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Democrats Win in Landslides All Over Country!


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  1. Posted by Aguila701, at Reply

    Is Trump going to get impeached?

    • Posted by gyrate4, at Reply

      Everyone keep voting and we’ll get the chance to impeach!

    • Posted by Gary20O, at Reply


    • Posted by Gary20O, at Reply

      *3 years you mean. lol

    • Posted by Aguila701, at Reply

      Thomas Lawrence Back to where, California? It’s not independent yet so I don’t think that’s going to happen.

  2. Posted by Gales99, at Reply

    I hope Trump gets the sads over this.

    • Posted by T. E. Lawrence, at Reply

      He was never a doctrinaire GOP man… he already threw ed gillispie under the bus … he’s a survivor with no allegiance

    • Posted by Jennifer T., at Reply

      He already has. And it’s glorious!

    • Posted by Jennifer T., at Reply

      Listenbuddy, did you know there is no such word as “alright”? It is “all right”. What’s wrong with you? I thought you cons were all about protecting our culture and especially our language? Please don’t hack the English language.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Jennifer T. Keep grammar policing while we hold on to that supermajority you once had, alright? (which is a word, nitwit)

  3. Posted by edwardvondoom, at Reply

    I’ve had a big stupid grin on my face for a while now. Democrats crushed it tonight, and it wasn’t even corporate Democrats. This was an amazing night.

    • Posted by Aaron Claeys, at Reply

      dung tran actually it’s very possible that Democrats will control the State house after provisional ballots are counted, which means they will control redistricting in 2020, which will mean something on the national scale, which is kind of unfortunate since it’s just partisan gerrymandering on the other side.
      Also there are no sanctuary cities in Virginia so his anti-sanctuary city stance means nothing.

    • Posted by chdreturns, at Reply

      dung tran VA’s urban areas (majority of their population) are actually liberal including the capital Richmond which is California level liberal… Virginia is heavily gerrymandered to tilt the votes in favor of the conservative rural areas, its awful.

      I know this cause I live in Virginia and our Political situation is a complete clusterfuck… I’m nether Liberal, Centrist, nor Conservative so ima vote for whoevers policies suit me best.

    • Posted by Stingjay 4000, at Reply

      Hahaha, you’ve been whining all day, Haha, keep it up, those tears are tasty. Get used to it, trump and his cult are going down and out,….maybe you just got tired of winning? Haha

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      What did democrats crush? You won areas that left leaning. Virginia has a long history of democrat governors.

    • Posted by Rob Vollat, at Reply

      All of these idiots in an alt right/libertarian channel I follow were saying how republicans were poised to crush the Democrats. They were going on and on like “brother I’m in it with you Styx” LOL these idiots were ridiculous and I was telling them how they were delusional.

  4. Posted by Da Holiday, at Reply

    In the words of Bruno Mars, ” THAT’S WHAT I LIKE…THAT’S WHAT I LIKE!!!”

    • Posted by Kiba Kitten, at Reply

      Da Holiday Priceless, lol.

  5. Posted by Jonathan Wang, at Reply

    Great Day for America! Lets really make America Great again.

    • Posted by Simon 's, at Reply

      Lets make America better, then before.

    • Posted by Topp Dogg, at Reply

      Libtards have no game. Steal our slogan. Lame.

    • Posted by excessmaterial, at Reply

      Mocking it, is what’s actually transpiring here.

  6. Posted by Captain Falcon, at Reply

    New Jersey’s about to get legalized weed now. Thank the democrats you republican fucks!

    • Posted by Jon Smith, at Reply

      L C then why are gun owners most of them for a lot of gun control

    • Posted by Mr420Spy, at Reply

      Ronnie Gonzalez lulz sure thing buddy.
      How many mass shootings this year alone?
      How many days have gone by?

      Funny how that works huh?

    • Posted by David Beale, at Reply

      Captain Falcon

      It was so uplifting to wake up that first morning in California with all Cannabinoids legal for all adults.
      One less law, an enormous increase in Freedom.

    • Posted by Rob Vollat, at Reply

      Well.. Thats not a big deal really, you’ll stop smoking every day when you get a decent career. But yeah to get rid of those damn drug laws will be a huge win!

    • Posted by eleemosonary redhead, at Reply

      the whole usa should have legalised weed a long time ago. even in amsterdam we have weed laws like how much you can sell,not selling to minors;coffee shop selling restrictions etc. lets go usa;weed out some of your coffee shops😀

  7. Posted by dominichokage, at Reply

    All right! Congratulations to everyone who voted, and the fight isn’t over yet!

