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Dad Surprises Daughters on Christmas – Soldiers Coming Home


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Little girl just has one wish for Christmas, for her dad to come home. May your Christmas be filled with joy. This is the only Christmas video you need to see today.


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  1. Posted by Adam Rodgers, at Reply


  2. Posted by Rubble Dubble, at Reply

    Christmas present of her life

  3. Posted by Hannah Matthau, at Reply

    This is going to get deleted but I have to say it because I care about them
    even if you don’t. But yeah, real endearing, how about the middle eastern
    children who won’t get to see their parents or siblings or loved ones again
    in this life, or the parents and people who won’t see their children or
    other loved ones again because they have been bombed by Westerners who
    believe anything people in power tell you like that middle easterners are
    terrorists and encouraging mass genocide then playing the martyr. How would
    YOU feel? Try getting to know them before believing awfulness. Merry
    flippin’ Christmas.

    • Posted by Hannah Matthau, at Reply

      hopefully at least some of you use your hearts and brains and care! (: and
      to you all, happy holidays!

  4. Posted by Gabrielle Ballesteros, at Reply

    fifth comment

  5. Posted by [-Psycho-], at Reply

    It’s nice to see people having joy and assemble them back together after a
    long time becuase of war.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS America. Just personal from me. 🙂
    I’m just danish so what can i say than merry Christmas and a happy new

  6. Posted by JimMelissa Keen, at Reply

    BEST …. VIDEO …. EVER !

  7. Posted by VanVan Barril, at Reply

    Did one of the lady say “cry more” 😂😂

  8. Posted by TH3 SLEEPING, at Reply

    Happy holidays everyone.

  9. Posted by Sneha Bijalwan, at Reply

    Wish you a very merry Christmas

  10. Posted by Bonnie Games, at Reply

    This make me cry