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Death Row Inmate Narrowly Escapes Execution


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A Missouri man founded guilty of murder obtained an eleventh hour stay of implementation. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you why his execution was postponed. Tell us what you believe in the remark area listed below.

" Missouri's governor stayed the execution of a death-row prisoner on Tuesday, simply hours prior to he was scheduled to pass away by lethal injection.

Marcellus Williams was sentenced to death in 2001, after being condemned of stabbing reporter Felicia Gayle to fatality in 1998. The prosecution said that Williams had actually been robbing her residence when Gayle amazed him, motivating him to stab her 43 times as she attempted to resist.

Over the previous year, nonetheless, lately evaluated DNA evidence has actually raised questions concerning Williams's guilt. DNA on the murder weapon did not match Williams as well as rather was located to belong to an unidentified man.

Greitens stated he will assign a board of questions to assess the instance as well as the "recently uncovered DNA evidence, which was not offered to be considered by the jury that convicted him." The board will certainly recommend whether Williams's death penalty will certainly remain or be commuted."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Asad Naqvi, at Reply

    American justice system is broken!

    • Posted by Justin Rolland, at Reply

      Asad Naqvi not many other countries even have the capability to DNA test a weapon 18 years after the fact or even test for DNA in the first place have some respect

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Respect? 238 men on death row PROVED innocent by The Innocence Project… and the number one reason for wrongful conviction is police and prosecutor misconduct.

  2. Posted by Michael B, at Reply

    If you’re okay with the death penalty, you’re okay with executing innocent people.

    • Posted by RubberWilbur, at Reply

      That’s like saying if you are ok with people getting tickets then you’re ok with some people who were not speeding getting speeding tickets.

    • Posted by Michael B, at Reply

      One out of 25 people on death row are innocent. Once you execute them, there’s no correcting the mistake.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Von Wane: It isn’t all or none. Life imprisonment gives us the ability to correct one of the many mistakes that are made in this area.

    • Posted by Done Lostme, at Reply

      Accept correcting the mistake of the life lost to get on death row!

    • Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

      I agree, but you could also cross out death penalty and replace it with Islam

  3. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    So DNA evidence isn’t enough to prove him innocent? He really wishes he wasn’t black right now.

    • Posted by ND P, at Reply

      Stabbing someone 40+ times takes minutes and is physically tiring, neither of which jives with the home burglary story. 40+ times is “overkill” and that normally goes hand in hand with someone who knows the victim personally and wants them dead like nobody’s business or someone who gets gratification (often sexual) from taking so much time to stab a body – think serial killer. I don’t know the details of the case, this is my first time hearing about it, but from what I have read this isn’t the typical MO of a stranger getting caught burglarizing a home.

    • Posted by MUHAMMAD PORKENSHTIEN, at Reply

      Did you not hear about some of the other evidence?

    • Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

      yeah if he was white, told multiple people he had murdered the girl, and gotten caught selling things stolen from her house at the time of the murder, they would let him go cause he’s white. lol

  4. Posted by trellbfieldarts _, at Reply

    It was because of social media. Mainly Instagram. We spammed the phone lines like crazy to save his life.

    • Posted by LooooooooooL, at Reply

      Everyone who spammed the phone lines is a hero!

    • Posted by trellbfieldarts _, at Reply

      Done Lostme no they weren’t that’s their job to adhere to the pubic! They were very respectful too! So mind your business. It was a job well done.

  5. Posted by TRUMP IS THE BEST, at Reply

    If they have enough evidence for conviction he should be killed.

    • Posted by Fennec Fox, at Reply

      Helped convict 30 ANTIFA members.

    • Posted by MUHAMMAD PORKENSHTIEN, at Reply

      So if he wore gloves his dna would be on the knife?
      Do you even know what a kill kit is?

    • Posted by vick3d, at Reply

      KatchouroBlade, “ceasar” is just another larping beaner. Seriously, look at the history of colonialism where tiny numbers of White men controlled “brown” and black people at 100 times the number. Hell look at Latin American NOW.

  6. Posted by Jesus Christ, Part Deux, at Reply

    This is why I oppose the death penalty – innocent men die. Yeah, that’s what happened to me.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Jesus: Visit the website for The Innocence Project to see another 238 cases where the man on death row was absolutely not the perp.

    • Posted by Andre2skilled, at Reply

      Cesare Borgia was a pedophile…

    • Posted by Mega MAGA DON, at Reply

      LMAo Jesus was all about killing.

    • Posted by Andre2skilled, at Reply

      When he returns he’ll be killing whites.