    • Posted by 명순홍, at Reply

      dominichokage Do you mean your kiki’she’ begging? lol

    • Posted by Alexander Jones, at Reply

      Go corporate dems!
      You won 3/4 of what the GOP has in the area and you are going to do the same things they did!

  8. Posted by Lawrence McKeon, at Reply

    Justice Democrats, unite.

    • Posted by Topp Dogg, at Reply

      Democrats and Unite, the world’s biggest oxymoron.

    • Posted by Alexander Jones, at Reply

      These people are corporate dems you idiot.
      I have no idea why you people think this is a win.

    • Posted by funnyblog100, at Reply

      Lawrence McKeon If you united behind the right people last time you could have won. But you endorsed Hillary instead of Bernie. Also I do not think Bernie would have been a great candidate either. He was too much of an idealist. If you had not put so much attention on Trump would he have won?

    • Posted by Tornado1994, at Reply

      Congrats Perez!!!

      Dems also picked up in Georgia!!!!

  9. Posted by Deb Barker, at Reply

    Yo trumptards 🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼

    • Posted by Robert Neville, at Reply

      Sylvester Puddy-Tat yeah and that wing of the party is over, I don’t know if you got the memo but Obama is gone, he did his damage and it was devastating. There is a new wing coming through and they’re more energized than ever before. Yesterday showed that Trump’s policies aren’t popular, should be easy next year for DEMOCRATS.

    • Posted by Sylvester Puddy-Tat, at Reply

      Robert Neville, It should be easy, all you need to do is pick up about 1200 seats or so.

    • Posted by Jynessa Swann, at Reply

      EWE SHEEP! Troll

    • Posted by Hijiku Brynjar, at Reply

      EWE SHEEP! is a russian bot, ignore.

    • Posted by Trumptard Bitch Squad 9000, at Reply

      Deb Barker XD

  10. Posted by Chris Ziersch, at Reply

    Congratulations sane American friends!

  11. Posted by IAMdeathblade, at Reply

    I been waiting for this video lol this is a sneak peak for 2018 trumptards

    • Posted by kennedy crouch, at Reply

      UTubeHobby you’re about four days late lmao

    • Posted by UTubeHobby, at Reply

      I don’t want Jimmy’s video. I want to see Cenk cry. LMAO!!

    • Posted by laura ducharme, at Reply

      UTubeHobby – You are probably going to have a long wait. She can sing all she wants if Hillary is guilty of something she will go down What is your point. More diversion. I would leave that up to Conjob and Sanders they have more experience.

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      These are left leaning areas. Virginia has had a history of democrat governors including the most recent one. How is this a victory?

  12. Posted by Coma White, at Reply

    Poor Trumpturds, their flaccid guy couldn’t keep it up for even a year let alone till 2020!

    • Posted by Coma White, at Reply

      open your eyes ronnie

    • Posted by William Jagiello, at Reply

      Coma White remind who has the house,Senate and presidency? Oh…and the Supreme court..

    • Posted by John W, at Reply

      trump has no stamina. Sad.

    • Posted by Spiros Pagiatakis, at Reply

      I will remind you. The greatest threat to human civilization and i am not talking about the orange idiot.

    • Posted by No Pancake Mix, at Reply

      It’s so funny how they think he will be president for 8 years

  13. Posted by MARKIE GREEN, at Reply


    • Posted by Davis Li, at Reply

      Nice dream libtards

    • Posted by chaos is a ladder, at Reply

      MARKIE GREEN the Dems still don’t have a message for 2018, they’re going to get crushed if they don’t actually get a platform that people like.

    • Posted by funnyblog100, at Reply

      Davis Li That’s what you guys said last time. You lost now move on.

    • Posted by Boom, at Reply

      Stupid thinking. I wouldn’t even want only republicans in. One group of the same ideas running the country, nah.

    • Posted by MARKIE GREEN, at Reply


  14. Posted by dizzybynature, at Reply

    A GREAT START.. lets keep going America!!

    • Posted by Mr October, at Reply

      Too strong!

  15. Posted by fnikitathomas, at Reply

    Since no one else has said it, thank you Bernie.

    • Posted by Tornado1994, at Reply

      No, Thank you Tom Perez!

