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Data, Trump, and Our World – Conversation with Ramesh Srinivasan


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Cenk Uygur meetings Ramesh Srinivasan. Ramesh is a Partner Professor of Details Studies at UCLA and also founding director of the UC Digital Cultures Lab. Watch the full interview here:

Ramesh's research concentrates on the relationship in between innovation, politics, culture, as well as societies across the globe. However today he's here to speak about his freshly released publication, "Whose Worldwide Town?: Reassessing How Technology Shapes Our Globe." Purchase Ramesh's book below:

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Concerning Ramesh:
– Holds a design level from Stanford, a Ph.D. in Layout Research studies from Harvard, a Masters of Scientific research in Media Arts as well as Sciences from MIT, and a B.S. in Industrial Design from Stanford.
– He started the UC-wide Digital Cultures Laboratory
– He and also his work have actually shown up in/on the Washington Message, HuffPost Al Jazeera English, NPR as well as Public Radio International
– Has worked together with non-literate tribal populations in India to study how proficiency emerges with uses innovation, as well as standard Native American areas to examine just how non-Western understandings of the world can introduce new ways of checking out the future of the net.
– His research has extended such bounds as Native Americans, Somali evacuees, Indian villages, Aboriginal Australia, as well as Maori New Zealand
– Has collaborated with bloggers who toppled the authoritarian Kyrgyz program
– Has actually been granted 2 grants from the National Scientific research Foundation in the Science, Innovation, and also Society department, as well as an Institute of Gallery and also Library Solutions National Management Give
– His publication, Whose International Town?: Reconsidering How Innovation Shapes Our Globe was released on February 27th.
– His following book is labelled "After the Internet"
– This is his fourth look on TYT Meetings and his fifth on TYT

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  1. Posted by pcmacro, at Reply

    this dude is smart.

    • Posted by Amit Bahadur, at Reply

      pcmacro Indian origin 😊

    • Posted by PragmaticD, at Reply

      Can we please stop bragging about other Indians?? Only Individual achievement please.

  2. Posted by Crazy Joe Devola, at Reply

    Are TYT going to mention last night in Sweden?

    • Posted by ddd ddd, at Reply

      Crazy Joe Devola
      “Are TYT going to mention last night in Sweden?”
      why ,swedish people are first to protect the refugies and swedish women are
      probably ready to vote to bring 1 000 000 more into the country to redistribute the national wealth from elderly people to who ever is not white…why would you care if you are right what happens to them if you are left ,then nothing is happening

    • Posted by Mehul Jain, at Reply

      It was not during the night crazy joe. It occured at 2 pm.

    • Posted by ddd ddd, at Reply

      Johnny the Boy
      I’m not swedish
      it is similar in all european countries ,women are voting for parties and supporting movements for mass migration of foreign populations in to the own countries what with the promoted perferebale treatment of that groups in every aspect of the society including the justice system has a taste of colonisation.. what includes the redistribution of national wealth and pressure of the social system
      isn’t it the same in the usa,40% of your women voted for the democrats
      and please ,never again use the word “misogynistic”after all what is happening it really can’t be called a sin

  3. Posted by yasmin ahmed, at Reply

    You trolls just can’t help yourself ay? 17 views in and I already see 5+ dislikes. It must enrage you to have a progressive online platform be so successful. Sad!

    • Posted by Blazed and Confused, at Reply

      How many likes did it have at that moment?

    • Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

      yasmin you got married at age 7 to a terrorist.

  4. Posted by Ghostdini Stark, at Reply

    Libturds don’t read books, they don’t operate on fact only emotion and narrative.

  5. Posted by jeff kennedy, at Reply

    interesting stuff

  6. Posted by Trumpeteer, at Reply

    TYT is propaganda. They cherry pick all of their articles to bend the opinion of its viewers. And I’m here to call them out on it. Take note of how they have not said a word about the terror attack in Sweden, that is by design and not an oversight.

  7. Posted by Darksider, at Reply

    Cenk refuses to talk about the attack in Sweden because he’s a secret Muslim that wants more attacks. Deport Cenk!

    • Posted by Darksider, at Reply

      steal threaded Everything is far right compared to TyT.

    • Posted by steal threaded, at Reply

      You’re just another right wing loser from the aggrieved gamer side of the internet that can’t get laid and you think it’s the lefts problem.

    • Posted by Darksider, at Reply

      steal threaded you’re just another left-wing loser from the tumbler side of the internet that can’t get laid​ and you think it’s the right, white people, Christians and Trump’s problem.