  7. Posted by Mary Loves Makeup77, at Reply

    This is why the death penalty should be abolished

    • Posted by Mary Loves Makeup77, at Reply

      Wasp I agree! Based on his obvious affiliations I thought I’d try and explain that one doesn’t negate the other, it’s not death or freedom πŸ™„

    • Posted by Bill Anderson, at Reply

      I agree. It would be fiscally responsible to abolish the death penalty.

    • Posted by Ben Shapiro, at Reply

      +Mary Loves Makeup77 Nope. Murderers and rapists should be killed, moron.

    • Posted by Mary Loves Makeup77, at Reply

      Ben Shapiro if you have a different view I welcome it but calling names is the way a toddler argues.

    • Posted by Mary Loves Makeup77, at Reply

      Wasp very well written!

  8. Posted by Blackatchaproduction, at Reply

    Black people are constantly being exonerated of crimes they didn’t commit.

    • Posted by Edward Moran, at Reply

      Whos killing all them Blacks in the Hood every weekend, How many this weekend coming tick tock

    • Posted by Vaness thebest, at Reply

      edward moron typing racist troll trump garbage, thirteen years old.

    • Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

      yeah I know. They almost got OJ

  9. Posted by AgentDearestZ, at Reply

    Wtf is wrong with people that they want to execute people so much, americans are monsters

    • Posted by Mega MAGA DON, at Reply

      Because I don’t want psychopaths to exist.
      Why would you want murderers to live?

    • Posted by Wasp, at Reply

      ^ because *we* are *not* psychopaths or murderers.

  10. Posted by nothing, at Reply

    To use a phrase from Game of Thrones

    “if you sentence a man to die, you should be the one to carry out the sentence”

    I can tell you if judges had to go and kill every inmate they sentenced to die there would be probably be 95% less death penalties given out.

    • Posted by Tyrion L, at Reply

      nothing nah this isn’t game of thrones this is real life. You must of never heard of street justice hahaha look at Chicago or Detroit

    • Posted by //Psychodrome\, at Reply

      nothing Ppl kill other ppl everyday over nothing. Maybe a judge would be too moral to carry out an execution, but there are hundreds of cartel enforcers and gang members who would do it in the blink of an eye. You are giving people too much credit.

  11. Posted by Gouky, at Reply

    Blacks Commit 50% of Violent crimes and are 13% of Population

    • Posted by john hodgson, at Reply

      Zombie Republicans eat Fox News Sh*t

    • Posted by Lark Druid, at Reply

      Whites commit 100% of the creepy crimes in the world.

    • Posted by Victor Harris, at Reply

      Gouky πŸ–•

    • Posted by Ethno Pluralist, at Reply

      ERAUPRCWA citation needed.

  12. Posted by chickendinner2012, at Reply

    Get rid of the death penalty, it is wrong and costs more than life in prison anyway.

    • Posted by Nancy Mesek, at Reply

      chickendinner2012 I hate the death penalty too. The only time I think it could be justified is in such clear cut cases like Dylan Roof and when there is no such thing as a possibility of reasonable doubt. Then it should be carried out quickly.

    • Posted by Through The Smoke, at Reply

      Nancy Mesek

      Or like the D.C. snipers

    • Posted by Ethno Pluralist, at Reply

      chickendinner2012 lol that’s what lefties want you to believe. It’s much cheaper if it were done correctly.

    • Posted by Mega MAGA DON, at Reply

      Not if we start using bullets.

  13. Posted by Commando_Spz, at Reply

    This shows that innocent people DO get executed. How many people didn’t get saved at the last minute?

    • Posted by Hezekiah Ramirez, at Reply

      I’m not sure this specific case shows that. Regardless, I don’t trust the government nearly enough to think it should have the power to murder its citizens. And I’m about as left wing as it gets in this country. Bernie is too conservative for my taste. Even so, I simply don’t trust the government with that kind of power.

    • Posted by paul austin, at Reply

      Hezekiah Ramirez Commie rat.

    • Posted by Commando_Spz, at Reply

      Through The Smoke

      I never said he was innocent. In fact, he is probably guilty. But we don’t know for sure, and the fact that there is any doubt whatsoever, even at such a late stage in the process means that at least some innocent people must be getting executed.

    • Posted by bobby, at Reply

      And then, there are the millions of “innocent” unborn children who have been killed, (err….”aborted”).

  14. Posted by streglof, at Reply

    Wait, so they found out the DNA didn’t match a few days before his execution? How did he get sentenced in the first place?

    • Posted by GreedEU, at Reply

      He sold her laptop the day after she was burgled

    • Posted by Atl .W, at Reply

      It”s called Institutional Racism.

