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Devastating Bombing Revenge For US Operation


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A destructive battle in Somalia is stated to be blowback from a United States led operation that led to 10 noncombatant deaths. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, provide you the information of the assault. Tell us exactly what you believe in the comment area below. Join TYT:

" The casualty in the bombing that hit the centre of Mogadishu on Saturday continuouslies rise, with more than 300 individuals currently thought to have actually been eliminated as well as hundreds more seriously damaged.

The range of the loss makes the strike, which entailed a vehicle loaded with several hundred kgs of military-grade and also homemade nitroglycerins, one of one of the most lethal terrorist acts anywhere in the globe for several years.

On Monday early morning, Somalia's information minister introduced that 276 people had passed away in the strike with at least 300 individuals hurt. Within hrs, however, Abdikadir Abdirahman, the director of Amin rescues, claimed his service had actually validated that 300 individuals passed away in the blast.

" The guy that eliminated more than 300 individuals with a vehicle bomb in the centre of Mogadishu on Saturday was a former soldier in Somalia's army whose house town was invaded by regional troops and also United States special pressures 2 months ago in a questionable procedure in which 10 private citizens were killed, authorities in Somalia have actually stated.

The casualty from the bombing now stands at greater than 300, making it among the most destructive terrorist attacks anywhere in the world for several years. On Tuesday stays of sufferers were still being drawn out of debris spread over hundreds of square metres.

Detectives believe the strike on Saturday could in part have actually been motivated by a wish for vengeance for the botched US-led operation in August.

Al-Shabaab has actually not claimed obligation for Saturday's assault yet a member of the cell restrained by safety pressures has told interrogators the team was responsible, one safety and security official informed the Guardian.

Adhering to the raid, in which three children aged in between 6 and 10 died, local tribal seniors required vengeance against the Somali federal government and also its allies.

Not just was the bomber from the particular neighborhood targeted by the raid, yet the examination is likewise discovering a series of other connect to the town where it happened.

Information of the strike are currently coming to be more clear. Officials claim it included 2 vehicles– a Toyota Noah minivan and a much bigger vehicle bring around 350kg of armed forces quality and homemade dynamites.

The target for both lorries was the heavily secured airport compound in Mogadishu, where the United Nations, many consular offices and also the head office of the 22,000-strong African Union peacekeeping force, Amisom, are based, officials said."

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  1. Posted by Slave2PaperWithInkOn, at Reply

    OIL FIELDS ! ‘Black Hawk Down’ [1993] was also part of a mission to protect 4 US Oil company’s investments and exploratory rights in Somalia ! Big Dollars-sssssssssssssssssssss.

  2. Posted by Christian Barrett, at Reply

    Gee its almost like we create the terrorist to keep the “war on terror” going so that we can keep the military industrial complex running. Which in turn keeps our country from collapsing all at the cost of thousands of innocent civilians and our own people future. But that couldn’t be must just be all the brown people and some random religion with as much violence in its holy book as the bible right?

    • Posted by Joshua Opell, at Reply

      Christian Barrett drone attacks are not terrorist acts. They are intended to eliminate islamists to keep them from killing people all the time. Yes, when people are killed by American drones, it’s a mistake. It’s not intended.

    • Posted by Joshua Opell, at Reply

      Christian Barrett on top of that, you’re defending a death cult known as Islam that TYT does all the time.

    • Posted by Christian Barrett, at Reply

      Well actually they are, the definition of terrorism is: the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

      You see we have not gone through congress for authorization for these wars making them unlawful, instead we are manipulating a clearance from the time under bush to constantly allow unchecked war under the guise of a “war on terror”. Second we are killing civilians that is two checks. Third we are using violence to do so and for political motives.

      Hey what do you know that’s three checks, guess that means it is terrorism would you look at that. As for your claim of protecting “the cult known as Islam” all religions are cults, and I am not protecting them. I am stating simple facts and pointing out the logical conclusion derived from these facts.

      Also our drone strikes hit roughly 90% the wrong people constantly. Maybe just maybe its that bad on purpose? with the military budget we have (largest in history) you are telling me we can’t get accurate info on our “enemies” and try to keep civilians safe? Maybe instead we should refocus that money at home and fix our decaying country and stop interfering in the middle east.

