourteen people are beheaded by the Islamic State.

      2017.08.23 (Afghanistan)
      Women and children are among seven lives extinguished by a suicide bomber at a parking lot.

      2017.08.21 (Philippines)
      Abu Sayyaf members rampage through a village, burning homes and killing nine.

      FIFTY SEVEN souls exterminated by the soldiers of Allah since last Sunday. But TYT regressives would rather talk about one guy over and over and over because he cried. What a bunch of one way street fucks trying to hide the reality of the world from each other.

    • Posted by alzados94, at Reply

      Practically all the the terrorist far-right salafist/wahhabi actions you mentioned were carried UPON Muslims, you dimwitted fool. Salafi terrorists are just your right-wing counterpart in the Islamic world, fed and nurtured by the Saudi King who very much enjoys having his hands kissed by his loyal dog, the Orange-faced POTUS.

      What does “regressive” even mean outside of the bubble of inane, vain Internet jargon? Go cry in your basement like your terrorist idol Cantwell, illiterate.

    • Posted by TheRetiredtrucker, at Reply

      If you don’t like the Wahabi sect of Islam, why did the Democrats and Obama sell them so many weapons they are now using in Yemen? Why are you (Leftists) wanting to bring so many Muslims into the US? Why are you encouraging them to set up schools?

    • Posted by Godzilla McDolan, at Reply

      Gustav The Mad
      “Im an atheist so no Not a child rapist”
      Lol ok
      I’m gay so no I can’t be a murderer
      The two are in no way linked to each other
      Sexuality-Be guilty of murder not linked
      Faith-Be guilty of pedophilia not linked

  3. Posted by Young King, at Reply

    Ive followed Cantwell and his YouTube for months before all of this. I must say, he is probably one of the most intelligent people on far right. He reads a lot and has a very pragmatic opinion on politics and how to manifest a libertarian social order. Hopefully his lawyers can request another bail!

    • Posted by Walter Anderson, at Reply

      +Young King no, liberals (and anyone with sense) call people who espouse nazi-like viewpoints nazis.

    • Posted by Real Life, at Reply

      Young King so intelligent that he’s locked up without bail and facing felony charges? Oh he’s smart alright, to a dumbass

  4. Posted by sumper man, at Reply

    Bet he did Nazi that coming!!!

    • Posted by Grammar Police, at Reply

      That was a fine one.

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      I’m ANNE FRANKly out of MIEN KAMFort zone.

    • Posted by eva t, at Reply

      Gustav The Mad you have the right idea!! DFluent , are you MCR cause I SEE you being a killjoy smH

  5. Posted by Northern Lights, at Reply

    People who compare Antifa to Nazi or KKK are hypocrites. Yes, I understand some of them were violent. But people making excuses just to downplay the Charolletsville incident are delusional. “What about the other side?” GET OUT OF HERE.

    • Posted by DJ T Rump, at Reply

      +Devastating Reverend Tom I watch Colin’s vids. That said, people of every race commit violent attacks everyday here in USA, just not a Colin for every color.

    • Posted by Bernie Slanders, at Reply

      Did the “Nazis” here kill 6 million Jews?

    • Posted by Bernie Slanders, at Reply

      That 6 million number is a lie BTW.
      They Might have killed close to a million, but that was because our allies were bombing supply lines to the camps.

    • Posted by Real Life, at Reply

      Devastating Reverend Tom he wasn’t in blm though. I can claim beyonce, doesn’t mean I’m with her

  6. Posted by michelle stein-evers frankl, at Reply

    If Cantwell is so scared of cops, he should join BLM. Just sayin’….

    • Posted by Bogie, at Reply

      you are just a fake account.

    • Posted by Syndromed B, at Reply

      michelle stein-evers frankl snap!

    • Posted by ProffessorUrban Technoninja, at Reply

      Bogie this truly did upset you. Do you know who this man is?

  7. Posted by Joe Smith, at Reply

    Nazi tears are the most delicious!

    • Posted by Antonio Marron, at Reply

      Joe Smith I put them on my green tea

    • Posted by Pablo Escobar, at Reply

      He isn’t a nazi

    • Posted by almighty_luigi, at Reply

      Joe Smith those big black dudes are gonna taste them every night.

    • Posted by ProffessorUrban Technoninja, at Reply

      Pablo Escobar, do you know him? Can you tell us why he did the things he did?

