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Democrats: Progressives KEEP OUT


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Autonomous Legal Campaign Committee had a retreat as well as assumption who wasn't welcomed? Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us exactly what you believe in the remark area listed below. Support Justice Democrats below:

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" When Autonomous lawmakers collected in a resort in Rose city, Maine, for a two-day policy meeting last August, they were joined by a host of business passions who have good reason to want in on those discussions.

The conference of the Autonomous Legislative Project Committee, the party arm in charge of sustaining state legislative prospects, was shut to journalism as well as billed as an off-the-record occasion, however HuffPost has solely obtained a duplicate of the agenda, which reveals the participants of the DLCC's finance council.

The finance council consists of firms, trade teams, labor unions as well as public passion companies, who pay anywhere from $12,000 to more than $100,000 to the DLCC. In return, the meeting supplied a chance for donors to communicate with state lawmakers– many of whom head their particular chambers– from around the country.

The Rose city seminar consisted of noticeable representation from the pharmaceutical as well as medical insurance industries, consisting of powerbrokers from The U.S.A.'s Medical insurance Program, a nationwide profession group that is presently lobbying versus Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' Medicare For All expense. Reps from the Association for Accessible Medicines, Eli Lilly, Sanofi, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, Anthem, Merck, Novartis and Vertex likewise went to."

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  1. Posted by Art of street work out, at Reply

    What Democrat did to Progressive is just what you did to Jimmy Dore

    • Posted by Art of street work out, at Reply

      What is the video that get unlisted by Cenk? It’s about Russiangate. Stop being apologist. Just admit it, that Jimmy get shaddow ban by Cenk at TYT. I am not even talking about Jimmy’s main channel or get kicked out from TYT. Since you so stupid. I explain it one by one. 1) Jimmy call out every leftist talk show who defend Hillary and still peddling around Russiangate. Jimmy says Russiangate is excuse bullshit for lost the election 2) His video on Russian gate got unlisted (shadow banned) 3) Dore are not allow to host live show (another shadow banned again). You still claim that Dore get ban because of his being a lose canon, despite that his video on Russiangate are the one that get shaddow banned. Instead of shaddowbanned, Cenk should challenge Dore at live debate. But Cenk prefer to shaddow ban Dore, because Cenk is coward who easily being lost in debate (Saphiro destroy Cenk, despite Cenk confidence)

    • Posted by Art of street work out, at Reply

      @bad man Looks like you do not know what is shadow banned. Shadow banned act of blocking a user or their content from an online community such that the user does not realize that they have been banned. That video (Dore’s video on Russian gate) is not deleted, but unlisted. So you can not find that video on TYT main channel. The only way you can video is from the link that i provided.

    • Posted by Art of street work out, at Reply

      @mario I don’t know your political orientation is. I am right wing guy (libertarian). I believe that shadow banned is act of cowardness. If Cenk don’t like Dore’s view on Russian gate, just debate him publicly. Openly fire Dore from TYT is still more show braveness. Shadow banned is form of cowardness. Cenk is a leftist Mangina, what you can expect from coward Mangina

  2. Posted by Polisk Vater, at Reply

    Progressives smell funky

    • Posted by liberal 1, at Reply

      Polisk Vater they smell like pancakes

    • Posted by John Smith, at Reply


    • Posted by Ruslan Shopov, at Reply

      Did you try washing your mouth?

    • Posted by The Wyld Wood, at Reply

      my ultimate form What do you smell like ? Nazis ? Fascists ? Authoritarians ?

  3. Posted by Inferno361, at Reply

    So many silly trolls.

  4. Posted by Mr4thGeorge, at Reply

    I demand the Donors debate instead of the politicians!

    • Posted by judyleasugar97, at Reply

      You may have your wish pretty soon.

    • Posted by Ruslan Shopov, at Reply

      There is noting to debate with them

    • Posted by The Alienated TV, at Reply

      The Democratic donors want a visible minority from Goldman Sachs to be Treasury Secretary, while the Republicans will take anyone from Goldman.

  5. Posted by Christopher Heldt, at Reply

    Bernie 2020

  6. Posted by Darin Singleton, at Reply

    One of the more disappointing results of the 2016 election was Barney Frank’s exposure as an utter sell out.
    Don’t really care what his motivations were, he completely betrayed the American people in favor of Wall St.

    “We are the only people in the world required by law to take large amounts of money from strangers and then act as if it has no effect on our behavior.”  Barney Frank.

    “It is because the fight against the harshest aspects of unrestricted capitalism is therefore a political problem and not an intellectual one that community action remains so essential.”  Barney Frank.

    “The left and the right live in parallel universes. The right listens to talk radio, the left’s on the Internet and they just reinforce one another. They have no sense of reality. I have now one ambition: to retire before it becomes essential to tweet.”  Barney Frank.

    • Posted by Darin Singleton, at Reply

      You could be right. Certainly had me fooled.