    • Posted by Ethno Pluralist, at Reply

      Atl .W no ist called a wrongful conviction.

    • Posted by OodlesOfSpoodles, at Reply

      Atl .W its called other evidence…

  15. Posted by K Johnstone, at Reply

    If you are not sure of someone’s guilt, don’t kill him. If you ARE certain of his guilt STILL DON’T KILL HIM.

    • Posted by se7en, at Reply

      K Johnstone murica, killing killers is what they do.

    • Posted by Lanwarder, at Reply

      Is that a quote from someone “famous” or is that from you? ‘Cause I kinda like it a lot.

    • Posted by OodlesOfSpoodles, at Reply

      K Johnstone anders brevik will be released from prison someday because of attitudes like this.

  16. Posted by RONDO NUMBA9g, at Reply

    *Death row inmate survives white supremacist network known as U.S. gov’t.*

    • Posted by bonchidude, at Reply

      seth n the right wing racist troll. Yes you just lost your job working for the mini storage for being an ignorant racist. πŸ™‚ Your crummy, crummy, job is going bye, bye.

    • Posted by Ethno Pluralist, at Reply

      rhn94 hahaha you vile snitch

    • Posted by OodlesOfSpoodles, at Reply

      rhn94 what about that statement should allow him to fired from his job? How does making that statement affect his ability to do said job?

  17. Posted by David Taylor, at Reply

    Racist white people like to say Blacks commit 50% of all murders, ya well we also account for 50% of wrongful convictions racist bitches.

    • Posted by Michael Turner, at Reply

      Samu Harju if they are wrongly convicted than they blacks don’t have as high of a criminal rate as we think. A lot of them can be and are wrongfully acused

    • Posted by Ethno Pluralist, at Reply

      David Taylor even the DNA didn’t match in this particular case, one can still see what race that person was in DNA. Also look into statistics, just because once in a while there is such a case like this one, doesnt mean all the data is wrong.

    • Posted by Mega MAGA DON, at Reply

      That isn’t accurate at all.

    • Posted by OodlesOfSpoodles, at Reply

      Michael Turner 1900 wrongful murder convictions since 1980…kindly stfu now. Its statistically irrelevent.

  18. Posted by momogurl, at Reply

    Actually the two witnesses they were talking about were clearly lying. One actually lied and said they seen that he had had her license but her license was there at the crime scene

    • Posted by Mari E, at Reply

      momogurl even back in 99, the dna didn’t match.

    • Posted by InfectedByEli, at Reply

      Marie, yeah, I was wondering about that. Why didn’t they draw this conclusion way back then?

    • Posted by Mari E, at Reply

      forgot to mention the footprint didn’t match either

  19. Posted by MikaelKKarlsson, at Reply

    Perhaps the DNA is from the cop who planted it?

    • Posted by Gillian Landry, at Reply

      MikaelKKarlsson Could a cop be so dumb to risk getting caught framing an innocent man?

    • Posted by Rigor Mortis, at Reply

      Gillian Landry It happened before lol

  20. Posted by Anon, at Reply

    Stabbed 43 times for walking in on a burglary… I don’t think so. Sounds like white boy passion to me.
    Someone surprises you and you’ve got a knife or maybe one to hand…you don’t stab them 43 times.
    A jealous ex or scorned lover might have the passion the deliver 43 blows…but a burglar?
    Take your shoe in your hand and use it to hit the floor as hard as you can 40 times…see how far you get and then tell me it wasn’t a crime of passion committed, not by a stranger but by someone familiar.
    This case needs a modern set of eyes ideally reworked entirely.

    • Posted by Gillian Landry, at Reply

      MsSuriSu I sincerely hope that the stay of execution will turn from temporary to permanent and that either he will be exonerated or he will stay in prison but without the death penalty looming in the horizon!

    • Posted by OodlesOfSpoodles, at Reply

      Anon axtually black on white home invasion murders and assaults happen all the time.

    • Posted by raaziq, at Reply


    • Posted by Gillian Landry, at Reply

      OodlesOfSpoodles Home invasions happen but to stab someone 43 times, this is something more, that takes a lot of rage and dedication. It seems more like a crime of passion to me.

    • Posted by Done Lostme, at Reply

      Gillian Landry – Marcellus had a lengthy criminal record, including 16 convictions for robbery, burglary, assault, and unlawful use of a weapon, among others. He was looking at a long time in jail for being a multiple time moron, that alone will put a lot of rage into somebody. But his Family said he was a loving and devoted father (as if that is possible when he has been in jail for almost all his child’s life). Poor victim Marcellus………………and the dead woman in the story……………..her crime was coming home.