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Deplorable John Kelly’s Revisionist Civil War History


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An usual right wing/neo-Confederate canard is that Robert E. Lee really did not actually care about slavery. Cenk Uygur, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us just what you believe in the comment section listed below. Sign up with TYT:

" Kelly was asked about the decision of a church in Alexandria, Va., to get rid of plaques honoring George Washington as well as Robert E. Lee.
" I would certainly inform you that Robert E. Lee was an honorable male," Kelly said. "He was a guy that gave up his country to eliminate for his state, which 150 years ago was more crucial compared to nation. It was always loyalty to state initially back in those days. Now it's different today. But the lack of an ability to jeopardize caused the Civil War, and men and women of great belief on both sides made their stand where their conscience had them make their stand."

Kelly makes numerous factors. That Lee was honorable. That defending state was more vital compared to defending country. That a lack of concession led to the battle. That great individuals on both sides were fighting for conscientious reasons. Both McCurry and David Affliction, a background professor at Yale College and also writer of "Race as well as Get-together: The Civil War in American Memory," generally decline all these arguments." *.

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  1. Posted by Geek The Girl, at Reply

    “Lack of ability to compromise” on selling human beings. Come on!! Disgusting!

  2. Posted by fudgefase, at Reply

    They DID know it was wrong AT THE TIME because all the other civilised countries around the world had given up slavery and recognised how very wrong it was.

  3. Posted by RJ Originator, at Reply

    To have compromised back then would’ve been to allow slavery to continue forever enshrined in the Constitution. Senator Seward of N.Y., later Lincoln’s secretary of state, authored what would’ve been the 13th amendment had it passed – an amendment prohibiting Congress from interfering with the domestic activities of the states, including (and I’m paraphrasing) “those held in service by the laws of said states”. This was to try and appease the south to avoid war. You can guess how that ended.

    For real, though, I don’t understand how anyone could’ve advocated for slavery and segregation while simultaneously extolling the virtues of freedom, liberty, and justice as hallmarks of American ideology. That slavery was tolerated in a nation that prided itself on and identified with these tenets is paradoxical at best, and grossly hypocritical at worst. There is no justice in denying an entire group of people not just their freedom and liberty guaranteed them by the Constitution, but their very humanity. Such actions are the actions are cowards, liars, and tyrants, and a nation that abides such action cannot then claim that it stands for anything close to equality. America could not honestly have called itself America had it agreed to a compromise that would have spat in the face of everything we supposedly stand for.

  4. Posted by R. Organizer, at Reply

    Kelly lied about the words of a black congresswoman last week, and he’s defending the Confederacy this week. Talk about a low-life-degenerate dissembler. But then aren’t all the people who work in the Trump WH???

  5. Posted by Catalina Simmons, at Reply

    Sure no racism up north. Don’t need ghettos then. Tear them up since they represent a long history of descrimination. Biggest monuments. Hey Turk feel free to leave anytime. You are loud and obnoxious.

  6. Posted by GovtGrad 87, at Reply

    John Kelly has become Trump’s version of Joseph Goebbels

  7. Posted by joe harrington, at Reply

    Why does Fox News allow trump and Kelly to spew these idiotic facts about slaves and the civil war without challenging them as any DECENT NEWSCASTER would? Right Fox News hasn’t got any DECENT NEWSCASTERS?

  8. Posted by legionary illuminati, at Reply

    PENTAGON is the Palace of Zion.

  9. Posted by Maddox Tolliver, at Reply

    *the type of person who thinks a a guy who was **_NATIONALLY KNOWN_** for not just whipping his slaves, but torturing them, was honorable, probably wouldn’t mind owning a slave. this SOUNDS ABOUT **_WHITE._*

  10. Posted by MightyMorphin POLITICIANS, at Reply

    “I’m so glad we beat these sons of bitches!” YES!

  11. Posted by Brandon Proctor, at Reply

    you and your whole team need to read the historical fiction novel, Gone with the Wind. Please tell of your team who have read this tome. It’s not just a love story of Scarlett and Rhett. It’s a romantic version, but very factual version of the mind set of the southern people before they lost the war. Lost a third of their men, and started inter breeding and waving that ridiculous flag.

  12. Posted by Mikel 666, at Reply

    Notice he ignored the removal of Washington’s statue. It’s so easy to sit on our high horses 240 years later and judge people by modern standards. Life was much more precarious back then, the common cold killed. And it wasn’t just white people either. The Aztec in 1478 sacrificed at least 20,000 people over a 4 day celebration. There was a tribe in the southeast practicing cannibalism. Here’s a little Reality Check, slavery in America predated Columbus. One of the main reasons for launching a raiding party was the need for captives to use, or sell, as slaves. Washington endured years under grueling conditions with each day being a risk to his very life. A sacrifice that few of us have ever made. All to create a country where ‘we the people’ decide what kind of country we want to build. I don’t feel like I’m high and mighty enough to judge a man from 240 years ago who wasn’t a perfect man but did something far greater then I ever have.

  13. Posted by George NM, at Reply

    Fellow Republicans, this incident with General John F Kelly should remind you all that someone is not intelligent by virtue of him/her being a general in the US armed services. Did this man even get to college?
    What a stupid and uninformed statement from supposedly intelligent General John F Kelly.

  14. Posted by Edwin Williams, at Reply

    The USA didnt Crush the rebs to crush them meant Grant wouldve allowed Lee, Nathan Forest and Davis to HANG for war crimes!!!

  15. Posted by William Perry, at Reply

    Fox News Trump sycophant naturally didn’t press General Kelly to explain what to me are untenable comments on The Civil War and Robert E. Lee.

  16. Posted by Kristian Veijola, at Reply

    Soon Kelly will tell you the Holocaust is fake…so sad.

  17. Posted by Judith Matthews, at Reply

    I’m not a resident of America but studied history. Robert E Lee was not a decent human being by the standards of his own time never mind ours. He tortured human beings he owned. I am APPALLED that a serving member of the American government could say such things on national television and not be immediately challenged by any interviewer. What a sad indictation of the racist society that still exists. Shame on you John Kelly you devalue the flag that you claim means so much to you

  18. Posted by Carina Carter, at Reply

    One day technology will be modernize that we can detect far right wing nuts job serial killers/psychopaths of the world and make sure NONE can damage society. Everyone has their place but not everyone should have power.

  19. Posted by Jay Richardson, at Reply

    Kelly much like everyone else in the Trump administration is spineless and lacks any form of moral strength and genuine human empathy.

  20. Posted by fordhouse8b, at Reply

    Lincoln should have hung every single person the United States could manage to convict of treason or rebellion, not give them all amnesty. The more traitors that had been eliminated from the post-war political scene, and from the American gene pool, the better it would have been, then and today. Unfortunately we failed to crush them, setting the scene for Jim Crow to follow reconstruction.