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Czech President Threatens Journalists With AK-47


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This is exactly what Trump would do if … in fact Trump will probably do this next week. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Inform us just what you assume in the remark area below.

" The Head of state of the Czech Republic, Milos Zeman, crudely insulted press reporters by displaying a reproduction AK-47 with the inscription "for journalists"– much less than a week after an investigative journalist in Malta was killed by a car bomb.
Zeman brandished the fake assault rifle throughout an interview on Friday, as Czechs elected to elect populist billionaire Andrej Babis as head of state. Zeman claimed on Saturday that he would certainly name Babis as the nation's head of state. Critics nevertheless are concerned that Babis' media dominance– he owns 2 of the nation's leading papers and a radio station– will certainly lead to disputes of interest. In addition to Babis' success, the reactionary Flexibility as well as Direct Democracy celebration (SPD) made shocking gains in the election, possibly positioning them as the nation's political kingmakers." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by TeamPsychoRacing, at Reply

    these attacks on journalists show the people in power are becoming scared of losing their power. if the populations were under control those in power wouldn’t kill reporters, they would discredit them. the more they are backed into a corner, the more aggressive they will become. it’s totally plausible that they will start civil wars against the protesters we see in dictatorships

  2. Posted by Sinapis Helix, at Reply

    kind of sad to see your country mentioned by TYT because of lack of tact, bigotry and total incompetence of its leader:-( Wish there were better news to share about our Republic. And guess whom is Mr Zeman very fond of? Uncle Donald and Papa Putin:-(

  3. Posted by pinoteres, at Reply

    Post communist countries of the eastern EU had and still have governments with obsolete neoliberal economy policies. Income taxes in practice are almost linear or regressive causing huge income stratification making people frustrated. Sadly it makes them to vote for conservative populists instead of e.g. progressive social democrats. In Poland after last election we ended up with no left wing in parliament whatsoever…

  4. Posted by Nizzle FoShizzle, at Reply

    Just like the American media, they would rather cry butthurt and expect sympathy from the masses.

  5. Posted by soniaustralie, at Reply

    Can you also make a video on our French President Macron, that everyone seems to love overseas but truly in France he is just a tyrant clearly working for the oligarchy. Please can you show how the United Nations have gave him a second warning on his internal policies in regards of his destruction of basic freedoms and rights. Thank you!

  6. Posted by krelfurnace, at Reply

    “Hyena” and “liquidate” are typical old Communist Party terminology. It’s no surprise that Zeman uses them. Like most of the “populist” and neo-fascist clowns who have come to power in Europe, Zeman is an old Communist Party hack who jumped on the democracy bandwagon during the liberation era, paraded as a “social democrat”, then started race-baiting and eventually cosied up to Putin’s neo-Communist dictatorship. In other words, he has always been what he is now, an old Communist Hack, just with the flags and labels changed to suit the current market.

  7. Posted by Progressive MGTOW, at Reply

    The Right is chaos. A half Japanese immigrant far-right party leader wants to ban all immigrants and multicultrism mean while he takes photos with sushi and Japanese karate uniforms and has a czech girl friend!

  8. Posted by Latia Waston, at Reply

    help lgbtq prisoners get free prision also some Christian too i mighy disagree eoth them but help them its humane.

  9. Posted by WARNING, at Reply


  10. Posted by Gary Esposito, at Reply

    an amazing correlation in how lunatics aspire to power and manage to get there. the world cane use some sane leadership for a change.

  11. Posted by lunhil12, at Reply

    I’m not surprised, it’s Eastern Europe.

  12. Posted by Gabeasher, at Reply

    Fascism on the rise.

  13. Posted by BJ BEATS, at Reply

    That’s really not an Ak47

  14. Posted by Artiom Beknazaryan, at Reply

    Zeman is my man 🙂 threatening presstitutes and journohyenas is a noble feat.

  15. Posted by tito810, at Reply

    I can’t the young Turks seriously. The founder literally denies the Armenian genocide. Enuff Sedd!

  16. Posted by oldschoolcuc, at Reply

    Why is it that every time I see or hear something about this shithole I live in, it’s always something bad.

  17. Posted by Jim C, at Reply

    Trump doesn’t approve of this guy….because he didn’t think about it first.

  18. Posted by Talon Wingdancer, at Reply

    It is myslím understanding that the Czech Republic is a MUSLIM nation and that is why they round up homosexuals and torture them to death

  19. Posted by Teddy Aura, at Reply

    I am sorry Cenk, western democracy is not so great. Look the US, Austria and now the Czech Republic. People must take a test to see if they are qualified to vote if not we will repeat the same mistake over and over again.