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Dave Chappelle: “I F*cked Up”


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Dave Chappelle wanted to offer Trump an opportunity. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you why he is sorry for that decision. Tell us what you assume in the remark section below.

" Dave Chappelle states he's seen enough of Head of state Trump to admit he was wrong for taking place 'SNL' as well as begging with the country to reduce up on the Trump dislike right after the political election.

Dave did a hysterical mea culpa in New York City Monday night at the Altruistic Gala, informing the crowd … "I was the first guy on TELEVISION to claim 'Provide Trump an opportunity.' I f *** ed up. Sorry."

He's absolutely seeing points differently currently because he took place to tear the prez on all sorts of issues, including migration … as well as his changability. As Dave placed it, "He's in fact exactly what you assumed a black head of state would certainly be."

Find out more below:

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by ztoxtube, at Reply

    I also gave Trump the benefit of the doubt, but I never gave that to his supporters.

    • Posted by Matthew W, at Reply

      +JiveTurkeyify Uh, you keep laughing. We voted for Trump ONLY because we knew Mike Pence would assume the throne if Trump couldn’t do the job. The new Christian government is being established whether you think it’s a joke or not.In the end times the new Calvary will be estalbished and the new hill from which true Christians will rule. The terrorists of the United States are anyone that opposes true christian law. And they will be removed from America and America will become the new kingdom. People can laugh but it is already happening. Trump will be removed from office soon and Pence will take his place and make sure things are set in motion for us. We’ve been taking back the local governments of this country for many years while Obama was in office, and now we are taking back the country from atheists and your kind.

    • Posted by robbie g, at Reply

      you have to be a troll. clearly very few people are as stupid as your comments suggest. stupid yes, not that stupid

  2. Posted by Sam Smith, at Reply

    Anne Coulter, now Dave, who is next? (serious question, predictions?)

    • Posted by fakeaccount8888, at Reply

      +bbob70 Your comment is illogical. Surely a left wing ‘bubble’ forms because the people’s political stances a left-wing therefore it’s perfectly natural and legitimate. And saying showbiz people are left wing because of their producers and promoters? Idiot, for what reason do producers and promoters have to be left-wing? Oh that’s right, their own free will and political opinion.

      You just can’t accept that people have an opposing opinion to you. Now if you said feminism or all that gender crap, then I’d agree, but showbiz people who say they hate trump say it because they hate him, they’re just in an environment where it’s fine to say that, because they have the same political view.

    • Posted by Richard Alexander, at Reply

      Next? Paul Ryan, mother tucker Carlson, and the other spineless trumptards will blame everybody except the child-in-chief until he’s dragged kicking and screaming from the White House. Count on it, but the DNC will make another hash of the upcoming elections having learned NOTHING from what happened in 2016.

    • Posted by PM Viewer, at Reply

      *Ryan looks around nervously, counts the number of fellow Republicans standing up and demanding answers, waits until he runs out of fingers and toes to count on, stands himself and pretends to have principles*

      Our Speaker of the House.

  3. Posted by spoder man hates TYT, at Reply

    TYT: Trump news 24/7

    • Posted by Sophia Iglesias, at Reply

      spoder man hates TYT he’s the president of cooooourse he’s in the news. tyt also explained that he got more press than other candidates before he was elected, but of cooooourse, you make up narratives to make tyt look weak and ignore the truth.

    • Posted by Ryan Dartez, at Reply

      They’re copying the Fox News circa 2008 formula.

    • Posted by Ryan Reed, at Reply

      spoder man hates TYT he is the U.S President…what else u trying to ignore??

    • Posted by Robinsinpost, at Reply

      spoder man hates TYT      Trump keeps on giving and giving.

  4. Posted by Abiola Sulaiman, at Reply

    Dave Chappelle apologizing for Clayton Bigsby’s comment.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Clayton Bigsby would have voted for Bernie ha

    • Posted by Box Boi, at Reply

      Dragon1717 Clayton already has become much more smarter with just that one vote than you ever will be.

