Democratic Party Rigging the System in NY to Favor the Establishment | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Democratic Party Rigging the System in NY to Favor the Establishment


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  1. Posted by legion lowrey, at Reply

    Ah poor pathetic progressives preaching “fairness” yet have rich oligarchy super delegates that are the richest donors deciding their primaries. The donors have quite the leash on the progressives.

  2. Posted by A V, at Reply

    So glad Dems keep being corrupt as usual, 2018 will be easy for the Trump base.

  3. Posted by AntiFOX, at Reply

    Away with the Democrats! 3rd party now!

  4. Posted by DarylPell, at Reply

    If you arent a democrat why do you care about voting in the democratic primary? Like it or not, this is how our system works.

  5. Posted by beatthisroot, at Reply

    USA, USA, USA! The land of freedom. Haha. Just joking.

  6. Posted by Matthew Warren, at Reply

    can someone explain to me why you have this BS in the US where you have to “register” as xyz in order to vote? In my little hole in the wall country you just vote, once you’re the legal age to vote you get a ballot in the mail and you go vote on voting day. why does my little 3rd world country feel more democratic than the US.

  7. Posted by SteveMHN, at Reply

    When are the young turks going to correct all the racist lies you have been shitting out over the last few months?

  8. Posted by Jared Walsh, at Reply

    and this why Trump won thx to the Democrats Trump well win again 2020.

  9. Posted by Allan Pattison, at Reply

    Cenk, I understand Bernie’s tactics in trying to drag the corporate dems into the 21st century. However, they don’t see the changes, they don’t listen to their constituents, they won’t learn from their mistakes.
    Bernie, I’ve supported you since the first time I heard you speak, but it’s time to admit they’re a lost cause,& begin a new political awakening. One that, honestly stands with & for the American People. All of the American People. You have espoused the policied, you have the vision, empathy, careing for all of us.

  10. Posted by terriej123, at Reply

    What we need to do in these 6 months is go out & get ppl registered.

  11. Posted by Larry Hawk, at Reply

    So pick a party and support it already. Not that hard

  12. Posted by Twoofer Derper, at Reply

    This is where fat buffalo may roam.

  13. Posted by Foreign Creations, at Reply

    Signed, man these guys are as corrupt as they get.

  14. Posted by DILD ACT, at Reply


  15. Posted by jamie chimento, at Reply

    Tell it like it is.keep on keeping on.

  16. Posted by Ken Shaw, at Reply

    That’s been the rules in NY for a century. What rules change?

  17. Posted by ecwaufisxtreme, at Reply

    This is a clear sign that the Drumpf WILL WIN in 2020 over Tulsi Gabbard! Tulsi running in 2020 will lead to her having the same fate as JFK/RFK.

  18. Posted by Doc Dee One, at Reply

    How are the NY Democrats rigging the system if this rule you mentioned has always been in place in New York? It’s a Democratic primary, if you want to vote you need to be a Democrat. All the other parties have similar rules as well.

  19. Posted by kurt robinson, at Reply

    Oh you morons. Democrats and Republicans both rig this crap. How the hell do you not get this?

  20. Posted by timduncankobebryant, at Reply

    George Soros PAID tyt to do this video?