    • Posted by Joshua Opell, at Reply

      Christian Barrett except it’s not for political or ideological reasons. It’s called counter-terrorism. Yes, all religions are cults but they don’t even come close to being as bad as Islam. This is especially true when Muslims have committed the worst terrorist attacks in history. The intentions of America and jihadists are not equal. All the other religions in terms of terrorism committed is but a drop in the water compared to the number of terrorist attacks that have been committed by Muslims. The huge difference between the religions is that Islam promotes the worst kind of hate and bigotry towards any and all apostates.

    • Posted by Joshua Opell, at Reply

      Christian Barrett and if we stop interfering in the Middle East, Muslims will just keep getting away with terrorism. They will keep killing people until Sharia law takes over. There’s no reasoning with them. All they know is violence. It’s especially true if you read the Quran or Hadith.

  3. Posted by ConcordClark, at Reply

    Ana’s wearing a nice tablecloth in this segment.

  4. Posted by Datafiend, at Reply

    He was mad at the US for killing civilians and so for revenge he kills over 300 civilians most of which were his our country men.

  5. Posted by Joe Black, at Reply

    Can someone explain why the US is in Somalia and Niger?

    • Posted by Joe Black, at Reply

      Rockit Man Sounds like someone got the memo about the largest natural.gas reserves found off the coast of Somalia. What is the excuse for Niger? Is it gold or diamond mines?

    • Posted by munky342, at Reply

      Joe Black

      USA are trying to police the world. You think Team America: World Police was just a funny name?

    • Posted by Haneen Odeh, at Reply


    • Posted by Rockit Man, at Reply

      Joe Black
      The drones based in Niger fly missions over Chad, Mali, and other North African countries. Its not just about “whats inside Niger”. Its regional.

    • Posted by Joe Black, at Reply

      Rockit Man Thanks for the info. I did not know it was a strategic thing. It would seem there is something more sinister than that…

  6. Posted by Michael Boyd, at Reply

    USA needs to stop sending our troops out to other countries and only use them for defense!!

    • Posted by Rockit Man, at Reply

      Michael Boyd
      You’re right but we have over 800 military bases all over the world. We’re a country that subjugates, dominates & terrorizes.
      We are not the country that you & I were brainwashed to believe we are.

    • Posted by Joshua Opell, at Reply

      Rockit Man except America doesn’t terrorize anyone. The problem is Muslims keep killing people every single day. That’s why America has to keep fighting them. Jihadists don’t care about civilians or other Muslims for that matter.

    • Posted by LogiKaiser, at Reply

      Joshua Opell
      “Rockit Man except America doesn’t terrorize anyone. The problem is Muslims keep killing people every single day. That’s why America has to keep fighting them. Jihadists don’t care about civilians or other Muslims for that matter.”

      So ignorant and naive, America spent most of the cold war funding, arming and supporting jihadists while couping secular democracies in the muslim world.

  7. Posted by NumChuck Lee, at Reply

    Is Hollywood going to make a movie about this and many other mistakes the armed forces make ? Nope, just the hero’y stuff.

    • Posted by Rockit Man, at Reply

      NumChuck Lee
      Yea Hollywood only makes 90 minute military recruiting videos disguised as movies. Thats all Black Hawk Down was

    • Posted by Jacob Johnston, at Reply

      B-but Rush Limbaugh told me that Hollywood was liberal-infested and teaches people to hate America! He’d never lie to me, would he?

    • Posted by Muffin Puffs, at Reply

      Rockit Man black hawk down was a great movie.

  8. Posted by tHe bOdRuKuS, at Reply

    Hang on a minute! Let me get this straight, the terrorist decided to gain revenge for the US accidentally killing some civilians by killing loads more civilians??????? The mind boggles..

    • Posted by Higgins2001, at Reply

      tHe bOdRuKuS you mean to suggest terrorists may not be rational!?

    • Posted by Gurvinder Parmar, at Reply

      They targeted a pro-american Somali government area…that was the intent.

  9. Posted by Ernesto A. Jimenez, at Reply

    That’s what the US did in Central America for decades. Kissinger international politics 101. They fund corrupt governments to fight terrorist/jihadists/communists, arm them to the teeth. And then these corrupt governments justify more funding by faking operations and massacring innocent people. In Guatemala and El Salvador the army would wipe complete villages of aboriginal tribes and then report having killed a communist guerilla. I’m glad to see that at least some people in the US are finally raising a voice and denouncing this. To anyone from the US, let me tell you:
    People hate you for what your government is doing! Your government is committing crimes and you are getting the blame on their behalf! People like me, who understand the difference between the US government and the US people are scarce. Every day more and more people want to kill you. THAT should be your concern if you are concerned about terrorism.

