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Death Date Announced For The Internet


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On December 14th the internet as we know it could be deceased. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, tells you exactly what you can do to quit it. Tell us exactly what you assume in the remark area below. Sign up with TYT:

" Federal Communications Compensation (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai will reportedly seek to entirely rescind net nonpartisanship regulations established under previous President Obama, according to a Monday report.

Sources near to the issue inform Politician that Pai will certainly look for to entirely remove the net neutrality regulations, which reclassified access provider (ISPs) as telecommunications business as well as needed them to treat all web website traffic equally.

The FCC will supposedly vote on the strategy in December, inning accordance with Politico.

Pai as well as other Republicans have actually suggested the Obama-era FCC exceeded its authority with the laws by reclassifying the ISPs as common providers.

The FCC held a months-long open remark duration on its proposal to reverse the rules after dealing with substantial reaction after releasing its initial proposal in April."

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  1. Posted by Jason A, at Reply

    Let’s see how the MAGA cult spins this one

    • Posted by The Iranian Liberal, at Reply

      Even Trump supporters hate this.

    • Posted by Alexander Jones, at Reply

      I don’t want EU style government censorship.

  2. Posted by E2 M5, at Reply


    • Posted by D K, at Reply

      +E2 M5 Do it! Reply with your bitcoin wallet so people can donate to you to cover your legal fees 🙂

    • Posted by Jim Kees, at Reply

      E2 M5 You will be an American hero!

    • Posted by LCarlTBM x, at Reply

      Hang him! Make an example out of that Trump appointed pig!

    • Posted by Levity, at Reply

      445 12th Street, SW – Washington, DC

    • Posted by Jebus Hypocristos, at Reply

      Somebody needs to do.

  3. Posted by lady09giggles, at Reply

    We probably should go to Pai’s physical house.

    • Posted by Phil, at Reply


    • Posted by smith22041, at Reply

      lady09giggles leave a note with Anonymous’s logo on it “We’re watching you”

    • Posted by Seymour13, at Reply

      [@smith] I don’t often go this route but I was thinking more along the lines of dragging him out into the streets, tarred and feathered, for a mile or two.

    • Posted by Jim Kees, at Reply

      lady09giggles Does anyone have his address? This clown needs to be stopped!

    • Posted by Jebus Hypocristos, at Reply

      Send armed drones.

  4. Posted by praisethecow, at Reply

    Just lynch Ajit Pai.. leave the shithead dangling from a lamp post

    • Posted by Aaron Humphreys, at Reply

      I’m always amused by the “violence doesn’t work” crowd.

      You never see them claiming violence doesn’t work when it comes to the government oppressing people (because it clearly does work), but when it comes to retaliating suddenly it’s just not that efficient.

      Stockholm’s Syndrome, plain and simple.

    • Posted by ScoopMeisterGeneral, at Reply

      +Aaron Humphreys State violence works because the state already has all the power.

    • Posted by 123gwf, at Reply

      I think people are afraid to stand up for themselves.  Part of it is apathy, part of it futility, and part of just plain old cowardice.

    • Posted by Aaron Humphreys, at Reply

      I think you’ve covered the likely reasons pretty well, 123.

      It’s a depressing state of affairs.

  5. Posted by Craig Smith, at Reply

    if net neutrality dies then I’m afraid that there will be a massive civil unrest in this country. If the GOP get’s net neutrality dead and their tax plan gets past then there might be riots far bigger than 92 L.A. 15 Ferguson, 16 Baltimore look like a brawl. A massive injustice can do that. I don’t want to see a revolution that involves blood shed. I’m not threating anyone it’s just a fear of mine. Pai needs to be very careful here he’s playing with fire here

    • Posted by Piper Tipurts, at Reply

      What causes the unrest and riots tho? Citizens feeling like they haven’t been heard. WE called, we commented, we protested and did everything “peaceful” that we could think of and they’ll kill the net anyway. That’s a recipe baked to perfection for violence.

    • Posted by jb hann, at Reply

      At this point, I don’t know what will get the majority of citizens to rise up against the government. We didn’t fight against the trillions of dollars being spent on the military to fight these corporate wars. We don’t condemn these corrupt corporations basically installing near slave labor wages and tactics throughout the nation. We didn’t fight against the Citizens United ruling. We didn’t fight against the Patriot Act. We didn’t fight against…

      Maybe if McDonald’s took the Big Mac off its menu…that might be the thing that gets the citizens of the United States to fight for something so precious to them.

    • Posted by peacefulheart, at Reply

      jb hann. True, but somehow see more action and movement from the public than ever before. We are finally standing up for our rights, each time growing stronger. This is the beginning of a time of the great awakening, congratulations to all.

    • Posted by Arnold Slater, at Reply

      Craig Smith
      If Darryl dies we riot.

  6. Posted by Zucchinna, at Reply

    Who do we contact about this? And is there a physical place in Texas I can show up to be heard?

