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Death of Net Neutrality


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Verizon, Comcast and also Spectrum are the least suched as firms in the US as well as currently the Trump Management will enable them to damage Net Neutrality. This is not a partial concern since also the alt-right love a cost-free internet. You can stand up to by sharing this as well as by mosting likely to

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  1. Posted by left leaning libertarian, at Reply

    f*ck, it’s Brown Fabio again.

    • Posted by left leaning libertarian, at Reply

      Dwight Schrute what happens to the internet is out of my control. I’m just here for the freak show.

    • Posted by SMOKE911, at Reply

      As long as liberals are controlled by government, they are happy. What they dont understand is they keep giving a corrupted government more power, but they are too stupid to realize that. I understand, due to the fact they continue to watch garbage like this and continue to drink fluoride all day long.

  2. Posted by gordon Freeman, at Reply


    • Posted by spoder man hates TYT, at Reply

      Only unpatriotic libshits would do that

    • Posted by Dallas, at Reply

      And the 4chan shitlords thought Trump would be their savior.

  3. Posted by eazydee415, at Reply

    Everyone should be able to agree on this

    • Posted by Stephen Mystery, at Reply

      Not me.

    • Posted by Levity, at Reply

      Me neither.

  4. Posted by Kendrix528, at Reply

    I like him so much more now that I know he likes Naruto

    • Posted by Factz Knight, at Reply

      same xD

    • Posted by Factz Knight, at Reply

      I haven’t watched baruto yet xD

  5. Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

    liberals are terrified they won’t be able to spread their propaganda, hate and smear campaigns anymore

    • Posted by Novem, at Reply

      Conservatives should be too.

    • Posted by Charles Baylor, at Reply

      The Alt-Cucks aren’t doing anything about this because they don’t want to upset their orange daddy Chump

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Chunk Oooger
      Not even alt-right clowns support you on this. Lol, you are a total shill. Kill yourself.

    • Posted by TheUhhoh, at Reply

      Neither will you incidentally, so hop on board; this is a bipartisan issue!

  6. Posted by Miguel Gonsalves, at Reply

    hey tyt finally acknowledges the pain of the kekistani people!

    • Posted by Time Lord, at Reply


    • Posted by Andy Fruth, at Reply

      Time Lord Calling your friends? Why do you hate free-speech?

    • Posted by Time Lord, at Reply

      Hate free speech? You’re the people constantly protesting at colleges and demanding safe spaces.

    • Posted by Miguel Gonsalves, at Reply

      Andy Fruth You realize you don’t have to be alt right to be a shitlord?

  7. Posted by Boy Blue, at Reply

    Trump voters I wanna hear how you defend this, it’s going to make your internet slow too. So go on and defend this now you always have an excuse for something evil

    • Posted by Daniel Galun, at Reply

      +Stephen Mystery Without the internet in today’s world you’ll suffer a significant disadvantage, similar to not having a phone. You’ll become more isolated, smaller businesses will have less off a chance competing, and people will become even less informed. Someone who has the internet can check prices before they buy, can aquire information about almost anything instantaneously, so to force the lower classes and smaller businesses out of it would be pretty serious, some would even go so far as to say the internet should be considered a human right considering how isolated you become in today’s world without it. Not to mention the potential for corporate censorship this opens up for, that you can defend this is amazing.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      zero1343: Net Neutrality, and many other communication issues, were kept safe when a Democrat was in charge of the FCC. Trump put an industry hack in there who has only begun to screw us over. So, no, this wasn’t happening before Trump.

    • Posted by SupaDr00g, at Reply

      Oh please there were at least 3 of these net neutrality is about to end panics under Obama as well as SOPA PIPA and the rest, unless your 12 years old you have no excuse for you lunatic level selective memory.

  8. Posted by The Fruitcake, at Reply

    Liberate Kekistan!

    • Posted by Time Lord, at Reply


    • Posted by spoder man hates TYT, at Reply

      +Time Lord normie

    • Posted by Time Lord, at Reply

      You’re a normie.