  8. Posted by Trolls, at Reply

    What a dumbass!!!!!

    I wonder what’s the *prison b¡tc# name* he’ll get?! Maybe they’ll go with something as simple as *Snow White* .

    Oh, the irony! Snow White is a German fairy tale!

    • Posted by Pablo Escobar, at Reply

      He isn’t a nazi

    • Posted by Trolls, at Reply

      Pablo Escobar Well, he’s a NAZI wannabe…

    • Posted by Don, at Reply

      Whatever it is, it won’t top the Crying Nazi.

    • Posted by Trumptard Terrorizer, at Reply

      “Nazi Triggered Flakes” Hes magically delicious..

    • Posted by Trumptard Terrorizer, at Reply

      Just like you aint alt-right. aint that right? alt-white? right.

  9. Posted by Nelson Casamalhuapa, at Reply

    At lease when he gets out of prison he will be wearing high heels and lipstick.

    • Posted by De-mon Nil, at Reply

      Ivy the nazi will be getting that treatment I think.

    • Posted by Ivy, at Reply

      De-mon Nil • I will still be laughing when TYT fails to make any difference whatsoever. Which is their history up until now

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      Nelson Casamalhuapa – He probably already does that every other weekend, that’s probably how his fellow Nazis get a chance to get laid.

  10. Posted by John Frank, at Reply

    How could that fool ever get laid again after that performance, he bitched up to the point of no return.

    • Posted by rahowhero X, at Reply

      Don lol, the assumption could be hetero love….

  11. Posted by IBTV - Internet Broke the Television, at Reply

    He’s lucky there are no minorities in prison. Oh, wait…

    • Posted by Brick Tamland, at Reply

      if there was no minorities in prison then the white discrimination propaganda he spews would be true lol.

    • Posted by Ethan Davidson, at Reply

      Not if he keeps crying. The Aryan Nation is violent beyond his dreams. They will cut off somebodies head and roll it around the yard just to send a message. The last thing they want is to be seen as a bunch of crybabies. Unless he plays the girl. Girl’s are permitted to cry.

    • Posted by Hezekiah Ramirez, at Reply

      Uh ohhhhh…. Maybe he should rethink some things… I have a bad feeling about this.

    • Posted by Real Life, at Reply

      Nomad Chad like how they protected dylann roof?

  12. Posted by Farty McGee, at Reply

    TYT needs to do their research and stop this bullshit, “Never, ever use violence, ever!” If they did, then they would realize that, in fact. ANTIFA, is 100% correct in confronting fascism IN THE STREETS! This, from time to time, entails violence, particularly in Self Defense.
    So what, when someone comes to kill u with clubs and knives, violence in protecting yourself and in protecting any would be victims is not okay? Seriously some over-simplistic thought processes here. Initiation of Violence is almost never warranted, but violence can’t be universally ruled out, as I just explained. If the water buffalo was out there, in the streets, being threatened by Fascist Neo-Nazi and Neo-Confederate TRAITORS, I guarantee that the water buffalo would, WITHOUT A DOUBT, respond with violence and then find a way to justify it.
    Stop looking like a hypocrite Chunk Yorgurts, your beloved Civil Rights movement was NOT NONVIOLENT and neither was South Africa’s ANC under your adored Nelson Mandela. Including Ghandis India, violence has and will always have a place in initiating change and reform: No truly non-violent movement has EVER succeeded.

    • Posted by Ben Der, at Reply

      Lourenco Almada that is misinformation at best. The White-Supremacists held one permit while the counter-protesters held exactly TWO permits. They were also assembled in a public park. There is also no moral equivalency between the two groups. Sorry, your logic is gone.

    • Posted by OodlesOfSpoodles, at Reply

      Farty McGee ive never once seen a clip of antifa using violence in self defense. Usually they just commit assault and property damage.

    • Posted by OodlesOfSpoodles, at Reply

      Ben Der that doesnt change the fact that antifa became violent first, and only one guy on the opposing side was. Antifa does not use violence in self defense. They attack people. Youre right, there is no moral equivilence. Antifa id basically a terrorist group.

    • Posted by Corporal Clegg, at Reply

      we get it NAZI TROLL!…now go whack off to your poster of Richard Spencer!

