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Democrats Bungle “Release The Memo” Response Horribly


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Democrats are once again playing right into the Republicans hands. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, tells you just how they SHOULD react to this fake debate. Inform us what you think in the comment section listed below.

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" Americans do not believe that just how someone ballots ought to matter when it pertains to getting or maintaining a work, as well as extremely prioritize the independence of the Federal Bureau of Examination over political commitment to a Management.

In the most up to date Economist/YouGov Survey, the choice for independence in police is not partial, as Republicans along with Democrats reject the belief that senior FBI officials should be advocates of the Head of state (though Republican politicians are more carefully divided compared to Democrats or independents on this inquiry).

The survey was performed this weekend break, as Replacement FBI Supervisor Andrew McCabe resigned just weeks in advance of his anticipated March retired life from the Bureau. McCabe had been slammed by President Trump, consisting of on Twitter, for political prejudice, and asserted he had actually been asked by the President how he had actually elected when he met the President upon representing acting FBI Supervisor. McCabe did not enact the 2016 political election.

The general public sees the FBI as an independent firm, not always one faithful to any type of incumbent President. Public assistance for the freedom of the company all at once was much more clear: just 13% said the FBI should be faithful to the President, including simply 24% of Republicans.

There is a lot more unanimity on the inappropriateness of inquiring about one's Presidential vote in a task meeting, of using it as a basis for hiring, and of firing a person because of it."

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  1. Posted by Eric Lundy, at Reply

    Jimmy Dore is right on this. Cenk is off the reservation with the rest of the MSM. What am I watching the Rachel Maddow Show?

    • Posted by Don't Waste Time On YouTube, at Reply

      TYT have pending racial discrimination lawsuits

    • Posted by pvztv, at Reply

      Don’t Waste Time On YouTube because that’s relevant comment. The lawsuit is bullshit.

  2. Posted by Luna Lovegood, at Reply

    the fear is thick with this one

  3. Posted by Mike Samra, at Reply

    Do you remember when Trump said that the Obama FBI spied on his campaign and you didn’t believe it and you said he was crazy for saying that? I have a feeling Trump is going to be proven correct and it ain’t gonna be pretty cuz he is once going to be proven right. This is why Democrats are in a panic because they all denied it and now it’s going to backfire on them.

    • Posted by Thebeautiful11, at Reply

      Mike Samra trump was not proven correct about that.

    • Posted by Fvreign Bve, at Reply

      Didn’t they prove him wrong already? lmao.

    • Posted by Robert Johnson, at Reply

      plus, the memo may show that the Clinton paid for unproven dossier was part of the “evidence” used to obtain FISA warrants on Trump. If Dems are worried about Russian interference in our elections and political process then why aren’t they worried about the dossier that ultimately came from Russian sources?

    • Posted by tutenkharnage, at Reply

      Mike Samra Yes, I’m sure the habitual liar will be proven to have told the truth, even though his claim was debunked multiple times almost as soon as he told it. Please don’t reproduce. If you do, please give your kids up for adoption. No one should be forced to grow up stupid.

    • Posted by Jf H, at Reply

      That is probably how they are going to present it. And FOX will echo it, and its all Obama deep state.

      They are going to leave out the fact that its probably about Carter Page that was under investigation well before the campaign for being a Russian spy. And that it wasnt about spying on Trump. And that it wasnt about Obama either.

      But that is going to be enough to justify kicking everyone out from the FBI and replace them all by Trump’s goons. At this point it would be a total constitutional crisis and the army would be justified to take over the government to restore order.

  4. Posted by jar, at Reply

    Why would anyone think the FBI hasn’t been politicized after Hillary Clinton didn’t face any criminal charges for her email scandal? This is just more TYT propaganda

    • Posted by tutenkharnage, at Reply

      jar Why didn’t she face any charges after NINE Benghazi investigations? Oh, right: because she wasn’t guilty.