    • Posted by MrCrazyLeprechaun, at Reply

      @Maxwell Montgomery
      How many seats did the corporate democrats lose under obama again?
      Did Corporate Democrat Hillary win against Trump?
      She had to rig the primary against Bernie.

      The only regressive democrats are the ones that run to corporations to do their bidding. At least some people want to TRY get money out of politics, you shriveled up old goat. ;D

      Shove that opinion up your pipe and smoke it.

    • Posted by MrCrazyLeprechaun, at Reply

      @Tornado 1994
      I think we can safely say that between Bernie and Perez it is not Perez that makes people want to go out and vote.

    • Posted by Tornado1994, at Reply

      DWS wasn’t a Corporate Dem. She hated Obama personally and intentionally cost the party the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014. By going WAY left and turning off Indies.

      Perez and Dean are WINNERS.

    • Posted by Tornado1994, at Reply

      Bernie first of all is not a Democrat. Second, he hasn’t won a single election and cost the Dems earlier this year in Montana and Georgia with his endorsements.

      And finally, Dems are WINNING under Perez. Two Pickups in Georgia last night!

  16. Posted by Dek Cgi, at Reply

    TRUMP everybody knows you are a LYING LOSER….SLEEZBAG!!!

    • Posted by Chris Bova, at Reply

      Yeah, cause they saw it on TV, so it must be true. So emotional, but where’s your imagination?

    • Posted by Dusk Dawg, at Reply

      +Chris Bova
      It’s kind of hard to dismiss what you hear Trump himself say, type on Tweeter, and what you see him do

    • Posted by Suzette Figgs, at Reply

      Dusk Dawg Yes Sir it’s very hard to ignore what comes from a president who tweets in the early morning hours about any and everything every day since before he took the office.

  17. Posted by Johnzilla87, at Reply

    So many historic firsts too!
    – First Sikh mayor in New Jersey
    – First openly trans delegate in Virginia
    – First black woman Lieutenant Gov. in New Jersey
    – First black woman mayor of Charolette, NC
    – First black mayor of St. Paul, MN

    • Posted by ZAHTAE33, at Reply

      Raven Raven lmmaaooo

    • Posted by Accelerationist, at Reply

      So much identity bullshit! What about the workers?!

    • Posted by Lord Bolton, at Reply

      Trannies are filthy.

    • Posted by Johnzilla87, at Reply

      I’ll say again more simply, it’s about representation. And if you don’t think representation matters, you’ve gotta ask yourself if that’s because you’ve never been mis-, un-, or under-represented.

    • Posted by BradO'hearnTheDingleBerry, at Reply

      So it’s not about a person’s ideas that make them great, it’s about a person’s race, religion, or gender only- Democrats logic.

  18. Posted by cattigereyes1, at Reply

    Legislation needs change! Evil seems to rule American politics right now!

  19. Posted by Randy Scott, at Reply

    Trumper will just shake his head and suggest that the only reason republicans lost was because he didn’t campaign for them. It always comes back to Trumper and his giant ego and tiny hands.

    • Posted by Anzac-A1, at Reply

      In what way? The Republicans are losing with Trump.

      Also, the polls predicted Trump would lose in 2016, and he didn’t. Polls aren’t always right.

    • Posted by Marilyn Cleopatra, at Reply

      Alexander’s fine with it, because “most of the dems are corporate dems” that even the reps can get behind, lol. Stupid trolls.

    • Posted by tyro apache, at Reply

      Randy Scott Winning elections is one thing. Now they have to give weight to progressive policies.

    • Posted by MGB, at Reply

      Actually I hate to tell you but most of the ‘Dems are just as bad’ comes form progressives, hardly conservatards. Now back to your DNC cheer leading, groupie

    • Posted by Anzac-A1, at Reply

      That’s true, but with all these progressive candidates, who are polling ahead of their establishment rivals, things are looking up.

  20. Posted by Club Soda, at Reply

    Trump is secretly happy because he is a closet democrat.

    • Posted by Sven Kampen, at Reply

      Trump used to be a democrat.

    • Posted by Toney Mac, at Reply

      Club Soda do u mean corporatist 😂

    • Posted by Jennifer T., at Reply

      #45 has no loyalty to any party. It’s all about who can get him what he wants . He chose the GOP only because he knew there was no way the Democratic Party would nominate him.

    • Posted by Righty Whitey Cracker, at Reply

      Ok… A conspiracy for another time. Lol.

    • Posted by Daniel Love, at Reply

      Trump keep bashing the Republican establishment.