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David Blaine Accused Of Raping Model


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Magician David Blaine has actually been implicated of rape. Poise Baldridge, Mark Thompson, and Simone Boyce, the hosts of The Young Turks, offer you the details. Inform us exactly what you think in the remark area below. Join TYT:

" Scotland Yard is checking out illusionist David Blaine after a model charged him of raping her in London. Authorities have actually asked Blaine to find to Britain to be talked to, inning accordance with e-mails assessed by The Daily Monster.

Natasha Prince asserts Blaine raped her at a private residence in London's Chelsea area in the summer season of 2004, months after her 21st birthday, she informed The Daily Monster in her first-ever interview on the subject.

" Policemans from the Met's Kid Abuse and Sexual Offences Command are exploring an allegation of rape," Scotland Yard said in a declaration to The Daily Beast. "The allegation was reported to authorities on 17 November 2016 by a lady who alleged she was raped at an address in Chelsea in June or July 2004 when she was aged 21. There have been no apprehensions at this phase as well as enquiries proceed."

Police last month emailed Royal prince that they had actually requested Blaine, with his lawyer, pertained to the U.K. for an "meeting under care" where he would certainly be offered with the details of the claims. Blaine's attorney, Marty Singer, denied all accusations to The Daily Monster in a statement."

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Hosts: Poise Baldridge, Mark Thompson, Simone Boyce

Cast: Poise Baldridge, Mark Thompson, Simone Boyce


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  1. Posted by Brady Wilkinson, at Reply

    Simone, I love you for not biting his head off for asking. Couldn’t agree with you more. We need to create an environment where these conversations can be had

  2. Posted by Keith Evans, at Reply

    Look, we need to have charges on both ends here. If the female/male accusers and are found truthful, then fine. If they are found lying, then they need to be charged as well. What if she/he gives consent starting sex and then stops it and later with the partners dna is in/on she/he files a rape claim. How is that right?

  3. Posted by Apathy Man, at Reply

    I’m curious here. If two drunk people have sex, why is it the mans fault?

    • Posted by Chris Dexter, at Reply

      I just can’t comprehend futurestoryteller’s word salad. Consent isn’t confusing. OP asked a question and futurestoryteller responded with a strange attempt at an analogy that left more questions than answers. Then they doubled, then tripled down on not actually answering OP’s question.

    • Posted by futurestoryteller, at Reply

      Wait… – You _literally_ don’t get it? How old are you? I think you should see a doctor, get checked for senility? Even if you’re young. Seriously. – Maybe you’re dyslexic, that’s the *only* other explanation, because if you can’t see where that was going, or why it veered off where it did you have potentially very serious cognitive impairments.

    • Posted by Duke Togo, at Reply

      Apathy Man – Because women are children and can’t be held responsible for their actions.

      Unless she gets behind the wheel of a car and kills somebody while driving intoxicated. Then they’ll do something about it, but the gynocentric courts will do their best to get a minimal sentence.

    • Posted by Chris Dexter, at Reply

      Is it even possible to you that you made a false analogy and your argument does not even address the original post? No, much easier to call people senile.

  4. Posted by Titus Orelius, at Reply

    *”If you are accused AND male you are automatically guilty and we will talk about you like you are a CONVICTED rapist even though there is no evidence, arrested, trial, or verdict.”*

    -The Young Turks

    • Posted by Tony Salazar, at Reply

      Titus Orelius that usually comes from the new hosts. And it’s wrong because they only want to appeal to their audience. The old crew is more objective thou.

    • Posted by MRostendway, at Reply

      Titus Orelius Cenk used to have his moments of sanity back in the day but that’s all back when he kept it real.

  5. Posted by Zenki omega, at Reply

    Not surprised at all

  6. Posted by Jay Jinn, at Reply

    So with destructive feminism, what we have achieved in Western society is that ANY female can arbitrarily accuse ANY man of rape, with NO evidence. And even worse, the man will be considered GUILTY until he somehow proves his innocence. If you dare question the credibility of the woman or her accusation, you are a sexist pig or monster.