    • Posted by Stranger Happened, at Reply

      The Benghazi investigation is an equivalent of this Russiagate investigation. Lasted forever, returned few charges, but none that have anything to do with the core conspiratorial claim. The mail incident is a different thing as Clinton server was a real thing. And she did illegally delete 33K emails from it, falsely claiming it was her personal mail as if she has discussed 33K times with her friends and family matters like whether they will arrange a dinner or go to see a film.

    • Posted by tutenkharnage, at Reply

      Stranger Happened Dude, Benghazi was destined to weaken HRC’s support. I mean, just ask Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who said, “Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping.”

      *That* was Benghazi. “This Rusher thing,” as President Pinhead once said? This is Watergate II, kid.

    • Posted by jar, at Reply

      What does Benghazi have to do with her email scandal? You’re just avoiding recognizing my point.

    • Posted by tutenkharnage, at Reply

      jar You mean the “scandal” that also turned up nothing? The one where Hillary Clinton used a private e-mail server, just like Trump, Ivanka, and Kushner did? FOH, dummy.

  5. Posted by BadBoySwag420, at Reply

    lol Cenk is so salty and sweaty

  6. Posted by steve paul, at Reply

    chunks russian conspiracy is going down and he is pissed off

  7. Posted by Sean McGinnis, at Reply

    I think this memo is worse than Cenk realizes.

    • Posted by Evan C., at Reply

      Funny how, like Nunes and the rest of trump’s lackeys, you have zero evidence

      MAGA = Mueller aint going away!

    • Posted by Sean McGinnis, at Reply

      Evan C. Time will tell

    • Posted by HerkimerSnerd, at Reply

      If it was it would have been leaked already. It’s trash.

    • Posted by Sean McGinnis, at Reply

      HerkimerSnerd well, we’ll find out here in a little while now.

  8. Posted by Mad Maximus, at Reply

    I can’t wait to see the look on Cenks face tomorrow! TYT will be entertainment gold. Might even be better than their reaction on the 2016 election night 😉

    • Posted by kelly marsh, at Reply

      Chenk may be completely wrong about the memo but at least he is calling for its release.

    • Posted by HerkimerSnerd, at Reply

      What’s happening tomorrow?

    • Posted by Mendicant Bias, at Reply


  9. Posted by Drumming Tee, at Reply


  10. Posted by escobari, at Reply


  11. Posted by chelihawk, at Reply

    You have become a joke Cenk. Once upon a time before you sold out you would agued that we need to see what our government is doing. Even if you thought this memo was partisan then why wouldnt you want to see it and then challenge its content. Answer is simple, you now carry water for establishment democrats.

    • Posted by #1 Infowars Life Child Ease Customer, at Reply

      He just said we should see the memo. Are you deaf or just dumb?

    • Posted by Get Real, at Reply

      Cenk pretends not to but that’s exactly what he does. This entire week he sounded just like his old MSDNC digs.

    • Posted by Faustino Asprilla, at Reply

      Seven But it isn’t and Cenk knows it isn’t

  12. Posted by WoWFiend2005, at Reply

    “I’m gonna give Democrats advice”

    LMAO, Trust me, NOBODY is taking ANY advice from Young Turds. X’D

    • Posted by ShaneFM, at Reply

      WoWFiend2005 Yet here you are. Kinda sad for you no? Lol

  13. Posted by The Inconvenient Truth /Non-Biased, at Reply

    Damn dude…..since when did you become a mouth pc for the FBI. You speak up for BLM, but the FBI wants to label BLM as a terror group. But if you trust the FBI and the gov, that means you believe them when they imply BLM is a terror group.

    You’ve totally sold out, and it’s getting worse everyday. Never thought it would get to the point, I rarely watch TYT videos. Even your titles are over the top. And this is from someone who hates Trump. But I hate propagandist even more.

    • Posted by ShaneFM, at Reply

      The Inconvenient Truth /Non-Biased You do realize your argument conflicts with itself.. Right? Lol

    • Posted by Genk Turkish Government Agent BaconGreaseEspionage, at Reply

      Money money money….that’s why Cenk says what he says. Plus Cenk is part of terrorist political group back in Turkey. The Grey Wolves. Sound Familiar to you? Oh yeah……Wolf Pac. See the connection?

