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Democrats Sing, Republicans Laugh While America Cries As ObamaCare Dies


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Your home Republicans have actually just efficiently rescinded ObamaCare. Democrats responded by taunting them with a funny "goodbye" track. Nomiki Konst and also Jimmy Dore, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us what you think in the comment section listed below.

" The U.S. Legislature narrowly authorized a bill to repeal Obamacare on Thursday, handing Republican President Donald Trump a victory that can confirm brief as the health care legislation heads right into a likely tough battle in the Senate.

The vote to reverse former President Barack Obama's trademark residential achievement, which made it possible for 20 million even more Americans to obtain medical insurance, was Trump's greatest legislative win given that he took office in January, putting him on a path to meeting among his essential campaign guarantees along with a seven-year quest by Republican legislators.

With the 217-213 vote, Republicans gotten just enough support to push the regulation via the House, sending it to the Us senate for factor to consider. No Democrats chose the bill.

The regulations is by no means certainty in the Senate, where the Republicans hold a slender 52-seat majority in the 100-seat chamber as well as where just a few Republican defections could sink it.

In spite of holding the White House and regulating both homes of Congress, Republicans have actually discovered that rescinding Obamacare is politically filled, partly due to citizen fears that lots of people will certainly shed their health insurance as a result. Republican politicians have actually long slammed Obamacare as government overreach." *.

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Hosts: Nomiki Konst, Jimmy Dore.

Cast: Nomiki Konst, Jimmy Dore.


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  1. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    well trump supporters you got your wish, the ACA is gone, there’s nothing there to replace it, but its gone. hopefully no one in your life needed it, or relied on it. because we said this before that this was going to screw over millions and kill up to 40,000 annually. but hey its gone, we can go back to the time of Bush when the insurance companies made the rules, have fun with that. hopefully you dont get cancer or any other disease that requires you to have insurance to get help for or go broke trying to fix it your self. if it doesnt go through the Senate it will be a miracle

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      ” why is that so hard to believe there were literally tens of thousands
      of people dying annually before the ACA was enacted because they didn’t
      have health insurance so they weren’t seeking necessary medical
      attention, or had access to the medicines that they needed.”

      In every healthcare system there are shortcomings, period. In every healthcare system there are people dying because of those shortcomings. 40,000 a year is only 0.01% of the population. That is minute. And those people are typically poor to begin with where poor people are typically less responsible and less healthy due to personal choices. And say that they do live because of healthcare and live, say 5 more years? Is that a success? And what was the drawback? Let us say they live 5 more years but our economy does not grow as much because we had to tax the rich in order to pay for that healthcare. Is that a success?

      When you are talking about 0.01% of the population you get in that territory. You get into the discussion of was it really the lack of healthcare access that caused them to die? And if we do give them healthcare, what will it cost and will it cause more problems?

      Ideally it would be great to cover everyone and see to it that everyone has high quality healthcare. But that is not the case. We have a waiting list for kidneys. We have diseases we have no cure for. Nothing is ideal, so pointing to the 40,000 a year is not going to persuade me of anything.

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      Scarlet Star, the fact that he is in the 1% is irrelevant. Cenk and Ana are in the 1% and continue this scam of Wolf PAC, and now Justice Democrats. If you want to criticize someone criticize what they say. Do not pull a Bernie Sanders and say “they are rich thus they are evil”.

    • Posted by Sean Ryan, at Reply

      +whyamimrpink78​ your libertarian policies don’t work and the majority of Americans reject them. When will you get that through your thick skull?

  2. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Wonder what all the poor Trump Supporters will do, when they realize that their republican leaders betrayed them?

    • Posted by XIIIthHARBINGER, at Reply

      @dee yannie
      Which is again the based on the failure to understand the difference in perspective between the people he/she is speaking of & themselves.

      For example, I am not a fan of the military industrial complex, I consider America’s foreign policy to overly interventionist, & dislike effectively subsidizing the defense budgets of countless other nations via tax dollars, by stationing our military in those countries. I am also someone who spent a fairly large percentage of their life employed by the US military. So when I advocated against greater military adventurism & expansions in defense spending, & voted for those who shared my positions, I was by that kind of thinking “voting against my own interests”.

      However, that is a product of limited minds not understanding the reality that people can have multiple competing interests, prioritize certain interests over others, & act accordingly. Hence my referring to the failure to understand the difference in perspective. You people, seem fundamentally incapable of grasping the reality that people can prioritize things differently than yourselves. Hence your need to characterize this as betrayal, rather than acknowledging the fact, that the people those on the right voted for, are doing some of the very things they elected them to do.

      If you can’t understand that reality, then that is your failure.

    • Posted by dee yannie, at Reply

      XIIIthHARBINGER Cute diatribe, but you can’t compare voting against military expansion to quite literally voting your health insurance away. That’s a false equivalency.