  5. Posted by Ęÿūį Æßñ, at Reply

    The Trumptanic is sinking and there aren’t many lifeboats left.

    • Posted by James Eslick, at Reply

      You sank. MAGA!

  6. Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

    Welcome back to reality, Dave.

    • Posted by onefatstratcat, at Reply

      The weed buzz must have finally wore off 🙂

    • Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply


      A con artist sells you a fantasy. Dave bought into D T’s bullshit for a while. Does that make sense to you, or are you still a trumptard?

  7. Posted by CollegeTalkTV, at Reply

    Nah Trump has proven during the campaign that he is incompetent and its showing now.

    • Posted by lekkki1, at Reply

      He proved that well before the campaign.

    • Posted by M. Gilley, at Reply

      Even if I was a right winger/nationalist type of guy, I still wouldn’t have trusted Trump. You need a lot of selective ignorance to have any faith in the man, at any time since the 70’s when he participated in turning NYC into a city for the elite. He is fundamentally bad for the working class, always has been.

  8. Posted by Steve Rambo, at Reply

    I fucked up by not killing myself when I had the chance

    • Posted by XHellXGeistX, at Reply

      Same here.

    • Posted by Mar A, at Reply

      You always have a chance, it’s never too late to kill yourself!

      Unless of course you have already killed yourself, then it’s too late to kill yourself.

    • Posted by Jeremy Allen, at Reply

      It’s never too late Steve….

    • Posted by Robinsinpost, at Reply

      Steve Rambo    Too late now. You just have to live with the pain and suffering.

    • Posted by CoffeeAt Midnight, at Reply

      That’s never the answer. It’s hard out here but things can always get better. Hold On!

  9. Posted by Mending Wall, at Reply

    I hate to say I told you so… Lol What am I saying? I love it

    • Posted by xCaptxCrunchx, at Reply

      Mending Wall TT’s!!! Nam Nam Nam Nam Nam Nam!

    • Posted by Lu Sapphire and the Muffin Button Band, at Reply

      Mending Wall
      I just gave you 69…

      …likes. It looks like the symbol for Cancer. That’s my sign! Cool, huh?

    • Posted by Joe McKoy, at Reply

      Mending Wall damn them titties tho

    • Posted by Eli The Elevator, at Reply

      Mending Wall nice profile pic

    • Posted by six sixsix, at Reply


  10. Posted by ___, at Reply

    I didn’t think Chapelle was wrong to say that. We needed to be fair and see what would happen…now we see he really is totally fucked (we guessed right).

    • Posted by fakeaccount8888, at Reply

      Yeah, lets pretend the campaign trail never happened and believe he will change overnight. Idiot. You must get scammed a lot.

    • Posted by ___, at Reply

      fakeaccount8888 It clearly happened. That’s why we guessed right that Trump would be a disaster.

  11. Posted by KELLSONIC, at Reply

    For the record Dave Chappelle was right for giving Trump a shot so he didn’t have to apologize. And he was also right for realizing that Trump was a terrible president after all after he give him a shot.

    • Posted by lanite85, at Reply

      That’s your opinion but in reality if you believed this guy was gonna be anything other than a terrible President then you are either incredibly stupid or exceptionally naive. The guy is only out for himself and that has always been obvious, expecting him to suddenly change was wishful thinking.As Cenk said, if you didn’t know anything about the guy then offering him a fair chance would be the right thing to do but this is Donald Trump, we all knew exactly what and who he is, there was never a chance this guy could make a success of it.

    • Posted by LBoogiedaMann, at Reply

      He only apologized as part of a joke. Haha lol

    • Posted by markj6700, at Reply

      KELLSONIC, I disagree. He wasn’t right for giving Trump a chance. Anyone worth their salt already knew.

