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Democratic Establishment’s Hypocrisy On Election “Integrity”


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TYT Politics Reporter Jordan Chariton reported on corporate Democrats' selective outrage over alleged Russian government hacks of the DNC and Clinton campaign compared with silence when there was mass election fraud issues during the Democratic Primary hurting Bernie Sanders.

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  1. Posted by aura 0, at Reply

    thank you Jordan

  2. Posted by Larry Dibble, at Reply

    Cenk sold out, to keep TYT off the black list. and let the gov get rid of
    their competition. Those that resent the TRUTH, find it difficult to FIND.

    • Posted by Brian Sands, at Reply

      +Larry Dibble No, I’m pretty sure it’s called Pizza Hut actually. It was a
      conspiracy to blanket the U.S with cheesy deliciousness and high blood
      pressure. If you’ll notice, there is also a space between those words too.

    • Posted by arif abaas, at Reply

      +Larry Dibble no evidence on pizza gate only if you believe everything Alex
      jones said on it

    • Posted by arif abaas, at Reply

      When is called pizzagate

    • Posted by Norbert Nizzy, at Reply

      Then leave, go. It wont make a difference. If you want bernie propaganda
      here and far leftism go to tyt politics.

    • Posted by arif abaas, at Reply

      +Steve right on that one

  3. Posted by Drew Gaughan, at Reply

    I thought Cenk ran this network? Surprising that he’d let you make this
    sensible video, Jordan, after the recent one done by Cenk where he just
    took the CIA at their word and screamed about Russia like he was a lefty

    • Posted by alyssa Plumley, at Reply

      Brian Sands If you can’t smell a rat after Iraq, then your bs detector
      needs a tune up.

    • Posted by John Guiliani, at Reply

      G G This is is not a partisan issue. Stop trying to spin it as dem vs rep.
      The CIA is NOT a credible organization, wether its under a republican or
      democratic administration they are professional liars and propaganda artis.

    • Posted by alyssa Plumley, at Reply

      Lloyd B You sound like your 12 years old dude. you keep repeating yourself
      like a child does when they don’t yet have the intellect to debate their

    • Posted by alyssa Plumley, at Reply

      G G That evidence reminded me of swiss cheese. Holes.

    • Posted by alyssa Plumley, at Reply

      G G Only ones I seen cry were dems. Never get tired of those

  4. Posted by denislav Georgiev, at Reply

    Btw the us government meddle in many countries elections in very vicious
    ways also us presidents are much less sane and decisive than Putin

    • Posted by DootDoot, at Reply

      That is not lost on the informed citizenry… Our Government meddles in
      every election. One of the Reasons the CIA exists… To create Plausible
      deniability to the government.. it is merely “The CIA did it, Not our
      fault” Convenient. Hillary Clinton was even caught on Audio recently saying
      that we should not have let Palestine have an election without having a way
      to pre determine the results..

  5. Posted by Tucowept, at Reply

    CNN and MSNBC only rest from spewing out fake news when they are accusing
    others of spewing out fake news.

  6. Posted by 4tech69, at Reply

    If the hacks came from Russia we would know without question.We would not
    know if Putin had anything to do with it.

    • Posted by HSC MUFC, at Reply

      People think the Russians hacked the results, which they didnt and that is
      not what anyone is saying. If you believe that, KYS for not listening and
      reading into it. Russians hacked the DNC and got classified info and said
      it was something suspicious and bad (which it really wasn’t. Most
      disturbing was Clinton’s risotto recipe)

  7. Posted by Eric Anderson, at Reply

    Wikileaks revealed that Clinton’s campaign had an agreement with Sanders,
    moreover Clinton had “leverage” over Sanders. Why is there no outrage among

    • Posted by pogo575, at Reply

      Thanks. Doesn’t specify any agreement. The “leverage” could be assumed by
      one side. Would be interesting to have the full context. I have leverage
      with donald trump… pretty sure he doesn’t agree but i can say it all I

    • Posted by Eric Anderson, at Reply

      +pogo575 It could be nothing or it could be something. Progressives should
      ask Sanders what’s the leverage and what was the agreement. But all I hear
      is Trump, Trump, Trump.
      “pretty sure he doesn’t agree but i can say it all I want.”
      How do you know that? Maybe Sanders was just lying from the beginning.

    • Posted by Altsz, at Reply

      Because it was HER turn

    • Posted by BLAIR M Schirmer, at Reply

      +Eric Anderson. There is, Eric. But you’re intentionally or out of
      ignorance misstating progressive outrage, and ignoring the variety of the
      movement’s focus. In short, can’t help you, son, until you demonstrate a
      willingness to speak honestly.

    • Posted by Eric Anderson, at Reply

      +BLAIR M Schirmer
      What’s wrong with you? An anti-establishment candidate had *secret*
      agreement w a shill. This is a backroom deal. This is what Sanders ran

  8. Posted by Saleem Says, at Reply

    When the US sparks a world war with Russia we’ll be accepting American
    refugees here in Iraq

    • Posted by AbusivePersian, at Reply

      Just don’t come to Canada. We have enough ignorant hicks here.

    • Posted by HSC MUFC, at Reply

      Trump worships Putin. It will be with China

    • Posted by isamilkshake, at Reply

      you’ve made my day lol

    • Posted by RT Myths Debunked, at Reply

      Failed Secretary Clinton wanted to shoot down Russian planes and start
      WWIII, but she lost. She’s still trying.

    • Posted by Steve Sedlmayr, at Reply

      No one will be accepting refugees anywhere if that happens because the
      world will be an irradiated wasteland for hundreds of years.

  9. Posted by arif abaas, at Reply

    Right Evidence must be show first

  10. Posted by William Wonder, at Reply

    “Hey, the Russians influenced our election!!!” ->How so? “They exposed our

    • Posted by bluebunny61, at Reply

      Just on the democratic side and they may very well have rigged the
      electronic voting machines.

  11. Posted by Johnathan Jenkins, at Reply

    What will real ppl do?? Support the damn cowboys

  12. Posted by JO 93, at Reply

    if you guy’s hire someone like Glenn Greenwald or someone of his stature I
    would actually start paying membership but Don’t get someone like Shaun

  13. Posted by LanceFlugerman, at Reply

    Cenk is doing an alex jones money bomb to raise funding to replace you.

  14. Posted by Monster Sasquatch, at Reply

    This guy seems awfully reasonable… where the hell am I and how did I get

  15. Posted by TheIsh1988, at Reply

    So Jordan is saying the White House is lying? Smh…. dude, please do some
    investigating journalism before you make these type of videos. You’re a
    reporter, not a commentator, you shouldn’t be making these type of videos.

  16. Posted by Mitch Allibone, at Reply

    I can’t look at that Schumer. He is the root of the evil in the DNC.

  17. Posted by estiv, at Reply

    WARNING >>> Clinton fighting to turn Electoral College into Iranian islamic
    system of un-democratic appointers. <<< THAT is what is different about what is happening Right now. Effects will go waaaay beyond Trump.

  18. Posted by RT Myths Debunked, at Reply

    *”What difference does it make?” ~ HRC* Oh, and my personal favorite. *”We
    came, we saw, he died”*