      If you’ve been watching even a little bit of news lately you’d see how many of these working class/dirt poor Republicans have been going to town hall meetings, literally screaming at their representatives about health care and their dependency on Obamacare because they _know_ they’ll lose coverage once it’s gone.

      If you honestly don’t think some of these hard core Trump supporters aren’t going to feel betrayed after being promised “cheaper” “better” “insurance for everyone”, that’s _your_ failure.

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      Hal, this is what they wanted. The GOP and Trump ran on repealing Obamacare.

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      Cant stop winning.

  3. Posted by Joan Aguirre, at Reply

    well americans VOTED FOR THEM, so why crying now?

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      That’s right. Only the libshits are crying!!! MAGA

    • Posted by Joker, at Reply

      +spooder man the cuck slayer I don’t mind people crying for those who might die because of this bill. They have a heart. The real question is how people like you are so full of hate and the desire to spite and troll that you have ZERO sympathy for the sick people who will be affected by this? It must be a really harsh and disturbing life you have.

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      Nothing is free in life!! Communism must go

      The strong will survive

  4. Posted by Hotcakes, at Reply

    RIP = Republican Insurance Policy

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      +Sean Ryan Of course you can’t answer the question because I’m right. Now have another tantrum…

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      +Sean Ryan Answer the question, dippy. Your time out is over.

  5. Posted by Mister Mood, at Reply

    one step forward two steps back, thx republicans

    • Posted by james smith, at Reply

      Yup away from becoming a communist country

    • Posted by TheMackoftheyear, at Reply

      no problem

    • Posted by Mister Mood, at Reply

      +james smith
      you don’t know what communism is.

  6. Posted by Logan Long, at Reply

    It’s sad because even though Obamacare didn’t go far enough, it was a step in the right direction and it’s helping a lot of people.

    • Posted by TheWokenSpirit, at Reply

      zech so the people who’s lives that are endangered because of the repeal of not only obama care, but most importantly, preexisting conditions, are fake?

    • Posted by Greatest Of These is Love, at Reply

      We don’t need a step in the right direction we need to just go in the right direction.

  7. Posted by theoryneutral, at Reply

    She is great. Keep her. Articulate and knowledgeable.

    • Posted by JoeYourAverageBro, at Reply

      I know I love her!

    • Posted by Ragnarok Sora, at Reply

      nomiki sounds a bit communist. me likey. she can own my means of production.

  8. Posted by Donna Summers, at Reply

    They were right to sing that. The American people voted for Obama twice because they wanted health care. The GOP just destroyed their party too. Greens get moving.

    • Posted by Marq Mac, at Reply

      Donna Summers I know. Everybody is showing their true colors. An obvious sign that the time has come for something new. Question is will the stupid fuckers in this country be informed enough to make the right decision when the time comes.

    • Posted by rerjr007, at Reply

      green party = undercover republicans …. vote green no way!!….i will vote justice democrats

    • Posted by Donna Summers, at Reply

      You obviously never listened to Jill Stein. Greens are for the people. As for justice Democrats . . . maybe you should watch the investigations on YouTube that George Webb is doing.

    • Posted by Donna Summers, at Reply

      Marq Mac no, I am afraid they’re all asleep.

  9. Posted by Xenite227, at Reply

    Look on the bright side, this will lead to a total collapse of the health care system. Opening the way for a single payer solution finally.

    • Posted by WWZenaDo, at Reply

      Agreed, but not only that – the medical industry in America will begin to wither as people can’t afford the health care.  Big Pharma will lose customers due to this, many doctors & hospitals will also lose clients & may even have to close.
      From the New York Times:  “New data show that, in certain medical fields, large majorities of physicians tend to share the political leanings of their colleagues, and a study suggests ideology could affect some treatment recommendations. In surgery, anesthesiology and urology, for example, around two-thirds of doctors who have registered a political affiliation are Republicans.”
      So, loss of medical insurance is definitely going to affect at least some of the wealthy Republican doctors who supported this administration.

  10. Posted by Divine_Wrath, at Reply

    I’m Canadian and I was shocked. Americans but mostly Trump supporters really are uneducated. Why did you vote against your own interest? ACA may had been bad but it wasn’t the worst either.

    You corrupt goons in Washington are literally selling the American people a worser version of healthcare that no American will be able to afford. Wow, the death rate is really going to start climbing now. These people literally voted out their own healthcare lol.

    Until Americans decide to let their voices be heard and vote out these clowns out of office AND demand a universal or single payer healthcare system like the rest of us, you will continue to suffer. There’s no reason why the US isn’t on board with it already. Have fun dying!

    • Posted by phoenixwing50, at Reply

      +Diva Artist False. It wasn’t 33 and 30. Bullshit.