    • Posted by Howlbigbadwolf, at Reply

      KELLSONIC yes, just could be used as a great material in the future.

  12. Posted by Screaming PHOENIX, at Reply

    I mean, I don’t think he was wrong. Maybe Trump could have surprised us. Wouldn’t you rather wait for him to actually do something bad, before you criticize his every action? He had his chance. and his chance is expired.

    • Posted by Zaprozhan, at Reply

      He’s a con artist, protected by money and public status. What surprised me what how many people he conned.

    • Posted by Raf Amador, at Reply

      +Zaprozhan yeah. Its incredible.

    • Posted by Robinsinpost, at Reply

      Screaming PHOENIX     The writing was on the wall. It was as obvious as it could get. Miracles don`t happen.

    • Posted by TransparentLabyrinth, at Reply

      The problem is, it’s a bit like getting mugged… and then a week later, you’re getting ready to leave your workplace to go home and you see the same mugger loitering outside. Instead of calling the police with the phone you have on hand, you think to yourself, “Hmm. I mean, it’s possible he’s not here to mug me this time. He could surprise me. I should probably just walk outside and see what happens.”

      “Oh shoot, he mugged me again. Well, I gave him a chance.”

  13. Posted by dadamosky, at Reply

    He didn’t need to do that. I think most of us were willing to give Trump a chance,. Trump made fools of us all.

    • Posted by dadamosky, at Reply

      OK. Let me try this once more. What I am saying is, any decent human being would be skeptical but still give someone a chance. In the campaign trail. candidates say things all the time that they don’t really mean. They are appealing to a base just to get elected. My hop was that he had done just that. Jesus! How hard is it to get that giving someone a chance to prove themselves is the right thing to do? He was given a chance to show he could do the job and he failed. Simple as that.

    • Posted by Thefourthdimensional, at Reply

      But it’s not, I knew from the beginning that Trump was bad and why (I’d be a failure of a gov major if I didn’t) but for the sake of America and the world at large I’d kept the hope that maybe he could change or at the very least his cabinet and advisers could limit the damage he’d cause. Evidently that didn’t happen but I don’t believe I was wrong for hoping.

    • Posted by TransparentLabyrinth, at Reply

      dadamosky I want to agree with you on the level of giving people chances, but the fact is that he was given endless chances to demonstrate his character on the campaign trail and he made it pretty transparent how messed up of an individual he is. Not to mention his extensive history outside of the campaign trail, in business, entertainment, etc.

      He should never have been given a chance to be president in the first place. That’s the problem. I mean, he didn’t even win the popular vote, so naturally, there’s a lot of voters who had the opinion that he shouldn’t have ever been elected to begin with.

      I would have happily “given a chance” to a lot of people, but Trump is not one of them. Trump is the exception to the rule. If more people understood his pathology, it would have been clear what kind of president he would be. If more people understood that those with his pathology don’t just up and change, it would have been clear there was no point in giving him a chance.

      People like Trump make for great abusers. They can be very charming and enthralling, until you do something they don’t like and they switch on their wrath in an instant. It’s not hugely surprising to me that some would miss this, considering how many get trapped in abusive relationships.

  14. Posted by Hebrew Gad, at Reply

    We knew who Hillary was too. That’s why she lost to begin with.

    • Posted by lordsysop, at Reply

      Hebrew Gad when you have a failing education system how do you expect the public to vote. i dont think monkeys should have the right to vote. hell monkeys would learn alot quicker than trump supporters.

    • Posted by Jay Rock Jinx, at Reply

      Hebrew Gad So why did she get more votes?

    • Posted by Hebrew Gad, at Reply

      Jay Rock Jinx Why is her approval rating below Trumps? She sucks

    • Posted by Don Ricardo, at Reply

      Trump supported Hitlery Clintoris in 2008 against O’bomba. She failed again. Lock her up with him 2020!!!