  13. Posted by Angry Jock, at Reply

    There are plenty of videos that show Antifa spraying people who were walking past…

    • Posted by Yvonne Eiland, at Reply

      Angry Jock antifa is there so these Nazi and facist wont do what bull connor did in Alabama back in 50″s. Get a clue

    • Posted by Graham c, at Reply

      We don’t condone antifa’s violent actions..

    • Posted by Graham c, at Reply

      Well, I don’t.

  14. Posted by Christopher Couture, at Reply

    Wait, did you seriously just tell people to never use pepper spray? Even if someone is assaulting you, or trying to abduct you? What the hell!?

    • Posted by Ethno Pluralist, at Reply

      Christopher Couture tyt are hypocrites. Better not listen to their idiotic yapping.

    • Posted by Ethno Pluralist, at Reply

      Future Hindsight hi there? Meine Ehre heisst Treue! HH

    • Posted by Toni Sumblin, at Reply

      Ethno Pee Pee.Tu sei un stronzo!

    • Posted by Toni Sumblin, at Reply

      Ethno Pee Pee.Tu sei un stronzo!

  15. Posted by Nasdaq trader, at Reply

    Cenk I’ve watched hundreds of your videos and I am now even more right-wing than when I started. How is that possible?

    • Posted by mirzamay, at Reply

      Nasdaq trader I’ve watched hundreds of cooking videos but I’m not a cake yet. Why’s that? Cuz I didn’t start out one and watching reasonable people all day and night can’t make you one if you weren’t one to begin with.

    • Posted by Toni Sumblin, at Reply

      Ethno Pisspants. Then why are you here? Go back to Alternative facts land. and how stupid are You? The subject is a crying Nazi. The most virulent of racists and you got the nerve to accuse somebody of race baiting? And one of your colleagues Ran over and KILLED a protester…but you call YT a RACE Baitor? Damn boy. Whew!

    • Posted by Ethno Pluralist, at Reply

      mirzamay tyt are the opposite of reasonable. Except you equate reasonable with filthy liars.

    • Posted by Ethno Pluralist, at Reply

      Toni Sumblin it’s called hate watching. And tyt are spin “doctors”.

  16. Posted by Dean Morrow, at Reply

    Put him in with black and Hispanic gang members and he will be really crying. Hey, don’t drop the soap in the shower!!!!!

    • Posted by Anime Freak, at Reply

      Dean Morrow that’s a myth…

    • Posted by emailjwr, at Reply

      Anime Freak most victims of rape in the US are men, because of prison rape. I’m not sure how that’s a myth.

    • Posted by Anime Freak, at Reply

      emailjwr sadly I’ve been in prison and from experience the don’t drop the soap thing is a myth however people do get raped in cells and basically anywhere where there is a blind spot that’s what most of the tape is from not from dropping soap

  17. Posted by TNAzealot, at Reply

    Cantwell on Vice news said:” He wishes TRUMP was more racist and hates that he let his daughter marry a jew”.He chanted “Jews will not replace us” and he believes in ZOG. The Trump tards will try to flip their alternative facts because they are, lying racist sympathizers. If it walks with Nazis it’s a Nazi.

    • Posted by Bit Spook, at Reply

      id have said, “Those that march with nazis are nazis.”

  18. Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

    if someone identifies as a Nazi then you liberals should respect that

    • Posted by Kaura Price, at Reply

      Chunk Oooger Sure. Until they attack people based on those principles.

    • Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

      the problem with you liberals is that you can’t just ignore every last little thing that triggers you. liberals can’t help but stick their noses in and start trouble and cause violence. even Nazis have the right to assemble peacefully and if you liberals don’t like that then just stay home and throw your tantrums in your bedrooms or whatever

    • Posted by gyneve, at Reply

      There’s no room for debate or respecting different opinions when an armed group is walking around shouting that they’re going to kill you.

    • Posted by vickie g, at Reply

      Chunk Oooger I’ll respectfully deliver a knife ‘cross their Nazi jugulars.

    • Posted by Kaura Price, at Reply

      Chunk Oooger I don’t think the term “triggered” is entirely fitting when there’s tear gas and violence involved. This was anything but a “peaceful assembly”. But hey, what do I know…

  19. Posted by Shaggy Rogers, at Reply

    Enough with the Nazi jokes. They make me Führerios!!

    • Posted by Jerry Writer, at Reply

      Love your puns, Shaggy.