  7. Posted by loke uno, at Reply

    Im starting to think jimmy dore is correct… the democratic party has reached a point of no return….

  8. Posted by El Chacal, at Reply

    You’ll never see Fox News report on Republican corruption … Tyt the real fair and balanced Network !

  9. Posted by Brian Shock, at Reply

    I’d say “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right,” but all of these criminal scumbags are to the right. It’s all about the money, and it has to stop.

  10. Posted by brian2786, at Reply

    The Democratic Party is NOT CORRUPT. This is standard third world country procedure.

    • Posted by monkey saiyen, at Reply

      brian2786 . Every faction in the Government is corrupt not one……. ALL. Take money out of politics that’s the easiest way to protect ourselves from the greed of people who are supposed to be helping us

  11. Posted by Ulf Åman, at Reply

    Hey CorpDems why dont you go to the corporations when you want to be elected? Oh yes you still need voters to get elected. How bout you remember that?

  12. Posted by Blackatchaproduction, at Reply

    Really makes me want to vote democratic alright. Their tent is so big, they have no room for actual progress

  13. Posted by Scott Sparling, at Reply

    EXXELLENT VIDEO! This must be seen by EVERYBODY in America. I’ll do what I can. This video just shows how capitalism is a financial system that preserves the same feudal system that existed under the English Kings law. It’s no different.

    • Posted by Joseph Jucker, at Reply

      Find a system that involves currency that doesn’t end in a feudal hierarchy and I shall tip my hat

    • Posted by Jibo Da Grey, at Reply

      this has nothing to do with capitalism, this would be illegal in a capitalist system. the usa is a CORPORATIST country, the exact opposite of capitalist and more closely related to communism.

  14. Posted by David Myers, at Reply

    The powerless have always been just guests in this country.

  15. Posted by that guy, at Reply

    The Democrats will not change it is time to start a 3rd party.

    • Posted by Tech n Games, at Reply

      I agree so much we need a new party. At the point the Democrats and Republicans are both trash.

    • Posted by bill spiva, at Reply

      We have a 3rd party, the Traditionalists Workers Party

  16. Posted by The Wyld Wood, at Reply

    It is irrelevant what the democratic party thinks because we are going to be taking it over in the future.

    • Posted by Space Leopard, at Reply

      Wrong. I’m a liberal and I’m laughing at you American retards. The more you keep race baiting and cozying up to commies, the deeper your hole becomes. Enjoy Trump 2020, you dumbasses.

    • Posted by The Wyld Wood, at Reply

      Space Leopard You are not a liberal you don’t even type like one, your a conservative, you cozy up to white supremacy and racism and those are the things you support, btw you won’t be running things in the future just letting you know that okey ?

    • Posted by Jibo Da Grey, at Reply

      +Space Leopard if you think capitalism means private businesses and special interest groups can own the government, you arent liberal or a capitalist.

    • Posted by Dorothy Zink, at Reply

      LOL! Space Leopard a liberal? You’re a cartoon.

  17. Posted by Corvo Attano, at Reply

    Is it safe to say now that almost 100% of our politicians are corrupt

    • Posted by bigdaz7272, at Reply

      I think saying 99% of them are most certainly corrupt would be the consensus of about 7.5 Billion people.

    • Posted by Corvo Attano, at Reply

      I would say that’s fair

    • Posted by V Ling, at Reply

      Define corrupt though, if taking money from special interests then yes you could call that corrupt. Remember though there are levels to Corruption.

  18. Posted by Bryan Wofford, at Reply

    Thank you, Cenk. Keep shouting it. Shout it farther, wider … Never stop. America needs you, and TYT.♥

  19. Posted by Gustav, at Reply

    I like when Joe Manchin said that he doesn’t even know who his donors are. Pretty ridiculous. What corporate donors would be ok with that situation.

    • Posted by alphach1mp, at Reply

      Gustav Joe Manchin is a Republican.

  20. Posted by David Kempton, at Reply

    We have old-school (or just OLD…) Dems vs. Progressives.

    Old: will NEVER attempt to overturn Citizens Untied, why would they ever turn off the money spigot?
    Progs: Too young to care about being corrupted. And they WILL change the direction of the Chuck’n’Nancy Show (yes, it IS a show, the Kochs and Friends are the only ones in charge. The power to destroy something is the power to control it.)

    If we cannot overturn Citizens United, there is simply no possibility of ever regaining control of our greedy pols. The OTHER piece of the puzzle is Term Limits!MAX four times in the same seat, six times in ANY Congressional seat, to avoid going from Rep to Senator and adding four more chances to get rich(er).

    The one thing we know FOR SURE: The GOP is waging war on America. There can be NO doubt, they are dissolving the government, transferring ALL wealth to themselves and making sure they have the best-armed military to insure we cannot regain control. We have NO legal respite, America as a CONCEPT is DOA.

    • Posted by Shade Bleu, at Reply

      David Kempton America will never die as long as blood flows through our bodies.