    • Posted by toa onua nuva, at Reply

      Zucchinna contact your state rep

    • Posted by Justin LeClair, at Reply

      You can text ‘Resist’ to 50409 for an automated system to help you find your congressmen and govenor and assist you in sending an email to them

    • Posted by Rocksfir e, at Reply

      call, at the end of the video he puts a number you can call on screen. you can also send them a email. showing up physically in another state is not possible. it’s held in Washington, so there is no other place. it’s either Washington or going around and telling more people around you about this. pretty stupid honestly, they should hold video calls in all states so that everyone can be heard.

    • Posted by Karen Defee, at Reply

      Some people are organizing protests around Verizon stores on Dec 7, more details are on reddit under Net Neutrality

    • Posted by Zucchinna, at Reply

      Rocksfir e I agree, we need to start doing video calls

  7. Posted by Never go full retard, at Reply

    C’mon, this is an issue that both sides should at least agree on. I know you right wingers will be upset if they have the power to slow down your hardcore transgender porn.

    • Posted by randomflashbacks, at Reply

      Timothy McCaskey weirdly enough, I find incest porn to be fairly hot, but real incest grosses me out. Explain that.

    • Posted by Timothy McCaskey, at Reply

      randomflashbacks: Because like all sexual fantasies the real thing never meets your expectations.

    • Posted by Deb Ironman, at Reply

      I predict they’ll love watching it in locomotion

  8. Posted by Andre B, at Reply

    Hey Trump-supporters, what was that about, “draining the swamp” again?

    • Posted by GattlingCombo, at Reply

      THANK YOU.

    • Posted by raheyna8888, at Reply

      Emp Eno what are you talking about? Obama didnt put Ajit Pai on the FCC…The republicans can put one of there guys on it. The present appoints the chairman. Obama appointed Wheeler. Trump made Pai chairman.

    • Posted by Satwa Dude, at Reply

      There are 200+ countries who are not beholden to the FCC or your parochial Comcast or Verizon companies you dumbb American fvcks.

  9. Posted by 4th Dimension, at Reply

    Capitalists have no right to complain about the death of net neutrality. This is what you signed up for. Socialists have been fighting things like this since day 1

    • Posted by fl00fydragon, at Reply

      TheByzantineBeserker actually the reason it was created in these countries had to do with the lack of communication redundancy in case of a nuclear strike.

      Innovation can happen in multiple systems and it’s not exclusive to capitalism.

      It can easily be created in a non monetary system by making excellence the ticket required to enter politics instead of a constant chase to ensure resources under a system of artificial scarcity.

      Finally I’ll point out the irony of you speaking of innovation and associating yourself with the rot known as the byzantine empire : the christian carcenoma that ended the innovative Greco-Roman civilization along with the innovation, science and philosophy of that era, being the direct cause for the dark ages.

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      Capitalism created Facebook and Youtube. It made the internet worth something.

    • Posted by 4th Dimension, at Reply

      Capitalism doesnt create anything. It just determines who profits off of it. Humans create things

    • Posted by 4th Dimension, at Reply

      Hi There
      Capitalism always leads to corporatocracy. Thats why we need to move to a new system based on meeting people’s needs rather than profits of the few

  10. Posted by Mya Mi, at Reply

    if it actually happens, i hope alex jones and paul joseph wanker channels are collateral damage.

    • Posted by Succular Talk, at Reply

      Mya Mi amen to that

    • Posted by mrswimmyboy, at Reply

      They will be.

    • Posted by 123gwf, at Reply

      Paul Joseph Watson is already on the verge of quitting because of the YouTube Adpocalypse.  He got hit hard on that one.  He’s also been getting a lot of Facebook censorship.

    • Posted by Mya Mi, at Reply

      nah pjw can whinge until the cows come home but he’ll never leave youtube, or twitter, or facebook, he’s a craven attention seeker with a fragile ego, so he’ll always use those platforms because that’s what people use (esp. youtube), but he’ll attempt to use ytube as an avenue into other revenue streams like patreon, although i will say there is a crackdown on patreon too.

  11. Posted by The Ritual Kings, at Reply

    A vote for a Republican, is a vote against America.

    • Posted by King Orange, at Reply

      Though I have a strong dislike for the republicans because of their inability to get anything done or just mess things up. I voted Trump only because he had just enough more in common with my views to keep be from voting democrat. On top of that I really hate the Clintons. This is why I’m independent, I think it’s smart just to surf on both sides and whichever candidate has more in common with my views I vote for. BUT NO ONE SHOULD BE SUPPORTING THE REMOVAL OF NET NEUTRALITY! I would like to hear more on what Trump specifically has to say about this mess.

    • Posted by The Ritual Kings, at Reply

      Who would say something like this. “We can finally remove this horrible rule that impedes growth. Believe me we will create jobs.”

  12. Posted by Sairam Sriram, at Reply

    on behalf of the global indian community, i apologise for this punk.

    • Posted by sean h, at Reply

      Corruption knows no racial boundary .

    • Posted by GURU ZINI, at Reply

      why? he was born in buffalo ny .

    • Posted by ShiningArmor359, at Reply

      GURU ZINI – Do you oppose net neutrality?

    • Posted by Tetra Hedron, at Reply

      Sairam Sriram Sundar Pichai is against this. So, I think you got covered.