  9. Posted by swingsetup, at Reply

    Please, please stop with this guy. No one likes watching him. Most hate or barely tolerate. He comes off so douchey… a “woke” bro.

    • Posted by Save The Frogs, at Reply

      He’s an alpha wanna be.

    • Posted by Kevythekevlar, at Reply

      swingsetup he really is insanely annoying

  10. Posted by Alex Wilson, at Reply

    Your instagram is the most douchey thing ever.

    • Posted by Zulikas69, at Reply

      yeah that Brown Fabio

  11. Posted by Kelly Smith, at Reply

    How bad does your victim complex have to be to be offended by being called “Brown Fabio”. It would be like Neil Degrass Tyson being offended at being called “Black Isaac Newton” or Chuck Norris being offended at being called “White Bruce Lee”.

    As much of a Turd Burglar Cenk’s cousin is, he is right about Net Neutrality. A broken clock is right twice a day.

    • Posted by Chukwu, at Reply

      Kelly Smith Whats the purpose of placing the color in front of the name as if it matters?

    • Posted by aaron jay, at Reply

      i don’t think he said he was offended by it…he just said the internet was a place where he can go to hear people call him things such as….Brown Fabio, which almost could be a veiled compliment…Sand N*gger however i think was meant to be an insult

    • Posted by aaron jay, at Reply

      but besides that….what do you think about this Net Neutrality issue? From what I’ve read it will make it harder for start up companies who can’t afford the higher speeds…I.E. if there was no Net Neutrality there would probably be no YouTube…Google Video would’ve dominated because Google had the money for faster speeds…YouTube when it began had a few investors but not enough to match a giant like Google…the internet shouldn’t be a pay to play zone

    • Posted by JOOGAL1111, at Reply

      aaron jay– being likened to a self absorbed narcissist like fabio isn’t meant to be a compliment.. As he prefaced brown fabio by saying “racists call me” it’s safe to assume he wrongly believes it’s racist. But for the first time ever I agree with him on this subject at least..

    • Posted by Andy Fruth, at Reply

      Kelly Smith Hasan is calling out the alt-right SJW’s anti free-speech hypocrisy

  12. Posted by Shay Dee, at Reply

    What I don’t understand is, Republicans are doing away with net neutrality so the big ISP companies can make more money right? But aren’t there more web based companies who could give them more money than the ISPs who would be hurt by this? I saw a list of companies that were all vocally against this happening and some were HUGE. Someone teach me, thanks.

    • Posted by DeadFishFactory, at Reply

      The difference is that the ISPs are all bribing and those other companies are not.

    • Posted by b234098324, at Reply

      The companies with enough money to bribe could typically afford a fast lane. It’s another tool for establishment enabling. Those at the top stay at the top.

    • Posted by SupaDr00g, at Reply

      More upfront maybe but the ISP would be a continuous stream of income plus it’s control over the whole market.
      Once the ISP has control over speeds they start charging websites for higher bandwidth and faster speeds, it’s not like they can go anywhere else is it?
      It’s a captured market it’s not like a website can up and move to another internet and they’re going to pay for it because a cut in profits is better than no profits at all.

  13. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Cant wait to see how alt right retards defend trump even after his administration destroy net neutrality. How are they going to troll reddit with shitty internet speeds?

    • Posted by Maii Degeese, at Reply

      But somehow cuts to Medicare or violations of the Constitution are partisan huh? I don’t think Trump voters and Alt-Right really care unless they are directly effected. Kind of selfish I think.

    • Posted by Magma Mage, at Reply

      TheUhhoh The Alt-right seems a bit split- 65-75% seem to support Net Neutrality, but ive seen more than a few against it just because “uh duh libtards supporht it it must be bayad.”

    • Posted by Benito Mussolini, at Reply

      The alt-right only agree on race realism. On EVRY other issue there’s infighting.

  14. Posted by Kraut and Tea, at Reply

    I liked a TYT video for the first time in….. 4-5 years.