  8. Posted by Éric McFartPants, at Reply

    CNN and all the World News is finally boarding the President Trump Train, all the President had to do was shoot 100 million $ worth of Tomahawk Missiles and now everyone loves him 🙂

    • Posted by Doctor Strange Love, at Reply

      Trump is coming to the aid of the poor helpless muslim people , at least President Trump is showing pity on them,

    • Posted by Popcorn Sutton, at Reply

      what upset me is all these fake Muslims who shave their face and drink Liquor ,these are not real muslims they are fakes.

    • Posted by Anonymous User, at Reply

      Popcorn Sutton Why does it upset you?

  9. Posted by Surya Rameshkumar, at Reply

    No news on Sweden terror attacked because trump was right

    • Posted by David Ortiz, at Reply

      Surya Rameshkumar ISIS is getting face fucked of course the terrorists spread all over Europe are panicking. Expect more attacks like this.

  10. Posted by Steve Martin, at Reply

    Robert Mercer is trying to be Big Brother. Manipulation past what the government is capable of.

  11. Posted by Pokermask, at Reply

    Hey, TYT… you gonna talk about the terror attack in Sweden? It’s a pretty big deal over here in Europe… You know… So you gonna talk about it?

    • Posted by WillyM79, at Reply

      Patience grasshopper

    • Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

      they will quickly mention it followed by 10 anti white videos. Oh and they will be sure to mention dylan roof 7 times.

  12. Posted by bhau rai, at Reply

    jesus was gay?

    • Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

      He had to be real to begin with.

  13. Posted by Travis Holleman, at Reply

    Young turks i used to love your show when you first started now you are the typical self empowered liberal moral high ground assholes. You are the reason liberals are getting a bad name.

    • Posted by Richard Rider, at Reply

      Classic liberals today would be called neo-conservatives. Privatise everything and avoid government oversight wherever possible

    • Posted by Ex-Muslim Libertarian Atheist, at Reply

      +Richard Rider libertarians, not neo-conservatives.

    • Posted by Richard Rider, at Reply

      +Ex-Muslim Libertarian Atheist​ True I guess. Where then do modern liberals differ from libertarians?

    • Posted by Marley J, at Reply

      In what way?

  14. Posted by Idowebs, at Reply

    “I see said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and saw.” People are TOO stupid to use Google News and read and the Google to check resources. We are all road kill now. Stupidity will kill us all. I have NEVER understood putting personal information online at FaceBook. This comment thing is dangerous enough considering the orange clown threatened Twitter for personal info about an anti tRUMPER.

    If 2 billion idiots use FaceBook no wonder the world is moving to the far right.

    • Posted by Delightful Gentleman, at Reply

      you stupid imbecile, far right opinions are pretty much banned on facebook, people get shadow banned, banned, their input deleted or rigged to not trend, while left wing lunacy is promoted artificially

  15. Posted by Hobbes Tiger, at Reply

    An economist will tell you that as soon as you set up a system with fixed rules people will immediately try and game that system, make it work to their advantage.

  16. Posted by Venom, at Reply

    Why are these brown dudes wearing suits, it’s cultural appropriation!

    • Posted by Richard Rider, at Reply

      They’re American, so your silly joke about appropriation doesn’t apply. Wearing a turban wouldn’t be appropriation if you’ve been living in Saudi Arabia for 20 years.
      Nobody cares about cultural appropriation nowadays anyway, even if you do misunderstand the concept

    • Posted by Adur Pandya, at Reply

      true. brown people have to stop wearing white people clothes and have to make America brown again.

    • Posted by Rick Kotecha, at Reply

      Venom True they should be wearing durka durka robes

  17. Posted by Blazed and Confused, at Reply

    Still no story about the truck of peace world tours?

    • Posted by Es E, at Reply

      They don’t record on weekends

    • Posted by Blazed and Confused, at Reply

      Forehead Cenk could have done a selfie upload. He just doesn’t care.

    • Posted by PKNHET, at Reply

      |religion of peace ||l “”|””__,_

  18. Posted by BkLounge Nando, at Reply

    Oooo look at me I have a Muslim friend. PHOTO OP

    • Posted by Mit Chandola, at Reply


  19. Posted by loveonlyplease, at Reply

    how is a channel with 61k subscribers being referenced more than the 3mil sibscribers of TYT?

  20. Posted by Rick Kotecha, at Reply

    Report on the terrible Islamic terror attack in Sweden, which Trump foretold btw.