    • Posted by Jebus Hypocristos, at Reply

      You need to send somebody over to take this piece of trash (pai) out.

  13. Posted by John C, at Reply

    You’re gonna pay
    5 bucks for FB
    5 bucks for twitter
    5 bucks for youtube
    How come GOP can make tax plan permanent but Obama/dems couldnt make internet permanent

    • Posted by caca, at Reply

      John C they have the same donors.

  14. Posted by Craig Franklin, at Reply

    Will it be possible to reinstate NN after this Trump nightmare ends?

    • Posted by Brandon Gant, at Reply

      whats the point. 3 years of wait would be like waiting decades.

    • Posted by tommy84111, at Reply

      Obama also appointed Ajit Pai to the FCC whats to say the next won’t do the same?

  15. Posted by Aaron Humphrey, at Reply

    Nearly 80% of Americans oppose this and they are going ahead with it anyway. There is no better proof than this that there is no democracy in this country anymore.

    • Posted by Candy and Violence, at Reply

      when the government has a militarized police force behind it, they have nothing to be afraid of

    • Posted by Princess Theodora, at Reply

      That’s what you all get for being obedient goyim to the Zionists who have universal healthcare

    • Posted by LCarlTBM x, at Reply

      Cute. You still think we have democracy.

    • Posted by Levity, at Reply

      Never been a democracy. Majority doesn’t rule. Legislators do.

    • Posted by Aaron Humphreys, at Reply

      Is…this…real life?

      Where’s your “s” motherfucker?!

  16. Posted by Jay P, at Reply

    The internet is a threat to all governments and people in power. Its ability to spread messages across the world allows people to see that they have been played from thousand of years by those with power.

    If you let the internet fall, you are destined to live your life in the same way you are born. You are born a peasant, then you die as peasant. It has been like this throughout history, and they do not want to lose their privilege.

    Let the internet fall, and you are letting them control you. To quote George Carlin, they just want “obedient workers.”

    • Posted by no yes, at Reply

      Satwa Dude Yeah? Your point?

    • Posted by Satwa Dude, at Reply

      @Neeno –
      I’m Scottish and I live in BernieLand, Vermont now, and I guarantee you that our internet is never going to be any different than it is 50 miles from here in Canada. This is a non-story. I’m moving to Canada anyway. Ha ha !

    • Posted by ScoopMeisterGeneral, at Reply

      +Neeno I’m not from the US, but I care about this because I care about the principles at stake. As for the guy you responded to, I think he’s just using this as an excuse to insult Americans.

    • Posted by Sprax, at Reply

      That’s weird, because I do believe in many of those 200+ countries the internet is regulated or even blocked during heavy political uprisings and other situations.

    • Posted by Neeno, at Reply

      @Satwa Dude You do know that US owned ISPs have nothing to do with Canadian ISPs regarding this issue right? This decision will effect every US ISP customer locally via the last mile of service. All targeted traffic will be throttled at local ISP CMTs and headends. But all this means nothing to you right? I mean your just a Scott passing through to Canada….

  17. Posted by STAUNCH NZ, at Reply

    well i feel sorry for the usa internet users il just have to keep using $63 NZD a month unlimited data broadband and think to myself as im watching my fast stream how lucky i am not living in the usa

    • Posted by STAUNCH NZ, at Reply

      are u from the usa?

    • Posted by Rachel McLaren, at Reply

      No, another Kiwi TYT fan.

    • Posted by STAUNCH NZ, at Reply

      kiwis rock, im with skinny broadband they the best, spark sucks

  18. Posted by CerBoris, at Reply

    This is how bad the US has gotten. Companies cannot increase their profits normally because the US economy is stagnated and few have the money to buy stuff. The only way they can seem to be making more money is by tax cuts and removing regulations. What will happen when that barrel is empty then? Wall street will fail again. This is just another nail in the US coffin I’m sorry to say.

    • Posted by Sejez, at Reply

      It is what keynesian economics bring you, regardless if a republican or democrat holds office

  19. Posted by Ramon G, at Reply

    The Government is willing to take our internet away, but do nothing with gun control.

    • Posted by A54321, at Reply

      They are not taking the internet away at all.

    • Posted by KYS Productions, at Reply

      A54321 Yes they ARE taking it away. They are taking our rights and are being forced on what we can or can not use by paying more.

    • Posted by RPM, at Reply

      KYS: Exactly

    • Posted by yia01, at Reply

      ours gunz are there for peoples like this. once words cant be heard by them anymore, all we have left is our gunz that is given to us by our forefather, it getting very close to the time to let our gunz do the talking.

    • Posted by A54321, at Reply

      KYS Productions They are charging for a service they provide. That is called business. They can choose to not provide internet at all if they wish.

  20. Posted by SNEAKxxATTACK, at Reply

    Ajit Pai is worse than Skrelli. The internet affects everybody. But the funding demons with group think, greed, and selfishness are worse than that.

    • Posted by filonin2, at Reply

      Why are you blaming the puppet? Why get angry at cloth and wood when the puppetmaster is in charge?