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Cyber Security Head: Russia Hacked Elections In 21 States


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Russians really seem to like Republicans. The Republican Congress will definitely act promptly to put an end to their meddling. Cenk Uygur, hosts of The Young Turks, simplifies. Tell us exactly what you believe in the remark section listed below.

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" The United States official in charge of safeguarding American elections from hacking claims the Russians efficiently penetrated the voter enrollment rolls of numerous U.S. states before the 2016 presidential political election.

In an unique meeting with NBC Information, Jeanette Manfra, the head of cybersecurity at the Department of Homeland Safety and security, claimed she could not talk about classified information openly, but in 2016, "We saw a targeting of 21 states as well as a remarkably small number of them were really effectively penetrated."

Jeh Johnson, that was DHS assistant throughout the Russian invasions, claimed, "2016 was a wake-up telephone call and also currently it's incumbent after states as well as the Feds to do something about it prior to our democracy is attacked once again."" *.

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Cast: Cenk Uygur.


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  1. Posted by Omar Luatia, at Reply

    I’ve heard a lot of people saying they’ve hacked it but haven’t seen any hard evidence.

    • Posted by pyledog, at Reply

      judyleasugar97 it doesnt matter if you trust them or not. They run your life and theres nothing you can do about it.

    • Posted by judyleasugar97, at Reply

      pyledog, first you say trust the CIA, then when I prove you wrong you change the goal post. Troll.

    • Posted by pyledog, at Reply

      judyleasugar97 i didnt tell anyone trust anyone or anything. Stop being weird and making things up. Im simply pointing out to those saying there is no proof, that our justice systems head of cyber security is claiming there is proof. Now wether you choose to believe them or trust them is your business. So either its all one big conspiracy or its real. Either way your government still owns you.

    • Posted by judyleasugar97, at Reply

      pyledog, you’re the one who is not making sense.

    • Posted by pyledog, at Reply

      judyleasugar97 ok take care

  2. Posted by Jesse Torres, at Reply

    So long as the Russians keep sabotaging the Democrats more the Republicans won’t care! How sad is it the Party of Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, and Bush Sr. that served and defended our nation during the Cold War don’t care about Russia’s attacks on our democracy now?

    • Posted by Hidden Message, at Reply

      NJDevils IsMyteam2112535 The NJDevils will never make the SuperBowl.

    • Posted by Hidden Message, at Reply

      NJDevils IsMyTeam2112535 I saw the wall prototypes, I wonder which lucky company, or companies got the contract. I wonder what Hillary’s plan was for the wall, or “barrier”.

    • Posted by jack johnson, at Reply

      The Rasmussen Poll…which was the MOST ACCURATE in the 2016 election has Trump at 49% approval NOW and they had Ovomit at 44% back in 2010. But like YOU even said Real Clear avg. has Trump at 43%. I guess the point is the libturds are LOSING…America is WINNING.

  3. Posted by Jesse Torres, at Reply

    Have the America people forgotten that we spent 45 years in a Cold War against Russia (under both Democrat and Republican Presidencies), and Republican voters (the law and order Party)/Conservative News media is willing to let the Republican President get away with blatant hypocrisy and alleged crimes to go after Democrats who have no power anywhere?

    • Posted by footy vids, at Reply

      lol america created al qaeda and also trained bin laden

    • Posted by Hidden Message, at Reply

      Caleb Ray HAHAHAHA! You’re an ignorant AIR HEAD!!

    • Posted by Hidden Message, at Reply

      Caleb Ray Im sorry 🙁

  4. Posted by Xenophene01, at Reply

    Yes and no one says (media or FBI) how Hillary cheated Bernie as well as the DNC.

    • Posted by bongo155, at Reply

      There is evidence that the DNC favored Hillary but how can you prove that was the deciding factor of Hillary’s win?

    • Posted by SaiyanZ Entertainment, at Reply

      Snakeye808 myth? The head of the DNC at the time literally wrote a book saying it’s true lol

    • Posted by Xn Tyler, at Reply

      Snakeye808 the Democratic Party admitted they cheated Bernie and the voters in court

    • Posted by Xn Tyler, at Reply

      R Yates it’s bad no matter who does it. 🙄

    • Posted by Xn Tyler, at Reply

      bongo155 I think rigging the candidates is a public matter. It’s our country

  5. Posted by 1290Li, at Reply

    Mueller will likely want to talk to her

    • Posted by Helen Short, at Reply

      1290Li she probably spoke to Mueller before she went public. You notice that she hasn’t said much beyond confirming that hacking took place?

    • Posted by BoostedOnix, at Reply

      Hell I’m an idiot and I could convict on obstruction with just Twitter comments alone.

    • Posted by Helen Short, at Reply

      BoostedOnix I am guessing it will be more than obstruction. Mueller won’t deliver his findings and make his recommendations until he has everything wrapped up because he will only get one chance.

    • Posted by BoostedOnix, at Reply

      Helen Short already in deutche bank. “Ladies and gentlemen.” Can’t wait to hear that sound bite.