    • Posted by Sean Ryan, at Reply

      +phoenixwing50 25% and 24% respectively.

    • Posted by Tenpouin, at Reply

      You do realize Justin Trudeau has been cutting our public healthcare to the tune of 2 BILLION dollars a year since he took office right? Why did you vote against your own interest?

  11. Posted by John Wick, at Reply

    I have to agree with Democrats stepping aside and letting the bill go through. It’s the most savage strategy but the most effective one. Not only will TrumpCare wipe out the Trump supporters , the ones who survive will feel so betrayed they will never vote for a republican again. You can yell at a child many times to not touch a hot stove but he will not listen to you until he touches the hot stove and burns his finger. Trump supporters only understand pain and death. They are too stupid to be reasoned with. So when their family, and friends start dying because of Trumpcare thats when they will be aware they f’ed up.

    • Posted by Xapheus, at Reply

      John Wick You know this shitty law will apply to the whole country, not just the people who supported Trump, right?

    • Posted by sdkeller72, at Reply

      That’s comical since the lion’s share of federal dollars that are spent on entitlement spending goes from blue states to white people in red states.

    • Posted by George Jones, at Reply

      Go Trump Go!

    • Posted by John Wick, at Reply

      The people who stand to lose the most in tax credits under the House Republican health plan tended to support Donald J. Trump over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, according to a new Upshot analysis.

      Over all, voters who would be eligible for a tax credit that would be at least $1,000 smaller than the subsidy they’re eligible for under Obamacare supported Mr. Trump over Hillary Clinton by a seven-point margin.

      The voters hit the hardest — eligible for at least $5,000 less in tax credits under the Republican plan — supported Mr. Trump by a margin of 59 percent to 36 percent.

      Like any result based on a survey, the estimates are imperfect. But the Republican plan offers less assistance to older and lower-income Americans, especially in rural areas, according to the Kaiser data. These groups generally backed Mr. Trump. Most of all, President Trump’s white working-class supporters often make enough money to be ineligible for Medicaid, but not enough to afford costly health insurance that might even become more expensive under the Republican plan.

      The plan would hit older and rural Americans hardest because it wouldn’t provide a larger tax credit to people with more expensive plans. Older Americans pay the highest premiums, and the law would allow insurers to raise premiums for older customers even further. The AARP opposes the bill as a result.

      Like I said they can hurry up and die.

  12. Posted by Toughen Up, Fluffy, at Reply

    Sanders/Warren: 2020 Vision for America.

    • Posted by John Wick, at Reply

      Look up Tulsi Gabbard. I would rather have Tulsi over warren. We need her as President more then ever. Someone to break up big banks and is completely progressive like Sanders.

    • Posted by Well Drive, at Reply

      John Wick Gabbard is not really a progressive though, she’s a centrist, isolationist. That being said she will also attract alot of conservatives.

  13. Posted by AgentDearestZ, at Reply

    I still dont understand republican voters

    • Posted by peace love and guitars of rock !!!, at Reply

      John Wayne maybe your in the wrong comment section

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      Beyond word salads and empty excuses — Republican and third party voters are anti social justice. They hate social justice more than they love their own peers or children. So they elected a guy who champion social injustice. That’s it. Simple. 🙂

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      Because you are too stupid to think for yourself. So you vote for a party (the democrats) that will give you everything you need through government.

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      AgentDearestZ, republicans support many policies that can benefit the country in many ways. Just look into it and you will see. Their voters understand it as well.

  14. Posted by Henry Albrecht, at Reply


    • Posted by bigbang kamehameha, at Reply

      kickinitoldschool03 please look up at socialism is you you look ignorant

    • Posted by kickinitoldschool03, at Reply

      bigbang kamehameha you you you look like you can’t type. Im well aware of what Socialism is, anything else?

    • Posted by bigbang kamehameha, at Reply

      +kickinitoldschool03 voice typing is a pain did I Touch a nerve there

    • Posted by bigbang kamehameha, at Reply

      +kickinitoldschool03 it’s called social and economic equality the way it should be

  15. Posted by Muse Russell23, at Reply

    WTF! Healthcare is a human right! article 25 of the universal declaration of human rights and it’s in the International covenant of economic, social and cultural rights as well. before the affordable care act 45000 people died a year according to a Harvard study. under the ACA we still have about 11% of the population without health insurance and apx 26,000+ people die a year from not having coverage. our healthcare system was ranked 37th, every other industrial society has universal healthcare, our costs are through the roof compared to the other industrial societies for healthcare per capita. This is absolutely ridiculous!

    • Posted by GingerManGottaWreck, at Reply

      Admiral Smelling If you’re referring to me, I’m not republican. I believe in evolution, global warming, gay rights, trans rights, and I’m atheist. Obama care made health care unaffordable for me. It’s not about me though, I’m asking how European countries will be able to afford universal health care forever. Republicans argue that the whole system will lose money and collapse. I don’t want a biased view, but rather an opinion based on facts.