    • Posted by Duke Togo, at Reply

      Jay Jinn – Yep. But we live in a Patriarchy rape culture and women are oppressed.

    • Posted by LegendLength, at Reply

      That reminds me can I won’t be able to make it to the next Patriarchy meeting.

    • Posted by Matthew Smith, at Reply

      No you dare question her credibility, you’re “victim blaming”.

    • Posted by miapdx Portland, at Reply

      Jay Jinn We also live in a society where women are being beaten, raped, and murdered *every hour.* But hey, it’s all about the men!

  7. Posted by quincy briley, at Reply

    You left out the part where she runs into Blaine ten years later and even though he supposedly raped her, invited him to spend time with her.

  8. Posted by gnarki111, at Reply

    this is some b******* any woman can just make a random claim of sexual assault and immediately ruin a man’s reputation without proof or trial f*** you tyt

  9. Posted by John Rhymes, at Reply

    So…..no evidence. No nothing but one side of a story and they call her the victim and present this piece as if David Blain is 100% guilty? WOW! And I’m a progressive liberal! This is just wrong.

    • Posted by John Rhymes, at Reply

      Shelly seymore Your problem is making assumptions without proof. I don’t believe he’s innocent or guilty. I believe in waiting for evidence before destroying someone’s life.

    • Posted by LegendLength, at Reply

      Hate to sound righteous but can you see why righties think TYT is fake news a lot of the time?

    • Posted by Shelly seymore, at Reply

      LegendLength Yeah, because they right-wing media isn’t at all bias, and they NEVER out right lie.
      Give me a break, TYT have more integrity than any right-wing, full of bullshit, channel.

    • Posted by John Rhymes, at Reply

      Shelly seymore I did not say that prior to you responding because I didn’t even know she invited him until after I saw your response so you’re being dishonest. You’re also a stalker to follow me around the internet as if I don’t remember you

  10. Posted by Tylan Jamison, at Reply

    Yikes. I Didn’t see that coming.

  11. Posted by aditorium1, at Reply

    ……I don’t know about this one. If your uncomfortable in a situation and you don’t say something it is your fault. No where did I hear them say she said no. I’ve woken up to the ugliest chicks after I drunk. Was I rapped.

  12. Posted by presentmnd, at Reply

    Maybe she didnt care that much when he was as famous and wealthy and now that he is wealthier now she cries wolf??

  13. Posted by Kareem Colebrooke, at Reply

    LMFAO I almost choked on my spot when he said the story sounds believable wow!

  14. Posted by Tahar Driba, at Reply

    ok guys so the latest rules to sexual interactions just got updated please take notes :

    1. even if the girl likes you and comes back to your place, you have to ask permission before touching, kissing and putting it in. if you want to have intercourse , you have to ask for permission and be very specific about where and what you will do. if you want to switch positions, you have to ask for permission. Anything less than an affirmative Yes every step of the way is not acceptable. even if it turns you and her off. sex is not about lust and that feel of the moment anymore.

    2. If both of you are drunk or on drugs , you are still in control of what you do but she is not. that’s just how it is. However, your ability to control yourself under intoxicating substances and being aware of what you do as well as you being able to force yourself onto members of the opposite gender physically, does not make you are mentally or physically superior, those abilities come from the fact that you are horny and gross. but we are also equal, very important to remember that.

    3. if you get accused of rape no matter how many years later, do not comment. anything you say will just be considered sexist. if you take offense at the accusations no matter how ridiculous and false they may be, you will be called a victim blaming sexist pig.

    4. members of the opposite gender can dictate any other rules related to this matter. we have to accept it.

  15. Posted by Jak Rubel, at Reply

    Women and their endless drama of victimisation, like guys don’t get raped by fat whores

  16. Posted by Conscious Bey, at Reply


  17. Posted by MultiWingnut, at Reply

    Why do these cases go to the public and go to pitchfork court before there is a conviction done in a real court? There should be a law that these cases must be non-public.

  18. Posted by Bosque Ximera, at Reply

    No it doesn’t work that way. One can’t change a decade later one’s interpretation of what happened an decade before and then accuse someone else of a capital crime.

  19. Posted by Joan Cassie, at Reply