    • Posted by pyledog, at Reply

      Helen Short finally, and intelligent person who knows how the process goes and will go. Its amazing to me how many people dont understand that what you said is how it works.

  6. Posted by Thomas Sirman, at Reply

    Why should we believe that this is true? Shouldn’t the government offer the public evidence of Russian Hacking?

  7. Posted by Z Rondo, at Reply

    I believe Russia did something, but don’t care or believe Russia helped The Orange Fuher get elected – Lambaugh, Hannity and Fox News White-People Scare Tactics did that all on its on – and it brilliantly worked

    • Posted by Turkey Bot, at Reply

      Z Rondo racist go home 🏡

    • Posted by Jamie Pynn, at Reply

      Z Ronda people manipulating other people is never an act of brilliance

    • Posted by Z Rondo, at Reply

      Yes, you’re right, but let’s be real – _it did work_ … I try to be a Realist as much as possible, even if the side I don’t like wins, it is what it is and best to acknowledge the win/loss… … … a ‘touche’ moment 🙂

    • Posted by Lisa Kazmier, at Reply

      So, according to you Turkey Bot, if a guy yells the N word at someone, the person who heard it and complained is the racist. Does hearing it alone make one a racist or do you have to complain about it to be a racist? Meantime, the guy yelling racist verbiage is what?

    • Posted by Stranger Happened, at Reply

      Anyway, the story is *FAKE NEWS. This is a repeat of the same story from three months ago after which local commissions one by one denied it.* And this lady does not even know that the commissions are not run by the states, but by municipalities.

  8. Posted by Andy O'Connell, at Reply

    Unless it comes from Alex Jones, Trump’s Twitter or Russian state TV Trumptards will never believe it. They are traitors.

    • Posted by Sav Young, at Reply

      Andy O’Connell fuckem

    • Posted by Tyler Case, at Reply

      I don’t believe it. I hate Trump, but my hatred doesn’t make me believe professional liars with no evidence. Intelligence agencies lies us into Iraq War, among many other things. One of the main qualities of a liberal is supposed to be skepticism of power

    • Posted by ashton reason, at Reply

      Your being dooped and its pathetic

    • Posted by Brett Strong, at Reply

      Nah I actually like the national post and the globe and mail

  9. Posted by Joanna Wagner, at Reply

    I don’t believe a thing our “intelligence” agencies say. They release information for political and propaganda purposes and are frequently wrong or caught in outright lies. The American security apparatus wants to frighten the public with the Russian threat to justify whatever further actions we may engage “the enemy” in. Cold War 2 is on.

    • Posted by John G, at Reply

      Joanna Wagner how do people not see it. It’s fake news whenever Trump says it is, but Never about anything else. To think that propaganda happens everywhere, BUT the United States is unreal. Especially when the US is the biggest military force in the world, wants endless war and the populations support. To have people turn so Hateful when you question things like motives of the government is crazy, to be called Russian bots or snowflakes whenever you pose a different view than theirs, instead of having an open conversation. There’s enough people who believe were being lied to that it can’t just be sluffed off

    • Posted by Aw3someOpZ, at Reply

      You literally described trump on a daily basis, but it’s ok when he does it.

    • Posted by Christopher O'Neil, at Reply

      Joanna Wagner Read what you just wrote and realize that Vladimir Putin is a KGB man, he’s trained in subversion tactics etc.. and he’s doing his job well. How do I know he’s doing his job well ? He has millions of Americans trusting him over their own intelligence agencies. lol

    • Posted by Prodesu, at Reply

      Christopher O’Neil you should trust neither. American and russian intelligence agencies frequently lie to their own people. Make up your own mind. I strongly believe russiagate is an attempt for the democratic party to find an escape goat for their loss. Everything ive seen so far in the case points towards this, there is still Zero proof of any huge collaboration with russia, and the hillary campaign actually did the thing theyre accusing Trump of but with a British spy instead.

    • Posted by Chad Austin, at Reply

      So… why do we have intelligence agencies at all? Rhetorical question.

  10. Posted by Rothbardo, at Reply

    Great job and conflating a voter registration database with actual voting polls.

    • Posted by CLureCo, at Reply

      Rothbardo ,
      You clearly have no clue what can, and likely was done by accessing these lists…….get educated

    • Posted by Chad Austin, at Reply

      It’s kinda weird watching someone smugly claim victory over people who know exactly where that person went wrong. Pretty cringey.

  11. Posted by Jay Smathers, at Reply

    How can Cenk say this crap after talking with Kyle? I think I’m done with this main tyt show, -this false narrative is keeping the public asleep when when have hardly any time left if we are ever going to wake up.

    • Posted by UncleRico, at Reply

      Henry Townshed Are you winning? Are you tired of winning? Ha. The WH is failing and people like you are brain dead

    • Posted by Shark Wave, at Reply

      Kyle only offered whataboutisms in his discussion. I believe his response to Cenk”s reference to the Dutch story was ” we do it too”.