    • Posted by HerkimerSnerd, at Reply

      Genk Turkish Government Agent BaconGreaseEspionage. What is wrong with money? Are you a communist?

    • Posted by Faustino Asprilla, at Reply

      This is how Trump is destroying them. They keep on underestimating Trump and calling him stupid. And he just continues to destroy them

    • Posted by Genk Turkish Government Agent BaconGreaseEspionage, at Reply

      Money is fine. But like all these political types, they wash themselves in other people’s money that is often gained in a deceitful manner.

  14. Posted by dangerouslytalented, at Reply

    The memo is probably nothing burgers that the Republicans are trying to beat up like the climate gate memos.

  15. Posted by SaiyanZ Entertainment, at Reply

    Golly gee cenk I don’t understand why the Democrats who saw the memo Don’t want it released, lol

    • Posted by R Yates, at Reply

      SaiyanZ Entertainment
      It’s a bias memo and another attack on the FBI who is investigating there dear leader.

    • Posted by Mark Feigenbutz, at Reply

      Well, Republican Rep. Mark Walker has definitely seen the memo, and here’s what he’s had to say about it: “If your audience or somebody is believing this is the end all smoking gun — it isn’t.”

  16. Posted by The Diesel, at Reply

    Kyle would be to hard to handle for the whole Republican Party. That guy has a strong delivery and always bring it.

  17. Posted by Alvin Koh, at Reply

    Regarding the Dossier, TYT: “There might be some elements of truth!! ”
    Regarding this memo: TYT: “Its badly written Conspiracy Hoax”

    Whats with the double standard? Seriously. At least, admits both has some elements of truth in it or just flat out declare both are badly written conspiracy garbage. TYT claims to stand by the people’s stand. Yet they are defending FBI, a shadowy intelligent agency that spies on its own people for their true corporate and elite overlords when they should have let those power hungry politicians and spies fight it among themselves while focusing on advocating useful and people friendly policies.

    I am beginning to see this network in the same league as not much different from the corporation democrats. Really turned off.

    • Posted by Matty Natural Horsemanship, at Reply

      SO TRUE!! Only a dumb fool would think there are any truths to the fake dossier. In fact the white house doctor said “Trump is a germaphob” COULD you imagine a germaphob like “Howie Mandel from Americas got talent” allowing woman to pee on him?? its nuts. ANYONE who is a germaphob would NOT let woman pee on them.

    • Posted by Mario Quade, at Reply

      Dude, read the dossier. It never states that Trump let anybody pee on him. It alledges that Trump paid prostitutes to pee on the bed the Obamas had slept in while in Moscow. Only because Stephen Colbert likes to pretend that Trump let women pee on him does not make it so.

    • Posted by Alvin Koh, at Reply

      I never mentioned about Trump in my post and here you are, thinking that I support Trump and his apologist? WTF, You democrats are totally insane. Why not stop pretending that you guys care about the people when you people are just a bunch of haters and Stop saying how much you people hate the corporations when you are defending their lapdog, FBI.

    • Posted by pvztv, at Reply

      Alvin Koh the difference is that the memo does not have any value. Even if everything said in the memo was true, it would not really affect anything at all. However, even if some of the stuff in the dossier is true, Trump will get 10+ years behind bars.

  18. Posted by CaLMCee, at Reply


    • Posted by Teethgrinder 83, at Reply

      And here we have a great example of America’s terrible schooling system. If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be funny

  19. Posted by MrEd, at Reply

    Cenk saying it has no validity… Cenk had not read it… damage control much?

    • Posted by TJ Yates, at Reply

      MrEd it has no validity just as much as a memo written by partisan Dem hacks would have no validity.

    • Posted by Kay Miller, at Reply

      True, if none of the Dims (but 12) read the report, what are they worried about if they don’t know what’s in it or say it’s lies. But they know its all true, they are trying to protect their criminal party that broke the laws.

  20. Posted by DickSucker9000, at Reply

    Cenk is TRIGGERED! ! !