    • Posted by Gurvinder Parmar, at Reply

      Trust me when I say that the people of the U.S. are disgusted with the government and the imperialistic missions they repeatedly do…and change is coming.

  10. Posted by Narratives of Old, at Reply

    with Iraq the body count was @ 1.5 million=men women and children.. and counting more children because of the effects of the depleted uranium we dropped on the people.. the *invasion, occupation and slaughter of Iraqi.. gave rise to terrorists* .. question is.. who’s the terrorist..? what’s in Iraq..>oil sipping from the ground in Kirkuk… plenty of it.. what was in Libya.. oil..and plenty of it.. why are we still in Afghanistan.. trillions worth of lithium plus  gems natural gas..etc.. there are 196 countries in the world.. we=usa are in 150 countries.. with around 900 bases around the world.. and counting…The worldwide total of U.S. military personnel in  *2005* , including those based domestically, was 1,840,062 supported by an additional 473,306 Defense Department civil service employees, and 203,328 local hires… Its overseas bases, according to the Pentagon, contained 32,327 barracks, hangars, hospitals, and other buildings,  *which it owns* and 16,527 more that it leased. The size of these holdings was recorded in the inventory as covering 687,347 acres overseas and 29,819,492 acres worldwide, making the Pentagon easily one of the *>>WORLD LARGEST LANDLORD.<<* .. and were expanding... that was 12 years ago.. what does Iran have that we want..but just cannot get..? it is said that *those who control the waterways control the world* .. sooner or later people *must come to terms with REALITY* ..

    • Posted by Joshua Opell, at Reply

      San Qiang Li no there’s not. All Muslims believe in Islam and that’s a big problem. No, not all Muslims are terrorists but they are all still part of the same death cult and the majority of them want sharia law.

    • Posted by Joshua Opell, at Reply

      Narratives of Old while it was a mistake to go in there on the fear of WOMD’s, Iraq has still experienced Islamic terrorism the most of any nation. So it makes sense to go there and fight jihadists who keep killing people all the time.

    • Posted by Narratives of Old, at Reply

      Joshua.. can you please define *shariah law* ..?

    • Posted by Joshua Opell, at Reply

      Narratives of Old in other words, Islamic law.

  11. Posted by タピアエドガー, at Reply

    Latin America governments stated that they don’t want the USA using military intervention for Venezuela. I think Latin American governments finally stopped trusting the USA after the U.S. screwed over Latin America various times.

    • Posted by Slagon Drayer, at Reply

      But now they will be labeled as terrorist sympathizers so we will have to go in and “liberate” everyone. There’s no way to avoid imperialists forever.

    • Posted by Real Beginning, at Reply


  12. Posted by Jonathan Holmes, at Reply

    I’ve actually heard someone claim that no one attacks the US because of botched bombings. Can you believe that there are people who are so disillusioned to believe that?

  13. Posted by Thomas Smith, at Reply

    The Young Turks say things 50% of Americans just don’t want to hear

    • Posted by Joshua Opell, at Reply

      Thomas Smith maybe because TYT is always making things up to make it seem like Muslims are the victims when in fact their not.

  14. Posted by ajmolaliful, at Reply

    Well now Turkey has established a military base in somalia.

  15. Posted by ZeNoNClipZ, at Reply

    kill or be killed

  16. Posted by Scott Charney, at Reply

    Note that the biggest blowback came, and continues to come, in response to Bush/Clinton/Bush’s sanctions and bombing of Iraq, killing hundreds of thousands of people. Also, FFS, call your Congresscritters and ask them to cut off their extensive support for the Saudi-led war against Yemen. The place is being annihilated, with famines and epidemics looming, or happening already.

  17. Posted by David Rizzo, at Reply

    Kill or be killed? This is not strategy or tactics but the nature of war. Mistakes will cause retribution. So will mistake free operations. Terrorists and the innocent both want revenge. Seeking mistake free war is pointless. Human beings are incapable of clean cost free violence. Want to play the guitar and sing peace train? Then the most violent win by default. Non intervention can be wise or foolish depending on the context. Doing nothing is almost always cost effective. For a time. Violence like cancer tends to spread to the point where ignoring blinders cease to function. The enlightenment bus is not coming. Nor is peace in our time. Violence must be contended with. Hopefully effectively but never cost free. Violence is not going away. Here or there. Nobody cares if you like the world. How you contend with the world makes reality.

  18. Posted by captain bigballs, at Reply