    • Posted by Scott Williams, at Reply

      Jay Smathers why do people on this extreme left always defend Russia? It’s not warmongering to say that they tried to influence the election for their own benefit or that they’re the most advanced country for using offensive cyber weapons within industry but also to attacks voting infrastructure. That’s not a conspiracy, it’s the truth, the Russians wanted Donald Trump in the White House. Just because Hillary was corrupt and rigged the DNC doesn’t make that any less true.

  12. Posted by Jackie Chun, at Reply

    And suddenly Cenk accepts everything from Trump officials as the truth

    • Posted by Coma White, at Reply

      Pay attention moron. It was not a trump official.
      Jeh Johnson, who was DHS secretary during the Russian intrusions, 2016. Before trump was in power.

    • Posted by P Hera, at Reply

      Thank you.. Saved me some typing…

    • Posted by Aaron Wantuck, at Reply

      Asking people like the poster to use actual critical thinking skills is like asking my dog to do 1st grade math problems.

    • Posted by Chad Austin, at Reply

      Don’t be so down on your dog, man. He’s trying his best!

  13. Posted by Al Somethin, at Reply

    Nothing will be done because the idiot that was “elected” as president doesn’t care because Putin told him he didnt do it.

    • Posted by Ryan Oneill, at Reply


    • Posted by Red Pill prime, at Reply

      Al Somethin Yeah! Fake News and Chief don’t care.

  14. Posted by Gunkey O'Stanky, at Reply

    Paper ballots, no machines involved, problem solved, you’re welcome.

    • Posted by Coma White, at Reply

      I guess you never saw the propaganda during the election where republican turds claimed “Hillary filled warehouses of pre-filled paper ballots” The deplorables used a photo from a European election of a warehouse as evidence.

    • Posted by Coma White, at Reply

      If they were thinking about it, they might try it themselves

    • Posted by Ken Hudson, at Reply

      [NYTimes, page 1, above the fold, Mid-November 2028]: “Russian agents released millions of termites at polling stations. FBI and CIA announce results of investigation.” [Below the fold]: “Paper ballots sabotaged, eliminated, altered. President-elect Donald Gore Bush-Kennedy and VP elect Sara Kerry Clinton-Obama express shock, dismay”

  15. Posted by Amy, at Reply

    This is a misleading headline. They tried to hack into the voter registration in 21 states but only succeeded in a few of them. The voter registration data is not the same as the actual vote count data. Should we protect the voter registration data from hacks? Of course! However, hacking into them is not the same as hacking into the vote tallies, which should obviously also be protected.

    • Posted by footy vids, at Reply

      lol if you actually believe that russia hacked these registration data, you’ve been brainwashed by american propaganda

    • Posted by Mos Eisley, at Reply

      footy vids You’re the only one being brainwashed. It was reported a few times during the election. Maybe you just never read the articles.

    • Posted by bgt125, at Reply

      Is it as misleading as someone claiming the simple act of saying, “because I said so” is evidence of it being factually accurate in and of itself?

  16. Posted by Caleb Ray, at Reply

    Thumbs down peeps are either bots themselves or republicans whom are scared. If you want proof, how about all 18 intelligence communities and trumps advisers giving the same spiel.

    • Posted by Cyruss NP, at Reply

      Or Jimmy Dore

  17. Posted by Stev Rex, at Reply

    Fact remains, donald has yet to take Mob-Boss putin to task for his actions! And donald refuses to enact sanctions against russia. Gee – perhaps donald is assisting Mob-Boss putin.

    • Posted by Stev Rex, at Reply

      Shame you are too much of a coward for a face to face confrontation. Idiot russian Third-World loser.

    • Posted by Chris Buck, at Reply

      Stev Rex … are you seriously threatening people on the internet ? You need help before you actually get yourself in trouble. Hopefully your just a keyboard cowboy who fancies himself a tough guy. You don’t strike me as bright enough to find St. Petersburg on a map. Never been there would be glad to meet you there. Always wanted to see Russia…and London … and Mexico. Spent most of my entire life just outside of Detroit. You know, that communist hotbed . Can’t wait for your next retort. I get a laugh at you.

    • Posted by Reno Carroach, at Reply

      America needs to go to war with Russia. This interference is cause for war. We should start bombing them immediately and killing all the traitors we find in America who disagree.

  18. Posted by QueMusiQ, at Reply


  19. Posted by Mission Failed, at Reply

    I’m just here to read all the bot comments. :0)

    • Posted by RUSSIAN BOT 666-13, at Reply


    • Posted by Pray Station, at Reply

      “everyone I disagree with is a Russia bot” is that you Hillary?

  20. Posted by Rebel1965, at Reply

    Russia is debunked, we understand you gotta have your bogeyman! Your precious Obumma said “no serious person would suggest it was possible to rig American elections”!!! Ooooooof coooourse!!!

    • Posted by Scott Williams, at Reply

      Rebel1965 then you have a severe misunderstanding of the regularity of Russian sponsored cyber attacks, not just on voting infrastructure but in many industrial sectors

    • Posted by Aaron Wantuck, at Reply

      It amazes me how ignorant people like yourself twist the factual information to suit your own confirmation bias.