    • Posted by TheUhhoh, at Reply

      This is – thankfully – a bipartisan issue that both sides of the spectrum seem to agree on; a rare glimpse, if you will, that democratic values and the prospect and desire for freedom still beat on, even as the ideological divide widens and tears apart.

      A shame that these small fractions of unity only prop under threat of a common enemy; there is much we could do, much we could learn, had we only the mental fortitude to open our minds – not to forsake our ideals outright – but to put them to the test, to question them, to strengthen them where needed and drop them where not.

      It also goes to show how corrupt this legislation truly is; when both sides of the political sphere are willing and ready to call it out.

    • Posted by DaCo Video, at Reply

      Which begs the question, why watch a news outlet for 4-5 years if you hate it so much?

  15. Posted by Itachi Berk, at Reply

    But LOL there’s 720 episodes of naruto

    • Posted by SomeDudeOnTheTube -db-, at Reply

      Itachi Berk Not if you don’t count the filler

    • Posted by Andy Fruth, at Reply

      Itachi Berk Only virgins know that

  16. Posted by Amonkai, at Reply

    Naruto has like 500 episodes…

    • Posted by Amonkai, at Reply

      James Rolfe let’s not count the hideous filler

    • Posted by James Rolfe, at Reply

      +Amonkai Eh…Thaaat may take a while to subtract if I dont have a canon list.

    • Posted by TheDenialist, at Reply

      So it would then have around 50 episode if we exclude filler.

    • Posted by Amonkai, at Reply

      James Rolfe this is the site I use to skip them nasty things I hope it’s useful to you

  17. Posted by Mario Montes, at Reply

    It is all fun and games until AT&T cuts off your internet in the middle of a fap session

    • Posted by munky342, at Reply

      Mario Montes

      You should have just paid that extra 30 dollars a month.

  18. Posted by Josh Dugger, at Reply

    There really are people that support removing net neutrality and dont profit from it? Why?

    • Posted by Ross Yonamine, at Reply

      Josh Dugger Compliance costs weed out smaller isps, which makes us have to use shitty companies like Spectrum. Shitty companies were now forced to use build in the compliance costs to our internet packages. Internet didnt seen that bad two years ago before net neutrality. I don’t really care which way they go, but it’s not the internet apocolypse like some want you to believe or a one sided issue.

    • Posted by Michael, at Reply

      Because “net neutrality” is not what you think it is. Here is the link to the full bill. It’s 400 pages long and covers hundreds of rules and regulations that deter investors and stifles progress.

      Furthermore, it was classified before being passed so it couldn’t be studied until it became law. The biggest argument for saving “net neutrality” is that ISPs are going to charge more for information. Rather than having the FCC (which is known for censorship) regulate what is considered neutral, it should be regulated by the FTC which is the Federal Trade Commission.

      Also, any technology that is supposed to grow and shift over time requires investors. It is known in the business world that you do not put your money in an industry that is heavily regulated by any government. If “net neutrality” wasn’t passed, the morality of not throttling the internet would have still been regulated by the FTC but our internet would have been so much greater than what it is now. Our internet today is a mear shadow of what it could have been.

    • Posted by Screen Bones, at Reply

      Michael, are you basically saying to repeal Title II from the FCC and replace it with a much better bill in the FTC? If that’s the better option, then yeah, I’ll support it.

    • Posted by Levity, at Reply

      Upholding the rule of law is an excellent reason.

      Net neutrality, as is, is unconstitutional.

  19. Posted by Trigger Hippy, at Reply

    Dispite my disdain for this channel, Net neutrality must be protected. liked

    • Posted by Trent Blanch, at Reply

      Trigger Hippy Go back to you’re safe space cuck.

  20. Posted by Omegapede Prime, at Reply

    This Turkish metrosexual clown turd can’t go 10 seconds without mentioning Tommy Lauren. Getting strong rapey vibes.

    • Posted by Libertarian Ish, at Reply

      He want’s to rape tomi lahren becuse he is a muslim..

    • Posted by michael cook, at Reply

      Omegapede Prime no you’re confused by your homoerotic thoughts. This is about net neutrality.