  15. Posted by chrisgm, at Reply

    Trump voters fell for the car salesman who sold you a car with no engine. You got got. Enjoy! Own up to it

    • Posted by John Bliss, at Reply

      We? We the people took it back? Can’t take something back you never had. The rich and powerful run things, including the Supreme Court.

    • Posted by candleblaise, at Reply

      Shade Bleu it’s the exact same it’s been for years. A conservative judge was chosen to replace a conservative judge that died, what exactly did you “take back”?

    • Posted by candleblaise, at Reply

      jejejeejjeejejeejjejejee km,k,kjhj so you’re racist and homophobic and can’t stand being called out on your racism and homophobia? What’s wrong little snowflake, need a safe space?

    • Posted by halfstep44, at Reply

      chrisgm trump voters got sick of you

  16. Posted by Howlbigbadwolf, at Reply

    why in the heck is he apologizing, there’s nothing to apologize for. He gave the man a fair shot and things did not work out. There’s nothing to be sorry or apologize for. I feel more upset on the fact he apologize for nothing.

    • Posted by Blue -eyed, at Reply

      Take your pills. You are living in a mass psychosis.

    • Posted by Howlbigbadwolf, at Reply

      defend your position of your statement please.

    • Posted by TransparentLabyrinth, at Reply

      I don’t want to copy/paste the mugging analogy I wrote in another comment. Let me just put it this way: If somebody punches you in the face, when they pull back their fist a minute later, is your reaction really going to be, “Maybe they aren’t going for a punch this time?”

  17. Posted by Fred Azbell, at Reply

    Dave Chappelle is one of the smartest comedians around. He always surprises me with his unique take on current events.

    • Posted by anko Mitarashi, at Reply

      Fred Azbell his father was a statistician apparently and his mom was also a college professor. so really it does make sense.

    • Posted by Fred Azbell, at Reply

      Didn’t know anything about his background. Thanks for the input.

    • Posted by Sudden Kancho, at Reply

      In addition to being a great entertainer. When he does his “white suburban man” shtick I forget he is black.

    • Posted by חופשי פַּלֶשְׂתִינָה, at Reply

      I agree!

  18. Posted by edward hickey, at Reply

    My pal from Florida was talking to me last weekend about how disappointed he was with Trump but then he turn around and said Really Obama wasn’t much better. I was stunned with disbelief. I debated him for 40 minutes but it keep coming to immigrants, Hillary’s emails and how much Obamacare is ruining the nation so I gave up. Fox News is a cult of ignorance and my pal loves the cool aid, should be more truthful laws in media so people are not so misinformed.

    • Posted by edward hickey, at Reply

      Go watch some Alex Jones and learn about lizard people, Pizzagate and how the devil taking over politicians. Glad to know the fake news is only on the channels you named, it really narrows it down. Thank Fox for telling use No-Go Zones, otherwise we be walking around in them, I’ve seen at least 4 muslins in the whole year in my town last year lol

    • Posted by sickbailey21, at Reply

      Blue -eyed There was a small study done which showed that people which watch no news coverage at all, are more informed on world events than those which watch fox news. Let that sink in for a moment.

  19. Posted by Frost Organa, at Reply

    Donald Trump has been a reprehensible person for the past 20+ years. It’s been no secret and Trump has never tried to hide who he really is, but, people can identify with him. Not because of the money and fame, but because like him, MANY people are jerks (and not very bright) and they like to vote in people who they can relate to.

    • Posted by Mark Williams, at Reply

      I couldn’t get through the third episode of the first year of The Apprentice w/o wondering why people would watch this prick. I have friends who liked it. They were still smart enough not to vote for him.

    • Posted by chilly willy, at Reply

      Frost Organa So….he only started being a scum bag a quarter of a century ago? XD

    • Posted by Frost Organa, at Reply

      +chilly willy Haha. Well, he hasn’t been in the public eye his whole life, so perhaps he was an upstanding and fine young man at one point? Nah.