    • Posted by Muse Russell23, at Reply

      GingerManGottaWreck I encourage you to look up the numbers for costs and performance of the u.s. versus other industrialized countries. Not only can we afford universal healthcare it will save us a ton of money, save 26,000+ lives a year, people can go for care and not worry about not having coverage, their kids, going bankrupt, health issues getting worse by not showing up when problems first arise because you can’t afford it etc. we simply can not have a quarter to half a million people dying every decade in the richest country in human history for not having medical care. That’s extreme sociopathy

    • Posted by GingerManGottaWreck, at Reply

      Muse Russell23 Thank you for your sensible response and lack of cursing. I voted for Bernie Sanders. I was feeling the Bern and I wanted free health care. Thanks for the information you provided. I have no problem with someone defeating me with facts.

    • Posted by Muse Russell23, at Reply

      GingerManGottaWreck you seem to be under the false impression that the universal healthcare in the other industrial countries somehow costs more money and therefore is susceptible to collapse as compared to the u.s. system. The u.s. system about twice the per capita cost of those systems, if a system were to collapse because it cost too much that makes no sense as a rationale for our private system. you should look up Noam Chomsky talking about this

  16. Posted by Futt bucker, at Reply

    I love Nomi…she’s passionate, smart, and cute as hell

  17. Posted by christian lill, at Reply

    I am from Europe and may I tell you, that the US is having less and less standing internationally. How should the rest of the world take a country serious, which has no real healthcare, is stuffed with christian extremists and science deniers, is on place 120 when it comes to food quality and elects a total idiot as president?

    • Posted by Whytebio, at Reply

      Ahh so everything is tip top honki-dory in Europe. The rise of the right wing populism is all just over nothing. Cool. Please keep putting your head in the sand.

    • Posted by christian lill, at Reply

      Whytebio No it isn’t tip top, but even Le Pen wouldn’t refuse scientific facts for religious extremism or invite Duerte. Do we fight against the right populists: hell we do!

    • Posted by Fluxquark, at Reply

      +Whytebio Not everything is perfect, but it’s never going to be perfect (nice implied Nirvana fallacy BTW). The rise of right-wing populism is mostly because of neoliberal economic policies, just like the rise of Trump and Brexit (and maybe because some small but vocal part is scared of immigrants, just like all you ‘brave’ Americans). BTW I would really like to hear why you think Saudi-Arabia isn’t one of the countries Trump banned when they are quite clearly promoting and exporting radical Wahhabi Islam and actually funding terrorists. It’s a ban on dangerous people from dangerous countries right? Or is it just scaremongering and is the US government actually selling arms and lending support to one of the worst fundamentalist regimes in the world like total hypocrites?

    • Posted by Anne Mander, at Reply

      I’m an American (a proud one,) and I cannot disagree with any of this.

  18. Posted by Mark Wuppertal, at Reply

    This is just crazy. I live in Germany and I am ill right now. Went to the doctor Wednesday and had to wait 5 minutes to see the doctor. Got a prescription for the right drugs and get them at the pharmacy. I didn’t pay anything. Now I am at home to get healthy again and will go back to work on Monday, I hope. I earn the same money as if I was at work for that time. For all of this I pay my monthly social security contribution like everyone else and everything works just fine. That is how it works in all of the industrialized countries. Wtf USA?

    • Posted by IndustrialBonecraft, at Reply


    • Posted by Stephen Warbington, at Reply

      Mark Wuppertal but insurance here is a joke. they have caps on how much they can give you and what they will/won’t cover. you would think that if you pay for health coverage you would get it unequivitably…

    • Posted by Mark Wuppertal, at Reply

      Only if you don’t know what communism is son 😉

  19. Posted by Novem, at Reply

    Once the deaths start rolling in from this bill, we should count all of the deaths it caused and call them out for carrying out an attack on the American people worse than all terrorist attacks ever waged on us combined.

    • Posted by Jaanus Hiiemae, at Reply

      There must be some monument somewhere in the US where all names of those victims should be marked and also names of their executioners in Congress for future generations to see, also same ”black” monument for those who blocking climate change fight for future generations to see who helped destroy their planet. I do not live in the US otherwise I would start to look for places and start collect donations for monuments like this in every State.

    • Posted by INDIVIDUAL, at Reply

      Drew Rosenberg~~Your parents must pay for your insurance.

    • Posted by Don Adams, at Reply

      If the bill passes the senate, it could be considered a crime against humanity, and anyone who voted for it could be considered as committing crimes against humanity.    When they are the direct cause of people losing health care that they previously had, that is a serious issue.