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Dad Jokes & Pranks Are Funny Too! | AFV Funniest Videos Compilation


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Often Daddy jokes are ineffective and also often dad jokes are hilarious! Whether or not you locate every joke and also trick amusing, I guarantee you will poke fun at this funny compilation!

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  1. Posted by trisha's cat pickles, at Reply

    corny jokes
    me like

    • Posted by Maddys edits and more!, at Reply


  2. Posted by Raven The Murderer, at Reply

    Do you wanna hear a joke?


    • Posted by lilonix, at Reply

      🙂 . starts crying . get it? HAHAHAHA

  3. Posted by Greddy Free, at Reply

    I Need the likes *please*

    • Posted by Maddys edits and more!, at Reply

      Like begger😓

  4. Posted by Maddys edits and more!, at Reply

    Who else scrolls through the comments while watching? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Posted by Amber Brown-Graves, at Reply

      Maddys edits and more! I do it all the time

  5. Posted by hello i hate people, at Reply

    YouTubes not drunk i like drunk youtube😢😢😢😭😭😭

  6. Posted by Cheyenne Galt, at Reply

    Haha aren’t dad’s just amazing???

  7. Posted by Shelby Ramirez, at Reply

    Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha

  8. Posted by djilo mar, at Reply

    Oh my.. the last one XD

  9. Posted by ShockingPikachu, at Reply

    I love dad jokes. These are the best jokes you’ll ever hear in your life.

    • Posted by youshouldnotbecringy, at Reply

      ShockingPikachu *terrible

    • Posted by Ardhi Menggala, at Reply

      When he’s die it gonna remind U how hard he try to make his children happy…

    • Posted by KungFuBendik, at Reply


  10. Posted by Sean Smith, at Reply

    Who thinks this was funny

  11. Posted by Ramchandra Jana, at Reply

    What a funny joke 😂

  12. Posted by souptroophat Esplin, at Reply

    Dad’s are always so nice

  13. Posted by Scholo, at Reply

    Here before 1,000 views

  14. Posted by DEJA VÙ, at Reply

    Luv htis

  15. Posted by Michelle Perez, at Reply

    6:48 i hear “meow”

  16. Posted by tayten erving, at Reply

    I’m ok with ads
    I’m ok with buffer
    But when ads buffer
    I suffer

    • Posted by HelloThere, at Reply

      Wow, what an unoriginal comment

  17. Posted by Lateisha Wilson, at Reply

    I see you pee🤣🤣

  18. Posted by Jack Blacks, at Reply

    6:40 was the best, the kids thought they found gold, I couldn’t stop laughing

  19. Posted by YaSsi Ine, at Reply

    I love that kid when his father was talking to him and the kid just laughing he doesn’t understand anything he is just laughing hahaha I Love it so much Hehehehehe

  20. Posted by Gamingenzo Fortnite, at Reply

    4:36 baby is not laughing at joke his laughing because you do funny things as you can see the shadow is twitching😂